Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts- A Retrospective [Panoots]

by: Panoots

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starting its life in 1998 on the Nintendo 64 Banjo Kazooie is a franchise that's managed to secure its place in hearts all over the world through its undeniable charm unrivaled creativity and incredibly memorable characters locations and music even now 20 years later in the year 2018 banjo-kazooie and its sequel banjo tooie remained beloved masterpieces that have stood the test of time and are still fun to boot up and play to completion banjo kazooie seemed unstoppable back in the year 2000 standing alongside Nintendo's biggest franchises like Mario and Zelda rare the development team behind banjo kazooie had another breakout hit series on their hands then the future was looking bright for the titular Baron bird similar to how banjo tooie was teased at the end of the first game by the series antagonist gruntilda at the end of banjo tooie there was a tease for a third game titled banjo 3 but this really didn't come as a shock to anyone of course there'd be a third banjo game it was only natural that we'd see the series continued there was even a small bit of footage of a banjo kazooie project running on the gamecube at space world 2000 banjo threee seemed like an inevitability at this point and everyone was expecting it to be even bigger and better than what came before it not long after the release of banjo tooie however things began to change in what is often referred to as the biggest most awful most tragic event in human history rare was purchased by Microsoft in the year 2002 this was a drastic change for the video game scene as a whole rare had been an absolute powerhouse for Nintendo throughout the 16 and 64 bit eras of gaming and now perhaps by a bit of ignorance on Nintendo's part was scooped up by one of their competitors projects that were in development at the time either needed to be reworked for the Xbox or needed to be scrapped entirely so what did this mean for banjo kazooie while the series did see smaller spin-off titles on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance the main series namely banjo three remained unseen and eventually began to disappear everyone had just assumed that the series was finished and that banjo 3 would never see the light of day that is until rare showed us a certain trailer in 2006 banjo kazooie just had its 20th anniversary and I thought now would be a great time to take a look back at one of the most confusing misguided and dare I say misunderstood titles in videogame history people hate this game a lot but why do they hate it and it's all that hate warranted I recently did a 100% playthrough of this game after not touching it in nearly a decade and it kind of helped me see it from a new perspective I streamed the entire thing as well which led to some interesting discussions with the chat and helped me understand a myriad of different opinions on the game I'm not exactly sure at the moment how I want to structure all my thoughts here so I think I'm just gonna go through the whole game and talk about relevant points as they come up keep in mind that everything I talk about in this video is strictly my own opinion and it's totally okay if you disagree with me but with all that said I think I've got the intro out of the way let's let's begin let's take an extended look back at banjo kazooie nuts and bolts

[Music] Banjo Kazooie nuts-and-bolts was released in 2008 on the xbox360 to universal confusion gameplay revolving entirely around vehicles a mission based structure a new art style no new moves to learn it was a massive departure from the previous games in the series in almost every single way taking something that was so universally beloved and changing almost everything about it seems like the worst idea in the world and that led many to understandably dismiss the game immediately some fans myself included however decided to give the game a shot anyway after all it was banjo kazooie no matter what form it took it was still gonna be a good time right when you first start up nuts-and-bolts you're greeted by the familiar sight of spiral mountain this title screen alone accompanied by a new rendition of the classic spiral mountain music by veteran series composer grant kirkhope was enough to inject some reassurance into cautiously optimistic fans the art style was different but this was still spiral mountain and coming back to it after all these years was definitely a good feeling nostalgia is often dismissed as a cheap way to get an emotional reaction out of your audience without really doing anything but I've always kind of disagreed with that nostalgia is a positive emotion it makes you feel happy it reminds you being a kid and if you've got the ability to dispense some nostalgic feelings every now and then I'm all for that and over-reliance on pandering to nostalgia is a bad idea definitely but that applies to everything too much of any good thing is always bad once we get past the title screen were greeted by a dramatic retelling of the events of the past games all leading up to the present day you know the modern-day 2008 Banjo and Kazooie themselves haven't done anything in eight years which i think honestly is kind of a fun touch it plays with the fact that time has passed both in the real world and for our heroes they've been waiting for the next adventure to start for just as long as we have steam fictional characters age or change in real time is something I've always enjoyed that being said we're looking at Banjo and Kazooie right now and it would be kind of difficult to go through the rest of the video without at least talking about this first so I suppose now would be as good a time as any to discuss the character redesigns the whole reason I wanted to make this video in the first place was to defend this game so I kind of feel bad that one of the first things I'm gonna talk about is negative in short I don't like these character designs at all I think they're ugly and bad but that being said there are a few positives to these character designs that might not seem apparent at first comparing these characters old and new designs just completely on their own separated from the games they appear in the new ones really are a step down in almost every way in my opinion the original designs had a very charming simplicity to them everything was round and simple they were all cute lovable and very easy to read the designs and nuts-and-bolts however kind of go in the opposite direction the characters all have a very blocky look to them and more realistic features the googly eyes are gone the soft edges are gone kazoo he's wearing like eyeliner now for some reason Boggy looks like this they gave everyone goddamn people teeth I don't know what the obsession is with giving cartoon characters realistic people teeth but it's got to stop I don't know who finds this stuff cute or appealing but I certainly do not well I think most people prefer the originals for obvious reasons I will say one good thing about the new designs that I rarely see people talk about the new designs definitely fit into this style of game more than the old ones would have I can't really see classic banjo driving around these blocky cars and exploring this world in particular the gameplay shifted in a completely new direction and I think that the art style of the characters changed to reflect that trust me we are going to get into the vehicles a little later but everything in this game is very block based this version of banjo definitely fits more into this game than classic banjo wood that doesn't mean I like the designs but it does mean that I think I get what they were going for a different kind of game requires a different look sometimes just a shame that these designs are so unappealing in my opinion back to talking about the intro of the game though we're shortly reintroduced to gruntilda who after the last few battles with Banjo and Kazooie has been reduced to a skull she makes her way over to the heroes and confronts them not sure what she was planning on doing here considering her lack of combat options but before their fight even has a chance to start its inter up by a new character the Lord of games or log for short the banjo series has never been a stranger to breaking the fourth wall but this character straight-up demolishes it he claims to be the creator of all video games and after poking fun at the pointless outdated collectathon genre claims to have a better way to end the conflict between banjo and gruntilda once and for all a lot of people seem to be offended by this scene it pokes fun at the previous games and trivializes them making them out to be kind of boring wastes of time while I clearly disagree with what log is trying to say here about collectathon I don't necessarily find this joke to be in bad taste or anything a recurring theme and a lot of rare games is to make fun of themselves in their past work I mean look at characters like cranky Kong rare created him back in Donkey Kong Country and he basically his entire character is just making fun of the Donkey Kong Country games insulting them in countless