Ham's Sin Should Terrify Us All

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[Music] the story is told that begins in verse 20 continues through 27 it's so emotionless it's told in such a matter-of-fact way that it seems almost trifling unimportant not just a little bit difficult to understand in several places in the Old Testament we run across these odd scenes that seems almost out of place fight you have context perhaps the problem is not with diverses it's with our inability to connect them to the matters of the grave importance that they address so let's examine closely what happens here this is about Noah planting a vineyard making wine and getting drunk then crawling inside his tent falling asleep naked as a jaybird yep the great godly man Noah got drunk in this case wine by the way this is the first mention of wine young in the Bible now much argument over these verses has occurred over the centuries mostly centered on whether or not Noah accidentally created wine and then accidentally drank it and had the world's first hangover and not much chance Noah undoubtedly knew the result of fermenting grapes and then drinking it Noah was just a man he had flaws and the beauty of our holy scriptures is that they don't sanitize human beings to make them make us perfect and infallible like all the false religions tend to do with their leaders and founders not even the greatest men of the Bible our Bible heroes are mentioned without including some of their food paws and their disagreeable character traits and the reason for this very for this is very straightforward our righteousness before God's not depended on the depends on God always has been always will be but for some reason ham enters the tent of Noah and discovers him drunk and naked and he goes out of the tent and he tells his two brothers Shem and japhet the two brothers then drape a cloak over their soldiers shoulders they walk backward and to know his tent and they let the garment fall over their fathers nakedness without having looked upon him when Noah wakes up he's offended he's angry he takes his wrath out not so much on ham but on ham son caiman he pronounces a curse upon Canaan yet there's more to what's going on here than only a curse on at least one member of hams line they're also blessings pronounced upon Shem and upon the effect before we discuss those blessings the logical question here is what was Noah so upset about why did his grandson Canaan who doesn't appear to even have been involved in this event get the brunt of this curse well ancient sages have come up with all sorts of reasons without going into detail the thought is that ham did far more than just to happen in upon his father's nakedness that Ham committed some type of unnatural act upon his father Noah because ham had become a wicked man virtually every competent Bible version uses words in verse 24 that says something like and when Noah awoke he knew what his youngest son had done to him yet although I used to think so I no longer accept that ham did any more to his father than seemed naked and then run out and report what he saw to his brothers after a lot of reading of the ancient Hebrew sages I see that there were likely two crimes committed by him first was a crime of shaming his father it was not simply seeing his father Noah drunk and naked that was the crime with what ham did about it rather than show respect like just covering up his father and then leaving without uttering a word ham dashed outside and tattle to his brothers and in doing so ham did not honor his father and what a principles laid down here Noah deserved to be honored because first he was hams parent second because God called Noah of all men on earth Sadiq righteous in his sight if God thought Noah righteous that's the end of the matter ham should have not pointed out his father's sin to his brothers now the second crime that ham may have committed and this is my own theory on the matter is that called Lashon Hara in Hebrew Lashon Hara means to speak evil of someone usually in the form of gossip or slander now though it may not sound all that serious because done rather usually in our society in fact once we get to Leviticus and then just begin discussing Surratt what's usually mistakenly called leprosy we're going to see that this disease is thought to be God's punishment and that the crime or the sin associated with contracting Surratt is almost always Lashon Hara speaking evil of someone


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In this lesson, Tom Bradford teaches us about Ham's Sin. Due to the controversy of this topic, let us state a few facts to clarify some of the comments. 1) Noah was drunk, uncovered in his tent. Gen 9:21 2) Leviticus 18:7, 8 (states about uncovering nakedness "The nakedness of thy father, or the nakedness of thy mother" )can both be considered the nakedness of the father, and MAY be referring to sexual relations. 3)Gen 9:22 says Ham SAW the nakedness of his father. Note the word SAW. It doesn't say "uncovered". 4) To say that Ham had relations with his father or mother is speculation. 5) What we do know is that Ham was in Noah's tent - UNINVITED and saw that Noah (and perhaps his wife- it's not stated)were naked. Ham's conduct was disgraceful. He leered at (SAW) Noah's debasement, and then, instead of averting his gaze and covering him, Ham left Noah to go spread the news of Noah's disgrace to the brothers. TorahClass.com

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