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[Music] [Applause] [Music] alright hello everyone and peace of Christ all of you I hope my voice is coming good and clear please invite your friends and share the link of the video with your friends wherever you are so more people will come and join us today we have a debate with between me and mr. and dr. Roe hey dr. Roe hey he have at beach D in Islam from Islamic University in one of the highest Islamic University and you know obviously is going to be a very very hot debate so please invite your friends and we are waiting for him to call us and we will be right on here with you just to let you know I have no questions to ask to mr. Rory actually I was thinking to ask him to ask me what to ask him which means I will ask him what do you like me to ask you to make it simple and easy I mean how easier I can make it more than this so be my witness I'm going to ask him what do you like me to ask you I cannot make more simple than this all right please about your friends let us bring more people here we are waiting for him he's online already so which is a good news because that's mean we will not you know you know he is not like late or something so it's confirmed that he is online which is very good by the way for those who do not know my my books my two books new books which is six and Allah is already in Amazon so for those who care to have copies of it please go and get your copies it's two volumes valium number one and volume number two you know for sure you will not get one volume without the other because they complete each other but it makes sense more that you buy first number one or you buy both in the same time so this is this is how the cover looked like in the front of your eyes now this book is not about insulting anyone it just revealing a lot of things you never heard of and actually I don't speak about it online because we might get banned in YouTube if we say it so you know the book is available in Amazon get your copies and you know and leave your comment leave a Nam you know honest comment don't do what the Muslims do Muslims they support the Muslim just because he is a Muslim we don't do that if you think the book is a treasure of information say it is if you think it is so so say so so if you think it's not even worth the money then please say that we want an honest review not people making up stories and lies all right so I'm sure you will like it and I'm sure a lot of Muslims worldwide will buy the book too because there's a lot of hiding things Muslims they don't speak about it and even though they aren't there the same as yesterday if you remember yesterday we have a Muslim he was trying to convince us that the hadith which and that Allah hand is weak do you remember I mean what's wrong with this religion everything is it in weak we worried from their books yet their books is weak and you know the only way to get away from something they say to us it's weak actually our guest today last week two weeks ago yes something like that last week we mentioned to him a hadith he said it's weak right away automatically but the fact is not weak you know but what what what the Muslims they do to get away from a from a trouble they think by saying it is weak they can get away from it but it doesn't matter really like yesterday the guy he said to us Allah he put his foot in the fire but he is not in the fire he is above his above my friend but his foot is under fire but he had a foot and why Allah he called his foot foot if it's not the foot you know my friend Allah foot is not like your foot who care my friend maybe Allah have six doses and seven noses I don't care but when Allah he say he have a foot it's a foot this is why he did not call it a nose because obviously it does what foot does he call it a hand because it does what hand does anyway let us see if he is already there I think he is texting me all right sound good guys invite your friends I'm going to call him yeah never seen he is online I asked him if he is ready to call him all right he said in sha allah so let us let us start and be my witness guys I'm not going to ask him a question I will ask him to tell me what the question he like to hear

at all the yes doctor oh hey how are you I'm fine I'm fine thank you and we with we are thankful for the Lord that we have you back and today we hope that's all of us Christians Muslims Buddha's in dues atheist they would get the benefit of this meeting I hope you have I hope you did eat and you are good to go yes you know I marry my friend Rohit some people they are asking me because we don't have your full name they said who is Shaykh Roja even one of them he said Shaykh he is not even a Muslim he is claiming that you had a Muslim so what do you say to those Muslims who they are saying that you are not a Muslim what I am NOT a Muslim one of them wants to God hit recall me it's recorded there you know he can check it out he called me and he said that you are like you are hired by me you know I paid your money to come and you are acting as a Muslim but you are not this what you say you believe it yeah so you know what do you want to say to those who before we start for those who they are saying you are not a Muslim you as I heard you know that you have a beach day right hello Katherine voice yeah I'm here yeah yeah I was introducing them I told him that Shaco he have a PhD in you know and he is a shake and he is a very well known person in Paltalk but if you like to introduce yourself before we start go ahead please

emploice I shall do you hear me do you like to introduce yourself do you hear me do you hear me okay yes do you like to introduce yourself before we start for those Muslims who would like to know your better yes go ahead please I am I am doctoral from I can kill you about myself maybe they want to know your full name now if you don't mind so doctor ah he is a doctor from military University you just heard him saying that confirming that what is your field doctoral he in what you graduate with what from other University in Sharia in Sharia so he is he is a person who has a PhD in Sharia law that's wonderful alright do you like to say your full name victor oh hey or either one a mission it's up to you know each other a little no problem doctor oh hey I'm not going to ask you any question you are our guest so I'm going to ask you what do you like me to ask you give me the question you like me to ask you and I will give it to you back what I don't underst what do you like me to ask you I'm not going to ask you a question of my choice what is your favorite question you like to be asked like something you can really explain very well because you you know the or everything about it first thank you for it see let me call you back because the voice is cutting for some reason let me give you let me give you a call back hold on maybe that will fix let me call you back in a second a ratchet yes I will restore okay now all right because some poor somehow it's working we have many programs in the back but in the back ground of your computer maybe there's many because you are in each and one one minute yeah one minute my friend no problem take your time all right so as you heard guess he confirmed that he is a PhD person from a lesser University for those who do not know the other University is the highest university and over to teach about Islam me myself I did not get my degree in from the Azhar University I got it from different school I had nothing to do with this university however my experience with people who graduate from Islamic University you learn nothing and today we are going to prove it all right tell him to close the window okay please don't fight your friends we have only 215 people oh come on if if a guru she is doing unboxing for her t-shirt she will get five hundred go on YouTube and you will find the girl she is doing unboxing for what for lipstick she have 5,000 people watching life let me go on alright let us call him back his or his back on here all right shake hello yeah we hear you go ahead hello yes I hear you shit hello I hear you my friend I will voice now it is good it is good go ahead that's good okay go ahead we are listening Oh first thank you for a lot for your light may Allah bless you truly I am glad to meet you and discuss with you but yeah also for those who follow us and don't speak English I suggest that you ask your question in Arabic then you ask your question in English and will answer you in Arabic then I'll answer you in English because a lot of people ask me to do that if this is possible with it is it possible you're in your room impaired talk right you have a room and pep-talk opening is always happening or what now no now close my okay because you know if we if want to say the thing twice maybe we can do it a bit just in Arabic me and you you know for the same topic or anything else let us focus here in Arabic in English because everybody listening now is English speaking people however feel free to speak in Arabic if you have two ought to read something or to code something no problem and we translate it's alright okay all right go ahead nothing in the last ticket now we are talking about theorem in Nevada so no all right I said for me his phone etiquette and authenticated the hadith why because many of scholars not take every hadith who contradict with Quran even if this hadith valve was in hurry not this Hadees personally but even if the hadith contradict with the Quran according to the other scholars whom take every hadith and very even it was the sudden project with the Quran they solved the contradiction by saying this verse was written in the Quran and all conveniens where recite it I mean feel that a profiteer the man read it at night okay and in this moment when this man read it in the night this area was absent from him from the Prophet Muhammad then the prophet salallahu alaihe salam has remembered it it is scales like when we see a dream at night then in the morning we forget it but we are remembering it immediately when we see this sign reminds us of it so this face was absent from him but has not released of his mind so forgetting has here is because his mind is the brick wide with something else also scholars said according to prophets forgetfulness after informing be one is possible but forgetting before informing people is impossible because when he informed will about yourself and on disturbs on away bother you on Paltalk okay I said in no but for getting before informing people is impossible because when he informs be able they recite at immediately and it will be written also immediately maybe you know when God revealed Quran to the Prophet he was calling the writers to write it right away so it is impossible to fog an affairs of the Quran so I say briefly briefly scholars said that of the prophets forgetfulness is possible with two conditions the first first condition he forgets after he informs people but forgetfulness before informing people don't happen by no means the second condition profits for gratefulness doesn't continue but he must remember it either from himself or from others because God said indeed it is we who sent down the Quran and indeed will we will be its guardian the evidence was the man read all the fears which the Prophet was forgetting it not only the man was recited but all conveniens doing