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[Music] how did that feel Susan little warm

sure son yes Susan what comes to mind when I say carbon ooh one thing and one thing only that eyeshadow from Mac that is like the darkest shade of black that I used to work all the time and when my hair was black I've heard it on my eyebrows I'm just like really make it no you didn't know you didn't but I believe it I actually believe it this is sort of similar in the sense that the carbon is associated with the facial we're getting we're getting in a carbon laser facial today we're at Tippie on Beverly Hills and were gonna see their PA a lot of barek she's going to give us the carbon laser facial and apparently they're gonna put this stuff that they call carbon on our skin I'm so excited it's gonna make us glow you might get a little red at first but it's gonna go away right after and you're gonna be glowing ready to go are you ready to go let's go today I'm going to do the carbon facial on Susan and Tori's audit which is going to exfoliate their skin at making it super soft and glowy da da da so for checking out our makeup removing everything yeah so tell us tell us we're scared of lasers I'll tell ya about that I'm really scared terrified because um news flash I have sensitive skin you know I get a lot of treatments and I get really read and I'm just sensitive so I'm hesitant when it comes to lasers Susan's a little bit more fearless I think not even you have your garden yes lasers lasers are not my favorite and it's because in the past we've experienced or seen what sometimes lasers can do today what we are doing for you guys is a laser that's safe for all skin tight okay so that means it's really great even if you have sensitive skin it's great learning everybody and everybody sees the benefit that's why this treatment is so popular okay it's a really wonderful treatment it's are exfoliating treatments it's gonna exfoliate your skin like it's never been exfoliated before and it's gonna give you a really nice soft glowy dewy look does it hurt this does not hurt at all that's another reason why it's kind of like our gateway laser getting people comfortable into coming in for our treatments okay so we always do a consult first look at everybody's skin and it really this laser does not hurt at all it's pretty quick what's the carbon all about what's the benefit there it attaches itself to toxins okay and attached itself to free radicals toxins on your face dead skin cells and dirt when you remove it all that stuff comes off with it whether it's a governor lotion all right and you'll see that we're just gonna be using a couple of drops and that will cover your entire face okay here we go couple of drops [Music] Oh and if you have melasma this will totally improve it so yes so we have a laser toning so instead of heating up the carbon we do the carbon mouse like we're doing and then we remove it and that's actually a treatment for loss okay nice so I'm just gonna use a rough gauze I'll go to even out the carbon to make sure that you guys get a good shot doing it for the ground always [Music] this has been on for 10 minutes yes so we are ready to get going okay we're gonna hand these glasses out so Susan we're gonna cover your eyes with these eye shields so just starting on your left eye right here we all need to wear protective eyewear because the laser is a true laser it's a safety first so we're gonna start with the first part of the treatment which is gonna be heating up the carbon heating of the carbon is gonna push it deeper into the skin further attaching itself to all the dead skin cells all the toxins all the free radicals and the dirt on your skin so here we go with the heating Susan we're gonna start in the middle of your forehead it's not gonna hurt but you are gonna feel some heat yeah you know when you're like don't know what something's gonna feel like even if you're being told like it doesn't hurt your dad literally that is it right yeah definitely so here we go right in the middle of your forehead sub C one two three how's that fine okay great we're gonna turn your head to the side we're gonna go down your temple to your cheek one two three see you're pro taking place back when I do chin and upper lip one two three I am eager templates here cheap one two three this is just making our treatment even better and then in the nose one two three okay great so now we're going to move over at the mode of our lizard to get it into the removal mode and now we're going to turn on a really loud filter so this is one over to allow soldier your forehead [Music]

so we're gonna move to the side and so this down here temple here - really [Music]

[Music] perfect Jennifer left here we go



[Music] go over the face one more time [Music]

now as you can see it's already super glowy and we're going to go over it up these two one more time dude that was amazing they did watch right it's so quick you know it's like you can smell it oh you definitely I knew that I didn't feel like heat a little bit but like it's just it tickles more than anything because you really like popping on us it's like literally snap you're gonna break out when you see it though it's crazy hilarity and it's really cool to see [Music] okay so I'm gonna take these off your eye shield I'm gonna let you have your first look at your skin so here's here's your first reveal so there's metal on your skin except for your actual fresh skin Wow I'm glowy yeah so that's all just mean normal healthy skin that's what our skin really should be looking like Wow but it's well exfoliated so we are going to put on some of my favorite products right now so this is an EJ 5 hydrator from skin medica okay [Music] and then important we're gonna do vitamin C love biography as you guys know so we love the skin suitable CD for real ever so one of my favorite sunscreen and this bite to be on so where we are it's a 50 SPF I encourage everyone to be using 50 or granola less tonight so can I wash my face tonight oh definitely yeah so I would just say don't use any retinols no chemical peels for the next 4 to 5 days because this is all fresh skin so you really want to just be gentle with it alright are you ready yes goodnight no we're not gonna do heat with her that's the difference right we're not gonna do heat because it's a melasma he can aggravate the last month because melasma comes up because of heat Sun and harmony yes you know I just want to point out a lot of our viewers are always like they know that we have two different skin types and they I think they get frustrates them a lot when they see an expert say that they're just gonna do the exact same thing with us so I think it's like I think it's you guys something really important to point out is that a really good expert will ask you ahead of time what kind of skin you have asked you about any issues that you have and then they'll say well your minds yeah they'll gas demise your treatment so I really appreciate that I'm sure she'll are just short oh yeah yeah they'll be tomorrow yeah yeah definitely everybody's getting so different so not one treatment that's all but you really want to cater it towards the skin that you're working with so it's a similar treatment it's just without heat exactly [Music]

we all tired now you're a little bit nervous I know you were right yeah I was nervous when there's a laser involved yeah but your skin is nothing you guys let's no Shahrzad skin is just a little pink she usually turns red so this is pink I would say this is pink a little pink after this treatment is very normal and that goes down within 20 months okay perfect so you want to see it are you excited yeah we didn't read anything on your skin no lotion serums moisturizers this is just for healthy skin so it was it's very soft and nice and glowy and now I'm gonna put some products on your skin okay cool

well thank you so much this is exciting I can't wait to come back to back I want to do this again maybe but it happens to a skit that you're entirely right it's meeting you it's awkward to say goodbye like you're awesome thank you so much and fine for customizing our treatments we really appreciate that of course you do too bad scroll I know I know why is that really I don't know but I'm ready this I know quick it's such a quick and easy treatment I will say you guys like it it does not hurt whatsoever but it tricks your mind coz you feel like it should hurt right because it smells a little funky and it sounds weird and we add those two together are you like you can but it doesn't feel like nothing really just some little tickly tickly like and I think you're like not sure what you're gonna look like after cuz your eyes are covered also right I think when I emerged I expected to see something different yeah but I was glowing and you were just slightly pink and glowing guys I didn't turn beet red I think I was excited about that raise your hand we are are you I am for sure and it's $400 here at tibi aunt as I said I believe Beverly Hills thank you guys so much for watching this episode of the SAS give it a thumbs up let us know in the comments what you want us to try next huh you know yeah yeah and join us in our private Facebook group it's called beauty and wellness questions answered we'll leave a link below and find us on Instagram because you know we're always kind of keeping up with you know if we come back to us do these treatments if we're liking the treatment but not liking your treatment we tell you on Instagram we'll talk to you soon guys

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