ways nuts and bolts is full of jabs at rares other games especially grabbed by the Ghoulies what I'm mainly saying is that I don't think this is meant to be a malicious joke and I don't think it's supposed to dismiss the previous games as inferior I think this is just an in-game explanation for the gameplay shift this is a very different game so they gave an in-game reason as to why Logue who is the creator of this game and all other games was bored of the old style and wanted to try something new and exciting after the whole joke thing log slims down Banjo and Kazooie and gibbs gruntilda a new robotic body before unveiling his new gameplay idea before we get to that though I'd like to point out that I think gruntilda has one of the best character redesigns in the whole game one of the only good ones the robot body looks great and her head kind of looks the same as it did in past games I think it works really well Logue then summons two vehicles and opens up a portal to a brand new game world that he created the vehicles are something I'm gonna be talking about in depth throughout the entire video because they're basically the focus of the whole game so for now let's just move on and I'll talk about them in a bit gruntilda quickly NAB's the more sophisticated looking vehicle leaving Banjo and Kazooie with the smaller more boring one after they've all gotten in their cars they drive through the portal into the game's hub world show downtown upon arrival the pair is greeted by some pigs and rhino whatever and are given a brief rundown of how things work here show downtown is a large populated port town with several distinct districts tons of Secrets to find in portals to the various game worlds hidden around it in order to progress through the game the player has to enter the world to collect the jiggies which come back as the game's main collectible and returned them to the giant jiggy bank in the center of town the more jiggy's the player returns to this area the more world portals will be accessible to them it's a pretty simple concept aside from being a pleasant location with great music that happens the change in each district and with time of day show downtown also has a very well-thought-out and satisfying progression system to its exploration unlike the vehicles you'll be creating on your own throughout the rest of the game the trolley that banjo drives around show downtown behaves a little differently it isn't customizable but it acquires new abilities periodically throughout the game which allow you to do new things and reach new areas for example there's a steep slope right here in the center of town that you won't be able to drive up after defeating one of the game's gruntilda challenges your trolley will gain high grip wheels allowing you to climb up any hills in town that you weren't able to before this is incredibly similar to the very first room and gruntilda's lair in the first banjo kazooie game there's a slope here that you can't proceed past til you've gotten the Talon trot move from mumbos Mountain the difference between showdown town and grunty's lair however is that showdown town is a bit more open from the start while grunty's lair has more of a linear progression to it with new moves allowing you to move forward show downtown is kind of more like a big circle with its starting point being the very center the more vehicle parts you unlock the more places you're able to explore right from the start you'll be driving by secrets and areas that you won't be able to access until you've got the right parts for your trolley there's something very satisfying about finally unlocking the car part that you needed to access an area that's been taunting you for a while in a way show downtown is almost kind of structured like a Metroid game and I personally find it to be more engaging than previous banjo hub worlds is it as memorable as places like grunty's lair probably not but I would say it's more interesting to explore for sure after arriving and getting the rundown of how things work kazooie has given her main ability that she'll be using throughout the game the magic wrench this wrench has two uses one it functions as a basic melee attack and two it allows you to pick up and move pretty much anything in the game including physics props and vehicles it can be a bit janky to control at times but there's a button specifically for switching which object you're targeting and another button that lets you rotate objects which helps out a lot aside from the wrench though banjos on-foot moveset is basically just running jumping climbing swimming and tightrope walking for some reason all of the moves from previous games are gone because we can't shoot eggs you can't talent shot you can't beat Blast you can't wave - you can't l-cancel you can't do anything this is one of the most widely despised parts of this game and on paper it's easy to see why the insane variety of moves and abilities that Banjo and Kazooie obtained over their last two adventures were a staple of the series the thought of a banjo game with no moves to learn and no returning abilities sounded horrible but the thing is nuts-and-bolts really isn't trying to be a traditional banjo kazooie game it's trying to be something entirely new and for that it's important to try to judge it in a vacuum this game has plenty of things that the originals don't because it's a very different kind of game I don't think it's fair to criticize nuts and bolts for lacking banjos classic move set because the moves just don't fit the kind of game it is there is a lot to see in show downtown including lots of familiar faces but for now let's move on to the game's first real level nutty acres the worlds and nuts and bolts are structured in a way that's different from previous games and at this point being different is something that shouldn't really come as a surprise to you each world is split up into several acts but this really isn't as big a deal as it sounds like it is basically there's six doors that all lead to nutty acres each one being labeled act 1 act 2 etc each of these doors leads to the same world but there will be different things to do in each act this is kind of similar to selecting a star in Super Mario 64 however instead of focusing on one specific objective each act will have various things for you to do some collectibles like jiggies and Jin Joos will vary between acts meaning that you've got to find a new set of them in each one notes on the other hand will carry over between acts meaning that you can hunt for each worlds notes over time as you complete acts at your own pace each act door requires a different amount of jiggy's to open meaning you'll need to move on to new worlds before you can do later acts of previous worlds at first I wasn't crazy about this whole idea but I think it was executed pretty well for a few reasons first of all it makes the worlds much less intimidating by breaking them down into smaller chunks that you can complete individually second it allows the same area to be used for multiple different purposes for example in the game's fourth world there's one act where the entire area is flooded so while technically this is the same level that you've been visiting in the other acts it's sort of recontextualized into a water area the ACT system in banjo kazooie nuts-and-bolts ends up making the worlds feel a tiny bit more dynamic with some acts feeling different from the other ones in the same world nutty acres is a great introduction to the game and its mechanics it's your typical grassland which is a common first world and video games but this one's got a bit of a twist that sets the tone for the rest of the game pretty well the entire area is man-made meaning that everything from trees to the sky itself are mechanical in nature this man-made environment is an appropriate starting place for a game that is essentially all about creating machines but it also eases you into the concept by still resembling a classic banjo kazooie level it's a nice blend of the old and new the level itself consists of mostly grassland surrounded by beaches the focal point is definitely the giant volcano towards the back which you'll be visiting a lot however upon beginning to explore the world on your own you'll realize that nuts and bolts these worlds aren't particularly densely packed with collectables aside from the notes returning from previous games there are only three main collectables to find in nuts and bolts being notes jinjo tokens and jiggies like I said earlier collected notes are the only thing to carry over from act to act so there's less of a drive to actively seek them out right away there's something you're likely to come across naturally while progressing through the world's various acts the other two collectibles are act specific meaning that if you're going for total completion you'll need to find a different set of jiggies and jinjos in each world unlike notes these items aren't as easily collectable as they were in past games this is where the game's missions come into play and where we can finally start talking about the infamous star of the show being the vehicles banjo kazooie nuts and bolts jiggies and jinjo