Are The French tanks worth it? (Complete Overview)

by: Many Miles Away

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well hello there any scrublords and I know it's been a little while however I decided to take a short break after putting out two over 30 hour editing sessions into the last couple of videos with both the gun tank concept and the last unicorn review on the sir bias however I am back now and after taking a short break and playing some battles here and there throughout the last month or so I wanted to kind of give in overall consensus on the French ground forces line that was recently released right before Christmas last year I didn't want to make a video right off the bat because I wanted to get through most of the tech tree in fact I'm still not even into tier 6 yet I'm about halfway through the AMX 30 B 2 right now however up until tier 5 I have gotten a pretty decent idea of how the French fit in and how they play and on top of that what their strengths and what their major weaknesses are because they do have some major problems that said in in short we're at the start the video in short I like the French there are definitely a different play style which is much needed in my opinion because frankly we've been going for too long without something that's particularly interesting as far as tanks go yeah the tier 6 is were fun for a little while but they were only a few vehicles and only a small cadre of players were really able to take advantage of tier 6 the French however are one of the most unique play styles in the game and on top of that combine a a really really interesting series of design choices in their tanks oscillating turrets extremely light vehicles for their for their size powerful engines and some of their medium tanks that just surpass pretty much anything out there and of course the drum type Auto loaders that are so prevalent from tier three onwards now I realize that there's been a lot of people who who've been calling these things Opie the last few weeks and there's always going to be a group for those people who whenever something is brand new or the flavor of the month and a lot of people don't know how to fight them yet everyone's gonna call the mopane because they don't know how to find them yet they're brand new and people just have to get used to them the French are not okay by any stretch of the imagination some of their vehicles are a little bit under tiered and that can be easily fixed but for the most part their vehicles are they're good litigator they they add a type of gameplay that is totally unique compared to anything else that we've seen so far and more more choice and more variety for me as a player is always welcome the fringe I really think are meant for players who can take vehicles that have severe weaknesses and massively exploit the strengths that they have all trying to minimize those weaknesses as much as possible I'm not saying that bad players should avoid the French I'm saying that if you're going to take on the French tech tree be aware that they do have some problems but if you can utilize their strengths then you have probably one of the most powerful tech trees in the game not overpowered but very very much powerful now getting through the low tiers is going to be a challenge because really the the sweet spot for the French tanks in war Thunder is tiers three to five from what I've experienced tier six is okay it can be it can be done you can do well but really the best the most interesting vehicles at least for me are the vehicles between tier 3 and tier 5 so as I started to do early and let's talk through the tiers real quick so it's here one a lot of two-man tanks very very small light tanks that don't generally have very much armor they're not very mobile their guns kind of suck this very good Tier one is going to be a nightmare and that Donna will fully admit there is no easy path if you choose not to pay your way through or buy a premium getting through to your 1/4 the French is going to be a nightmare it's going to be a struggle I mean when your standard French vehicles are struggling to penetrate Panzer threes at less than 200 meters you know you might or not might know I'd have a problem I mean it's it's not an easy first here to get through he's it's like the best armored tank at that tier has though as probably one of the worst guns in the game I mean an APC all around with 34 millimeters of penetration I think it's on the FCM 36 I just had to look it up real quick what are the worst tanks in the game that the French overall at Tier one are just not very good interestingly enough the highlight of the French Tier one is their SP a a vehicle the tractor with the four thirteen point two millimeter Hotchkiss machine guns that thing is hilarious and it's probably the best SPS it's your one which is really saying something like if that's a highlight vehicle at Tier one then that says a lot about how poor the the Tier one French tanks are to to however starts to get a little bit better tier two you get the char B which is not a terrible vehicle it's not a great deal but in vehicle but it's not a terrible one it could be far worse the if you have the b1 tear even better because you actually get a little bit of horizontal Traverse on that 75 millimeter cannon and you get more armor which is always a plus I think that's also when you start to get some of the American tanks that are in me that are thrown into the French tech tree to kind of help fill them out a little bit if you're coming into the French as a new player the m10 tank destroyer that's in there the m4a1 heard the employ one Sherman that's a great vehicle to start with you also get access to the s 35 and the sau 40 which are basically the same chassis the s 35 being the medium to the French medium tank