that beside all Quran was written this is my answer okay so you know shaking as this is your answer I'm glad that you corrected yourself because last time you say that this hadith is weak but the fact it's not and you just agreed that this is not okay this is Asahi hadith thank you for that now here what you say it that this is that the forgetting happened after the Prophet he gave the hold on to the people obviously it's because how the guy he will know about it but if the Prophet did not mention it right so obviously it happened after the Prophet he mentioned her on to others but here we have a problem is if Allah he said to me and you and if Allah is God he is the almighty if you say you will never forget that's when you will never forget and it doesn't you know he didn't say you will not forget temporarily or permanently he said you will you will be giving her on you will not forget the Quran and when God he says you will not as many will not its mean the word not is not option it is a must you will not forget this is a promise of God what is confirming this hadith which you confront yourself that this is a true hadith that the Prophet he forget he forgot verses and chapters not only a verse or two or a sentence verses and chapters and here we need to ask ourself if God is Almighty and he made a promise is this God capable of keeping his promise number two why Allah did not remind Muhammad instead of this guy I mean this guy is a man he himself he might forget something he might add something he might add a word to the verse so your prophet now is taking the Quran from this man because totally he forgot it it is the man who remind him about it which mean he have no idea that he said that before when I say you remind me you know your prophet he did not say oh you remind me to do something I forgot to go to the market oh you remind me to go and visit somebody and this is not what he said he forgot verses and words and chapters of God now here is that because Allah did not keep his a promise or because Allah he promised him not to forget but Allah in purpose caused him to forget because you know he want to test Muhammad in something maybe maybe he when I test Muhammad if he is a person who is a trustworthy but because until now and I said as you know you Muslims you believe that nothing happened except by the will of Allah correct it is Allah well so if Allah will if this is happened by the will of Allah does mean Allah is the one who made him forget what is the purpose what is the purpose of Allah and Allah did not make him forget to eat no he did not make you make him forget to visit his cousin no he made him forget something extremely important in touch of the life of the believers and their future because as you know based on the teaching of the Quran you Muslims are saved we because the hora will guide you so when the prophet he forgot the Quran why Allah he made the Prophet forget the Quran temporarily what is the purpose of this forgetting because you believe that everything happened by the will of Allah the mic is yours go ahead my friend I [Music] said my friend I said for to me it just not affinity Hadees for you it's not but that for the scarves it is is it for these colors it is why because many Hadees is contradict with on I don't take it if they in Mohali but I answer you according to the scholars that take every Hadees in Bari as to me is not true Hadees yeah but this does not contradict the Quran because the Quran says that Allah will cause the Quran to be forgotten you forgot you see the corona say is in the front chapter and I mentioned that he lost nine it chapter 2 verse 106 it says o manasa forming a yeti no no see Hanna to be harem in her helmet leha so Allah in the Quran he mentioned already that will because the Ferranti be forgotten so where is the contradiction the contradiction is Quran contradicting Quran not the hadith contradicting the Quran because the Quran confirmed that Allah will cause Quran to be forgotten and if you remember I asked you before about this verse Allah will cause to be forgetting to whom you say the Prophet now yes so where is the contradiction here the contradiction is not between the hadith and the Quran the contradiction is between the Quran and the Quran because I hope you will not say the firaon is weak because the one verse in the Quran says we will give you Quran and you will not recite would not forget and the other person the horn says we will give you Quran and you will make you forget so which one is varied yes as man under the where's that said man and sermon I attend oblem see an active high Romania we don't locate Affairs or cause it to be forgetten except that we bring forth one better than it or similar to it do you not know that Allah is overall conversion another translation for whatever sign we change or eliminate or cause to recede into previant we bring forth a better design or one or person when that is identical do you not know that God has power over all things I see I said in this ayah there are three famous few in obligation obligation not a citation with killing rule abrogation rule with keeping recitation abrogation the rule with the recitation together do you understand me my friends in case you do not know I have a degree in Islam too I have a bachelor degree so I know exactly what you are talking about but this is not our topic our topic is not about abolition because the verses speak about abrogation and forgetting so our topic is not abrogation leave the obligation alone Allah said we will cause you to forget the hornworm an answer for me narrating alone see her none see her we caused you to be forgotten so our topic here about the forgetting part not about the abrogation so let us separate them how Allah he says I will cause you to forget in one verse he is the one who was causing the forget and effort to forget and the other verse saying I will give you Quran and you will never forget that is the contradiction I'm not talking about the abrogation abrogation is different story right yes you see that the speech and this is directed to the Prophet because if the speech was directed to the Prophet Allah must say man and sermon I attend allah jalla carranza or cause you to be forget it but the first event is not said that but said man answer can I attend OMG huh we don't abrogate affairs or cause it to be forgotten this mean and this this means that God erasing the old meaning of Pharisees and confirming new meaning according to the evolution of the time or evolution to operation of the period so that people will be forgetting the old meaning then they are taking the new meaning that suitable to them this is meaning whilst taking the form forgetfulness forgetfulness Allah says I will not see her or cause to be forgotten the second meaning for NASA Hana no abrogation but brew brew Legation rule occasion do you understand me do you know the difference between obligation and the difference between a brew negation this refers meaning between two words this meaning was taking from the recitation that saying man and sermon ayat in Avalon CA her non CE ionic nan see her because meaning of an acid Inessa is bro negation so in arabic we said may God abrogation moment of your death this is the meaning of abrogation you said that is not as the old opinion order all saying that nice hotel about hokum-jokum about a lava on Assad Roca Mota Lama do I want to clear this thing do you do you know have this tribal division Gemma form it came from human nature and every mind of us there is motivation to this terrible division for example we said Kabul in the house or Kabul outside the house or one of them is in the house and the other is outside the house there is no fourth possibility and as well when we say abrogation the recitation with keeping rule abrogation rule with keeping the citation rules abrogation with the recitation together then self scholars researched in the Quran and bring us one example at least for every sort it is so forget fullness and also there is another meaning of forgetfulness and this ayah that means there is two rules for one things when Muslim will take the suitable rule according to the place that he lives in it or according to the time that he lives in it that meaning came from another and not an Arabic in Arabic we said natural kitab it means that i copied one book from another book or i wrote one book from another book let's not mean that when the original book became conciliated what means there is two covers ready to use according to our needs is my opinion and scholar said and this I all right non-si huh that's wonderful you see my friend Arabic is your first language Arabic is my first language and there's a huge difference between non nisi and Anessa the the world and NASA come in from the word for getting this is why all your Muslim translation is saying forgotten not to like pre P post or pre like a repost later this is not about something he would do later however if you go to book Alberto be here you will find a problem and your prophet was trying to solve it I don't know if you have the book of up or to be with you you will see that the Jews they accused your prophet that he is ordering the Muslims things he never even said and your prophet he for confirmed that that he is yes you know he is ordering the Muslims nowhere in the Quran it says his Micah rules and the Europe prophet he is or what he is saying oh allah gave me rules but he made me forget the qur'an but don't worry he will make a quran better than the rules or let us say he will make Iran instead of the Quran which I forgot because the Jews they are challenging him where where is the verses you are saying you gave them to do this and this you did not give them anything so you are making up rules I don't know if you have a quarter be with you if we go there it says allahu ta'ala manners of women 18 you see her no see her out of on out for an answer oh ho de Vaca etcetera this is for arabic and then he continued same and and then they said in muhammad anya moreau as habu who be shy unless some main heroine mu Famicon I had a Quran Allah Minji Hetty he well he had you knock the wada in October the who bobbin so Mohammed to saw this problem because they accuse him that the Jewish a accuse him and honorably accuse him that Mohammed is bringing things he did not even receive from his God where he's bringing this and he is contradicting himself one day he says something the other day he says something else but where we can find that the Quran where we can find the her own saying what he just said so Mohammed he did not confer he did not say oh you are lying it's not the case no he he agree with them he agreed with him and he said Allah he caused me to forget the whole on however Allah will bring me something better or similar he did not say oh no no you know like because it says here none see her no see her cause to be forgotten not we will be laying it this is not the word nasara this is the word nun see unless the Quran is written wrongly same time you can go right now to the book of a suburban Ner'zhul and I'm sure you are aware of this book very well and you will see more explanation about this so Europe prophet was coming with the statements does not even fit with his Quran and actually you Muslims one of the things about Muslims that they accept what what Muhammad said over what the Quran said as an example the Quran allowed the muta Muslim Sunni they said and you are a Muslim Sunni believe that the muta was abrogated by a hadith if I am in the time of the Prophet and I will say to him how I can accept you abrogating something Allah allow who is the one is higher the Prophet or God for sure you will see it is God who is higher so how how a prophet he can sign a paper from his office deleting abrogating what is signed by God himself that does not make sense so this is an example about what was happy in the time of Muhammad Muhammad he say something have nothing to do with the Quran and then when they accuse him that he is making things up he said oh hold on yes the Allah did not give me her own but don't worry Allah whatever he abrogate and because I am abrogating as I wish whatever I did not even mention that this is abrogation because Allah caused me to forget however don't worry be happy Allah is going to give me something similar and better and that is an act of a person who is not presenting god this is somebody is fabricating things you might my friend