tokens aren't obtained by simply finding them and touching them rather by finding a character in the world and completing a mission for them the objectives of these missions are incredibly varied and have many different rules and limitations to make them more interesting sometimes you'll have to win a race sometimes you'll have to transport an item or character from one place to another you might have to destroy something or travel a set amount of distance without hitting the gas or launch an object as far as you can but trolley we've been driving thus far got the job done in show downtown but in order to complete these challenges and earn yourself some jiggies you're gonna need to start getting creative and this my friends is where the fun of banjo kazooie nuts-and-bolts comes into play the vehicles and nuts and bolts are easily the most controversial part of the whole game most of the complaints revolving around this game usually boil down to its got cars in it and if you're looking at nuts and bolts on a surface level in comparison to past banjo games than sure this major change is gonna garner a lot of negative attention but when you sit down and start tinkering with the vehicle creator in this game you very quickly realize how fun this can really be this vehicle creator offers one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had while creating things in a video game maybe only beaten out by LittleBigPlanet it's incredibly easy to use and surprisingly in depth throughout my most recent playthrough there were numerous times where I just get this super dumb vehicle idea in my head and I'd be like there's no way I'll be able to do this and then the game went and let me make it there are a few limitations but for the most part you can make any kind of vehicle you want for any situation the various missions and objectives that the game throws at you in addition to the different terrain you'll need to traverse will require you to get creative and make or modify your vehicles in order to succeed need to fly make a plane or a helicopter need to do some water missions you're gonna need to make a submarine or a boat maybe a boat that can become a submarine need to win a race slap as many engines and rockets under your car as you can and see how that works out for you in a way the game constantly throws different puzzles at you that need to be solved by creating a machine that can solve them for you the missions and challenges are impossible for banjo to solve on his own so it's up to the player to create something that can get the job done it's a very rewarding system that often encourages you to solve problems in completely unorthodox ways for example take a look at this challenge from act one of world four you're tasked with creating a vehicle that is capable of gliding as far as possible after going off of a ramp you're allowed to accelerate all the way till the end of the ramp but once you pass through the ring your engines will all shut down making a vehicle with wings that can glide well seems to be the obvious solution but I opted to get a little more creative and try to solve the problem in a different way I ended up creating an incredibly fast ground vehicle with banjo seat mounted to the very front behind banjo seat I added a spring and a detacher after cruising down the ramp at the very last second I detached banjo seat and then launched him and here's what happened


a lot of the fun of banjo kazooie nuts-and-bolts comes from you sometimes there will be an easy problem to solve but trying to come up with your own wacky solution it's so much more enjoyable you're given an insane amount of tools to work with so having fun with them and trying new things as engaging as hell sometimes I enjoy just going into the vehicle builder and seeing what I can make for no real reason at all you can easily test your vehicle with the press of a button and then you can return to the garage with another press of the button to make adjustments the entire process of making a vehicle is just super seamless vehicles are all blocked based so it ends up feeling a lot like playing with LEGOs there are a massive amount of parts that are split up into several categories and most of these parts will affect your vehicle in different ways every vehicle you build has five different stats the first of which is speed which obviously measures how fast they'll be able to move the more engines or rockets you add the faster it'll be able to go fuel also obviously measures how much fuel your vehicle can hold running out of fuel is never something you have to worry about in the overworld or while just exploring a level but during missions running out of fuel can be a big problem adding more fuel tanks will increase this stat but there are also modes of transportation that don't require any fuel at all ammo measures how much ammunition your vehicle can hold every weapon type shares the same ammo pool so simply adding more ammo containers to your vehicle will increase the stat weight also pretty self-explanatory determines how heavy your vehicle is weight plays a gigantic role in this game and often times you'll need to go back to the drawing board because your car won't be quite heavy enough or your helicopter might be a bit too heavy there are parts that weigh a ton and parts that way next to nothing so managing which parts you put on your vehicle and wear can drastically affect its performance the final stat really isn't a stat at all but rather just a parts used gauge unfortunately there is a limit to how many parts your vehicle can be made out of but it's so large you rarely ever run into it speaking of parts there are a lot of them and most of them come in different shapes sizes and weights oh and they can also be painted aside from the important parts like engines and fuel there also exists a ton of body parts to let you shape your vehicle in any way you want these ones are definately most comparable to Legos they're really would let you get creative with your vehicle looks and they can also play a huge role in its weight the weapons range from basic egg shooters to deadly lasers there are closed range weapons weapons that don't require ammo weapons that slow down other vehicles and even mandible turrets which are very handy for missions where you need to defend things from enemies there are also technical parts called gadgets which when used appropriately can let you do some really neat things gyroscopes let you twist and turn midair sucking blows lets you suck and blow things sticky balls which are also incredibly useful attach themselves to anything they touch allowing you to tow things easily a self-destruct button makes your entire vehicle explode there are so many of these parts that allow for some very cool things to be done seriously check out some nuts and bolts creations on YouTube people have made some amazing stuff in this game your vehicles can all be saved loaded and edited whenever you want which allows you to build up a library of different handcrafted vehicles to fit any situation that may arise it almost feels a bit like recruiting party members in an RPG or something in addition you unlock new vehicle parts throughout the entire game so you're constantly enticed to head back to the garage and check out what new things you can do now that you've got those monster truck wheels or those fancy retracting wings I could go on and on about the vehicles forever and there are some negative aspects I'll get to eventually but it really is as fun as I've made it sound during my most recent playthrough I made some crazy things ranging from a giant incredibly heavy hollow thwomp with spikes all over the bottom that was powered by rockets hidden inside it and even a fidget spinner look at this thing it's terrible I love it I made it myself I made a big monster truck with a tiny little car hidden underneath it and with the press of a button the tiny car would detach leaving the bigger car behind and I'd start driving away in the little car some of these vehicles were completely pointless and didn't help me with any missions at all but they were all fun to make and I think that speaks volumes for just how entertaining the vehicle creator is in this game I've yet to see anything like it moving on before we leave nutty acres we should probably talk about the game's gruntilda missions nuts and bolts really doesn't have traditional boss fights sure there are some missions that resemble boss fights but most of the gruntilda challenges are just regular challenges with gruntilda they usually aren't much harder than a regular mission but they have some nice music all of the NPC's in the game that challenge you to races their fights are bound by the same vehicle restrictions that you are including gruntilda meaning that she isn't particularly threatening she usually has parts that you haven't unlocked yet but that really makes her challenges any more difficult the first challenge for example requires you to chase her down and knock a coconut out of her vehicle but it can be completely trivialized by just getting out of your car and lifting the coconut with kazooie's wrench I feel like a bit more thought needed to go into gruntilda battles