which is why be considered one of the best medium tanks of the pre-war period and then you get the sau 40 which was a prototype tank destroyer based on the s 35 chassis that's been widened a little bit with a 75 millimeter cannon planted in the hull very very similar to the one on the char B but a little bit longer barrel a little bit higher velocity a little bit penetration that being said it's still awful penetration but it's still better than nothing so you've got that as well like I said they already already the beyond miss you get the AMC 35 which is essentially a light combat tank it's it's not particularly amazing but it's not a horrid I guess let's face it it's not that good it's still it's kind of like a leftover Tier one vehicle that that I feel like God and just kind of threw in at the last minute like oh yeah we forgot about this thing oh where do we put it to to anything just kind of released it but right it could be completely different than that but that's just what I get as in impression from that ctr2 is is OK for the French it's not great but it's not terrible either moving on to tier 3 now this is where things start to get interesting I let's start with the light tanks actually you get the amx 13 FL 11 which while it doesn't have an auto loader does have a decently powerful 75 millimeter cannon only manages about a hundred millimeters of penetration but it's not terrible like I said it's also it has also got access to the new squatting mechanic which I guess I will also tack on here in a little bit when we get up to like the AMX 13s and so on or the other AMX 13 s get access to the spawning mechanic and it's it's decently mobile it's not a speed demon like a lot of people were hoping that the MX 13s would be there they have a relatively low horsepower engine all things considered and there's still 13 ton machines I mean that's what AMX 13 stands for a Mex vehicle of 13 tons again these were meant to be power dropped into to support paratroopers and so on and also to be able to easily be transported around the French countryside so AMX 13 FL 11 decent vehicle nothing particularly long with it I kind of like to think of it as a slightly better chappie with a rear mounted turret that's kind of the way I look at it and then you get the for the medium tanks you get two of them you get the premium m41 FL 10 which we will get to and you get the m4a4 SI 50 also known as the m50 super sherman which has in it which has a long barrel 75 millimeter cannon very much equivalent to a panther but far more powerful it's actually more equivalent to a Firefly anything else however the difference is is that this one actually gets some gun depression the m50 super sherman because of the weird turret extensions that it has added onto it can actually manage ten degrees of gun depression which is pretty impressive considering how large that gun is inside that cramped turret and as a result its astonishingly effective it's a very very very solid vehicle it's got 100 not like a hundred and eighty millimeters of penetration at 4.7 battle-ready you'll punch right through the front of a Churchill mark 7 and the true Sir Mark stepping up until now really didn't have very many vehicles that are very many vehicles outside of heavy tank destroyers like the German story mill or the Nashorn that had any real hope of penetrating that thing from the front unless you use like a PCR or something like that at point-blank range the French tanks can just laugh at a church will mark 7 which is really really saying something the other one the m41 FL 10 is a little bit controversial and understandably so it's probably a bit under teared just a bit when this thing first came out I remember the I think was like either the first or second game I played in that vehicle I was playing with SW pixie from beehive and we we've got Berlin and we went and we spawned in the south and we went up onto that hill just to the just of the east of the South spawn and we just parked ourselves behind to destroy tank wrecks and just man I racked up like 13 kills between us I think I got 7 he got 6 or something like that either thought it was the other way around and the m41 FL 10 I think kind of summarizes the upcoming tier 4 or like the the later on French tanks tier 4 and 5 in to later to a lesser extension 2 or 6 in the fact that the French tanks for the most part are fire support vehicles they are generally second line or flanking not really an ambushing tank but flanking attacks the second line fire support so you have you have heavier pain to go forward say if you're playing with the Germans or with the Americans the Americans roll forward with their with their jumbo Sherman's or something like that and you come up behind him with with these things high penetration really good high damage because of the AP buff which was its which was not simply helpful by the way gaijin I love VAP buff it's amazing anyways heavy tanks roll forward you bring up an m4 one FL ten behind it and you give all sorts of extra support being able to take out the heaviest tanks like you can you can straight up just destroy a charcoal mark seven from the front with an m4 1fl ten inside of a hundred meters without any real problems and especially if that thing got it up to here and it got its improved APC BC ground because for whatever reason it they didn't give it the APC BC round I don't know if that's because the informed when I felt ten was so early a modification they didn't have that ammunition yet or it was some other factor but yeah moving on to the heavy tanks I think at the air on 44 a CL one at 4.0 in the air or 44 a CL one on paper looks very unimpressive but it's actually not a bad vehicle by any means it's it's actually quite powerful at its tier it can withstand quite a bit of punishment the turret