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hey guys welcome to the tenth and final episode of Bill's live Bob revealed I have to say I couldn't be more stoked with the way this bike turned out let's do a quick review of the bike one thing I love about bobbers is I don't know I just love the lines of the bike I love the seat the gas tank the way the gas tank goes high it just reminds me of a hot rod as you can see I stayed with the naked tins these are all just stickers on here cuz I love the chrome and the the side sticker here I love all the performance machine billet the Vance and Hines pipes are awesome they sound great I love the way they look they kind of remind me of flat track or pipes making a flat track or I also love this front end with no fender and this this fender brace here which you'll see very often Austin performance machine a headlight the candy-apple red powder coating on the bike and the accents I think turned out awesome if you come over here you can see I got this nice rolling sans license plate with the taillight these are blinkers here some more stickers on here I put my number six on here because I've always been number six when I wrote dirt bikes love the new forward controls the performance machine double piston front brake works way better than what I had before I love all the black controls now where everything before was Chrome I have to say this angle of the bike right here has got to be my favorite this whole bike was dripping with chrome before I did the build so I loved it being all blacked out now let's take it for a ride

I tell you what the bike feels totally different than what it used to feel like I mean the gas tanks much thinner the position of my feet is totally different the seat is about the same but it just feels so comfortable the the handlebars the seed and the foot pay positions not to mention the bikes at least 20 pounds lighter because I stripped off a bunch of weight I'll tell you what the bike is so much more nimble because of the tires my last tires were kind of flat because they had to stretch out to fit the rims these tires are quite a bit bigger and they just feel way better I love the sound of these events and Hinds grenade pipes too so if you guys remember I put a S&S high performance cam in the bike and I didn't know what to expect from that their claim was that it'll give it more power on the bottom to mid and I can totally feel the difference mostly in the mid-range power the bike definitely pulls stronger so yeah I'm really happy with the way the bike turned out I want to thank all you guys for your support and watching the videos and such the build series is well over 300,000 views and crawling more and more every day and let me know what you guys think of the final bike in the comments down there I think that's all I got about to say about this thing right now I'm gonna go enjoy my day you guys do that too and I will see you in the next video

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Today is the day we've all been waiting for.....the Bobber reveal and test ride. I am still pinching myself that my custom Harley FatBoy is now the style of bike that I've been eyeballing for months. I didn't see this coming but it happened and I'm stoked about it. This build series could not have been possible without the super generous sponsorship of

. BIKE PARTS LIST: Arlen Ness Billet Aluminum Fork Boots - 262403 $250 Roland Sands Design Handlebar Risers - RD3385 $160 Roland Sands Design Steering Stem Nut - RD3393 $49 Twin Power Fork Oil - 539020 $8 Fork Rebuild Kits - 601621, 601620 $12.50 Motion Pro Fork Seal Install Tool - 158489 $45 Performance Machine Front Brake caliper - PM7140 $450 Bikers Choice Wheel Bearing Set - 410409 $19 each Bikers Choice Rear Axle Adjuster Blocks - 215581 $14 pair Twin Power Brake Rotors - 666832 $185 each Avon Roadrider RearTire 150/80-18 - 305745 $181 Avon Roadrider Front Tire 130/80-18 - 305744 $190 ROLAND SANDS DESIGN SHIFTER LINKAGE RD3160 - $150 ROLAND SANDS DESIGN HANDLEBAR RISERS RD3385 - $160 ROLANDS SANDS BILLET HAND CONTROL LEVERS RD3051 - $160 ARLEN NESS BILLET HANDLEGRIPS 262219 - $90 ARLEN NESS BLACKOUT SWITCH COVERS 262844 - $70 ARLEN NESS BILLET MIRRORS 263855/263857 - $100 EACH PERFORMANCE MACHINE DERBY COVER PM2812 - $150 PERFORMANCE MACHINE INSPECTION COVER PM3231 - $100 PERFORMANCE MACHINE HORN COVER PM3560 - $130 PERFORMANCE MACHINE BILLET AIR FILTER PM5092 - $420 TWIN POWER BLACKOUT HAND SWITCHES 482653 - $55 TWIN POWER SPARK PLUG WIRES 110117 - $21 GMA BILLET FORWARD FOOT CONTROLS 439219 - $580 BLACK COIL COVER 490209 - $16 ROLAND SANDS BILLET CLUTCH/BRAKE LEVERS RD3051 - $160 KURYAKYN HEAD BOLT COVERS 497831 - $25 PERFORMANCE MACHINE BILLET CLUTCH COVER PM3188 - $350 BIKERS CHOICE BLACKOUT THROTTLE CABLE BIKERS CHOICE BLACKOUT IDLE CABLE 06-2269 GOODRIDGE HYDRAULIC BRAKE HOSE - 36" 03-6227 GOODRIDGE HYDRAULIC BRAKE HOSE - 42" 03-6230 GOODRIDGE BANJO 3/8 STRAIGHT 03-6250 GOODRIDGE BANJO 3/8 90 DEGREE GOODRIDGE BLACK BANJO BOLTS 03-6263 MOTION PRO THROTTLE / IDLE CABLE CLAMP 11-0094 VANCE & HINES GRENADE EXHAUST VH0207 - $800 BIKERS CHOICE CLUTCH CABLE CLAMP (11/8") 482969 - $12 ROLAND SAND DESIGN LICENSE BRACKET - RD3548 $270 ROLAND SANDS DESIGN GAS CAP - RD3521 $80 ROLAND SANDS DESIGN FORK BRACE - RD3356 $150 MUSTANG SPRING SOLO SEAT - 489219 $280 PERFORMANCE MACHINE HEADLIGHT - PM3418 $450 BIKERS CHOICE FUEL TANK - 483126 $168 BIKERS CHOICE REAR FENDER - 492560 $68 S&S 510 CAM #498564 $150 S&S QUICKEE PUSHRODS #497216 $167 ROLAND SANDS BILLET COVER #RD3182 $110
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