Range Rover L322 - Gearbox service gone wrong

by: Ben Elliott

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welcome back turn it already please hit that subscribe button hit the bell notification button next to it and you'll be notified really new uploads today its gearbox service time and that syringe ring what do you think the bits was going to get here in time we're actually going away today but I will just service the gearbox forgo the oil syringe turned up without a pipe so we've watched a bit of hose pipe on there so that will do the job we've got some lube guard and instant shutter fix and a box of bits we've got the new filter new some bolts sump gasket and six liters of fully synthetic gear oil specifically for this gearbox so I'm gonna get down a floor this isn't gonna be a how-to video because there's plenty of those on the internet already if I just gonna bring you along show you some bits and pieces and then once we've got it all done we'll take it for a test drive and see if it's made any improvement so I'm going to get on the floor and crack on

don't if you could say that that's the oil drain that way actually doesn't look that bad the color it's not black or anything it's quite red so I carry letting this drain out now and then take the wringer bolts out from some cock-up of the day I was gonna tell everybody in the video to remove the filler plug first before you drain the oil I didn't even listen to my own advice I didn't get it on the video but I've drained the oil and now I can't get the filler part the Phillip plug button thing out so I like to remove the prop shaft to get a better stock around it still can't get it socket on it properly so now we're resorting to some heat and I'm gonna hopefully try not to set the car on fire

you can seal that metal in there that's quite a lot of metal filings but the oil doesn't look too bad it's not black it's quite fresh this has been an exercise in how not to change the gearbox oil how not to do a service on your GM gearbox I even meant to tell everybody to check your filler plug before you drain your all out I can't get it off Hoff's tried heating it up and it all set fire to the car but so yeah we've done that it's just starting to round off now I've got a good socket on it but it's just looking at the oil that's in sump that's fairly clean so I can only imagine that oil has been changed before we bought it you know about a year ago maybe somebody's had problems with the gearbox before let's do a quick oil change because the oil is quite clean it's not black it's you can still see the tinge of color in it so some monkey has tightened this Phillip bloke so in tight but I can't get it undone so now this car has become a project before we wanted it to basically it's stuck in our miss my own fault because I should have checked out why I didn't check it I don't know trials and tribulations of Range Rover ownership especially and you got get down on the pissing floor to do jobs so if he will go I even unbarred the prop shaft to try and get the socket onto it better and no nothing so I think we'll end up doing is because we've got get over to the house because dad's coming tomorrow so I have to go now the phone left to go and have a look at now and put the tow bar on the Audi which says it's an hour and a half's job I beg to differ so there's not much of this video to like but please give us a thumbs up anyway subscribe shown already and now we're gonna go and see about ty barn is

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