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by: Christina Khalil

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hey guys welcome back to another Tryon video I know it has been a while but no worries I am back today's video is brought to you by dear lover already messing up today's video is back to you my dear lover it's an online wholesale myself company say it's gonna be bikinis I'm super excited you want to see the sexier more fun behind the scene versions of these videos along with lag try ons head over to my patreon page first link in the description below everything I tried on today will be linked also and they just put you below everything I try on is small so let's get started ok the first outfit is the one I have on it's a beach cover-up regular blue nothing much to it but it is nice when you are going out something comfortable not see-through so you don't have to like only way that's on the beach you can wear in the town as well very comfortable simple and covers all the way down very nice it has some see-through mesh material here along the shoulders and then like white puffy puffs at the end of the puppy puppy puppy Papa dress yeah pups white puffs white puffy pups so I really like this um I think this is my favorite one that I do have just because it's not see-through and it's comfortable let's go on to the next piece well which I do have underneath I don't know why we cut it but yeah ok first bikini is it's nice like pinstriped one this is a sigh small the bottoms are not adjustable and it's got like full coverage boo BAM yeah the top actually can be worn like this it's like a more sports bra got a heart attack right there Christmas how look if it's not open up or you can tighten it and really define the chest area thick straps at the top band around very cute not too revealing especially the bottoms and the top girls are staying in they're not going anywhere which is great especially for me so I can see my wearing this on beach as well as like play sports and they're not what was that okay so I can you down just showing you that I can reach and spike and nothing's come out so it's great thanks for thanks for letting us know next piece size small like I said before regular coverage on the bottoms as well covers the but it does adjust on either side so you can loosen up tighten it the top is adjustable around the waist the fan and the neck as well it does come with like a little bow thing in the front but it's just for decoration so you can take it off have a look like that or the way it comes which is with this to match the bottoms like that I do like it I love the colors it's like sunset bright colorful youthful which is nice it's not see-through anywhere it's got mesh that's see-through but then underneath as you can see it's like a solid pink color yeah I like it yeah I really like the colors nice color your boobs look great yes this is taco size small I have 32 double D's 34 DS so they are overflowing I can't play sports in this like I could in the other one previous to this but it is nice makes the girls look good I definitely like this one so I can stare okay everyone's been really nice next piece to piece top comes with the matching shorts they're not like regular you can you cut it is adjustable on the straps and then just connects right in the back and then this just ties in the front it doesn't come undone or anything it's just they're too pretty the shorts actually are adjustable on the sides so this is tied and tightened as tight as it could go that's what it look like the cuts and this is pretty loose more short style not as much like cheeks showing this is great if you're playing sports on the beach or being active because he's gonna show nothing fly out of anywhere which is great but yeah short and loosen I do actually like these I would recommend cutting because look how long these are set cut them quite a bit looks like I do love the colors I love the colors so I'm definitely keeping this one for the sporty type of stuff I do in a pool or at the beach okay as you can see the is that you're blowing this yeah it's a very cute bikini but size small obviously does not work I'm literally seconds and millimeters away from just like showing everything so this is this hi small it adjusts at the neck and the waist the bottoms are small as well adjust on either side and these two can actually like move around just as the top fit in the back as well demonetised um so yeah can get really nice tan lines with this but probably not wear it out anyone or do anything in walk very carefully holding my chest just patreon yeah patreon they can deal with this but yeah cute this comes undone you look like an animal when you put like one of those things on them and they don't want to move yeah like a hat on a dog or something something that's what II look like it's hilarious but it's cute I would probably need oh gosh I don't know like medium bottoms and a large or extra large top let's just move on this piece is more activewear style it covers literally everything bottoms are regular cuts and then cuts in here it really doesn't show anything it's so soft and comfortable it almost feels like rash guard material this is great for the summer for surfing so I'm definitely gonna use this in the summer right now it's way too cool I need a wetsuit or we're playing activities on the beach or in the water