it is not true story and it is not true in that quarter we wrote in quarterly and is always came to solve a problem that don't work and solve it it is not true I'll give you time but what do you mean the true are you saying I did not maota we did not say that or you are not agree with him not a little because I thought you are accusing me of lying or something I don't know okay right no no no no yes true you need what this quarter but it is not true because sperm inner soul is always came to solve any problem that if a syrian don't solve it well now to see it man and german i attend what so look what allah said after this first said or do you want to ask your messenger as Musa was asked it before I'm to read una and as Alou rasoolallah come come and so allah moosa on table after this why because a wisdom of this kind of abrogation for facilitation to the muslim in order not to fall him into the embarrassment as having two Jews before so Nancy huh this area what meaning of Mencia make people forget this area why because we are new we can now I take your example okay I take you example to clear this problem now look at this verse the Hauer has come near and the moon has spirit what this means it means when the moon is spirit by the human how is the moon is the spirit by the human the moon is a spirit by the human when the human reaching the moon by swished ship it is like as the knife when its spirit when watermelon into two parts and we see what in it but you will be noticed that the old meaning of this air is correct according to the ancient time when the Prophet Muhammad said this area so both meaning are true and this time because the Quran keeps pace with the times or goes with every time unlike universe his discovers don't stop until the day of resurrection we can like in the Quran by River you are see the river full of flowing water but it is but not the same flowing water which was flowing out of a few days ago because he is not sitting down the water not stay but always a change very far always refresh itself by itself in spite of this it is the same river which was from the very beginning so it is impossible for the interpreter to explain the Quran and then close the doors of interpretation this how what I want to say I mean this all right well you know what you said to me Viktor oh he is very interesting because you are saying that those you know we cannot close the door of interpretation but those who give interpretation the more closer you are to the time of the prophet the more accurate because you were not there and you don't even know the background so a new just said and I think everybody heard that clearly you said that the book of Esther means rule was made to solve problems but isn't all the interpretation in Islam is made to solve problems because you Muslims are so confused about what the Quran is saying and this is why which mean the Quran is making problem is not solving problems when you say to me those books are made to solve problems that's mean Quran is the problem and it is so confusing to the point we need scholars to solve the problem but then the scholars they try to solve the problem they make the problem more horrible and now you are saying to me oh I don't agree with alcohol to be but you know that alcohol to be is a big name in Islam you don't agree with the big athere but it because here is a big name in Islam you don't agree with that October you don't agree with it cetera so what we do now in this generation anything will look embarrassing will look really bad and the Prophet will look bad by by that that those books so what we will say either we say it is weak all we say oh you know they are wrong all we say or we cannot close the door of interpretation so now you have to recreate a new interpretation for something new yourself you are not sure of same time you need to ask yourself and you need to give us an answer why in the word the Muslims they will lie about this I mean the one who wrote the books of as weapon is allowed to be or a table or oil or abacavir those are and the other scholars this is not a Christian Prince this is not a guy who was an Arabic Christian who said oh let us say make up stories as you see here in front of me and in the book of us as web a new zoo it says the adulterers they say don't you see don't don't you see that Mohammed command his companions with something and then forbid them with some shame and command them to the exact opposite I mean is it obvious I mean why in the world you say something and then you command the opposite as an example the mota the muta it is a bad thing to practice how in the world somebody he claimed that he is following the same God of Abraham and the same God of Moses he allowed his men to go or rent women for for sex and then it changed his mind and then he make you know he make a statement but he did not give her on because even the verse you give we are talking about my friend the one we are talking about in chapter 2 that Allah will cause Quran to be forgotten and he will give you something better or similar which means based on the Quran you cannot abrogate the Quran except by the Quran because you are the one who just said to us none of our revelation none the word here is so clear none which means not even one of the revelation of Allah but is going to abrogate it abrogated by who by us Allah do we abrogate or cause to be forgotten but we substitute not Mohammed so the verse here confirm that all the book the belief of the Muslims that hadith can abrogate the Quran is false and that mean any behavior is coming from your prophet about the abrogation or causing to be forgotten just to cover a problem as you said Mohammed always he and excuse me I'm not saying the word Mohammed to insult you know we Christian we call Jesus Jesus we don't say peace upon him so this is not an insult so here Mohammed is a creating a verse to cover a problem which is he been accused that he is a fab he's fabricating things he did not even say it this god never told him what do you get this rules from your God say something to you in the morning afternoon you say something else and you see your prophet did not say it's not true he confirmed he said yes this is true I say something in the morning and then I changed my mind after why because Allah none of evolution is abrogated or cause to be forgetten so he add the word forgotten to cover other problem here he is covering two things number one why he kept changing his mind number two why he's forgetting what he said it because he can just say none of our revolution is you know is abrogated but we give something better but here you will notice that you're a prophet saying none of our revelation it is abrogated or cause to be forgotten and this is not about delaying in verses because you know that your God he speak Arabic very well no see huh I have nothing to do with delay in verse this is not an essay Inessa is something different about the delay so this is about something he confirmed that he for God and this is why Muhammad he come with something you he said okay Allah he gave me the Quran in seven letters and we will talk about that you know if you if you like but the books which I am quoting for you those are not Christian books those are your scholars and you're a scholar confirming even though you didn't agree with them that your prophet he changed his mind and this is what he accused him about and this is why he made this verse and here I wanna ask you Sheikh Rohit before I give you the mic back how Allah will make something better I mean God is God you know I don't know if you if you heard of my books you know I have many books in Amazon imagine I'm saying I'm my book I'm going to take a book I'm going to write better book than this this is possible for a human being because he improved maybe his English improve his knowledge he more but we are talking about God so how God is going to cause you to forgot something and then he will do something better or similar so what the point better that's mean Allah willing he made me a Quran better than the Quran similar Nets mean there's no point because you just said it's the same so why you are deleting on why you are for causing us to forget something you will make the same of it simply because Mohammed II cannot repeat the same statement twice so he's saying to them Allah yes I forgot the horn but Allah will give me something better and similar it's like in Arabic you know it says okay I lost okay you know what I lost yeah yeah I lost but you know what I promise you that tomorrow we will have a better house like my house is burned my house is destroyed but I promise you tomorrow our house will be better and and in the worst scenario is going to be similar so what kind of poor on this poor on saying you supposedly it's not your prophet saying that it is God but obviously it is your prophet making up this verse saying Allah will give me something similar or better because that is against the nature of God God don't make something better than what God made already God he is perfect and when you say that God will make something better than what God he made that's mean there's a that this God is having an improvement in his life he have an improvement of a quality how Allah can make a better Perron then the craw