to set them apart from other missions but they hardly drag down the experience they're just a bit anticlimactic as all the cool thing about gruntilda missions though is that after completing them your show downtown trolley will receive an upgrade which allows you to access new areas and reach new collectables grabbing grunty's nut in the first challenge will award you with the high grip wheels meaning the steep slopes and showdown town won't be a problem anymore there are more things to do in this world especially considering that grunty only shows up in act three out of six but for now let's head back to show downtown now that we're back in the hub I figured it might be a nice idea to talk about some of the things there are to do and find here but before we do that we need to head over to the jiggy dispenser and collect the jiggies that we earned in knotty acres in this game collecting a jiggy doesn't simply add it to your total but puts it in the jiggy dispenser outside the world it's up to you to transport those jiggies physically in the bed of your car to the jiggy bank in the center of town at first physically driving your jiggies over to the bank might seem like an unnecessary chore but it actually proves to be kind of fun and rewarding it feels good to put them in the bank yourself and if you got a lot of jiggies to deliver things can get kind of chaotic but in a fun way the town center itself is home to a few sights humble wamba returns as a merchant and she'll sell you new vehicle parts and some pre-built vehicles for notes buying parts from her is always exciting because it gives you new things to play around with but I've never once spot and used any of her pre-built vehicles I've got a lot of negative things to say about the entire concept of pre-built vehicles in this game but I'll save that for later mumbo also hangs out here is the owner of mumbos motors which is the garage we've been doing all the building in you can physically walk into the garage but it's also accessible from pretty much anywhere via the pause menu the most important part about mumbos motors however is the little square area or square eeeh if you will out hidden throughout show downtown are little pinkish purple crates they're up on ledges behind laser gates being guarded by ghosts you name it they're absolutely everywhere and serve as an incentive to explore show downtown often being just out of reach until you acquire a certain vehicle part for your trolley if you grab one of these crates and bring it back to the square in front of mumbos motors you'll unlock some vehicle parts making every single one of these crates valuable and worth your time you won't know what's in the crate until you bring it to Mum bow so it's always worth grabbing them if you can vehicle parts really are the best possible reward in this game as each new vehicle part allows you to push your creations just a little bit further even getting something as minor as just another small engine could make a difference for this reason exploration is directly tied to increasing the amount of tools at your disposal making it even more worthwhile bottles also returns Turay to be honest his inclusion is pretty underwhelming he operates a small hint Emporium and you can spend your notes here for tips but I didn't really find any of them all that useful at the very least bottles himself doesn't look so bad in nuts-and-bolts as he seems to have received one of the least drastic visual changes in the game moving on to the pier we got a few more familiar faces King jingling returns this time is the owner of a bingo parlor this is actually where the jinjo tokens you've been collecting come into place so I guess now would be a good opportunity to explain how they work unlike in past games you don't simply collect a Jimbo Jimbo's I'm leaving that in you don't simply collect jinjos but rather you find them and are given a simple task to complete they're sort of like the main jig emissions but a little smaller and more simple if you complete the tasks they give you they'll reward you with a jinjo token matching their color completing a challenge for a blue jinjo you get a blue token it's pretty straightforward and show downtown by visiting King jingling you can gain access to the bingo board which rewards you with various prizes for filling in rows and columns with the tokens you've collected the prizes range from large amounts of notes to rare vehicle parts so this is definitely worth your time across from jingling as Clongowes arcade this dude actually went and did what he said he was gonna do at the end of banjo tooie and became a game developer you can play as little arcade game here which isn't all that special but it's something to do I guess also klungo got one of the worst redesigns out of everyone the worst one however goes to Boggy who operates the gym on the other side town Bogey's jim services a way to increase banjos on foot stats letting him do things like run faster jump higher whatever it's really not that important but it can come in handy at times honestly if you got the notes there's no real reason not to do some training here one of the new characters in this game trophy thomas whom I am NOT a fan of hangs out here by the water and allows you to revisit older challenges in order to go for a higher ranking the main missions in this game have three completion rankings the lowest ranked will earn you some notes the mid rank will earn you a jiggy and the highest rank will earn you a trophy as well as the prizes in the lower ranks for every four trophies I think it's four I'm not looking it up for every four trophies you collect trophy Thomas will give you a jiggy which will be dispensed from his house right here so if you want a hundred percent the game and collect all of the jiggies you're gonna have to earn the trophy rank and pretty much all of the challenges I think you might be able to miss one or two I'm not sure either way it's tough to earn them all and this guy is ugly and he sucks there are other minor characters Thrun about that I didn't talk about because they're not really interesting they just sell you things to give you hints if you're big fan of Jolly Roger from banjo tooie you'll be happy to know that he's become a hobo and now lives under a bridge so congrats anyway before moving on to the game's second world we need to open it up in order to access new worlds for the first time you need to go up to logs tower which is located at the very center of show downtown logs factory is actually what's at the top of this slope we talked about right at the start we couldn't get up this slope before but now that we've got the high grip wheels from grunty we can climb the slope to reach logs tower up here you can get this orb thing which when taken to the proper receptacle in town will open up a new world it's kind of similar to delivering jiggy's only you know it's a ball and you bring it somewhere other than the jiggy Bank so it's not really like delivering jiggy's once you deliver this orb to the Little Theater area you'll gain access to the game's second world log box 720 is an interesting level it's definitely a first for the banjo series that's for sure this world takes place inside a video game console with all the bells and whistles you'd expect lots of computer parts a bunch of purple coolant flowing all over the place game disks all that stuff my favorite little detail about this world is if you crash into certain objects it'll mess with your game's visuals or audio for a second it's a pretty neat little touch there's also this does that say on the side of the disk wait hold on I need to start at the beginning banjo kazooie rare 1998 the bear and birds first adventure will anyone remember nuts and bolts in a decade come back in 2018 and find out holy shit this levels a lot more compact than nutty acres but it isn't too difficult to get around you're definitely gonna want to make sure you've got a nice dependable helicopter for this world though as it's much more vertically oriented than anywhere you've been thus far the missions here are a bit more difficult than the ones and nutty acres so this is where you're definitely gonna need to start thinking about how your vehicles are built a little more carefully especially in regards to its size as something too big is gonna crash into shit all over the place here the music in log box and the entire game for that matter is stellar and probably something that even people who hate this game can agree is pretty damn good grant kirkhope returns as the composer and there are so many great new and returning tunes that this very much feels like a banjo kazooie soundtrack log boxes music has a very ominous and creepy tone to it even including some eerie vocals at one point to talk about stop and swap which is something we'll cover eventually to be honest though there's not a ton else to talk about regarding log box 720 it's a fine level that offers new challenges and introduces you to some more gameplay elements that weren't present and nutty acres but compared to the next few levels there's not as much to discuss here I think the gruntilda mission which shows up in act 3 is a race around the coolant