is very very well armored and it's funny because everybody shoots you in the turret they always seem to bounce for some reason and the going on it is about average it's about the same as the American 76 millimeter canons in terms of penetration and anti-armor performance so it's not a bad gun by by any means and it's it's not amazingly fast but it's not ridiculously slow either for being a heavy tank it's it's it's an all-around average good vehicle there's nothing particularly bad about it there's nothing particularly amazing about it and then moving on after that you get a French Sherman jumbo now I'm kind of of the opinion that this that this Sherman jumbo probably should have been a premium but gaijin decided to put it in the standard French tech tree now that being said the reason why I say it was a French bitch should be it technically the premium in my opinion is because well it's not French it's American time and on top of that there was only a few units that were ever issued with jumbo assault tanks and maybe to give them some armor at that tier because the French really don't that looks the one thing that French really like they really like a front-line heavy tank that can absorb hits and keep on and keep an attack momentum going they really really do lack that and the Jimbo Sherman does give them that and it does really help at that's here because the thing that I was always afraid of and sometimes does happen at the higher tiers is that since the French really don't have a lot in the way of staying power in terms of a in terms of a drag-out slugfest they generally if they get pushed hard like I mean you track them in an area the French had a hard time shooting their way out especially if they're if they're stuck in frontal engagements they they tend to have a lot of hard times with that and the Jimbo Sherman allows them to keep an attack moving forward so that's a good thing they see ckw 353 anti-aircraft truck with 40-millimeter Bofors is it's not particularly good I mean it's great for it tank work because it's a 3.0 battle rating SP AAA with a 40-millimeter Bofors but as far as anti-aircraft work goes it's completely useless or completely worthless the next day a that I'll get into is actually much better at it but and then finally the ARL 44 and that thing is the only 5.7 French tank that they actually have and it's it's not a bad tank by any means and for whatever reason its label is a tank astir I don't know if that's because that's what the French label did has or not but the the 90 millimeter cannon on it is most definitely capable they can you can do quite a bit of damage and it's it's not particularly bad in any way it's likely it's like the previous ARL it's not it's not terrible I mean the turret Armour is kind of lackluster by that point the 100 millimetres that's relatively flat is not great I mean that long right even really the only way you're gonna bounce something is I've especially long range like 2,000 meters really because especially if you're running up against like King Tigers or or even tiger ones or Panthers they could just get a punch right through your turret armor and it's in general the only kill the crew members in there which is a good thing but at the end of the day when you have to expose your turret and that's your weakest armor in order to shoot something that's always something that you have to be aware of and that can be tough to to get around however the ARL 44 overall is not a terrible vehicle I'm not saying don't buy it it's not it's not worthless by any means it's a fun vehicle to play a lot of these vehicles are just fun there's very few vehicles that I would that I would point to and say don't play that because it's not fun and there are a couple believe me there are a couple but as far as two or three goes there's nothing really there that suggests that you should never play any of them I would say as far as it aircraft work goes get rid of the get rid of the 40-millimeter Bofors truck as soon as you can but I mean it's if you're really looking for a good anti-aircraft weapon you could use the Hotchkiss tractor up until 4.7 when you get your MX 13 DCA 40 which we'll talk about here in a minute oh yeah tier 3 for the French is pretty good it's it's not it's not overpowered but it's not it's it's definitely not lacking by any means and it's it's a lot of fun to play they are they're gonna require you to use your head in order to really say it's not gonna be one of those with maybe the exception of the jumbo it's not really gonna be one of those tech trees where you can just jump in and throw yourself at the enemy and expect to succeed you do have to think about what you're doing to a certain extent now moving on to tier four tier four is really probably if not the number one tier for me is it's easily number two tier four France is probably their peak in terms of fun factor for me I've always been a fan of tier 4 I've always really loved playing it's here for I think it's a nice balance between late more technology which I find supremely interesting late war technology and early cold war concepts I think that that blend really really suits me I really quite like that I know it doesn't appeal to everybody but that's just what I like and the French do deliver here the French after a World War 2 I mean really their post-war tanks started to your 3 because the French tank industry obviously really couldn't grow or develop all that much while they were under occupation by a certain country that shall not be named but what's what's the world what's World War two ended the French decided to completely throw away everything they knew they took everything that they had threw it all up in the air and said fuck it we're gonna come up with something brand new and they did so we see traces of that in