[Music] mystic of some better make some what now none see her oh when you say that God change his mind no it is what is suitable to the time or suitable to the place so not our time is this suitable to the ancient time so it means that God got racing for all meaning of first and confirming new meaning according to the evolution Lucia evolution to the time or evolution to the period so the be able will be forgetting forgetting the old meaningfully taking the a new meaning that is suitable to them in their time now when you see the Matta and that the god alloh motovan he forbid that no it is a big mystic you are thinking that islam is discarded mata described mata while much was known before Islam before Islam very was fifteen sort of marriage example MotoHeroz I was in a hurry it is when Islam came people lift all Jews sort but remain one sort is Mata then Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Allah [Laughter] forbids mota my motorized marriage and look at any motor actually think when you first you see to me your first language is Arabic you if you return to the dictionary and read a tomato almota what meaning of Mata if you think you big up for your wrist like as food home furniture is in the dictionary so the meaning of a tomato is [Laughter] relish not relish it is you big up for you list like food home furniture this is what some people don't understand what the Mota but Alma facility in Estonia all entered better and Sunnah forbid and not said this is first talking about Mota so and not the problem in this okay yes alright like my friend you see the the purpose of the muta is there is about enjoying their body what do you mean like you know you know you know Arabic I know Arabic yes I enjoy going to the beach I enjoy eating food I enjoy hearing music but this is not what the verse is about so this is different story we are talking about enjoying it it what it it is their private part and you have to pay for it for what for enjoying their private part and this is not a marriage my friend because marriage have to have to be about making a family this is the purpose of it is not making a family and you know the story very well you have a person of a PhD in from other university that two guys they approach your profit and they said to him well we are here and you know we are like we need women so the profit he says going and he saw he point his fingers at a bunch of women and he said go and enjoy them he did not go and say go and marry them he said going enjoy them and then they two guys they went there and they asked those girls to sleep with them in return of offering them clothing and money so this is not this is an exchange of service have nothing to do with marriage and you know that the muta is a preset date one of the conditions the major condition of the motor is which is a sexual pleasure that you have to say how much you will pay you have to mention for how long and then the other person which the female in this case she she agree with you about the period and the time and the money and when both of you reach that agreement she is lawful for you so if a man and the women they agree to sleep together for one night stand let us say from 10 to 10 to 24 hours when the 10 in 10 that the hour became 10 in the second day this marriage or what you call it marriage is not exist no more there is no need for divorce so how we can call it marriage this is not marriage this is a contract of sexual activities hiring a women for the sake of enjoying their body not only that according to the motel rules and you have a PhD in Islam the women who is marrying this man she didn't hair ate nothing of him she cannot inherit him because she is just a motor actually there is many books they say that this is stage or this is rent it's a rent in women so what do you mean when you say to me that the hora before Islam they used to do that actually by the way I have a book is just published in in Amazon speaking about the whole topic about about that issue not necessary with all the sexuality in Islam what do you mean when you say that the Arab used to do Maha and I'll allow it at that time I mean okay well what was Musa a law in muta was Jesus allowing Mata who is the ward winner a la mota and how Allah agree with the kuffar because this is this is not right and you know that and I am sure you will not allow any of your family to practice it and as long as long it was okay for Allah at that time what happened I mean what why at that time it was okay later it became not okay I know you will tell me oh the Prophet he came in step by step but this doesn't make sense because at the end of the day adultery is no no it is not step by step killing is no no lion is no no there is no step by step God don't compromise we are talking about God Almighty we are not talking about a guy going to the bazaar trying to get some goods in the better price and here when we mentioned that Allah he said something better can you tell me what is better than the muta Allah never give motor better Allah never never sent the verse to abrogate the muta so how you Muslims abrogate the muta when Allah never abrogate the muta it was Yura prophet who made that verse after actually he allowed it to do muta and this is one of the things about about your prophet how he allowed the muta before the verse because this verse came after he told those two guys go and practice da Matta so imagine here that as you said and I like what you said you said I'll quote to be an Atari and a suburban news all those books they came to solve a problem thank you very much well the Prophet is doing the same exactly he says something and then people they start the questioning what he is doing so right away after that you're a prophet he bring a verse to solve the problem because people they don't agree as an example you're a prophet he took an oath in front of his wives not to do something the Muslim scholars in disagreement about what it is exactly some day say it's about having sex with the married a cop same they say about something else doesn't matter what it is he made he made an oath right away Mohammed he received after he made the oath if he receive as a solution for the problem you receive a verse from his God saying why you are making oath forbidden to yourself what is lawful to you so obviously you're a prophet he come with something always to solve a problem if you remember my friend if you remember her she said and I'm sure you respect Aisha very much you must have some new respect her Aisha when your prophet he said any Muslim woman she gave herself to the Prophet and this is just in a privilege for the Prophet I shall she felt jealous and she said I see that your God he rushed into your desire or Muhammad so the god of Muhammad Muhammad he have a desire for women to have more women not the verse came first and then Muhammad he got the women no Mohammed II have a desire for the women then the verse comes says okay i'ma take as many women as you wish so this is why I should she said in the order of Booker you said o Allah haka Oh Muhammad I see that your God he rushed into your desire Muhammad and she was talking about what desire his sexual desire so here we have a very clear evidence that even a shed the wife of the Prophet she notice that Quran is made up to the size of Muhammad the Word of God is not because it is right to do though this or not it's because Muhammad he have a desire so when Muhammad have a desire to do Matta people do Matta Muhammad he found that people are talking about him they say what kind of a prophet he allowed women to rent himself for money then he changed his mind and let me ask you my friend what is Matta isn't it is it a legal prostitution go ahead you said that Shariati Aslam love Islam came rule of this land is came step by step it is - step by step then he said Oh Bible I had permitted you to contract temporary marriage with woman but Allah has forbidden it now until the day of resurrection so he who has any woman with his tape of marriage contract he should let her off and don't take back anything you have given to them as adorn with this what the Prophet said about mota then mota be don't allow as the Prophet said as the day of resurrection now you know meaning of audra in Tohono Johanna is the recompense not fear or rent or wish no you thought that Audra it is mean affair of rent where's know this prompt God said in the Quran try - ooh-whoo banal ferati no I didn't Kareem Arabic people saying Jarek Allah yeah Nia fabric not it is fear not that is rent not that is wish so in Omar Mohamed said when he was hanifa till Amin said o people truly Prophet Muhammad aloo Matar were then forbid it for us this is about natok this was an ancient fine before Islam and when Islam came he forbid this as G forbid wine and the other thing he is take be able step by step because people wasn't know a lot about God then he forbid it as I read to you or people I had agreement perimeter permitted to you to contract temporary marriage with woman but Allah has forbidden it now until the Day of Resurrection so he who has any woman with this type of marriage contract he should let her off and don't take back anything you have given to them this is about my time and Iceland my cubes all right you see a sheikh the problem is I don't know when you say to me I speak Arabic and you speak Arabic but look like we are speaking about different Arabic you give me an example saying that Allah he says that Allah will give reward or or but this is a reward in the heaven that to go in heaven we are talking about here getting the woman money you see if you if you like if the word jewel in the horn when it speak about women is not about paying them money then you can't give me example about Allah will give you reward and Allah will reward you for the good deeds you do but this is not the case we are talking about payment money jewelleries we are not talking about a reward of God in heaven so this is totally different story I look like he dropped ok we will call him back he is offline we will wait for him to come back all right guys do you see with me in the screen he said this is not rented women do you see this is Islamic website this is al-islam org it says in some work special term is applied to women who practice 8 participate in muta must' Jorah or rented women do you see it muta is considered a kind of rental I

will wait for him to come back so I would call him I hope you guys are enjoying your time don't forget please if you like to read and learn more about Islam my new book Allah and 6 the same topic we are talking about is already in you can just go and search for Christian friends you do not need to type the name of the book search for Christian prints box and you will find the list I have 9 books there already and you pick up the book you like to read I hope the Sheikh Rossi who have a beach-themed Islam he will be back with us immediately and we will continue and as you see I'm doing my best to be nice and friendly and correcting the Muslims about their belief it's not my fault that if Muslims they have no idea what they are talking about it's not my fault that it doesn't matter how big you are you see this is all I say debating as scholars is a lot easier than debating Muslim kids a Muslim kid he can play games as much as he wish like you know we'd like the kid yesterday he was talking to me you lose your voice repeating the same thing when you speak to somebody here the PhD he knew exactly what I'm talking you see he did not said to me I'll quote to be his lying no he said yes they said that he did not say to me as web individual it doesn't say that he said yes they say that but he don't agree with them he didn't say he remember last time he said the hadith is week last week the one about the Prophet will forget now he said this it is not week he agree but he don't agree with it see how he changes position no problem you can change your position as much as you wish still you are giving me no answer still he's offline I'm waiting for him please invite your friends and I hope we will have Shaikh rahi back Shaikh row he is a person who a PhD from al-azhar university it was the highest school in about Islam in the world it's the top school and as you see al-azhar university give no answer it's not a qualified nobody can give an not because he is not good mm educated now