pool at the top level grunty is in a water vehicle while you're stuck on land again this isn't too tough for completing this your show downtown trolley is rewarded with floaters which can be inflated and deflated with the press of a button as well as the small propeller on the back these two new additions to your cart will prove incredibly useful back in town floaters are amongst the most important parts in the game as they can help you create vehicles that perform well on both land and in water while they're inflated they allow your vehicle to float on water with no problem when deflated your vehicle will sink and allow you to drive along the bottom of the body of water while on the bottom you can rely on your wheels for forward momentum but on the surface you'll need propellers or a sail or something like that that offers some sort of push or pull thankfully we get both floaters and a propeller from grunty here which means that now we'll be able to Lyde across the surface of the water and show downtown to reach new areas and collectibles having finished the gruntilda mission in world 2 you've now got a number of different places you could go you could head back to nutty acres and move on to act 4 you can continue doing more acts and log box you could explore more show downtown with your newly acquired floaters or you could open up world 3 banjo land for the sake of the video and moving forward we'll head over to logs Tower and get the ball we need to unlock banjo land and take it to the pedestal near this body of water here thanks to our trolleys newfound sea legs will have no problem gaining access to this world and we can start exploring it right away if you're a longtime fan of banjo kazooie you'll probably be familiar with a lot of what this level has to offer banjo land is a giant museum theme park place dedicated to honoring and remembering all things banjo kazooie and banjo tooie it's a gigantic burst of fan service that you'll likely enjoy if you had some fun with the previous games but even then it's a good level in its own right you'll find Easter eggs cameos locations structures and objects from almost every single world that Banjo and Kazooie visited in their first two adventures here the music that plays in this world is absolutely incredible it's it's a medley of music from throughout the entire series and it's definitely worth a listen if you've never heard it before the nostalgic feelings alone are enough to make me a huge fan of this world but there's a lot more to like about it than just its theme in terms of its layout this world finds a comfortable middle ground between the open nature of nutty acres and the towering log box there's plenty of space to drive around but there's also plenty of structures to climb in open spaces to fly aircrafts there's also a wide variety of terrain here including flat metal grassy hills ice water sand and more meaning that you're gonna need to put your vehicle building skills to the test in order to navigate the world and complete its challenges as much as I love this level though it's very existence kind of conflicts with one of the major points I've been trying to make in this video a lot of the disdain for nuts and bolts comes from how different it is from previous banjo games people dislike this game because it's not like the originals and as I discussed earlier that's kind of a valid complaint when looking at this game as the third main line banjo kazooie game changing everything about a series from its graphical style to the basic fundamental gameplay mechanics is bound to cause confusion and anger amongst fans of the originals as after such a long wait for a proper sequel I've been trying to make the case that in order to truly appreciate nuts-and-bolts for what it does well you need to try your best to draw a line between it and the games that came before it nuts-and-bolts isn't trying to be anything like the first two games it's trying to be something new and it's not fair to hate on it for not being something that it didn't try to be banjo land while an amazing throwback is confusing because it throws the previous games right in your face not only will you be bombarded by familiar sights and sounds in banjo land but a lot of the old references even use the old art style directly importing models and artwork from the original Nintendo 64 games this level could even make someone like me who really enjoys nuts and bolts start feeling like man I just kind of want to play an old banjo game right now the problem there is that nuts and bolts doesn't scratch that itch it scratches a different edge but playing around in banjo land makes me itchy in a way that nuts and bolts can't really scratch if that makes any sense at the end of the day I think that nuts and bolts would have been much better off had it not been a banjo kazooie game if this game had focused entirely on a new IP with new characters while this is just speculation I think it would have been remembered very fondly today what's here is an incredibly inventive game it's a game that thrives on creative thinking and problem-solving it's a game with a satisfying gameplay loop significant feeling rewards and progression and exploration it has one of the most interesting and well-executed vehicle creators have ever seen and that vehicle creator ties into every other aspect of the game so damn well so then why do people hate this game why isn't it remembered as a classic why do people say things like remember what rare did to banjo kazooie like it's a bad thing the reason they do that is because when it's all said and done no matter how good nuts and bolts is at what it does it is always 100% of the time going to be living in the shadow of the beloved classics that are the first two games by changing things so drastically all its gonna do is be seen as something that trampled on the childhoods of people who grew up with the n64 games as much as I've been urging people to banjo kazooie nuts and bolts can't be divorced from the games that came before it because it stars banjo-kazooie and gruntilda it's got spiral Mountain it's got the classic music it's got worlds banjo land it's got klungo no matter how hard we try and no matter how much people like me try to defend it it'll never be able to separate itself from banjo kazooie and banjo tooie and I think that's just a damn shame shifting gears back into banjo land though there really is a lot here that'll make you smile if you're a banjo fan also I can't believe I'm twenty four pages into this script and I haven't used shifting gears as a transition yet I couldn't possibly list all the Easter eggs in this level but they are absolutely everywhere and a lot of times they play a role in the missions you'll have to do one of the first missions that was a major roadblock for me shows up in act one of this world in which you have to defend clankers eyes yet this Clanker from waves of enemies the messed up part about this whole thing is that Clanker has been completely disassembled he used to be able to talk and swim around but now he just stares at you well as bodies and pieces all over the place pour one out for Clanker rest in peace buddy anyway this challenge is really difficult and is one of those times where you really need to try to think of creative ways to figure it out you could create some sort of cages to put over clankers eyes to protect them or you could create a mounted turret to manually take aim and kill the enemies it's hard but I appreciate how much a mission like this made me think if I recall correctly this was one of the first missions that I decided to leave uncompleted and return to later with more vehicle parts at my disposal this would be a good time to talk about the enemies in the game if I had anything to say about them they're super forgettable they just try to slow you down by doing things like ramming into you blowing you off ledges and mobilizing you and other naughty activities like that sometimes they'll play a fun role in missions but they're just a nuisance when you're exploring levels I personally would have liked it if they were completely removed from the game everywhere outside of missions just because they can make the game more frustrating than it needs to be if I'm just trying to fly somewhere I don't need some idiot clinging to me and dragging me down words it just slows things down I'd say they at least serve as sort of a hazard to make worlds more dangerous to explore but banjo can't die in this game and if they break your vehicle you're never more than a few button presses away from spawning in a replacement banjo technically has health in this game but when out exploring running out of Health just it mobilizes you for a second and then you're good as new running out of health while in a mission however immediately fails the mission I actually like this because dying in the overworld wouldn't really serve any purpose the challenge of this game comes from well the challenges people criticize this game because you can't die but you can still die only it's restricted to missions if you died while just exploring what would that accomplish other than wasting your time and kicking you back to the world entrance