tier 3 but more so into your full altar again I'll start with the light tanks you get the amx 13 the standard amx 13 with the FL 10 turret mounting the autoloading 75 millimeter si 50 cannon and that gun is very very competitive even a 6.0 even though it's best around while they give you about a hundred and eighty millimeters of penetration 183 you're not gonna be fighting head head-on with a king tiger with this thing and the amx 13 s11 will also get to here you're not gonna be fighting head-on with a king tiger but that's not really its role like I mentioned earlier the scouting play there was a scouting mechanic added into warth and which I'm sure many of you have already used to a certain degree or at least to some extent and the salami mechanic is short I really love it it's a great addition and it gives it helps give light tanks a purpose outside of just fast little tank destroyers which is really all they were up until now they now they really have a proper reconnaissance purpose being able to spot out enemy on the map and let your team know the locations of enemy vehicles that they may not that your teammates may not have noticed and get compensated for it I think is a really really good system and that was well thought out and well done my only complaint with it the cooldown time for not marking an actual target is way too long because if you don't actually mark a target the game like penalize is you and like gives you like a 30 second cooldown before you can spot anything else which to me seems really arbitrary and doesn't really make sense now I understand what they're trying to do there is is prevent people from just spamming the Scout button over and over again but make it just a normal cooldown like you have when you actually do spot something he won't be able to spot like six enemies in a row in like half a second like you can in battlefield it's not a matter of just spamming your key key or whatever spotting he you have it set to in in war thunder it's a matter if you spot a single vehicle and then you wait for for like five to ten seconds or something or however long it takes and then you can spot another one if they did that even though you weren't spotting anything that would be a much better system I think instead of just penalizing people for let's just say you weren't planning on spotting something on the move and you hit a rock and your crosshair went up into the air and you press the button now you're gonna wait for 30 seconds and now you are completely useless as a scout for that duration that doesn't make any sense to me going back to what I was saying amx-13 decent vehicle all around the only big issue with both the amx 13 and the amx 13 s is 11 in the amx 13 hots and the amx 13-90 is that their power-to-weight ratio is quite low for a light tank it's not very fast it's very sluggish even when it's fully upgraded it is not a speed demon by any stretch of the imagination you are severely limited in your overall mobility your top speed is okay but your acceleration and your resistances are just not very good and that's a problem because it means that as a light tank normally your job would be to rush into a good spotting position and then be the eyes for your team and occasionally if the guy isn't paying attention take a shot at it because of this lack of mobility on the light tanks and because the medium tanks like which we'll get to here in a moment are so much more mobile it kind of defeats the purpose of a lot of these light tanks being actual Scouts yes they have the mechanic and no other the plots of vehicles do other than a couple of light tank destroyers for the Americans but again it kind of defeats the purpose of having these light Scout vehicles at higher tiers I think that the saturdayman x13 can definitely go down and Bala training it right now it sanics it's not a 6.0 I think it would be far more comfortable at 5.7 because it's 6.0 it can get thrown up against 7.0 vehicles and really a new mix 13 with a 75 millimeter cannon isn't that useful against if you're having to face a king tiger when I find granted like I said if you're having to face a kt 105 from the front you've run stock into him you've kind of failed as a scout or whether or not they'll buff the AMX 13 by dropping its battle rating remains to be seen I do think it could use a little bit of a drop not a lot but just a little bit overall the AMX 13 is not a bad vehicle I've had some good success in it it's not a bad tank mike goes boom made a video on the amx 13 SS 11 in particular on the dev server saying that it was a bad tank and you shouldn't buy it I totally disagree with that statement the AMX 13 s11 appeals to a very very special specific playstyle it is very much a scout it is not a combat vehicle and it the fact that it has missiles gives it great big great ability to reach out and touch somebody from a very very long range that's such a long range that it becomes very difficult for a lot of vehicles to properly range you in and get good first hits on you now Aaron get good hits on you in the first place because generally if you're firing missiles at long range you can see the rough you can see them coming now granted if you have a missile in the air then well you're kind of stuck there and you kind of have to hope that he misses but the the manual missiles i know mike has never really liked to manual missile control and that's fine but for those of us who are actually good at using man targeting with missiles they're great as long as they don't just decide to nosedive into the ground for some indiscernible reason which bark why gadget hasn't fix that I don't know yet but when the missiles do work and you can actually and you can hit targets with them that as long as they're stationary if they're moving then it becomes a lot more