but because this is a religion it's made of you know collection it's like a junkyard you know every piece is coming from somewhere and you know you want to make a recycle I believe a recycling no problem but recycle with TerraCycle don't tell me this is coming from God it does not come in any way in any proof from God I hope you will be back soon if you're a person who speak German or French or Dutch go and get my books from and I hope people daily really enjoy reading our books and they will learn a lot of from it you see there's a there's a difference between somebody study Islam and somebody he think what he what he studies I got a degree in Islam I'm not I don't claim to be a beach D holder but who care about the BHT my knowledge about Islam is a lot more higher than those who have a PhD PhD is not about education is about a degree and in Islamic University you have to agree with the professor to get your PhD which means there's no realist research and there's no real study because real research will lead us to leave Islam and they will never get you to Bhd because you in order to get the beach do you have to tell them what they said to you what the teacher said to you it's kind of hypocrisy there is no degree I have to repeat what the teacher said to me dr. aji is back our hello hello hello yes doctor oh hey welcome back I was going to give you the answer I hope you will hear me good now are we okay yes all right my friend you were saying to me that oh dude the world of jour is a reward and you give me an example from the Quran where Allah he will reward you for doing the good deeds but this is not the case here this is about you paying money so the word Jew here have a different meaning you see when I say may the Lord bless you this is your jaw this is reward bless you bless him from God as a reward but this is not money but here we are talking about the women she gave her body and in return you pay her money the Muta which you call it marriage is not an act of relationship not for the purpose of money and sex it's made for two purpose sex and money nothing else no family no children's no divorce even which means you don't even divorce the women when the time is up she go home because simply it's not a marriage but you Muslims you call it marriage to cover up that this is nothing but erect a rental contract and this is al-islam or org Islamic Sunni website they are seen and I read for you I quote for you what they are saying not me it says in some work special term is applied to women who participate in the in domoto musta adora or rented women muta is considered as a kind of rental because in general in general a man basic aim is the kind of marriage is sexual enjoyment of the women and in return of this enjoyment the women received certain amount of money or property so this is nothing but as you know six exchange money for sex same time you said that Yura prophet said that Allah he allow muta and I and Allah forbid metallicky been informed your prophecy he been informed that Allah he forbid Matar entered the Judgment Day where we're the Prophet who receive a verse saying Allah he forbade Mita we have the verse of chapter 4 verse 24 Allah saying do muta where the verse in the Quran it says don't do Matta you cannot find it so how Hamid he claimed that he received an order from Allah to demolish the Minamata practice when he never did and this is exactly what we were talking about in the book of his bourbon news ooh the the the the people they were saying to Muhammad this man he fabricated the verses just to serve a problem and here we go he created the problem for himself he said that he can do muta people they start talking saying what kind of a prophet he allowed such a thing this is nothing but the prostitution it is exactly prostitution so in order to solve this problem Mohammed he come with the new rule saying okay know what I forbid you to do matter from now until Judgment Day but it's not Allah who said that and the verse we spoke about before chapter 2 in the Quran first 106 it says it clearly that the one who will abrogate the Quran is Allah not Mohammed which mean nothing will be abrogated except by Quran Quran should abrogate the Quran but you must have Sunni you believe that no hadith can abrogate Quran how in the world hadith can abrogate the word of god how a prophet can demolish the Word of God which is preserved supposedly and this is why the chapter 2 verse 106 is exist to solve a problem so Mohammed to explain to the people why he kept changing his mind and why some time he came more rules without without a verse if we check out do them what I came before which mean as a practice by Muhammad and his followers or after the verse received you will see that the verse came after so how in the horde this person is a practice in it without the verse which means Allah did not tell him yet you see if I am practicing something I am claiming that God told me that then I have to provide the verses hey guys I received this law this law says we can do matter how we can go right now or in some women for six but always Mohammed he come with something and then people start talking about it so he support what he say by making Quran and then everybody have to shut up because it's Allah Allah said what I can do if Allah said so Allah said so that's it so what you say to me have nothing to do with the problem the problem is how Muhammad apply persecution to be part of his religion how Muhammad he claimed that his God said to him you can rent women a return of money sex for money how did Muhammad he can demolish what he just said claiming it's coming from his God without receiving a verse from his God can you find me a verse in the Quran says don't do much I know Moorish a crow hidden my kazoo thank you do you hear me yes yes okay what Allah he said I said and Allah not allowed motor but Matra was before Islam within islam forbid this step by step but why an interpreter said is not about muta this verse not about matazo gave me one enter battle he said that verse about motor-oil interpreters said it is not about matter if this fears about matter why all interpreters said it is not about muta and muhammad sallallaahu children said what i read to you i had permitted you to contract what are with but allah has forbidden it how allah was forbidding it in quran how Allah thought we did nothing hadith and Quran because Mohammad said Allah has forbidden it now until the day of resurrection where is the physically whereas the present of wrong would say mata is not allowed no more where so well the face in Quran that allowed Mata it is not a lot give me one interpreter said it is in son not in Shia no it is this bears allowed Mata well here we got the serial bus of apnea bus it say is that this is Mata is awash in mata and I can give you a ton of them I mean it's really strange you are saying to me give me one person saying that when all of them they agree that this is about Mata actually can you give me one did not say this is about the watch muta I'm really a means of you saying that here we go this is the this is your this is the official government website of the Kingdom of Jordan and this is a muslim sunni book this is not a shia and this is a chapter 24 verse number as chapter 4 verse number 24 it says the following I'm going to read for you it says and and it is also said it's means that you seek with your money Mary in women for agreed period of time so larger muta but the lawfulness of this practice was later abrogated this is Sunni opening and this is not a Shia and this is Quran and this is the interpretation of the Quran so it's very very nice try of your shaker oh I hate to say that this is not in the Quran when all the story is coming from the Quran and you know can you give me the scholar who you agree with who is where he said that this is the muta-do sunni scholar who say that mata is that exist in the quran who is the scholar who saved that to you where you get this from it's really it's very strange and my friend it's very strange it's very strange what you just said because you must have shown me agreeing that the muta is a practice coming from the Quran but what you don't agree with that the Shia they practice that until now but all of you agree about it so how you say to me that all the Shia we know we don't have this no Quran we don't have anybody get us wrong this isn't the Quran you enjoy them by paying them wages and we if we go and see the interposition of the Muslim Sunni not the Shia you will find that they agree what do you say if we go to our court to be as an example if we go to alcohol to be you want to show you alkyl to be let me show you I'll put to be in the screen all right because you said to me who and like where is in the Quran and the interpreter they never say that I mean this is really weird you to say that to me you can say that to somebody who have no idea this time is about not to me this is al jamia the camel pur aunt of serial port to be alright you can Iike read with me in the stream please alright it says the following it has go and read you can return to bucola you see that is not about matter l caught me he said a lot of opinion of scholars that was in his time okay so so a lucy he said it is not yes yes okay so so the lucy is the is better than oh poor to be is higher as a scholar not we don't prefer one better than one yeah my friend the majority of the Muslims only they agree they agree with Alberto be you bring me one I bring you 10 you know you know I mean because if you bring me one saying it is not about a muta then you have to deal with the rest of them so and you Muslims are green that we have to go by the majority not the minority if the majority of the scholar they say something then we have to go with it right so in al-qurtubi he gave you open e and that some day say this some day say that but he agree that Al Motta and I quote for him hisses whoa College Jim Hall the majority college amor el morado única whole muta i Leduc an official release tom is meant by this verse the Mota the F of the Mota which was in the beginning of Islam and who naka and kuraha be above at allege any Muslim some of them even the ad versus or words to the Quran which is not exist in the Quran today alleged EMU some had the nightmare of Bursa Halawa and Nazareth cathodic had even if he harbors his fear that although he sent the moat are not the way it's written right now in the Quran he said that it's a scheme paid in their wages until agile in Muslim until it is a preset time this is a members so what we will do will it be a bus are we going to take a little is your black bass and the statement of apnea bass is very accurate when it near bus he said Allah a dream Usama that's mean until a fixed period of time that is absolutely the mota so you bring me a scholar I can bring you a thousand and let me tell you why what's happening a shaker here today because this is a very very bad reputation for Islam so what we do as much time we say oh we don't have motive this is Shia you know but you just said everybody heard you your prophet said that Allah Allah muta and Allah today forbid Mota so it must be Allah who allowed the matter where we can find Allah allow the matter shouldn't you find me first where Allah allowed the matter and then we come find me when I love it so guys some time I try to understand the logic if