WE HELP BENDY SEEK HIS REVENGE - BATIM 2D EDITION | Bendy and the ink machine Reeces story chapter 5

by: Mairusu

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where am I I didn't get stuck to the whoo alright see later but I'm just going back here what guys my year welcome back spending machine recent story chapter 5 took a little longer for this one to come out but it's finally here and we're gonna be checking out more today so we're gonna get into this and see what else is gonna happen seeing as last time we did save Alice angel we did a whole ritual thing to bring her back to normal and other antics were had if you guys haven't seen the previous chapters links will be in the description down below there'll be a whole playlist of this game so again checked out if you've missed anything here but enough the chipra traveler skins which Seymour yeah we ended up here actually known to forgot about that okay finally I can finish what I started let me go I'll kill you bendy I'll make you pay you won't after I finish the ritual no anything but that you've met the ink machine it wants to introduce itself oh is it just gonna come out of nowhere oh it kind of did oh I ain't there what's gonna happen to resend he was already becoming an ink diamond in a sense you got powers and everything if we remember I think I used some of its powers in the last chapter actually as well but now he's to spin are we covered in here is he gonna turn evil no finally more ink slaves to add to my collection Oh will he actually become one though whoa what the heck is happening why isn't it splitting a bar what's wrong with this thing foolish bendy Oh what the flip is gone crazy you have no idea what you've just unleashed what the you took control of the holding is that what we can do now he's got that insanely powerful that you can take control of any ink could we use that to our advantage in gameplay we're fine now what have I done you've done something insanely terrible I think are we gonna be bending now oh my Satan what the heck am i dad we're bendy why are we bendy I was really thinking that for a split moon but I didn't think it would actually happen a boy would have went back to Reese but now we're bendy we have a memory we do bendin being healed England Tizen Sony does everything work looking a lot don't think so that's why we 50 why why is he gonna say PHX I was in cardboard Kyle guy I don't remember a bed decal be here wouldn't that be hilarious okay let's go can we actually examine anything with bendy though I don't know just check this out here I don't think we can there's a door there but do all do why we even want to check out yeah I want to explore a little bit this is interesting I don't know how long we will be bendy for so I do want to explore just a little bit here very interesting another door here great I need a key to get even bendy needs keys I thought we could just like I don't know go through a door with his inky powers you know he turned into an ink puddle and just go underneath the door for apparently now he's not as powerful as we saw guys he needs to use keys like any other ordinary person gray I need a keys again this is one of the worst days of my life maybe he's lost his powers or something I don't know maybe he's used him up he's got weak because he did do like some big like tsunami type move on Reese layer so I won't be surprised to be as weakened or something because why we see the key you know this is kind of weird oh thank god it's one of you can you help me I'm looking for a key oh hell Effendi oh yeah I forgot you only say he'll me Sammy's body was good for nothing he'll bendy if you like me say much find me a key okay here we go wasn't that reso okay I don't know what's going on there I thought I would three so I guess no I guess it was um one of his possessions or something one of his Inc slaves but we got the key now good stuff let's go is that the e-book of all of living illusion teleport over location never mind there's something completely different here we are while this penalty now I know already said that but why why are we helping him out of here will we be Alice or something soon that would be neat I guess the possibilities are there now we could be Boris Alice you know Henry you know all right bendy all you need to do is find the ink machine then I can take back control are you serious you think you can control again you make me laugh oh we're prompted to save here oh why would I want to save nd though should I then die die bendy there you will not harm anyone again oh I am Alive okay that's pretty creepy yeah kind of creepy can we go back where am I I didn't get sucked in the loo alright see later but I'm just going back here okay let's not actually layer gas this time guys let's go I can't run or anything though he's just this all-powerful inky demon just casually strolling through like it's a wonderful sunny shining day at the park because we care right now he's like yeah I'm all good here this is why I see on the daily basis it sure it ok we've escaped for now doesn't look like he's coming into this room he ceased his attack of that door so real good here again I know it for this question but why are we even bendy why are we trying to save him here does it make sense we were running from him and trying to fight maneuver the previous chapters you know restoring what you've done and now we're here controlling him and saving him is Reese now the bad guy is that the big plot twist to be heard here I don't know can we get through nobody can don't know why we should just bear to sift through you know being in the inky demon we are but again maybe is actually weakened I really don't know what's going on guys let's continue on and see if anything else forever happens okay where am I oh I'm not okay no Antonia here we are okay oh that's cool it's like a sort of zero view and then the roof has been wavered here some parts of it let's go so we going outside no we're not suing the building here finally the ink machine Oh Dan Reese's mind okay it's a taller bendy it's got a drawing extern on it I guess sudra really hates bendy rocky here it's a key I've seen a lot of these things around here is that why Edison is subconscious by he seems so many just cut Galvez head are they star kids they've been causing nightmares for days I think ma a.m. hey what's this here it's the illusion of living very strange book indeed the case we can't collect any of that there what we doing though maybe Reese you know was actually evil like I said but here's the good side inside his mind trying to escape or something I suppose that's the case here what's coming on now it's kind of spooky guys I have to meet all these candles all the cogs they're always got silent - lets go can we run we can actually run this progress here what is the hair what's this I don't remember ever seen this never give up it was that from sooner return to normal but you hold the power to defeat bendy he will try to absorb the power the power of the ink machine if he does his plan will come to fruition but he can be stopped be careful Reese you can do it what way I wha yes it's bendy here yes it just no it's true I can stop bendy looks like I'm really going through this it's time to end this now sadly half to give up this form you can just willingly give up the form No okay well well well well did he give up his big for me men maybe that's what he meant there yes finally I'll soon being control oh my god he's trying to stop all the ink in the studio but I will let it happen bring it bendy I'm not afraid of you anymore and it ends there so Chuck the fight will not be the finale it seems it can't because of that cliffhanger there stay tuned for the conclusion in Chapter six so that's actually clipping the end alright so as it just said there guys there will be another chapter being Chapter six absolute fantastic and can't wait for that but for now guys we are going to hear hopefully you guys enjoyed this one if you did definitely smile a lot but if you're not part that elusive earning advocated swath but definitely ring-a-ding Maribelle but miss form you guys thank you for even watching today and I'll see you in the next one

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