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by: Miller Industries

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hi I'm John Hawkins with pillar industries tip and load capacities are provided with each rotator adhered to the door the tip in the load capacities are broken down to show the maximum capacity at each measurement of the boom extensions every 10 grease today the load sensing system takes the information provided in those tip and load charts in displays at information on the screens of the unit's control station the sensors of the unit read boom angle boom extension and rotation and instantaneously calculate the capacity of the recovery boom in that particular location then the sensors of the lift cylinders calculate the load on the boom and show the value along with the percentage of the available capacity eight units of information in a bar graph are displayed first it tells you what unit you're working with in this case the 1150 the information that follows are in the number of outrigger stages first the rear then the front on this model it's an 1150 with four stage rear outriggers and three stage front outriggers next boom extension is shown starting at zero feet fully retracted and going to the maximum extension of your individual unit for this 1150 it's 20 feet then boom angle beam angle is measured with the sensor located on the bottom of the boom and in the turret the rotational angle shows zero degrees when the boom is dead center off the tail board in a hundred and eighty degrees over the cab at the bottom of the load sensing screen there's a radius centre line measurement display the centre line of the truck divides the truck directly down the middle the radius is measured from the centerline of the truck to the drop line of the Kable the load sensing system not only organized and displays this information based on the load you're lifting it acknowledges the capacity that the unit is designed to lift based on the parts of line the capacity number of your load is going to change based on the parts of line parts of line also called lines to the load is the only thing that an operator will need to adjust once they're on the load sensing page but if it's not adjusted capacities will automatically default to the lowest possible limit for example working load limit on the wire rope is the operator change the lines to the load by gently pressing parts of lines on the screen the capacity will increase until it reaches capacity of the recovery if we run two lines to this load and adjust these parts of the line on the screen the working load limit on your bar chart will indicate a maximum capacity of 32,000 pounds 16000 per line to get the most accurate reading of the load numbers hook up your load and make sure parts of the line have been adjusted on your screen lift with the winches smoothly the load number will adjust as the bar chart will show what the percentage of your capacity is being used if you have the same load but run for parts of line the load number is unchanged but the chart will show you that you have more capacity and it adjusts the capacity up another 16000 for additional line give you an increase capacity of 32,000 pounds if you forget to change your parts of line the system won't adjust to show the additional capacity you will reflect more occupied capacity that is actually being used you must remember to adjust the parts of line all rotators will come standard with two sets of tip charts that include off the side and off the rear the 1150 our models will take this one step further the side and the rear charts that come with all rotators will be labeled front and the two additional tip charts will show the same off the side and off the rear charts for when the unit is traveled to the rear on your load sensing page the screen will indicate rear obtained by a proximity sensor to indicate which load and tip chart the system is acknowledging but this information will only appear on our

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