I just say to you Jesus allow me and then Jesus has forbidden me you will ask me where Jesus allow you and where Jesus for video ok I am asking mr. Rory as long he mentioned to us that his a prophet say that Allah allow me allowed the Mata and Allah forbid the muta can you show me where Allah allowed the muta and where Allah forbid the Mata and the Quran all of it in the front of you and listen go ahead thank you my friend if the majority of Muslim take to be in this first why they forbid I don't agree with our three and this first I don't agree I agree with so or to be in a lot of opinion about interpretation but the one of the interpretation analysis only he is forbid Mata and said that's not about Mata so only Muslims majority now of Muslims well no not majority only Muslims Sunni don't take a motor don't break this motor only she had read this movie and it is not the problem this fears not talk about motor I see that if that core to be as you said said this is one a few of scholars said it is about motor I don't agree with core to be in that because other interpretation is forbid and they said it is not about Mouton this is what what can I see in this in this verse all right my friend you see you give me give me an answer saying well if if if the majority of the scholars agree that this is verse about Matta how come the scholars agree not to forbid the matter my friend you just answer yourself because they agree to forbid the motel just because your prophet says so I mean because candy that but I agree if your prophet says so they have to agree they are not this Agreement this agreement if it's forbidden or not they are in agreement all of them all the so maybe an agreement so they are an agreement because your prophet says so as simple as that it's not because it's right or wrong the Prophet e forbid we forbid the we allow as simple as that but this is had nothing to do with the proof the proof is that the majority of the scars of Islam they say that this is the Mota and widest colors the majority they say this color the sickness of the matter because this is how it is if we go right now and we take the interpretation of the Muslim scars one by one you see I have in front of me long list of office cars we can take one by one and you will see that all of them they come with one conclusion that this is a verse about the muta and as long I ask you a question I'm waiting for you to answer it until now you said Allah allowed the Muta your prophet said Allah allowed the muta and your prophet said and now Allah forbid the motor can you show me how Allah allowed the muta what is the verse and where Allah forbid the muta I want to see the verse because if Allah is the one who taught Muhammad to allow them with ayats when he gave him a verse if Allah is the one who you know he forbid them to do muta anymore after he allow it in the beginning then you have to give me a verse so can you provide me where is the reference where Muhammad he received that Allah allowed to muta and where is the reference where Allah now he forbid Muslims to do matter anymore can you I'm listening yes you said and Alcor topic but when I just said mata was in the beginning of Islam then when allah said in the last version malik at a minimum he said every one except this is for bid is for bid a husband except husband so even our Blessed Mother was in the beginning of Islam then Allah forbid all this is Lomb not Kim not give Matar to people but it is before Islam and Islam when came Islam is forbid the rest perish this is what I can sit in this okay my friend this is the seal Lucy and I did not mention it to it right away because I was waiting for you to insist you insisted that I Lucy you said this is not about Mota but the fact that a Lucy he says the opposite it's in the front of me it says in the front of me well till L IFE LaMotta wahi Anoka who either agile in my loom minion me no actor let us chant translate and it means said that this verse is about the matara which is to do naka for a preset time to one day or more so you said to me well Lucy you don't agree that this is a Lucy says this is not Mata I told you remember can you give me one scholar don't agree that this is a muta you said to me this is Rita a Lucy the fact that Lucy confirm it and let us wait together well hug or Hokkien evening adversity Allah o Canada who will be healthy mahalia tomorrow jaha and dedica so it was said that the neighbor said that it used to be allowed and then he changed his mind about it Raja you know here he retreat from that order and then he said that a man who was lost which mean he lost his way sorry god I said to Muhammad in the Quran dah-dah-dah Holly Karim Allah Allah who in the Quran in the rasool allah jalla wa sallam maha and in muta so he's telling a guy you are lost man the Prophet he forbid the muta and he continued then you know saying exactly same as alpha to be and just to correct you about what what you said you said if me a verse say that the mota was in the beginning of Islam but did not say that exactly my friend it me Abbas said that it was in the beginning of Islam and he added that there is two words three words actually is taken off from the Quran if neighbors say that married for you in Arabic so you remember had the in Lebanon bursa Halawa and her Nazareth Catholic high to call wallahi and newsela hollow hookah Derek what ends at a hollow okay Derek all right in a JD Mu Sigma so which mean do you pay them their wages those who you do motor with them and you paid in there boy without with him the edge Allah Muslim until a preset time so it may a bursa claim that your Quran today is a fabricated Iran because today it's not what Allah he said and he is swear by Allah saying I swear by God I swear by Allah that this is how the verse came down allegedly Mishima and now a lucy disagree with you and you are the one who asked me to read from a Lucy but Ana Lucia agree totally with me let's read a Lucy saying a Lucy said well mother whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo - moody will buy healthy what table or Anya and who and now all in Nemec until muta Fe oil Islam can i erosion you cut them will build a modified cetera Sophia so he go on a steep with the women etcetera and he confirmed that this is the verse about da Matta then he continued he said he's saying that the mota became so popular after Muhammad he allowed it became so popular it says and what it says about Allah Allah messenger he allowed the muta and Abu Bakr and Umar they forbid from doing it that is returned because of the abrogation it was not in the abrogation language and the Homer he fell in he forbid people from practicing that or let us say to announce it and the mata became so popular me man Lamia blue who knew Anna for those who did not hear that matter should be forbidden right now so Muslim they still practice Mata even after Mohammed died why the claim is that some of the Muslim did not hear the Prophet saying that the Mata is forbidden so my friend the scholar you mission Jimmy agree with me Albert to be agree with me Autobody agree with me if nicosia agree with me all your scars agree with me who agree with you nobody same time you said what I was before Islam but you said Allah Muhammad he said Allah Allah Matta are you saying Allah Allah what are before Islam he gave it to who who is the prophet for the Arab who is the prophet who told the Arabic and practice Mita when you say to me something you have to give me a reason and approve not just a statement I want to hear from you shake logic an authentic proof that Muhammad when he said Allah allowed the mota he did not mean the Quran and when he say Allah forbid the Muta he mean the whole on where is that we can be found tonight

though yes I'm here they're waiting for that and she will die Lucy what he said he said okay I need numbers Rhodey Allah I know I know MA and now who can I hold helmet on tis told about even a bus that he said the allowed motor from origin relic in return in this opinion he knocked Paulo who early on when Ali said to him naka Raja lintel not Isola loyal son of Maharaja who said AHA and in motor Agatha Ali said that Prophet Muhammad forbid motor well told Anna lianas a little motor a lot and this is Cyril illusion the saying is fierce about Mathias room he used the word a lot well yes he is a la lluvia en el área nasality motive a lot I can be nationals in the same statement I pro luminal a and as electric motor a lot what FC Renoir will have jelica rail module an animal for Ernie Bevo high so bayonet subhana Allah and Muhammad SAW : Allah kumara alikum interpreter will be amar Kumar so Nina varam Shaheen was he he Sheraton LA anion Cosmo Girl Bob Filner was the Frog oriental many photo little motor behaved albeit the animal suited Matamata lazy Levesque do not a whole wall stood in a hurry from Nepal from allah masha allah subhanhu milk Allan and Nicole famous temptation be where Delilah and Murad bill distant howl what the whole hostage well steam turbine and modality approve a Shia wall Kuro allottee and Hulu I'm Amanda Munoz sahaba T share that one how could I lose him over this what is the verse about that's you can you because you say it the Prophet said Allah Allah no matter where Muhammad you get that Allah allowed a matter from where we allow it this is not a verse about the matter so well Muhammad Academy come from because you are the one who said Allah allowed the motor not the pagans right the orange is one who said Allah the prophet said Allah allowed the matter okay can you show me the verse on the Quran where Allah allowed the matata Muhammad but unlocked for we know allowed the matter this is not allowed Amata this fears no know about this well let me explain to you you say that the Prophet said Allah allowed the muta and today Allah forbid da matta okay so who is allowed a matter Allah who is the one who forbid the muta Allah can you show me the verse where Muhammad saying that Allah because if I say Allah allowed and what I have to show a verse where is the verse from Allah to Muhammad says okay da matta as long this is not the verse which is about matter which is most of Muslim scholars even if neighbors confirmed that the verse used to suit to have a sentences allegedly Mu Sigma and tell a certain period of time which means it's a confirming the matter because it was not about about preset timing so it may have birth confirmed that there is word is missing from the whole and then and then you confirm that the Prophet said Allah allowed the matter and Allah forbid Amaka where we can find the reference of Allah allowing the meta additional to the hadith you mention can we find the verse in the Quran for Allah Allah when the muta it is saying from my Bernard bus I see it is wrong saying why because had these Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Allah said I'm not said that but said Allah has forbidden it not allowed Allah has forbidden it now until the Day of Resurrection but not say Allah allowed if not bursted that it is wrong and not will not pass I see this so video prophet allow the motor let's make it simple did the Prophet allow the matter yes or no yes yes beginning of Islam right ok so then let us go step by step you just say that Allah did not allow the matter how the Prophet allowed the mota if Allah does not allow Tomica you said Allah forbid the muta and