difficult it's just if they're stationary target that's not paying attention go for it they're not goodness they're not going to hear your gunshot then the first thing they're gonna know they're gonna be fired at by missile is when it hits them so you know unless they happen to look at the missile as it's coming towards them so I mean the AMX 13 X 11 is not a terrible purchase however if you're buying it with the intention of using it like let's say an m24 chaffee at low tiers like they're bringing or m22 locust and like bringing it against Tigers like haha I'll just circle straight to you because you can't shoot me it's not it's not gonna be a good vehicle for that in fact it's quite awful on it so just take that into account when you are thinking of purchasing the MX though penis is 11 if you're looking for a just solid all-around premium vehicle that you don't have to worry about too much because it's it's just already good right out of the box the important 1fl 10 will perfectly suit your purpose now grant said the problem with buying the ammo for a 1 FL 10 is is that once you start getting into the higher tiers like your 4 into your 5 it starts to struggle with it in terms of gaining RP so keep that in mind okay moving on to the medium tanks the Lorraine 40 T now there's been some controversy over the Lorraine 4 TT and the fact that it's just one of the best medium tanks in the game right now and not saying something it does have a lot of things going for it it is fastest boy it has great reverse speed which surprisingly fun I guess kind of ironically most of the French vehicles don't actually have very good reverse speeds there they're very decent in terms of forward mobility but most of them can't go past five kilometers per hour in Reverse which is a serious problem the Lorraine 40 T can do 24 kilometres problem reverse which is really saying something on top of that it is extremely lightweight and it has a really really good horsepower a ton ratio I believe it is it's about 20 1.25 so 21.2 5 horsepower per tonne for a medium tank at large is quite impressive all things considered now the reason why it gets it gets that far is because it ditches pretty much all of its Armour it's got 40 millimetres of whole armour to put this in perspective that's less than the key 30 45 and it's the size of a king tiger in terms of height it's not a small tank by any means and it's not a well armored tank by any means but it can be a little bit bouncy but generally speaking that doesn't help you but the gun on it is actually quite interesting the 100 millimeter gun is probably one of the best guns at tier 4 it's not the best gun but it's one of the best and that's more down to the line for TT having a seven-shot autoloader with a 7.5 second reload or something like that or a 7 second reload I'm sorry and that in and of itself is really really crucial having the auto loader the 7 shot all order means that yeah your shells may not do tremendous amounts of damage they can do quite a bit of damage but it means that if for example you mess up a shot it doesn't take that long before you're back in action with another round and it means that combined with the whole with the turret Traverse like almost all the French tanks have this thing has over 30 degrees of turret Traverse that's better than a lot of SP AAS because of the of the combination of awesome Traverse speed and quick firing Auto loading mechanism it means that this vehicle could put out serious punishment and it can react quite quickly despite none of the French tanks having stabilizers they can all react quickly to a changing situation which is not something that a lot of equals can say yeah there are some vehicles that are immensely deadly but they can't react very quickly actually I think the concept too is probably a better example this because the turret Traverse in the panther 2 is so bad you have to turn the entire hull of the tank in order to aim at an enemy whereas with both french ace yeah you may have to turn the hole a little bit to boost it for a short time your horizontal Traverse is so fast that you can just get the gun on the target and pull the trigger so it's calm it works it's kind of like a pseudo stabilizer no it's not going to allow you to fire on the move very accurately but you can fire on a short called relatively quickly the AMX m4 on the other hand which we're getting into the medium / heavy tank line again make some for is a it's kind of a discount Amex 50 it's the think of it is like I know there's an amalgamation between the aro 44 and the AMX 50 medium tank which comes after it you get the gun of the arrow 44 combined with a seven-shot auto loader and a turret that is pretty decently well armoured it's not it's not terribly it's not great armor but it's still there you get Panther whole armor you get eighty millimeters on slopes on the upper front plate and you get a 1,000 horsepower engine now granted the transmission only allows much less than that so you're not as mobile in addition your reverse speed is still stuck at 5 km/h which is a huge handicap and you can't neutral steer so really the only way for that vehicle to maneuver in any real way is to be moving forward if you're trying to turn on the spot or try to turn your tank around it's going to take you a long time and this extends the AMX 50 is what we'll talk about that however the AMX m4 is real chief advantages its battle rating it's 6.0 and a lot of 6-point knows and 6.30 are getting down tiered or they're at most getting up tiered into six point seven games they aren't seeing a lot of straight 7.0 games and the AMX m4 even at 7.0 is not terrible vehicle it can still hold its own very much so and if you gets thrown into a downs here again it's like Tiger ones it is lunchtime because he the AMX m4 has the