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you guys want a quick story all right what kind of story first fight I remember my first fight one of the earliest fights that I can remember is I was a fresh sophomore in high school I know I definitely got into fights freshman year but one that I really remember was sophomore year and there was a freshman and I was with I wasn't dating this girl I think I was dating this girl who was in my grade and you guys know me five nine and a half you know I'm not a fucking huge fucking huge guy right so this dude who was a freshman he's about I'd say six five biggest fuck like fat it's like six five he's black and where we were in uniform like we had we all live in uniform we had like a polo shirt on that's a weird wear and sometimes people were a tie with a shirt so this guy was like six five really fucking big probably like 280 and so I'm I'm with my girlfriend we're walking and I think we had just started dating or something and the dude walks he's walking like with someone else and walks up to me my girlfriend like stopped in the hallway outside her class I got walked her to her class this dude stops because I think like he knew her from like one of his classes or something that they were they had a class together I don't know something and he like tries to like hug her from behind tries to hug her from behind and in front of me I'm sitting right there we're literally talking she comes up from behind her as a hugger she like squirms out of it like so uncomfortable and walks into the class like gets out of the situation now I'm sitting there looking at this dude I grabbed him by his fucking tie limp like pull him down to me and I punch him in his face and he glasses on huh punched him in his face right in his glasses grasses glasses fucking fell off his face I push him up against a fucking trophy cabinet just start punching the fuck out of his stomach just his fucking fat belly just beating the fuck out of it teachers come out break us up I don't get in trouble okay I don't get in trouble because we were both fighting they were just like go back to your go back to your classes whatever I said anthem we went down to the to the office like I forget what the I thought forget what the shit was called then all right just go back to your classes just stay away from each other and from that day forward nobody went near my girlfriend nobody tried to do anything bro and like the thing the thing is it's kind of like instincts like my head and let him do that then automatically I'm a bitch in his eyes and then everyone else and then that's it I'm a bitch so you can't ever let people think you're a bitch even if you're like you know cuz my fucking my heart was fucking erasing dude this dude probably could have beat me up but my pure just like Shearer just you know I just started beating the fuck out of his stomach dude don't ever let anyone don't ever let anybody try to bitch you dude even if they think even if they don't even know they are and even if they try to say that they're not if you think that you could look bad or look like a bitch you have to do something if it means fighting you have to you have to otherwise what what are you just gonna get fucking beat up by people copying dope but um yeah bro I I got into a few fights at my at my high school few fights a few fights you guys want another one or now because I have bro I have like four or five that I could easily tell right now no Benson wasn't that helpful all right all right so I was a senior in high school and this was a this was against a junior I think but anyway we had the same gym class and this is my senior year and I already already told you guys my my senior year story of like what happened with basketball and shit I got suspended off the team and that whole ordeal right and I was like known for playing basketball that's how most people knew me and so we're a gym class one day and we played basketball in gym and it was me rath and this our friend ugly pat polish pat ugly pet it's like a six six Russian just like ugly bastard but he's funny he's cool as fuck but yeah it's ugly Pat so it's me rap ugly Pat dude and so it was like a three on three tournament and we were going against the they would have like sophomores juniors seniors all mixed in the gym classes so we we destroyed every one bro we were fucking destroying people I was literally a varsity basketball player just and everyone else was like didn't make JV or like just shit like that right so after after class we go back in we just won literally like every single game and we're back in there and we're in the locker room changing right someone said something dumb something they said something like oh like Luis like Oh your ass like just something stupid bro and I have my pants down I pull my pants up like who who said that who said that who said that calling all this out of our lockers packed guy goes this is me I'm like would you say man what do you say he's all like he said some bullshit like your ass or something right III go okay try to walk away right turn around second I turn around the guy goes yeah that's why you're kicked out the best will to you turn back around I get another news face I go what did you say he goes I said immediately punch him in the fucking ear okay side of the head side of the head and I know that sounds funny and I said ear punched him in the side of the head bro at this point I literally like in this fight I blacked out I'm not even kidding I blacked out I punched a dude like in the face hit like he starts bleeding and shit and like weren't like legit in a fight like wheeze hitting me back in shit this wasn't like you know the dude who I pushed against the fucking cabinet thing I'm beating the shit out of this guy right he's getting a couple shots me but I got him like his head down I'm punching him like this two of his friends mind you me wrath and ugly Pat and then this other senior we were the only seniors in the class all the other dudes were juniors and sophomores bro okay um two of his friends come over and start hitting me while we're fighting they start trying to hit me rap an ugly Pat come over pull them off right this dude who I'm fighting he has a twin brother who's morbidly obese okay yeah morbidly obese and I don't when I say morbidly obese I don't mean like oh he's like a fag guy or something no I mean his arms were like this his arms were like t-rex arms because of how large his body was so when he came over trying to to FET help his brother he's swingin like this he's going back and forth because he can't just you know throw punches so he's trying to hit me but it's like not even affecting me I'm just like brushing them off and um I finally I finally got the dude ugly pat and Raph like throw the kids like against the fucking locker and we just fucking run out of the locker room bro just fucking just dip out um and the kid was bleeding I didn't have a fucking mark on me I was I was good dude fast forward to lunch okay we get in lunch right people come up to me right I start getting texts I start getting you know people coming up to me and shit I'm in lunch someone goes dude did I did like a junior like beat the shit out of you or something and Jim like what happened my whyatt he's like yeah you know whatever his name is so-and-so said he like beat the shit out of you in the locker room like are you fucking kidding me then I go talk to the up to Rath and the other dude another senior who's in the class I'm like bro what what's going on later Happy's like bro the dudes going around telling everybody like junior seniors everyone that he beat the shit out of you so not only did nothing happen to me I had no March nothing they tried to double and triple t me in a fight the guy lied and said he beat the shit out of me because it was only me and a couple of seniors everyone else was like in the same grade really young club really under flood really young blood really

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