they streamlined the concept of running out of Health in this game and I think it works pretty well honestly the gruntilda challenge and banjo land occurs in act 4 and requires you to knock her out of her vehicle by dealing enough damage the catch is that our vehicle is jumping all over the damn place which can make it hard to hit her unless you've got the right tools boy I wish I had some of those Springs that let her jump like that you may be saying to yourself well don't worry because by beating grunty you unlock some Springs which allow your show downtown trolley to jump how convenient while their primary purpose is for jumping the springs technically we'll only do that for you if you put them on the underside of your vehicle all they really do is extend incredibly fast which means they can also be used to push or launch things with incredible force you can use them offensively or even for sending things flying which is how I built that launcher I showed you earlier the springs are a perfect example of how many alternate uses many of the vehicle parts have and how creative you can get if you just shift the way you're thinking about things using these Springs you could make something like a catapult you know that'll come in handy for launching jinjos and stuff go for it for now though let's leave banjo land and return to show downtown now equipped with the springs being able to jump will let you reach high up areas making exploring a ton easier because you're controlling a vehicle and not a character walking around on the ground jumping requires a bit more forethought and commitment so it's important to keep that in mind after depositing your new jiggies into the bank you can grab the level sphere and open up world for the jig Asiya this world has some of the most fun challenges in the game so let's not waste any time and head there right away as the name implies the jig aciem is a massive sporting Coliseum I don't have many points to bring up with this world so we'll probably get through this one pretty quick like we did with log box compared to banjo land and pretty much everything before it the layout of this level is pretty simplistic being essentially a massive open area with a ton of empty space there's ramps to catwalks and even some tunnels in the back that lead to a lobby and concession stands but the main area is wide open well at first this lot may seem sort of bland in terms of its layout it's open nature allows for some really interesting missions and challenges most of them being sports themed you'll have to carry basketballs through a hoop knock over dominoes like the Olympic flame you even play a big game of darts as far as things to talk about here though there's really not much to say the jig aciem is noteworthy however because it's the only level in the game with two gruntilda missions there was a cut world from this game that was supposed to be Wild West themed so it's possible that one of these challenges was supposed to take place there for the first of the two gruntilda challenges the entire Jigga sium will be flooded which is pretty neat the objective here is to shoot some beach balls into some goals all the while trying to avoid gruntings attacks you'll need a speedy water vehicle that's capable of pushing or carrying large objects so make sure you've got one of those technically you could also use a flying vehicle that you can solve these problems however you want you just there's just a lot of water here if you manage to defeat grunty here your show downtown cart will be upgraded with a scuba seat allowing you to breathe underwater indefinitely of all the vehicle parts for your trolley this one probably gets the least amount of use and show downtown but it comes in handy a few times while trying to navigate some underwater areas the second grunty challenge can get really stressful but there are a ton of fun ways to go about winning your objective here is to protect billiard balls from being destroyed by grunty's laser over the course of nine rounds if she destroys enough of them you fail this is actually one of the challenges I remember having the most fun experimenting with my personal favorite way to defeat her is to take a vehicle with a sticky ball attach it to grunty's vehicle itself then you can drag grunty away from the billiard balls however you decide to protect the billiard balls from grunty if you manage to do so you'll be rewarded with a laser gun of your own the laser is one of the most powerful weapons in the game but it shoots through ammo super fast in showdown town it can be used to disable the laser fences you've been bumping into throughout the game allowing you to grab the collectables inside it can also be used to fend off the show downtown police force who really don't want you collecting jiggies for whatever reason but yeah I mean this level is fun but I don't really have any talking points so let's just head back to show downtown now that we're done with grunty's Jigga sium challenges we should head back to logs factory once there we can get the level sphere and unlock the final main world you may notice that we're nearing the end of the game now and I've barely said anything negative about it once we get to world I though I'm gonna be talking a lot more about some things that I dislike about nuts and bolts because this world is where all of my issues are most apparent so let's head over to the residential district place the ball in the thing and into the game's final world the terrarium of terror the terrarium of terror is well it's interesting it has a very cool aesthetic and theme to it if there's one thing that nuts and bolts does really well it's that all its worlds are very different from places that banjo has been before synthetic Island inside a video game console a giant Museum a sports arena and now a giant terrarium floating in space it's got a heavy alien and sci-fi theme and those are all things that I like a lot that's about where my enjoyment of the level ends though unfortunately this world is where the game starts to feel like it's over staying it's welcome and I'll hopefully be able to explain why throughout this section of the video let's start with the layout this place is confusing to navigate plain and simple it's made up of various glass spheres floating in space connected by tubes but how each of these areas connects to the other areas can be difficult to keep track of unlike a lot of the other levels the segmented nature of this one means that there aren't visible landmarks to help you understand where locations are in relation to one another if you ask me to close my eyes and imagine each of the game's worlds in my head I could pretty accurately tell you where most of the things are the volcano and nutty acres is at the back there's an airstrip to the left of the volcano the farm is in the middle to the right there's a big pile of crates and then there's a dock with the terrarium of terror I could not even begin to piece the world together in my head I remember specific places but not where they are in addition to being confusing to navigate the world is hands-down the least vehicle friendly in the game but the uneven terrain vines all over the place small tunnels and pathways annoying enemies and even underwater sections just getting around can be really really frustrating everything feels too cramped compared to previous levels and not in a good way instead of being challenging and fun to navigate it just comes across as poorly designed at times the game is about building and operating vehicles but the level doesn't feel like it was made for that the confusing and cramped layout of this world makes a lot of the challenges here way more frustrating than they need to be the missions in terrarium of Terror are for the most part not very good there are a few fun ones but by and large this world contains the most annoying challenges in the entire game there's one aspect of nuts-and-bolts that I dislike a lot and I pretty much avoided talking about it up until this point mostly because the terrarium is my least favorite level and I wanted to dump all my negative thoughts here pre-built vehicle challenges are probably my least favorite part of the entire game I haven't talked about this kind of mission yet but they've been going on in the background throughout the entire game occasionally missions will be based around pre-built vehicles meaning you aren't allowed to use any of the vehicles you've created yourself these pre-made vehicles are specifically built for the mission they're a part of meaning they're often built to intentionally have some flaws that make the challenge more difficult they'll be built with weird gimmicks poor controls or unnecessary vehicle parts slapped all over them making them clunky and not very fun to drive these challenges make sense sometimes as they can serve to level the playing field a bit and I wouldn't mind seeing them once in a while but it feels like they make up a good chunk of the game's missions sometimes working within the restrictions of a pre-built vehicle can make for some interesting challenges but for the most part I'd rather be driving my own vehicles and that's where my main problem