armor of a panther but the speed of a Hellcat basically it like it's not it's not quite as fast or maneuverable but once you get this thing going it gets going at a pretty good click layer I think the top speed is like 50 kilometers an hour or something like that which is not bad and it will do 35 to 40 relatively easily on most terrain we trustingly enough actually I find that most of the French vehicles tend to handle better on medium terrain than they do on hard terrain I don't know why but if you're travelling on roads you tend to travel slower with with a lot of these French vehicles than if you're traveling over like grass for example I don't know what's up with that but that's just been what I've noticed again someone shot or like I already mentioned the penetration is the exact same as the arrow 44 about 193 millimeters at point-blank range which is more than enough to deal with King Tigers at close range now if you're fighting at long range gonna have trouble but again this thing isn't really meant to go heads up with a king tiger it can deal with Italian won without any real issue in Panthers for that matter so a great all-around tank fast mobile the the maneuverability is a little bit lackluster the elevation depression angles are okay eighty degrees it's not bad by any means and and the gun does help it and mainly its ass battle rating of 6.0 which really makes that vehicle after that we're gonna move on to the AMX 50 like I mentioned the AMX 50 is kind of like it's the whole attention from an AMX m4 but the turret of the lorraine 40 t so you've got the 100 millimeter seven shot auto loader that we already talked about the one german limited gun by the way i should have mentioned this earlier has 226 millimeters of penetration at 10 meters or 100 meters or something like that not a bad gun that's actually pretty close to the t29 a actually a little bit better than the t29 s gun if we're counting the teeth the t13 AP cbc round with a chi filler not that not the t32 apbc round that one has much more penetration regardless it has good velocity on I think it's over a thousand meters per second or right at about a thousand meters per second it's also got immense rate of fire because of that auto loader we don't know do quite a bit of damage now you're gonna strongly get some foes with very very thick and heavy armor generally something with over 200 millimeters of armor on the front you're really going to struggle with Ferdinand's are a good example I recently had a game today where I shot three rounds out of Ferdinand and not realizing he was angled towards me and he just shot me twice and insta killed me okay your whole armor is 80 millimeters not really gonna save you at six point seven where this thing sits however it retains the mobility of the AMX m4 and a lot of the handling characteristics so nothing crazily different there I should also mention that the Lorraine for TT is six at six point three which a lot of people say is the too low army flying to agree a little bit that thing should go up to six point seven not 7.0 7.0 is way too high but 6.7 I think will be just right for that vehicle it's kind of like the Centurion mark three I think and the FV 4202 both of those vehicles really deserve to be at six point seven there's really no good reason why they're at six point three except for maybe lower rains armor but that hasn't turned out to be that much of a factor guide you and I think put it there to be cautious but overall with the exception of the Lorraine pretty much everything else at this tier is kind of right where it needs to be MX 13 DCA forty this is really the SBI a that you're gonna be using most of the time from tier 3 to tier 5 up until you get to the AMX 30 DCA which is an awesome anti-aircraft vehicle one add the amx 13 DCA 40 is a it's just an amx 13 ho with a new turret on it but it's mounting a post-war french-built licence-built version of the of the L 70 Bofors gun which means that it has a drastically increased rate of fire I think it's like 250 rounds per minute and the it it's got some decent ammo choices available to it ever since they change the they fixed the sparking issue SP AAS have been a lot easier to play now granted this one is not gonna be the easiest to play because it's horizontal Traverse is actually quite lacking for whatever reason they may introduce this even lighter turrets than the previous ones but they couldn't give it a higher rate of Traverse I don't know if that was just because they didn't have room or some other weird factor but this thing only has like 20-something degrees per second turret province which for most French tanks is quite awful it also means that especially in some of the higher tier games that you get into like 6.7 and 7.0 and some of the 7.7 games if you're still using it it means that it can't track most of the aircraft that fly in front of it it has to be you can track them in a vertical plane but not in a horizontal plane the vertical plane it's actually quite fast but if something is flying from left to right or right to left in front of you forget it you're not going to catch them even if you try if you even if you rotate the whole you're probably not gonna catch it however it's not about NCAA I can recommend it over the over the sba a truck that you get previously the CLA rain the last tier for vehicle is and excellent tank destroyer only downside about the Lorraine is that other than its flipped lack of armor but that's the other here nor there not the Lord nor below rain doesn't have any armor either so what's the point the only problem with the Lorraine 100 vs the tank destroyer version based on the Lorraine 40 T's chassis is that it doesn't have an auto loader now it was never fitted with one historically but if it had an auger that thing would be