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you [Music]

[Music] [Applause]

regi bumpy you'll love this one [Music] good bet Ching bumpy but a brick you won't be able to fetch even that belge orange flower didn't call you come on bumpy we're meeting big ears for tea oh you want another go all right but this is the very last time

[Music] oh no I'm sorry car it's not coming off we'll be able to fix you up come on [Music]

hello Noddy hello Lindy this was here I scratched cars Doron we need to get it fixed Wiz is out he's left me in charge really now let me see quick lick of yellow paint and you'll be good as new must be quite hard to find things in here I'm having a big sort out just need to find my pile of yellow things aha yellow paint there you go car Lindy oh sorry we don't know how the blue paint got into that yellow pile don't worry this one will do it oh no

Lindy try this mg don't you have any more I could order more paint it'll be here next week we can't leave cars door like this for a week I could do this you mean use your fairy magic no Lindy we can't which doesn't like it when you use magic to fix things but what else can we do we can ask big ears if you can help that's what hello Roger I've ordered us some muffins oh no time for tea today big is look what happened to car Oh gracious poor car I need to find some yellow paint to fix the scratch on cars door do you have any ooh well now yellow paint let me see I keep all kinds of useful things in my pockets I might just Wow well I never Oh Thank You bumpy I almost lost my magic paintbrush that's a magic paintbrush oh of course why didn't I think of it all we need uh some magic words to get it going magic paintbrush clever fellow rainbow colors near and far Noddy needs you Henry or yellow to mend his friend the yellow car [Music] thank you it will be just yellow right big ears of course that magic brush has never let me down the magic paintbrush is ready are you ready car yes it works down bumpy uh how about that tea now good idea there's a little bit left I wonder if anything else needs painting after Chi let's go for a drive lovely another muffin that's come something must be wrong look at your do magic paintbrush is gone world jump in bumpy we've got to find it before it doesn't mean more damage [Music] I can't see the paintbrush anywhere station Oh

[Music] mr. wobbly man have you seen a funny color paintbrush well sorry Noddy I can't stop I need to find mr. Plourd my jelly Bowl is covered in blue and green spots after you know [Music] something very strange is happening yes it is Tessie big ears gave me a magic paintbrush and now it's making a big mess look at the Town Hall clock and look at my dream did you see where the paintbrush went we have to try to catch it what we're going on here Hey my magic paintbrush is making trouble mr. plod who is it oh look at that it's not as funny as my polka dot police station

now polka-dots are one thing but painting traffic lights so no one knows when to stop and when to go that's no joke their cheese stop will have a brush with the law don't worry mr. plod it's my fault the magic paintbrush is here so I'll catch it I see it over buck with his courage where'd it go [Music] I've had enough of your tricks pay brush let's go cut Figgis that magic paintbrush has been painting all over tighter I don't understand I'm sure I use my best magic on it is there a way to make it stop hmm I am I can't think guys have to go home and fetch me a magic book for you [Music]

well done naughty and bumpy let's hope there's no more trouble from that rainbow rascal because are you going to think of some magic to put Toytown back the way it was who needs magic let's all get some proper brushes and repaint toy town together it'll be fun I'll make a great big picnic here you go bumpy a special treat [Music]

[Music] skittles are going to love their birthday game bumpy huh it's a trampoline brilliant for playing bouncing skittles oh yes you can play bouncing bumpy as well Oh bumpy come back never party jelly to collect from mr. Woodleigh man oh hi mrs. skittle oh hello Noddy oh I haven't been knocked over all morning ah that's better hi skittles happy birthday what's inside it's a new birthday game is this as good as last year's game you'll have to wait and see it's very kind of you to have the skittle party at your house Maudie I can't wait what's all you whispering about it's a birthday surprise [Music]