your prophet he allowed the muta and you are saying that the loudest of muta was not according to the floor how in the world you're a prophet he allow such a thing go ahead he not allowed but he gives bill mid for the one of convenience when this asked him to allowed da matta and one of war see I permit I permit you could to contract temporary marriage with woman sister what prophet said to convenien then said Allah has forbidden it so Allah okay just to concentrate with you the Prophet you just say the Prophet he allow a guy to go a rental women for sex and then Allah forbid that all right if this is was a practice before the Prophet do Mohammed need to allow it because people obviously they used to practice it the fact we cannot find anything in the pre era of Islam people do Mamata they do different kind of relationship there is prostitution yes there is you know there is exchange of wives yes there is many ways but that's not matter this is prostitution simply there's nothing squad muta if you go and check all the names of before Islam you will not find one of them is called mata Mata is a statement created by Muhammad and his followers and now as long you are the one who said and everybody heard you that the Prophet he gave a permission to someone to do muta and what is Mata is to pay a women for sex Mohammed he gave the permission according to what because as you said he permitted which mean he can say no if if a man is coming to me and saying to me can I go and do and it's mean people they are obedience all what I need to say to him no don't do that the story I mentioned to you and I can show the reference were two guys they told the Prophet that we are here alone and we need women so in the Prophet he said go enjoy those women and give them exchange the two men right away they went to the women and they asked him to sleep with them in return of giving him some a clothes and money so Europe profit based on what you just said to me he can say don't do that this is haram this is unlawful this is this is bad this is prostitution your prophet did not do that in that in the top of that he give them permission to do that and you to make it more horrible doctor oh hey you just said that your prophet is behaving according to his own mind his decision so how you Muslim say is woman who Allah you why you knew her anything the Prophet he do is inspiration from God anything this way you follow him as a Sunnah Mohammed II practice nothing about religion but from God so was Mohammed you're wrong are you willing to say to me that your prophet was teaching an evil teaching didn't women and men Muslim women and Muslim men to go and rent each other for sex get sex for money this is a teaching of your prophet in the beginning of Islam right my friend Mohammed not created motor not created by Mohammed but if this was before Islam but he give permission to this marriage when one of convenience ask him to give permission then forbidden this been forbidden this so what our walls and the society of the society of slamming so so Mohammed forbidden this how we allow it if it is something the pig in the practice I mean do you should you allow it or you should go against it I mean how you allow something is bad this is do you agree shake her off here with me that this is bad to practice do you agree with me that this is not a moral thing or you have no problem with it that the women should go and she rent herself for a man so he can sleep or do you agree with that but no it is bad no look my friend now in this debate I said my opinion and you said your opinion then we must give I will finish this - it is a hadith I will finish this has no you said European well that evening a bus $8 in make sure I'd remember do you hear me do you hear me yes okay Avni abbas said all in namikawa toffee our islamic cannot roger leukerdbe melle bell de la sala we we have Arriva i Virgil moral Academy mayor the Qadri Mara Elmyra in Naju you team Fattah doula homie Tahu what was Lahore Shia who had is Ana's little higher all right so if Nia buzz confirmed that this is a verse about the Mota the man he come to a town and he just hired a woman to take care of him this is what the Mata is about to take care of him to have sex with him etc now we we you know you you said what you said and I say what I said and people they will make a judgement about that Shaco hey I'm going to give you the mic back and I want to tell you if there is something new you would like me to ask you about Islam and it okay if there is something you like me to ask you about Islam and maybe I missed something you like something you are proud about as a Muslim you like the Christians because most of the people they are listening right now we have about 400 people listening they are Christians and maybe some atheist and Hindus with us I don't know so if there is something you as a Muslim you want to say to those people maybe you can convert them to a stem something really solid what is the best of Islam to make somebody convert to Islam what this we don't hear you shaking over their thing not trouble to Makkah no no we are back with a you said they don't talk about the matter no problem let us go continue so what is something give us something new as a Muslim proud about and maybe that thing will make the mind of people to convert to Islam I have more than 400 people listening to you how you can convince them that Islam is from God what is the proof here we go we spoke about your prophet we spoke about things you know obviously there are tons of contradiction and Anthon now you convince nobody that Islam is coming from God because Mohammed is say something in the morning he changed his mind after noon he gave a verse in the Quran committed in other words on the floor Allah he went to forget the cause the Quran to be forgotten and he will make something better than the Quran God does not make but our words from his work because all the words of God is equal so until now you proved us to ask nothing that Islam is from God now I will give you a chance we don't want to waste this opportunity to give you a chance how he can convince us with the best of the most powerful proof you have that Islam is from the true God which his name is Allah according to Muslims by my friend one of the greatest attribute of the Islam of others box that he focus focus on lot of flowers Lord of the universe or Lord of all beings this idea not be clear before the Quran people's reception about God before the Quran was limited because most religion was belong to Prophet spoke Falk so we found that Pharaoh as example was astonished and said to Moses and Quran what's the Lord of the Worlds and in Torah we are reading please be to the Lord God of the not God the fart and he said pleased be to the Lord God of Israel which speak to David but the Quran change this conception completely so the quran was opened by his saying in chapter one praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds then the Sidr confused the disbelievers so they said in quran has he made gods only one God truly this is I wonder the full thing the new judge also always said God officer had said so and so also Jesus they said I am NOT sent by unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel but contrary to this we find Quran for the first time of my mankind hostelry present theory says that God is Lord over all people and false and the Prophet Muhammad said that he was sent to all humanity contrary to Moses who was sent to be able as rain contrary to Jesus he was sent to his Falk only so we find Jesus when when woman came to him and she was not from be able of Israel she said to him Sir give me from the truth that you came with it to be one of Israel here by our obligor it is not good it is not good that I take children's bed and throw it to the dogs it means that he considers that evil of Israel only children of God and considers our army will like the dogs but contrary this when zombie will not from Arab came to the Prophet Muhammad like version sir Suleiman or like Greek so high when they came to Prophet Muhammad didn't say to them it is not good to take children's bread and throw it to the dogs but he not severe it between them and between the Arabs Quran say all people we created you from a male and female and made you races and the tribes that you may know one another the best among you and the sight of God is the most righteous righteous surely Allah is knowing aware this is what I say in last topic all right well my friend you see when we Christians when we speak about Islam I don't go and mention to you interpretation of the Quran according to me if you notice everything I said I say al tabari said I'll put to be said let me Abbas said I don't say I say what you did now you just said what you say that Jesus said to the women you are a dog this is not what Jesus said Jesus He blessed her and he did the miracle for her he did to bless her he accepted her as a believer what Jesus was saying that you people you know and you say that the Jews they say that everyone else is a dog he is a pagan he is like a dog and it's very funny that you are mission that Islam does not say what the Jews they claim which Jesus does not agree with them when the Quran says that all non-muslims are animals they are the same as animal kill and harm see there's a chapter about it speaking about it and you are saying how this happened when you are in your book saying anyone is not a Muslim is nothing but and anymore and not only that your God he taught people that anyone is not a much is not only an animal he is an edges he is filthy he is dirty you will notice that Jesus he did help that women and he made the miracle happen to her and he blessed her faith and he accepted her as a follower and as a believer he did not say to her get away from me I only came to the Jews and actually this is refute what you just said because if he only came to the Jews then why he accepted her and why he did what she want the Messiah he was asking her don't you know that the Jews say that this is what it's happened so she said Lord look how humble she is we'll even the dogs they take a piece of a breads from their masters you are my master and here you need to explain to me why the women is coming to Jesus asking him when she is a from the Aramaic who don't believe in the same God so what Jesus said to her because if your faith I will do what you want and he did the miracle for her in the same time when the Hourani claim that anyone is not a Muslim is an anymore and anyone who is not an Arab he is not equal to the Arab and I will give you a reference as though you are the one who mentioned that you know isn't it your prophet he said that Allah created from the from the shoulder of Adam though at the right shoulder of Adam the white and he said go to heaven voila Oh Bailey go to her to paradise and I don't care and is your prophet who said that Allah he hit Adam in his right left shoulder and he created the black people and he said go to hell and I don't care is it your prophet in the Quran he says in the day where Allah will make face as a black and faces white and if we go to evening athere we will find that that verse is speaking about Allah will black in all the faces of those with the arm not Muslims and he will turn them black and Allah will make all the believers wide if you go to chapter 27 verse