it's great as well it does unzip all the way down and then but the zipper is very strong because I have a big chest so it's not just gonna pop open like a lot of stuff does sure there are pads in here and my chest is within it but also underneath this is a size small I probably would stick with it it's a little hard like just getting up getting it on up here it will be tough to take it back when it's wet it'll be just a lot stickier and have a thick chest so it'll be hard come up but I probably wouldn't go sides bigger just because it probably will get loose in the waist and bottom region so definitely like this one very comfortable good choice on my part give yourself congratulation yes let's go on to the next piece okay going for another sporty like look this is uh it feels like a rash guard almost it is a little loose in the waist but this is a size small it's got little finger holes to place your hands through which is nice it is very soft it's like the other with the other one piece adjust her on the material be the same the inside does have padding right here my chest is too big so it's coming out at the bottom it has a strap as you can see right here and it only goes halfway so that's why there's not much support it should go all the way around or at least be able to tighten in the back like abroad then your chest would be securely in there otherwise there's really no point even have this I probably wear this over a bikini in the summer when I'm surfing bottoms are adjustable on either side and then it's a regular cup bottom sporty sporty style bottoms so yeah not much to it I do love the color doesn't want me to be just why I chose but I probably wear a bikini under this for extra support when I'm surfing nice our next piece size small the bottoms are not adjustable it is a little loose in the Front's in this material but the back cuts in which is very nice my favorite bottom so far although I don't like how loose it is in the front the top is only adjustable on these straps as a bra and then just connects right in the middle and then it comes with a little bow on them in the middle and you can take it off with this type of a look or add it in to give it a little different style so I do like it the the tops a little weird I'm not a fan of straps like this because then this rides up and it should be a lot lower should be like down here but I need support for my chest it is adjustable in the strap area so you can wine it or bring it closer for a different tan line but I do love that way the bottoms are cut in the back what's the booty breathe let's go on to the next one this one is just the bottoms you just saw the top the bottoms are a regular style it does cut a little in the back so you can see the lower booty the glutes and the back area it does tie in right here with the string but it's very simple I mean the slits it's overlapped which is nice it reminds me of like running shorts it is a little not sure yes you run it back um you can run it by the beach it's totally fine get really nice regular tan lines but I like it you can definitely wear this for are doing sporty stuff so what if your little butts showing it's show more now regular cut bikini or a thong so you don't go running in a bikini people do pass cheeks are bouncing around like when you're running my carry this what I do like if the material is very soft it but this does the crack of the fifisplit in the back of these shorts does go up my butt so when you're walking I'm constantly having to pull the bounce look here the beach you don't really care so I do like this let's go on to our last and final piece here is the final piece another swimsuit body suit one-piece style it has a zipper in the front very sturdy material so it's not gonna pop open if you do have a big chest it zips all the way down here and then you know you can zip it up it does have a little slip to cover the sort of Bert which is nice short sleeves bottom is regular cuts very sporty look to it it's also perfect for California reminds me of the beach and Southern California which are do you love definitely gonna be using us to do sporty stuff in the top does have it has pads on the inside the pads are all the way up here but my chest is down here like the lower part of it so because I do have a big chest that doesn't sit properly in the padded area maybe don't have it or have to extend but this is a size small so people they usually think the size most don't have such big chests so this would be perfect for you I don't mind it I just know that the pads are up here when it should be you know when my chest is but you can't tell and I do love it lots of great activities can be done in this which I do love but that's it this is everything from dear lover dear lover yes okay I don't know I'm having such a hard time saying that but do you love her everything will be linked in the description below along the patreon link if you'd like to join me and my fans on there we have a lot of fun there is a live Tryon that's gonna happen this month that hasn't happened yet so sign up to get the seed it's gonna be a lot of fun but I do love a lot of something to try on highly recommended they other stuff other than bikinis so definitely check them out follow me in Instagram like and subscribe for more videos and I'll see you guys in the next one bye

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