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big box miniature games have become quite a big hobby of mine but it was one that grabbed my attention first to push me to test the waters of these quite expensive games and that game was zombicide I bought all three seasons and even an expansion this game is simple yet fun and perfectly emulates the zombie apocalypse so of course when I heard zombicide was going medieval how could I resist backing it on Kickstarter today I want to give my opinion and what the top 5 best things are with zombicide blackleg number 5 miniatures box now this box still has some flaws like not having room for your punched out tokens the fact that the box comes in full color and not that you know old boring Brown it's cool but that's just the start one thing instead of having to mess with you know opening just the side of the box like the old ones this box opens up nice and easy from the top also everything fits nice and most importantly there is a diagram of what fits where it's definitely a step up from the last editions of zombicide number four a necromancer zombicide Black Plague at the core is very much the same old zombicide game but with the new necromancer it gives this game a bit of a twist and an edge with these baddies you don't know what they'll spawn but they can be bad news if you don't kill them on sight or they'll keep adding new spawn points until you get overwhelmed by the zombie horde or until all the zombies spawn tokens are on the board and you end up losing the game right now with the bass game there's only one normal necromancer but rumor is new ones will be coming out that have special rules that make the necromancer fun and fresh number three equipment card with zombicide Black Plague taking place in the medieval age it allows this game to go places that the others couldn't even touch one of the coolest elements is a fact of spells and enchantments the combat spell works similar to range weapons like guns but what's most impressed me was all these different enchantments these cards are like two fat cards and they can help you do random stuff but besides these cards there's also awesome armor and shield cards that allow you to possibly roll out of taking a wound how sweet is that another thing that I think is cool it's just the design of the cars themselves they come you know not only with their own designs but awesome cool symbols I think they're designed fits quite well and the symbols go a long way in my opinion finally the last thing about these cards is that they differentiate between normal equipment cards special equipment cards AKA vault equipment and starting equipment cards this is so simple yeah I find it so highly valuable to this new addition to new targeting priority seriously how many of you get so frustrated when shooting into a zone and instead of shooting that zombie which you were obviously aiming at instead you shoot a friend how does that make any sense well fear not because with Black Plague they seem to have worked out that King and made it in a way that makes sense now when you shoot into a zone that has a friend it's only when you miss with a role that your friend takes a wound I can't even describe to you how amazing this new simple change has dramatically made the gameplay so much better number one dashboard honestly the targeting priority would have been my number one if these little guys weren't made but man these new dashboards are awesome yes the tracker can be a little stubborn but other than that these new dashboards are pretty darn near perfect no longer do you have to fiddle around with cards sliding around on your survivors ID cards or even messing around with a skull tracker on the card you don't even have to worry about losing your skull trackers anymore these new dashboards seriously take zombicide Black Plague to the next level well there you have it that is my top 5 best things of zombicide Black Plague hey in the comments let me know what you think maybe you had some different ideas some different opinions let me know what you think your top 5 was and hey please subscribe and also check out our

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