comes in everything in nuts-and-bolts boils down to unlocking more vehicle parts jinjos are collected for the bingo board which unlocks parts notes are used to buy parts the crates in town unlock parts reading gruntilda unlocks parts vehicle parts are a constant reward throughout this game and have direct impact on the way you play almost everything you do in this game leads to you unlocking new vehicle parts and those vehicle parts are directly used to improve your gameplay experience whenever you're separated from the mass of vehicles you've created throughout the game it just feels bad while there are pre-built vehicles available for purchase and town from Humble Wamba there completely ignore about what I recommend doing the vehicle creator in this game is so well thought out and enjoyable that I'd say using pre-built vehicles kind of defeats the entire purpose of nuts-and-bolts building your own solutions to problems is why the game is so fun in the first place at least for me so by just buying tools that can solve all the problems for you I feel like it misses the point but everyone has fun in different ways and the pre-built vehicles aren't pushed on to you so as long as I'm not forced to use them I'm happy the problem is you are forced to use the pre-built vehicles and missions quite frequently and whenever it happens it just kind of sucks you spend the entire game building cars unlocking new parts to build even better cars and then all of a sudden you're told here take this airplane that doesn't work and you can't do anything about it I suppose you could just skip some of the challenges if you aren't going for 100% completion but I don't like missing out on content in games like this like I said there are a handful of fun pre-built vehicle challenges and some of them would definitely be too easy to complete if you could just use your own broken over powered vehicles but I think the reason I dislike these challenges so much is just because they're like the complete antithesis of what makes banjo-kazooie nuts-and-bolts such an interesting and unique video game the level of customization on offer here is staggering but whenever you have to use one of their pre-built cars all that goes away it's especially frustrating when the challenge involving a pre-built vehicle is really hard which just makes me end up resenting them even more there were so many challenges here that just made me want to rip my hair out and was really the only time in the game that I wanted it to end like this one where you have to destroy all the grunt BOTS in a room with very limited ammo the terrain of this room and the erratic movement of these things is a terrible combination this one that's a throwback to the saucer apparel from banjo tooie is super long and trying to reach the trophy ranking oftentimes meant I was playing it right until the end before I knew if I was gonna fail or not having to restart this challenge and go through the whole thing over and over it just it got so grating after a while a lot of times failing these missions in particular felt out of my control and that's never very enjoyable these missions just stopped being fun after a while and I was dying to finish this world and move on to the endgame thankfully the grunty mission here isn't too tough all you got to do is destroy your vehicle and at this point you really should have the firepower to be able to do that no problem she can turn invisible this time which I guess is a little tricky after defeating her though you obtained the last item for your showdown town Charlie being the horn but now that we finished this world let's return to show it on town one last time before heading to the final challenge assuming you've collected everything that you wanted to collect this should be the last time you have to visit showdown town before completing the game the horn you just unlocked allows you to nab some great vehicle parts though so it's definitely worth picking those up while you can throughout the town there are some crates that were guarded by ghosts and you can make them leave by honking your horn you've probably seen them around while exploring so if you can remember where they are go grab them in terms of other things to do in sho downtown there are a few things I haven't discussed but none of them are too major there are some small jinjo missions here where you've got to transport falsely imprisoned jinjos back to their homes and then place a min Joe in the empty cell these missions are simple but they give you something else to do in town and hunting down all the men Joe's can be kind of a rewarding challenge also just want to point out that the old jinjo design was one of the best character designs in all of history and they they ruined it I hate this I hate you Jin Joe speaking of the jail cells I haven't really talked about the officer picolit yet but there's not much to say he's gross and weird he runs the police force and show downtown and is responsible for all the law enforcement that's been chasing you around you can bribe him with notes and stuff but honestly he kind of just can be ignored for the entire game with no real consequence but with that though I think I've covered most of the things there are to do in show downtown oh I guess I haven't mentioned that grunty just hangs out near the jiggy vault the whole game with her new cat I think it's name is petals I'm not really a fan of how the main villain is just chillin with nothing to do in the center of town for the whole game seems like a weird choice but yeah she's there too you can run her over while we might be leaving showdown town for the last time before finishing the game we are actually gonna briefly return here in the postgame to discuss a few final points so don't get too sad just yet but now let's make our way up to logs Factory one last time and return to where it all started for the final showdown spiral Mountain is the place where both banjo kazooie and banjo tooie started and it's been recreated pretty much perfectly in HD albeit a little bit bigger to accommodate the vehicles and stuff while this game also technically began here you weren't given the opportunity to explore anywhere outside of banjos front yard if you're a banjo fan you'll be pleased to see pretty much everything is exactly where you remember it being even the giant hole grunty left in the ground when she fell off the tower at the end of the first game the waterfalls here the moat around the mountain itself is here even grunty's lair is here to shame you can't go inside it like you couldn't banjo tooie but it looks great one thing I'm not a fan of is how they made all the vegetable enemies into robots like I get it fits with the theme of the game but like yeah honestly though just coming back to this location after all these years with the familiar music and sights and sounds just makes me happy it's a really nice feeling and it's a fitting location for the ending of the game after everything we've been through there isn't much to do here other than the two challenges so once you've done sightseeing head over to log and get your first mission this first mission is really a gauntlet of six missions that you have to complete one after another all with the same vehicle so make sure whatever you're using can do pretty much everything first you'll have to drive around staying within a designated area as it moves about the map after that you'll have to transport one of the eyes from grunty's lair into the dumpster outside Banjos house third you'll need to complete a race through some rings fourth you'll have to shoot down all the targets fifth you'll have to transport some honeycombs and finally you have to push all of the cauliflower enemies out of an area between these six challenges log will ask you trivia questions because you know it's tradition it sort of feels tacked on but I really don't mind it answering the questions correctly gives you a little more time on the clock so at least it feels sort of useful also seeing the name diddy kong on on an xbox feels kind of weird I don't know if I like that after completing that gauntlet of challenges you'll have one more mission to do before the credits and it's another gauntlet this time given to you by snorkel to dolphin from banjo kazooie just kidding as grunty similar to the last gauntlet you've got to complete a series of challenges all without swapping vehicles this time they all involve destroying various vehicles piloted by grunty she drives a car than a boat than an invisible thing then some jumping thing then finally starts zipping around on a broomstick esque flying machine again this challenge isn't too tough have you got the right vehicle for the job once you're done then congratulations you finished nuts and bolts the game ends with a celebration of banjos house he even puts on a shirt a shirt on banjo and look even 2d came that there she goes for all their hard work and determination Logue Awards Banjo and Kazooie the deed to spiral mountain meaning they own it and grunty can't demolish it to make her city or whatever she was trying to do I don't remember gee if only we'd known earlier that grunty's evil schemes could be thwarted by the powers