number 82 you will find the verse saying the following and you can open it nigga --there with me it says that allah will send the beast his name is a just salsa and it just says is going to carry the staff of Moses and the ring of Solomon and is going to head the person in his face with the ring of cinnamon and he will turn to be wide and is going to hit the person in his face with the staff of Musa of Moses and he would turn to be sorry with the ring of cinnamon he will be black and the stuff of Musa will turn white and that he became all of him black that the spot will spread and then the believers they sit with the disbeliever and they say o believer all this believer so my friend this is a teaching in Islam of discrimination everybody in Islam who is not a believer Allah will make him a black jesus said go and teach and preach the whole word baptize them in the name of the Father and the Holy Spirit so Jesus did not come to the children of Israel only this is absolutely not a true and the proof is the following if we go in the Quran you see I'm going to show you from the Quran if we go in the Quran we will find that the Quran using the word which is injeel how jesus book is called injeel if he is coming to teach the Hebrew from your craw there is one of two solutions either your prophet is copying the name from the Greek which is one of the original books of Jesus which means-- written in original copy in the Greek language and the phony your God did not choose any Hebrew word for the book he choose the Greek one which means Allah agree that the word which or the book of Jesus which is sent it was in a Greek language however and this is we can find in chapter three verse number 33 but if we go into her on the horn confirmed that we never send any messenger Woma else animal rock children illa billah' semi-homemade chapter 14 verse number 4 we never send a messenger except in the tongue of his own people so how the book is sent in a Greek language and this is why the name is injeel but yet the quran says were never sent the messenger except in the tongue of his people and how you said to me that muhammad was sent to all mankind and the quran says we never send a messenger unless he speak of his own people do the Cordish speak Arabic do the back Standish speak Arabic do the Indian speak Arabic do the preach speak Arabic it says it clearly we're never sent and this is a statement said in the time of Muhammad not before not after it was mentioned and said to Muhammad we never send a messenger except in the tongue of his people what is the purpose in the language of his own people in order to make things clear to them so they might understand so the Quran confirmed that there is no way Allah will send a messenger to our people who don't speak the language because if he do so they will not understand so how he said to me Mohammed is a Messenger for all mankind when the honk confirm contradiction that Muhammad cannot be a messenger for all mankind because the people will not understand him you see this why I say Islam is a collection of contradiction they try to explain our book to us when we show them what the verses in the Quran saying and the interpretation of the verse same they deny it and they say oh I don't agree with the scholar now let me ask you mr. Roy the version of front of us we never sent a messenger except is Muhammad included in this verse or he is not included this is the verse is speaking about Muhammad has included person that Allah will never sent any message except to a messenger he speak the language of the people and he is affirm the people and then we send him a message oh my my friend it is not to true let this next bit look now I must for me know so you can make another debate to discuss Saturday if you want if you like next Saturday every Saturday we can have you here will be wonderful to have your Sheikh oh hey thank you very much for coming my friend and I hope people would have the benefit of this and by the way you see me and shaker here we might like speak and we are talking against each other but there is no you know I leave him with peace and I pray that may the Lord open his eyes and make him the truth and only the truth and let us let us pray that the Lord will guide those who they are looking for the truth the truth is what we are seeking and the Messiah said I am the truth and the Quran says that Allah is a truth which means Allah trying to say he is the Messiah but there is no way because the Messiah he presented truth always and he don't ever teach that you can't do something against the truth so I wish mr. Rohr he will come to us again maybe this coming Saturday can we take a promise from you to be this coming Saturday near chakra hey inshallah inshallah thank you very much taro hey if you want to say something before you really feel free okay good night okay take care bye

all right thank you very much guys for being with us I hope you did enjoy this debate and again just to remind you for those who they do not know that my book the new book the last two volume Quran which is sorry Allah six and Allah is already in amazone if you like to get your copy get your copy because we have a limited numbers we have only ten millions hello so you better what is the Muslims who said to me and we are going to buy all your books and burn it I got wait for you man where are they I mean come on you promised me you would buy all my books and burn it unbelievable anyway guys as you notice Quran is a collection of contradiction the Prophet what is make you proud about Islam Islam is the religion teach us that Allah is the lord of the world Allah is the lord of the world okay let me teach you something to Shaitaan is the lord of the world - we said he's not he is the Lord of this world the Quran actually I did not reach like I was waiting you expect him to stay because the Quran says Rob alameen rabbil al-ameen what does that mean you see the Muslim they believe that there is two words he is the lord of the two words and I was going to ask him next what is those two words your God is the Lord of them and then he will discover that this is exactly what Satan is about but anyway I hope maybe next Saturday he will come and we will have a more discussion about it I'm not going to stay longer on air for very simple reason we want people to download the video we don't want to add additional things have nothing to do with the debate so we make it only about the debate so if you do not subscribe to our Channel please feel free if you want to have more knowledge about Islam and learn how to debate Muslims and learn because you see learning how to debate Muslims is about learning about the cult we are talking about you cannot debate somebody and you do not have a knowledge otherwise he can play as you see this is a shake of a PhD but he will not hesitate to practice takea he said that there is nowhere in the Quran to speak in that there is a mota but he is the one who said Allah allowed the Prophet to do Matta and Allah forbid the Prophet to do Matta when I asked him are you saying that the Prophet he was allowed by Allah to do muta but didn't have reference for that that Allah gave him how how the Prophet you you are you saying the Prophet he allow you to do muta without permission from Allah because if it's a permission from Allah show me the verse if it is not a permission who is Muhammad to make such a thing allow in adultery go a renter women for sex what kind of a prophet he is the best example of mankind he allow man to go a renter women for a night or two what if Jesus allowed that

so we will finish with this and please after we finish the video usually take like sometime before it's going to be loaded all of it download the video feel free to download my videos and post them wherever you wish all right I am NOT a person who go flag people for load in my videos actually I encourage them because the purpose is not about having subscribers for me is about spreading knowledge I am NOT here for me I'm here for you so I want to say thank you guys may the Lord bless you and for those who have a questions maybe later I'm going to open again I'm not sure you know if I can open my my channel again I will do so alright and again please tell your friends about my new book which is 6 and Allah this book is 2 volumes it's a priceless you will learn things you never heard before I guarantee you that it's not just about the 72 version we know all of this story right if I will make a book about the 72 virgins there's no need to make a book about it you know already all of you know that that's not a big deal so what we are going to show you there is things you did not hear before tones of things the book is very inviting to vol 1 start speaking about sexuality before Islam you notice that he said that mota was a practice before Islam the fact he would go and read my book it doesn't say that I have even the code of all the names according to her Asha herself in that book and actually you know I forgot to mention it to him and get him busted with that but anyway you see when you have in your head like a library of books and then all all of them they want to come down together you cannot you cannot put them all together in a short time and give it to him but too bad he had to leave however he did not do better than the last time it was horrible this is a religion cannot stand questions God he make her on better than the Quran God he cause Gras to be forgotten but God he promised that he will not forget the claw and Muslims they claim that they reserved the Quran in their heart but yet this gentleman he just admit that his a prophet was forgetting the Quran Oh what he said oh he did not forget it totally yeah right he said I forgot chapters and verses and when I asked him is it happening by the will of Allah he said yeah everything by the will of Allah so why Allah made Muhammad forget the Quran with the purpose if Mohammed is going to remember the Quran by seeing or hearing somebody else saying it what and why Allah made him forget the Quran simply Muhammad he say things and then he got in trouble and one of the funny thing is this / gentleman he said to us that the books of tafseer and espinoza which is the reason the book of as babiness don't mean this is a translation of the title the reason for the verses to come down the reason for the verses to come down he said those books are made to solve problems and after 1400 years did you muslims solve the problems or you just admit that you muslims don't agree about anything we have a cult the scholars of Islam do not agree even about this simple thing how we can accept it to be a religion the same as Muhammad he make and fabricate Quran to solve a problem the same as we showed about the muta and the funny I told him even Abbas said that he added that there's a three words is missing from that verse Allah I am Usama - a brief preset time fixed time he did not answer about that amia bath is the cousin of Mohammed is not just anyone walking down street thank you guys being here may the Lord bless you and until we see you tomorrow again I hope usually Sunday I don't do a broadcast but I will try so until I see you tomorrow may the Lord bless you all Christ as Lord is Lomb is false and we prove it every time we debate Muslims Thank You anger the bus



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