DIY Project Life Kits Using My Stash! Part 1

by: Jennie Garcia

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hey everyone is Jenna Garcia from northey's rabwah I notice crap on Facebook and today I have a fun little video and I'm gonna be making DIY project life kids in this you can see I have a bunch of cards so I actually have another one plus others that are in their boxes and these are all my freckles on items that are not in embellishment drawers and my first kid is gonna be an emoji kit and I really wanted to use these these cards from Marcy patter I think it's hello paper hello love I got them as studio calico like a year or two ago they're really cute and I love the simplicity of the emojis and they're pretty thick as you can see I was starting to pull another one from that one and my inspiration was gonna be that yellow black wide the red from the cheeks and the blue from the disease and I'm gonna pick first my cards and my project life cards and then I'm gonna pull from those colors I'm gonna look for embellishments and I'm gonna put washing in each of them and this one is new is from my Kohl's I believe the collection is called cheeky modern pop and I liked it because it was kind of retro I loved it I even got the 6x6 paper pad and I actually believe that I'm gonna be using the paper pad for this kit because of course I have a bunch of three by force but I mean also my four by six I got those stickers Walmart and I wanted my the purpose of this is I I went through a really big perch and of my room and I look through everything and I got rid of things even though we're beautiful I knew that I wasn't gonna be able to use because there is no way that even with the things like cap I can create with that easily for a year if I make a layout a day and the less I have the better I feel and I'm trying also not to shop so this is a way of shopping from my stash so if you are sometimes eating do you buy something this is a good technique just go through your things and revive things that maybe you have been neglecting and there are really cool products that and all products that I pull from my embellishments drawers actually add my embellishment jours I have these little baskets that I got at Walmart and I have an Alex cabinet or drawers Alex yours and I keep my embellishments by color and I have besides embellishments I have alphas so this is what I'm pulling right now so I have to pick cards embellishments washi and Alpha's because I want to use this for project life and without office nothing in punch of life and I didn't want it to be all at Mojang so I'm going through a stash of cards from el estudio to look for things that go with the kid and this video it's a little bit longer and I apologize but I spent two and a half hours making kits and I make six I made in this video you're gonna see three and then you can check video number two for the other three

and also gray is a good color to go with with this kit and I love they're currently cards from Christine twy twy del I oh my god I'm so bad with names every time I have to say a name it never occurs to me that I should make me write it down before I go ruining someone's name but I think mr. Trudell and she has a new podcast too crafty asked female that's pretty fun and this is the cheeky modern pop 6x6 paper pad I was talking about that goes with the washi tape and it's really cute i I don't think it has mo G's but it has other things that can you know you can combine it with emojis and this is like a final view off the kit I also have those kits there are you know for a movie watching or watching TV those geo tags kind of thing is from Studio calico off us of course I love those those are and I also wanted to pull a few things that have like five embellishments hanging and I just wanna you know finish that off phrase stickers are very important and I love I think those emoji stickers really inspired me to make this kid they reminded me of the cards that I had so and I'm using this these pouches are from citrus twist kits I have so many pouches I get FC Sephora I used to be I was a freckle font subscriber for almost four years so I have a lot of those that have just trace I have a few from Studio calico so this is also a good way to use those pouches and I made these little hearts with the lawn fawn hearts dye that I always mentioned and you just have to run them a few times back and forth so it cuts felt and one day I told my beautiful daughter to do it and she did it and that's why I have so many

and I forgot that I have these little embellishments baskets like I said in my Alex store so I picked out a few more things and I did actually this after I made a few kits you can see on the right a little sneak peek of the next one I'm gonna make and I got labels from football fan labels are also very important to me in little frames I I love the little frames I once was obsessed with it and then I had no idea what to do with them they're just a really cool concept so I hope I get to use them now I'll figure out a way to use those I don't know why I put Flair buttons in there I don't use that many on my pocket pages because it's kind of hard to use them I always put them on the outside but still hard to use and there are a few blasts from the past that in all the kids and here I have a lot of midnight Kiwi a beautiful mess in that forevers compose right now is from oh my god one of my favorite kids high-five

and I wanted to have a good balance of really dark backgrounds we really like backgrounds and of course you need a few cards to journal journaling it's very important for me now I think that's why I like project life more when I used to do two layouts it was all very visual very pretty but no story and I also used to do a lot of layouts on about everyday photos like it's I don't know to me most photos are every day so this is a better way to document for me I don't know if that makes sense like I said we also need some four by six and it's it's a mix of everything I write now I have most of my cards divided by color I don't know if I'm gonna back go back to kids I mean the this method works but I don't know if I'm using them enough I don't know how I feel about it yet