of legal documents after that in a fun little heartbreaking moment log gives Banjo and Kazooie all their old moves back telling them that they'll need them for their next game before further clarifying that they may never get another game man it's been like 10 years so it's been longer since nuts-and-bolts then it had been since 2 we when nuts-and-bolts came out Jesus Christ in traditional banjo fashion they do tease a future title by leaving the game on a bit of a cliffhanger and it's one that I actually find kind of interesting in terms of a concept for a new game log reveals that he sent grunty to work in his gaming Factory basically turning her into a slave forcing her to make games like grabbed by the Ghoulies - and Viva Pinata cart grunty then says that putting her here was a bad move because she's gonna make her own evil game to defeat banjo a new banjo adventure taking place in a game world created by grunty sounds like a cool idea and I totally be down for it someday I'd also be down for grabbed by the Ghoulies too but I think I'm the only one who wants that I mean it's been 10 years but if it's just grunty developing it I don't know who knows things take time but that's basically it we're at the end of the game after that you're booted back to the main menu and it's over just like that before giving some closing thoughts though there are two more things we need to cover so we got to go back to show downtown one more time for anyone who grew up with the original games the word stop and swap are bound to fill you with memories of mystery and false promises stop and swap was originally meant to be a way to transfer items collected in banjo kazooie over to banjo tooie unlocking some secrets in the process in the original game there were some mysterious items that could be collected being six colored eggs and a giant key made of ice the ice key the key of ice I remember spending countless hours as a kid trying to figure out what these items did and what the purpose behind them was mysteries like this and video games were fun they were just the right amount of cryptic and ominous digging into them was intense and it felt like I was trying to unravel an unsolved murder or something like that it kind of felt like I was digging into something I wasn't supposed to be maybe it's because of the low-poly relatively empty nature of games from the time but they always felt like they were hiding something for some reason it always felt like there was a dark secret if you couldn't get behind a door or you couldn't open a certain chest it always felt like there was something in there you know what younger me didn't know is that there really was no mystery to solve stop and swap was intended to work like this after collecting the mysterious eggs and ice key you were supposed to power down your Nintendo 64 and quickly swap the cartridge out for banjo tooie and then power it back on I don't know anything about how technology works but from what I've read it sounds like in that short amount of time the Nintendo 64 was supposed to be able to retain some memory of whatever it just played allowing you to transfer information to a new cartridge if swapped quickly enough however this feature of the console didn't work as rare had hoped making the entire process impossible the idea was scrapped from banjo tooie and they just included some of the secrets that would have been unlocked using stop and swap in the game anyway you were able to find the ice key and three of the mysterious eggs in banjo tooie which would give you some cool unlockables including being able to turn kazooie into a dragon and playing as jinjo and multiplayer while stop and swap never ended up working as originally intended it was brought back with nuts and bolts and it actually unlocked some secret vehicle parts by collecting the eggs and ice key in the Xbox Live Arcade version of banjo kazooie you'll unlock corresponding crates and showdown town which when brought to mumbos will unlock some new vehicle parts for you so yeah after all these years and all those hours spent investigating stop and swap ended up being real after all and it lets you unlock fuzzy dice for your car thanks rare the only other thing to mention is that this game actually received some DLC called vlogs lost challenges overall though it's really half-baked it opens up a new world that can be entered around the side of mumbos motors the world itself though is just the testo track that you've been using to test your vehicles throughout the entire game only this time it has NPCs in it to offer you some challenges these challenges are incredibly difficult to earn trophies in and have to be beaten twice once with a pre-built vehicle and once with your own custom vehicle honestly if you're dying for more content it's there but it's definitely not all that interesting the fact that it takes place in an existing area is really boring and it just ends up feeling rushed I also have a sneaking suspicion that the music that plays during the missions in this DLC is from the cut western world give how it sounds this DLC is a nice little bonus and it's included in the rare replay version so I mean there's no reason not to check it out but checking it out is all you really need to do other than logs lost challenges though there's nothing else to cover I've pretty much gone through the entire game and talked about what I wanted to talk about when it came up so with that I think I'll move on to the end part of the video Banjo Kazooie nuts-and-bolts is a tragic game at its core it's a game about building solutions to problems it's about being faced with obstacles and using the tools at your disposal to create something that lets you overcome them it's about experimenting and thinking outside the box and getting weird with your ideas it's about pushing the boundaries of your own imagination while simultaneously learning the rules of the world that you're thrown into and bending them nuts and bolts is a tragic game because it does all of these things so well but because of its name it'll never be seen as anything more than the game that ruined Banjo Kazooie to most people despite everything that this game does right it'll only ever be judged in a negative light for not being something that it never set out to be in the first place it's far from a perfect game but it stands on its own as an extremely unique and well-made experience that I believe is more than worth your time I don't know if I'd recommend 100 percent of the game but a casual playthrough is absolutely something I'd recommend to videogame fans everywhere it has been one whole decade since banjo kazooie nuts-and-bolts was released and time has not been kind to it it's rarely looked back on with any sort of fondness and is typically blamed for the death of the series in the eyes of many this game is remembered as a failure and nothing more and as long as it exists within the same series as the original two Nintendo 64 games I don't see the public's perception of it ever changing which is just sad to me it's clear that a lot of heart went into this game and I feel bad for those who worked on it the amount of thought that must have gone into all of these vehicle parts and how they interact with one another is crazy to me the fact that the vehicle system works at all let alone as well as it does is a huge accomplishment that's worthy of some praise I think but no matter how good the end product ended up being its differences from previous games we're just always going to be the only things people paid attention to over the last decade I haven't seen much of the public's view on this game change at all but if this video can convince anyone to give it a shot I'll be pretty happy I think that if you go into this game with the intention of having fun even if it means goofing off and making your own fun sometimes I think you'll have a good time I love the banjo kazooie series a lot and while this game is nothing like the other entries I think it's just as good in its own ways while I hope we see another adventure from the bear and bird someday I'm not sure what form I'd like to see it take at this point I'd be happy with an HD remake in the style of the ones crash and Spyro got either way even if the next game is vastly different from everything that came before it I'll be willing to give it a shot sure glad I gave nuts-and-bolts one thanks for watching if you're interested in seeing my entire 100% playthrough that I streamed I'll leave a link to the playlist in the description below this is the first time I've ever made a video like this so let me know what you think I'm sure there are lots of areas that I can improve on so leave a comment if you want to give me some feedback this whole thing ended up being 40 pages so I'm definitely not making anything this long again for a while I've got a few shorter video ideas that I'd like to work on so hopefully I'll see you next time for one of those I stream almost every night on twitch at slash mic Canute's so if you feel like stopping by and saying hello feel free I'd love to see you there but with that but say I'm done thanks for watching see ya

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