by: Polina Chursanova

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John Chung you don't forget a cure share on your team more asana human thank you Jesus I'll stop on the Bible Mineola manga and available little mocha parts my way are demented my album come on walkabout tuck is the phone I need to getting the right man and clear myself up I think I said I look in America she knew what I become I guess Syria typical day for someone like me yeah mom dad I guess cuz rooster is that like although my kid soon we want to mama

it's a small town of lost I say the man anything when the loss has to stop the aging man I forget when I get awards now to wave out to ride the pave ethos I played upon it

private Kaiba mm oh yeah didn't say guys like you told to little me understood

they secret but they still not available [Music] I was born inside a small town of let us say the man anything when you're lost husband stop the aging man I forget when I get awards now to wave I had to ride the paving stones I played upon and keep me on the ground to blame it on the pain that blessed me with the laugh friends family filled with every man is ready before the crowd and when the world's against me when I really come a love and everyday the Satan tempts me I'm trying to take it in my stride yeah you know I've got whiskey your do because I'm on my way

it just blows your mind




the kid Tom Allen in an anatomic the head a long time native just Shanta do Kajiwara to get the visual mechanical access to Carthage make Doris Mugen video second an ambassador's they are near economic tonight square that I'm not gonna find you the Pope are sickening [Laughter] [Music] Oh [Music]

I could fall architects on Central Park Authority uterus or doctor taking never ceases to incur the other guests can't give me a hard-on I get asked a lot about him [Music]

yo the car just semester I had a dream we were sipping whiskey neat highest floor the Bowery nowhere is how you know somewhere along the lines both get our lamina come on let's get all of the time together [Music]

chantek members can join us mangas I've expected without the bees Jarek is a key error detection King Eric they'll even throw out now and avoid a fool of yourself aluminum oxides or Diwali on the Honda was also cold region Bugan America is retarted woman and you can get scouser

[Music] Joseph Stella putting up a Lucio dalla

auto-injectors [Music]


[Music] from minute Iraq 2001 Laurel Springs a Canadian through violence crime where vandalism does didn't jump on so another location to purchase a camera Lavinia entering Vitaly and Billy between the baton asila I will honor your own children Lydia son of action research my planners I'm looking good I began looking for sex again tell me what you really like maybe I can take my time [Music]


my turn


tell me what you [Music]


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