Funniest Texts From Dads!

by: Christian DelGrosso

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what did you find Oh God what is up everybody and welcome back to another video how you guys doing how you guys live and how you guys Spartan if you're watching this right now it's almost Father's Day okay which means we have to represent the - we got showing some love out there children up there love little pregame love hey hey hey now dad's a little bit different than mom dads tend to have a little bit of a better sense of humor knocking Eliza just how it is moms are usually more like yo you got beat fast because you think clean your bathroom your clips of Matt seen your files this video topic is the funniest text from dad trust me I've double fine's text from moms before this one is just as good if not a little bit man all right let's get into the video dad what do you want for your birthday a girlfriend that's not crazy Doug you should know that you should ask you something more realistic like a dragon air boys you got the road cop sad cop camera props statute is constantly roasting even my dad my dad woods bring up random Hey here we go into the gym though I haven't recently why do I look fit no that's because you look like she in a meeting in a meeting in a meeting in a meeting intimating intimating intimating intimating intimated emminster presence is that masked because how much was to try right now five I'm trying to go in a meeting in a meeting in a meeting in a meeting in a meeting in a meeting in a meeting look at how the fuckin track let me get are you in a meeting know what the biggest troll dad of all time if this dad was a gamer he was literally be the biggest troll you could just picture everything like Call of Duty with this headset on a little bit spot like an xle huh look at my score 32 - huh what's up man I got three kids what's up hey what's up gas prices honestly well dad I made like what are you doing your mom about the immediate responses I want to move out immediately I want them about this chance you imagine asking your dad what are you doing and he says your mom and then you start picturing things we're just like ah back start packing your bags you have to be like on a seriously cool level with your kids or those drop stuff like that like in my desk - that to me I'd be like you the matter with you go I'm hungry hey I'm very nice to meet you I'm dad I'm serious I thought your name was hungry this is exactly what I'm talking about that joke only a dad would polish are you kidding me no I'm glad such a dad joke oh my dad's done this one on me like thousand times especially growing up every day I'd be like hungry hungry I'm thirsty oh not this again sometimes I squat on the floor put my arms around my knees and lean forward oh that would be my immediate reaction to something like what does that even mean why it's what cuz that's how I roll I've gotta dance you have nothing better to do you guys just come up with dad jokes all day remember how you gave me your old phone yes I do I remember well I was playing around with it right yeah nice pictures of maja what did you find Oh God oh come on II was picturing really bad things look at the dads and dads just like oh I thought I deleted those damn it if you had pictures like that on your phone why would you give that to your kid to play around while I was playing around with a No why did you have the phone it's all phone to play around with it's not new to your mom's new we just ain't okay so can you be here at 5:00 we'll see how does the Turkish man I guess there was beat these clapper oh my god dad you're so freakin funny ha ha ha obviously it smells there's beef cause it smells rosemary a little black pepper garlic um come on beat em put up your dad to make up the bullshit obviously smells - its damn beat it's a turkey hey Dad how staycation hey looks good hello miss you it up Oh row you're funny and every time my parents went away on vacation they'd be like all yeah we had so much fun we didn't even think about you guys I know you sit there in the corner like heartbroken just heartbroken but then as you get older you realize they're joking and they're not being serious so it's more fun it is one way to piss your kid off let me tell you there might die to protect me that I'd be like oh yeah I'm about to throw a rager in this house 500 people Park tanks outside CJ oh just throw the biggest party ever intervention at base times go through in the morning it's just like I don't mix you enough well that concludes this video guys thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next video please make sure you guys leave this video big thumbs up yes go down without and Mac that sums up on baby makes you guys so my notifications on so you never miss a video the little Bell button in the top right corner of my channel if you click that button you can turn my notifications off here's this videos Instagram shout-out congratulations yes guys a good day of the Instagram shoutouts and every single one of my videos if you want a chance to get a shout out follow me on Instagram and comment this emoji on my last post make you guys add me on snapchat always adding a snappy jewel back so join the snap and if you're watching this right now make sure you subscribe to the channel trust me you won't regret it love you guys and I'll see you next video

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