Outlaw Drums - Snare Demo By Jared Falk

by: Drumeo

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hey everyone its Jared here and as you know I'm a big-time gear nut and one of the company is that I've really loved is called outlaw drums outlaw dramas basically takes old civil war-era building some from the 1800s and they take that wood and they pull some of the nails out and they build drums out of this wood that's just been aged forever I guess for over a hundred years sometimes and Michael from all our drums was kind enough to send me this snare drum he did not have to do that and I'm just very very grateful he expected nothing he'd I don't even think he knows that I'm filming oh I know he knows that I'm not filming this video for him so I just wanted to to just quickly share with you about the snare drum and why I love it so much I've been playing it a lot in the studio here today and I'm just like man the snare sounds so good I just want to play it for you and show you how it sounds and if you're looking for a snare you could consider a lot of drums and also there's many other companies that you consider but for me as I continue to try and find my sound and you know there's so many thousands or millions of drummers out there how do we differentiate ourselves and one of those ways is by our sound right obviously there's the fills you play and the beats you play and that your vocabulary but a lot has to do with just like how do you sound when you play the instrument what would have been your choices and this is although I didn't get to choose this I'm extremely grateful that Michael sent it because it's really giving me what I want to hear right I have the sound in my head and I try and bring that out on the drumset best way possible gears what helps me do that and so I just don't quickly hold this up and show it to you here's the snare drum okay now it's a stave shell snare drum okay so there's all these pieces that have been glued together I actually I'm not a much of the Woodsmith I don't know exactly how he does it but yeah gorgeous looking drum look at that so I think it's a six and a half by fourteen or seven by fourteen somewhere somewhere close to the and I've got just a g1 coded pass the sevens one ply head and the wires are kind of a little bit loosened to give it a little bit of rattle but I'll just play it for you and and hopefully you like the way it sounds here we go

so that's how it sounds that's how it sounds when I play it I'm sure it'll sound a little bit different when you play it and so if you have a chance check them out and if you'd like come check out drum you and we've got a lot of cool things going on at the website for students who really want to take their play into the next level and we'd really love to work with you and so go to Germany accom slash trial you can try it it's free for the first 30 days and after that it's like 30 bucks a month so I'd love to see you in there I really think we can help you take your plan to the next level so thank you and I'll see you again soon

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In this video, I get to demo my new Outlaw Drums snare drum. This drum was sent to me by Michael Outlaw to have on hand in the Drumeo studios for recording lessons and other music.
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