amazing because the CA Lorraine because it doesn't have an auto load of year you're stuck with that same one millimeter gun but you're stuck with like I'm at best like a 12 second reload on it the other main thing going for this Lorraine 100 is its speed this thing has an incredible power to weight ratio it's like 25 horsepower per ton which means that to put this in perspective the mbt-70 is a 29 horse or the kpz 70 is a 29 horsepower per ton so it's only four horsepower per ton less than the kpz 70 it is ridiculously fast and mobile and maneuverable like this thing this little bugger gets around and it gets around fast to your 5 though is kind of the pinnacle of the of the weird ass french tank designs this is where you get the amx 54 bias that I've already made a uniform review on if you haven't seen that you must be living under a rock the AMX 30 1972 is also there the AMX 1390 the AMX 30 DCA and the AMX 50 Fache all of them are great vehicles but let's start with the like tanks again the AMX 1390 it's the it's the same old AMX 13 but instead of firing 90 millimeter AP or like a 75 millimeter AP MEMS that I'm not particularly effective against the front armor of a lot of heavy tanks the AMEX 1395 s heat FS a standard with 320 millimeters of penetration at 7.0 battle rating which effectively makes it like an inn like a French m56 scorpion with a slightly higher battle rating and a fully rotating turret and it's got a I think it's like a 12 shot auto loader on it with like a 6 second reload or something like that I don't remember the exact reload time on it but it's fast the tank isn't terrible but what really hurts it is the fact that he'd FS damage right now is awful you can punch through pretty much anything you look at but your ability to actually finish off enemy tanks is probably going to be more useful than anything else you're basically if you're gonna be using that 90 millimeter cannon you're basically gonna be using it against tanks that aren't paying attention that I've already been heavily damaged and you're just finishing them off you are a sort of light game predator in terms of if you want to be fighting with that vehicle most of the time however you are a scout like they'll like the rest they mix their things you're not particularly fast you're not being crazily maneuverable and for example on ru251 there's pretty much the same job as this thing does but slightly better I would say and it's at a lower battle rating so I mean if I was pretty much the same ammunition - the only real thing that the AMX 1390 has over the Ru is that it has reload other than that and all you to 501 will do the job better than you in terms of scouting and flanking and so on so you do have to be careful of that when driving this vehicle not a bad vehicle however it just means that you're going to have to be be paying more attention than you would normally iMix 3987 - is kind of a mixed bag it's probably the I probably say overall it's probably the worst of the tier 5 but that doesn't mean it's a terrible tank what really lets it down again is the heat damage because this thing only has heat rounds it doesn't have TFS because the French never used heat FS and I'll get to that in a moment but it's not horrible either it doesn't have a stabilizer it's much it's very much like a leopard one copy but it's slower it does have a coaxial 20 millimeter cannon which is very very welcome having cannons as Co axes is awesome because it means that you don't have to waste ammunition unlike vehicles like trucks or something like that you could just use the 20-millimeter autocannon and get away with it the heat rounds on it really are what holds it back the the reload on it isn't bad either by the way ford's mobility is slightly worse than the Leopards it's backwards mobility slightly worse than the Leopards the leopard is still a better swing overall because it can fire a BBS the heat effects days are very much gone the heat rounds spam days are very much gone I think but the heat rounds on this thing need a lot to be desired there's been multiple cases where I've shot a for example a t54 1947 from the front and the only thing I did was kill his driver and his loader and did nothing else to the tank all he did was to stop turn around and shoot me once and I died so that's kind of my experience the AMX 30 in 1972 however if you can make the AMX 30 1972 work and you could get around the horrible deep ground damage and you can aim for hammer ax and aim for disabling shots and so on and not count on a lot of fragmentation to save you it's not a terrible vehicle it's not bad it's not the greatest by any means definitely not the best in this at tier 5 but it's not terrible as far as leopard clones go not horrible but it's probably the weakest of the bunch all right so AMX 50 sir bias I don't think I really have to talk about this one too much because I kind of explained a lot of it in the survives único review so I'm just gonna skip over this one for the most part second line fire support vehicle devastating on a high rate of fire lots of fun to play very very satisfying gun to play with but again I explained all that in the you can reviews to go watch that MX 30 VCA this thing is essentially being a max 30 home with the with the twin 30 millimeter hispano-suiza cannons or Auto cannons mounted in a turret but very close together so it's a falcon but better it's more mobile it's also got an exhaust smoke system which I found actually to be very helpful in terms of getting away it saved my house a couple times in addition to smoke grenades that's something else I should have mentioned earlier some a lot of these French tanks that you would hope have smoke grenades like Lorraine's and AMX 50s I believe do not have them which is a problem but again you went back to the AMX 