I've got things to sort out so I'll see you all later goodbye Noddy hello mr. wobbly man I'll help you no it's all right not it I've done this hundreds of times oh oh oh are you sure I can't help well it's all under control Oh watch out mr. wobbly man my present whoa Oh bah bah hmm yeah oh dear don't worry mr. wobbly man I'm sure it's all right hmm never mind I'll think of a different game for the skittles party but first we better make another giant jelly Oh Oh this time we can use the really big mold



is it wibbly-wobbly yet yes very [Music] oh the jelly tedious those of the gam the skittles really will be surprised now all we have to do is find a new game for their party I'll tell you what's not a OH all the little jelly while you think up a new game Oh leave it to me mr. wobbly man I can do both Oh Thank You Noddy Oh drive carefully and bring back my fill the tray it's really useful I will see you at the party not dead [Music] I've got to think of a new party game bumpy how about musical skittles oh no the skittles play that all the time we're simply releasing cars no did that last year hi naughty blue Tessie that giant jelly looks yummy I know but do you know what I'm really looking forward to it the skittles party eating the giant jelly no plane your new party game you always think of the best games yes you're right good to go [Music] maybe there's a bouncing game you can play without your trampoline oh well at least the skittles will have this giant birthday jelly


come back sorry mr. beetle can't stop there's a giant jelly on the news hello Oh [Applause]

[Music] yeah thanks jumbo just in time oh no problem Noddy oh is it is your new party I'm going to test my strength oh yes it might do see you jumbo [Music] keep going cop [Music]

yes we did it now all we have to do is drive very slowly to the skittles party


[Music] that Jenny

yup oh stop that jelly it was a control [Music] Scottie is this your giant jelly yes I mean no it's it's the funniest thing I've seen all day but but I I don't think speeding wibbly-wobbly jellies are in the rules sorry mr. Plourd oh here we are giant wibbly wobbly jelly you know who doesn't say anything about them speeding through toy town it won't happen again mr. plod right oh just drive carefully naughty don't want any we will be wobbly accidents thanks Noddy I hope that jelly wasn't too difficult to deliver there was no problem mrs. skittle was it mr. wobbly man oh no trouble at all can we eat the wibbly wobbly jelly now go ahead and remember eat nicely

oh never mind you've still got noddy's new game to play naughty what's the game oh ah you have got a new game haven't you Noddy the new game um oh yes it's a new game called sliding skittles thanks Noddy this is the best party game ever oh great game now they it's definitely testing my strength oh you were right mr. wobbly man this is a really useful tray [Laughter] [Music]

look what we've made for Dinah's birthday a lovely peepers girl it's so fashionable that's wonderful and what are you going to give her Tessie you always give the perfect prezis um I could give her a surprise picnic oh yes but I did that last year maybe I could give her a lovely blanket but look that's what you gave dapple for his birthday oh yes you always take lovely photographs Tessie oh that's it I'll give her a photograph in fact I'll take a photo of everyone in Toy Town oh and put the pictures in a special album and I'll give it a dino at a party this afternoon come on paper dolls pose for your picture Oh in these old clues not a chance we'll put on some lovely new dresses first [Music]

morning Tessie we're on our way to the racetrack for the big race Wow let me take a picture first Noddy it's for diner's birthday okay perfect see you a donor's party Tessie huh that doesn't look like naughty oh dear I left the lens cap on I'll need to take another picture of naughty first I'll see it is in the jelly Bowl that's lovely mr. wobbly man and the lens cap is off this time Oh make sure you get the jellies good side that captures you perfectly mr. wobbly man good Linda Oh [Music] mr. beetle smile for the camera sorry mr. beetle the cuckoo is it that time already I better get a move on or I'll miss diners party okay mr. bird ready ready Jessie oh the chattering ha ha ha hey love have their picture taken [Laughter] [Music]

[Music] say cheese cheese this will be such a surprise for diner why are you coming to my party it starts very soon ah yes Dinah I'll be there with your present I can't wait to see what you've got meet se you always choose the perfect present ah yes see you later I'd like a copy of this picture Tessie oh and it may be some small ones from a wallet perfect all I need now is another picture of Noddy hold still I'll see you later [Music] no D I need a picture of you or Dinah's present won't be perfect this will be a wonderful picture ok reasons on your marks yeah six big 40 wait for it go oh no missed again

no chance against my god all day we'll see jumbo [Music] get a picture of Noddy when it comes round again [Music] the banjo fast around the bend [Music] oh they raced into town that's never had before this is awful a toy town photo album won't be complete without a picture of Noddy





still no photo of naughty [Music] Dinah's party has started Tessie oh no [Applause] this is my last chance to get a picture of Noddy [Music] hey what a picture of the winning driver Tessie jumbo I've got a picture of you I missed him nobody's not going to beat me to the finish line look Nimish line that's the perfect place to take a picture let's get this race back on track [Music]

