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hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel it is your girl tiara Monet and I'm back with another haul this was last minute because I'm going on vacation and I'm going to Dominican Republic or whatever this big ol box behind me is all of my vacation looks I know it's only four days I like to kind of over buy and then like if I don't use it I was like this for the next vacation so I think in total this was five hundred and seven dollars I know you guys are like what is going on with this makeup before I filmed this video I did it I tried video and I tried to follow up nikkietutorials makeup look to a tee and this is what I got and I figured you know what I'm gonna just rock with this in my trial home that's the explanation for this look okay I don't know if that video is gonna go up before after this but I'll link it below if you guys are watching this later on alright y'all so let's get into this house alright so let's get this party started so y'all like open your packages we knives like is that like is that board in life so I have 12 pieces in total so the first piece is the lovebug blue dress and this is a pretty cobalt blue blue is just like one of my go to vacation colors because it just popped and this is almost like a mesh material and this is in a size medium it was 32 29 okay so we're gonna be the first one I talked about this dress it's about to give me in a whole lot of trouble don't make cakes you own you know what I say but I'm gonna give you guys another angle so we're looking like I like the ruching because I feel like it gives you like that extra snatch ruching is always gonna feel a little bloated especially on vacation because you'll be drinking or whatever and alcohol is the first thing to call your stomach to step out on you the lining stops right under my booty cheeks but hopefully that doesn't give me in too much trouble it's fine for vacation I definitely wanna wear this at home this is way too sexy to be in some New York City streets the next piece is also a size medium it is the medium wash top that talk sin exactly but see this retails for $42.99 and I love the details in this super cute super distress this jacket definitely is worth 42 bucks like this looks expensive of course I wouldn't wear it with this dress but cool looking like I'm in a rap video hit your fitness oh yeah sound fashionable heavy Styles you know I have another denim jacket and I'm gonna just try on because we're here I don't know if you guys know and I'm obsessed with pearls my old youtube name was teased like girls because I thought I was gonna be an aka and all the AKS on my campus had like you know respect my pool madam pearls I was like the only movie piece but for 17 years old nebulas and that's he's like throw stuff only sounds like a porn star name anyway but if the backstory on the curl obsession this is the show meö pearls let me check it and it's as large and this retail full 37 on the iron this one is a different cuts oh my god it is equally as stunning as that other damn jacket I'm probably gonna got this one the medium but it wasn't a crop jacket so I was thinking I will wear this like in a more traditional way this is super cute oversize fit definitely a boxy fit this is on trend so I will wear this with like a really tight bodysuit because it's not gonna show too much booty you know what I'm saying today I'm gonna be Springs I'm already aware that the next piece is a pole at up mini dress and it's not large this retails for $34.99 y'all know like H&M when they sound like those jeggings this is like a jeggings material but it stretches really nice I don't know why I need to polka-dots this season I think that's gonna be my new texture let's try this bad wound this has five percent stretch and maybe we're not lying when they said just 5 is just 5 it's a little tight in the booty area but it's not uncomfortable I've never mind a little bit of compression in that area the sleeves are very secured secure the sleeves secure the boobs I like for my dresses to kind of snatch me in this is definitely something I'm gonna wear day 1 on vacation because you can easily go from snatch to fab let's pray you know I'm saying before you have so many moms wanting us you know this next piece is the Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong ruched dress in the color mustard in a society medium now you guys know why I like blue shame because it kind of has that little belly you know just what it does even though it's long sleeve it'll be fine for vacation it definitely has a mustardy smell to it maybe it's the dye but um I might wash this one actually honey okay but I mean let me try it out I apologize for the nipples while it smells like mustard this mustard is popping on his melanin and I'm like this is gonna be too warm for the carribean you know it's perfect it feels good and I love me a little long-sleeve you know what I'm saying trying to cover this I love the color so I go more jewel tones when I'm on vacation because it makes your skin this is good for like your day too laughter you've been drinking a little bit you know like the ruching is definitely gonna select from a little bit of bloating or just see all the little better pairings you know this dress is blue enhance the curbs that you have I have a really thick bottom six legs you know so this is definitely going to amp that up I think the job is cute it'll be cute for vacation all right we're getting close to the