30 d CID the exhaust smoke system is very very useful if you need to run away from them from an opponent so just turn that on and turn yourself around and run in the opposite direction and just make sure you go into the exact and don't go straight away so that way they don't just shoot through the smoke and where your last known position was and you can you do to them that's quite quickly with that thing in addition the the turret rotation speed is excellent for shooting an aircraft it's great for shooting at jets high rate of fire it's also got twice the of a falcon and the falcon i believe is like 650 rounds or something like that at 600 rounds this thing has two clips of 600 rounds so definitely an improvement over all over the Falcon and because the guns are closer together and they're right right next to each other and they're not split up on either side of a turret your density of fire is a lot also also a lot closer together moving on finally to the last vehicle here in tier 5 the AMX 50 Fache now the mh-60 Fache is probably the best tier 5 tank 2 story in the game as far as having gun armor and mobility - this just combines all three types are the alt all three of the best things that you want out of a tier 5 tank destroyer the gun on it is the same thing as the m103 is 120 millimeter gun just without a fume extractor and it's the same gun on the AMX 50 the thing that you trade in terms of effectiveness is that you trade the auto loading mechanism of the AMX 50 and the rate of fire for much better armor the Fertile whole armor in places is over 320 millimeters thick the upper front slope itself is 180 millimeters slept at 55 degrees so it will stop heat FS rounds from an ru 251 at point-blank range without a problem which is pretty much unheard of for most steel armored vehicles really you can only start stopping those rounds once you start getting into the the composite armor era but this thing with steel armor it stops heat FS rounds which is impressive to say the least especially at this tier it's also called a coaxial 15 millimeter machine gun or or light cannon yeah which is very very useful for spraying down light vehicles that try and flank you because your side armor while your frontal armor is amazing your side armor is garbage it's 40 millimeters and it's pretty practically flat all the way back and basically the rest of your tank is a box not very well angled and it also means that if you angle the tank at all it's on the left or right you're exposing that side armor because it's something it can get overmatched by a lot of different guns quite easily okay let's move on to T or six so tier six now get to be totally fair and to be totally honest I have like I've said throughout the video I have not gotten to tier six yet however from what I have heard from people who play tier six is that the AMX 30 B - with the apfsds round is alright it's not great it's not the best thing in the world but it's usable and really to a certain extent that's all that kind of matters the other vehicle in tier six the amx 13 equipped with hot missiles also has a place but it's very very much like the SS 11 just with far more powerful missiles on its disposal these missiles are in Viana Mouse rather than according to the keyboard which makes them much easier to leave targets with and on top of that it has the highest penetration missiles in war thunder so 800 millimeters of penetration you're gonna go right through the front plate of a t 64 so no problems there as far as anti-tank capabilities are concerned at least with the missiles however looks like the AMX 13 SS 11 in like I mentioned earlier this vehicle is first a reconnaissance vehicle second a tank destroyer and there is a complete lack of depth of vehicles at tier six currently for the French this could change in the future but for now as of one-point-seven-five the French really don't have a good lineup a good complete lineup at tier six they don't have a lot of fire support or they don't have a lot of support vehicles and really the only stuff that you can bring in there to back it up is sort of stuff that's left over from tier five and with the exception of maybe the AMX 30 DCA most of them are not particularly suitable for tier five or arene for tier six anyways the server by six are gonna do some damage the Fox can certainly do some damage but the AMX 30 1972 you're really really hindered by that heat FS round or by the heat round that it had with very low penetration 360 millimeters for tr6 is really not a lot as far as a heat round is concerned and the amx 13-90 is while it can be useful it has even less penetration than the 3072 so yeah it's it's not ideal you're better off taking a 10 X 13 hot in my opinion so I think overall that pretty much covers the French this I realize this is like an hour long video but you know how I tend to ramble so I hope you guys have enjoyed it if you leave me what you guys's thoughts are on the French are they are they worth it to you are they wasting your time and do they just not appeal to you or are these things that the best thing since sliced bread so let me know down in the comments section I have read through all of them and I do check back on them regularly so you may see some of my responses to your questions or concerns in the comment section as well thank you guys for listening this has been many miles away keep your tracks check to keep her Bob as a place keep them around in the tube

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Today we take a look at the french tech tree from tier one to six with specific looks at some of the vehicles you should look out for and hopefully give you an idea of whether or not you should grind them out. This is gonna be a long one so buckle up.

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