[Music] woman all day here they come

[Music] who won huh I think it was me I couldn't show you better it pursue quickly I know who won captain shall we race off to diners party to see know what's the matter to see I thought yours was the last picture I needed Noddy but look an empty page like me someone out how could it be oh there you are to see we've been waiting for you then we'll words give the perfect present not this year clockwork Mouse a photo album hmm I tried to fill it with pictures of everyone in Toy Town as I miss someone out and I don't know who I know who you've missed Tessie you oh yes silly me Thank You Tessie



here's your google berry special order hmm thanks mr. wobbly man my friend baby boar is coming to play and I want to give him something special for tea Oh baby ball hmm I don't think I know him I met him when I visited the village of bouncing balls he's only little this is his first trip to toy town oh then one of my award-winning we believe our militias jelly's is an excellent welcome too [Music] oh nice catch girl you later mr. wobbly man [Music] come along children

hello mrs. skittle hello little skittles can we play with you sorry skittles my friend baby boy is visiting and I think the way you play might be too rough for him he's very small and quiet so I've invited clockwork Mouse round to play nevermind children let's go to the pack I'm trying to tie the map before bit things everything is ready for our visitor Oh bumpy you can't bark that loud when baby ball gets here you might scare him let's try a quiet bug Oh Oh bumpy not so loud huh much better here's let's keep quiet and try not just get low baby ball is that you Oh everyone called you baby now oh I can see I'm not a baby anymore you'd really grow he wants to play tag bumpy

now I'm it what's your the Jenny baby

that's okay baby bumpy will clean it up we'd better take our game outside I've told everyone about you and we can't wait to meet you hello - hello clockwork Mouse I'd forgotten you were coming to play this is my friend Bibi Oh Oh careful Bibi

it's sorry about that clockwork Mouse BB's very bouncy that's okay Madhuri maybe I won't play today after all BB's a bit too bouncy for me don't worry baby I know someone who loves big bouncy games hey girl bounce as hard as you can hey Phoebe's great fun not it yeah I knew you'd both be friends jumbo oh yes a big strong elephant like me loves a gaymer rebound

Oh Oh my beautiful jar I think it's okay and afternoon polishing should get rid of the mark [Music] never mind BB perhaps we should take a break from playing I know just the place [Music] no bouncing allowed at the jelly Bowl right bumpy oh uh here you are naughty two of my super spongy sponge cake he's not playing baby mr. wobbly man's always like this [Music]


[Music] now just hold on oh I'm sure that's against the rules we need to stop baby before he does any more damage

[Music] I know you want to play more look at the mess you've made [Music] now I love a good game as much as the next toy naughty but I'm afraid B B's games are a bitch bouncy you don't have to go baby I'm sure there's someone in toy town who will play bouncy games with you in fact I know just the toys there's nothing you can knock over out here baby except the skittles let's play [Music]

[Applause] [Laughter]



today's been brilliant my life I haven't seen them so tired since Nadi's bowl-a-thon and it's all thanks to baby you have to go come back soon the skittles would love to see you and so would I are bumpy too he says next time we come she's going to bring his bigger and even bouncier brothers we're only kidding you should've seen your faces [Laughter]


[Music] well done bumpy dog you found me you found me too bumpy oh I love hide and seek but it's even better with more people let's go and find someone else to play with us [Music]

be careful Lindy oh oh oh sorry whiz it's too heavy to lift it'd be easier if I used magic Lindy we agreed magic and motors do not mix we must do this the proper way we will use the big method it attracts metal things it's not picking up the engine it will if I increase the power Lindy turn it off not that button I caught to see if you wanted to play hide and seek what is that you've never heard of hide-and-seek it's a game a brilliant game you hide and wait for a friend to find you hmm like this almost but you need to make sure it's a good place to hide somewhere difficult to find look I'll show you come out to everyone [Music] surprise what a fascinating game I would love to play go ahead whiz I'll look after the garage oh okay but do not forget magic emerges do not me now remember you have to stay hidden until someone finds you one moment I will just make a note got it I will hide until someone finds me that's right now I'll count to 20 and you'll have to find a hiding place ready ready oh then let's play one two oh hey quick scan of my memory banks has located an excellent hiding place [Music]