and I have the card so now I'm gonna be looking for the embellishments and I love those puffy cameras from freckle font and those clips are from the last citrus twist kids and from the March one so don't forget to take out sometimes you need to when you have a few pieces only of a kit just break it apart and add it to a new kit or take those pieces from that those few pieces that you still have from that kit and act to it so that way you can really use that and just doesn't go to a forgotten corner in your drawer or in your room and lots of people also ask I lost my mojo what's a good thing and I always say clean up your space clean up your space these stash because the thing about this these stashing is sometimes you look through your things and you're like oh my god I forgot I had this this is pretty cool how come I haven't uses anymore and you know you give it a new life and it just brings new ideas and when you put them together like I did in this these kids it's just it works amazing I already did one layout and I can't work to share it and I even filmed a video so you can see how I use that specific tips again I need little word stickers off us from from snap from simple stories they are amazing I hope they they never stop making those because I really really like them and I have a few those are I believe from Michaels or joint unions I want to say Joanne's but I'm not sure I haven't shop in a while gotta be a little proud of me I'm really resistant but there are a few things like pockets that I need to get and I really want to get more a beautiful mess inks they're so good and I can't find him anywhere not even the eBay so if you know please send me a link help out a girl and this is a final view of this black and white as you can see only kids so this is a good challenge you can also make a kit with a color that you like but you don't use that often I don't really come and like if you don't like green don't don't make your life harder like you don't like it then you don't like it you don't need to like push yourself to light green I like most colors but you know if you don't like it don't force yourself because you know you have so much of something now do what you love that's what that that's gonna help your projects be better and just be easier and this is a pretty small kit I believe it's the smallest one and I am gonna go back and add a few more embellishments like I did in the emoji one and another citrus twist kits pouch and Here I am just getting die-cuts and break apart your die-cuts if you know I had a kid from simple stories it was the faith kit I know that I'm not gonna really do anything with you know where it's like Jesus and God and pray so I pull those out for friends that do Bible journaling because you know sometimes you need to let things go and there make someone else happy and they'll don't use them better and that way you don't feel so bad about oh my god I just through all these things now just give it to someone that you know it's gonna use it and this is and an older kid it's from if it's from Dear Lizzy I don't remember the name of this kid it's not important it's not fifth and fro like it's not happy place I know all the other names and I don't know this one this is great but I want to see you use these cards they're really pretty and even though they're sort of vintagey i like the colors they're quite bright so I'm just picking cards that I like and I'm gonna use the colors from these cards you know the pink dark blue white yellow to choose the rest of my items and that's the one thing that I haven't done the only thing I need to do in my room is go through my project life cards I need to get rid of some here's the little flip through of the cards I have and these kits are bigger than what you would get at any kit club but I am and I'm on a very belly shirt and I love lots of embellishments so I'm not gonna limit myself because I want to copy certain companies so bad if I if you are of over oh my god I can't talk today I'm sorry if you are an over embellisher so put more more items in it it's your kid that is one of the advantages of doing it yourself if you are if you have a really simple style that you can of course pick class and I got this idea how I will forget to say that from Diane Williams she's dearly d on youtube and she made a few kids you know you seen her stash and I love those videos so much I actually have watched a video a few times and I love the idea and I was thinking to myself I really need to do this and I'm looking for four by six paper pad and look I only have a few things in there those are just a few articles from Studio calico that I still have laying around and I love those little chipboard stickers from Studio calico labels of course from simple stories and I love wooden buttons but I don't think that's gonna work and I love you see I love those stickers but I've never used those I don't know why I keep forgetting about them so I'm excited to put them in this kit and I first I'm gonna have pull everything and the kitchen sink on my table and then I'm gonna scale back and say no maybe it's not you know maybe I don't need more of this kind of sticker or you know as you pull things that you kind of you can ambition making a layout so it's really helpful and once you do these kits you can quickly start working because everything is fresh in your minds like I said when you don't touch your supplies for a long time or at least you have a few abandoned for months you cannot forget what you have so this is a good opportunity and pulling washing I love these watches need to on the left are from quick Wilfong in little one item it's just a plain yellow one

I believe every kid I made had of those little frames just how so many so if I only use one I'm gonna be you know pretty happy with myself and every time I I pull those off us from October afternoon I I get a little sad you know when you have a picture of an X and you're like oh I don't have any of those X's to me I'm like group thank God but these alphas October afternoon our files are the one that got away and I need numbers so I love these from snap they're actually for the carpathian planners but if I don't see too many numbers in the Alpha as I chose I will use those numbers and I am only allowing myself to add to the kit thicker z' but it's the only thing that I can reach if I need and if I think I need something extra for the kids which I don't think I well and the first one I did because I forgot to put big office in it but you know it was only thicker z' and the rest was from the kids and i can't wait to show you that video cuz that was really fun to film too and I'm adding some of that blue that wasn't a few of the cards and one of my Alex stories is actually only blue well blue and like a minty oh my god for god that's not mint it's not aqua it's not turquoise I'm gonna call it mint that little basket that I pull right now so I have dark blue light blue and mint and I have every collection mix in here so don't be afraid afraid to really just push everything together and I hope you enjoyed this video I really loved putting these together I can't wait to show you part two so make sure you stay tuned I hope I can publish all this really soon I'm not feeling that great but you know it's just talking about I'm sitting here so I'm hoping I can do it and I hope you really enjoyed this video I loved making it so much it was so much fun so I encourage you to at least do one if you are doing 100 days of projects and you were just doing something random and creative I suggest that one of your days you should do this because I tell you it was a lot a lot of fun thank you so much for watching if you made it through the almost 20 minutes I hope you're having an amazing day thank you so much for your comments you guys are so awesome I have the best followers and subscribers you guys are great and also let me give some shoutouts to project life ladies so I already mentioned Diane Simoni is making project life videos too and I'm loving them there's one and she speaks French but you know you can practice and it's visual so I'm gonna butch her name here we go El Elyon er its Eleanor or Eleanor or Oh God Eleonora oh I'm so sorry but she's really nice and I'm gonna try to link them below I hope I don't forget because you know and I'm also gonna try to share them on my Instagram I want to give out some love to the people that do project life because there are not that many of us on YouTube that's a lot of talking thank you so much for watching have an awesome

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