end guys the next piece is a spot-on polka dot dress and this is in a size large okay this is the same material as that last polka dot dress and this has that sweetheart neckline I was really going for like a vintage pin-up look for a few and the lips on the trip so this is a size large and it retails for $34.99 I feel like I love this dress already looks so tight you know how to be good oh this is giving me a little Kim vibes for some reason I don't know if it's the blonde hair no sweetheart neckline right here but I'm feeling like a black Barbie dressed in Gauri I'm trying to leave in somebody's Ferrari and it definitely minimizes the caboose and it's not too tight this one I definitely wear like this two or three you know this is a little loose but it doesn't feel like it's gonna fall and for this look I actually got bought these shoes from fashion over this is a scuba sexy heel in the shade hot pink and I got eight and a half because yes real vintage pinup girl you know can't into these shoes yard you even know what material this is it's not a leather but it's not quite a fabric but these are bomb I was too out of breath to buckle ease up all the way but my feet are getting lost in the rug tell you guys the other shoes I got which are just some sandals to like my bathing suit I just thought these were so cute and I got these on eight and a half oh yes and they fit well I don't have a pedicure and I don't have the cutest feet yeah I think I may get these in a few colors before they sell off the last piece of clothing is rompers and i always try a little operas because i'm like an extra-large in the bottom or like a medium on top so I just you never get it right but I was just hoping this one fit just has a little tiny detail also on that vintage spectrum I told you I haven't seen since vacation so this is the day they gave them ha burn and says large and it's 20 on v.i.c are there is a God it's fit you so the romper kind of flares out right here which I love because that gives me a little bit of extra give in the booty area most miners are instructor so that makes it really really hard to wear I do have a lot of gapping that can I probably like take pictures like this a kind of extension the waist I could dress this up or down I can wear this with those pink shoes that I just showed you or some flats you know give you a little cat eye realness a red lip and be ready to go during the day so this is really really cute passing some stretch marks underneath the thigh but they're gonna be out to play honey they go just fun okay now it's time for the bathing suits and I've never done a try on anything or bathing suits I'm a little nervous but let's go look for start because the first bathing suit on cannot get past my booty basically this is the gem of mine swimsuit it's so cute it has like the little rhinestones at the neckline rhinestones that's a waste you know super cupid into however there's no give in this waist area or you're like pop the rhinestones off and I don't know why I got this in the medium I should I got this in a large definitely going to my little cousin this next bathing suit leaves very little to be imagined this is the luxe effect bikini I think Ali J has this on and this is in a size medium I don't know why I got these bathing suits in the medium I don't know what I was spoken but let's just say can't turn around this baby start to show you how in the bag but i'ma try I'm trying to give you all things but I'd be comfortable wearing this on vacation because I'll never see these people again but i'ma see y'all here again but if you have really big boobs this really probably won't work for you because I have a major in side boobage I'm like a 30 60 I ordered us a wrong off of Amazon to cover this up as I figured it was gonna be a lot of cheeks out so I'm definitely gonna be covering this up I'm still on my way you know I like to drink kind of see what everybody in the dead get ain't perfect but it's birthday the cover-up will basically hide all of this this next bathing suit is more my speed you know this is kind of like sit down on vacation this is the sole sprung bikini set and it was in five large sub life tips but this is a high-waisted two-piece bikini set is exactly what I was going for this vacation very vintage I might cinch this a little bit to give me a little bit more of that pin-up look but your high-waisted bottoms I just I feel comfortable with this this is me the others who I'm pretty sure my boyfriend's gonna love I'll wear it for him you know love it love it love it I hope you girls enjoyed this haul I know it wasn't a million pieces gonna need that much stuff for my vacation it's only gonna be four days so so far pretty much everything works the only thing that I'm really excited about it's not white bathing suit if you guys follow me on instagram you know everybody should I like to do a white look I just feel like why Tom Brown is crime crime sneaker it up but it's cool I have other babies so second some with my signature white look I might take this makeup off and start packing my little baby country is coming over so I need to get this lipstick and makeup off okay kids all this fight I love you girls thank you for tuning in be sure to watch my I tried video on this makeup look and I love you guys I'll see you in my next video bye girl oh you got the swag so future boo swag good I'll take a glass of chardonnay yes thank you thank you beauty I've got class

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