20 coming ready or not [Music] won't be long car

[Music] oh no a scratch on me pride and joy

almost there

anybody here no morning tin soldiers lately just a minute [Music] thought so my fuzzy bumpy dog [Music] one down two to go ah lovely a nice relaxing afternoon oh no indeed I've got to scratch that need sorting urgently [Music] Wow it's suddenly busy hmm now where is Tessie hiding I know I wonder where the best spot for a picnic would be well there's a good place down by the river and sometimes the dolls and I picnic overbite naughty you tricked me [Laughter] hello hello Noddy have you found winds yet no he's the last one I found everyone else I really need him here at the garage can you find him quickly okay Lindy I'll get the others to help me please where are you maybe we could split up and look in different places [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] where can with be this is rather fantastic he naughty will never think to look here hello everyone still no sign of whiz I'm afraid oh I've tried to follow with his motor manual but I don't know how anyone could understand it oh dear I don't like to see magar scratched naughty how are we ever going to find whiz I need him I know some magnet will use the magnet to find him yes [Music] Jesse Turner please okay no D

oh I've put some spoons just like those never look like this is anywhere close by our good idea no tea anyone found me yet anyone found me yet no I appear to be fantastic at this game race we found you yes is it your total right now ha ha hoo there's no time then do you really need you back at the garage I enjoyed my first game of hide and seek thank you for letting me play naughty beep you were really good as it was too good for me right next time I will hide somewhere a little closer I am certainly impressed Lindy and you did this all by yourself of course I did Angie fix clockwork mouths do hello everyone and you did it all without using any magic well [Music] Oh


[Music] the first ones coming oh I love it on the chattering teeth come to town hello how are you little fellow let's get a picture I wish my teeth could do that [Music]

nutty he's following you he's off by GG [Music] are the others coming won't be long and while we're waiting let's all be chattering teeth sorry we're being chattering teeth mr. beetle huh looks like some funny business and it my book funny business is just come and play mr. blood I will nod is laughing too much to chatter then let's play musical statues just freeze like a statue when the music stops

yeah you look so funny standing still is loving too much to be a statue maybe hiding game too easy to find oh I got an idea for a game no one's allowed to laugh but mr. plot you love it everything I can't keep a straight face if I try wait that means no laughing from no naughty made me love it's between Noddy and mr. plod [Music]

you're the winner well done Pete the winner who'd have thought it you're allowed to laugh mr. blood the game's over oh dear what's the matter I think I've swallowed my laughs I can't see the laughs it must have gone down to it's Tommy don't worry mr. plod I know how to get it out again will make you laugh it out

[Music] [Laughter] nothing [Music]

it's not working is it hmm you're being funny naughty but my love's not there then we'll take you to the funniest place in toy town double Google berry jelly sundae please mr. wobbly man Oh excellent choice Norden what oh sorry Oh Johnny genius coming through Oh sweetie this will make you love [Music] [Laughter] [Music]


thank you thank you [Music] delicious are you laughing mr. blood Oh fraid not naughty I don't think I'm ever going to laugh again I'm going home for a lie down this is awful naughty toy tell need mr. plods laugh so we need to come up with a big Noddy plan my friend needs to find his laugh will you come and help him

it didn't work let's get them to follow us that's right you don't see every day

kitty mr. blood wasn't here I'm sure that would have made him laugh Oh naughty we've lost the teeth we were chatting and we stopped chattering come let's catch those tea [Music]

[Music] listen everybody mr. plot has lost his laughs and we're going to help him get it back can you all chatter let's get going

[Music] what's all the noise [Music] a chattering borane hilarious the chattering teeth good fit always a winner mr. plotz laugh is almost back one more funny thing and he'll be laughing I cook my love back [Laughter]



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