🔴#3 LWR: Back in the Outback!

by: xwynns

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by the way I'm like for whatever reason unfathomably an unquenchable thirst II like I just cannot I'm just downing water my mouth is just strike one is authorised to assault the alien craft so if it sounds like I'm making weird noises it's only cuz I want to overwatch see if we get some audio indicators much D&D if I've been playing lately I haven't played D&D since like like literally lost century I think there was this one time at Joey's house it did something for like an hour but that was about it was that like that had to be a decade ago by the way I wasn't paying attention to the indicators I don't think there was any if something like sectoid over here where's the UFO it's over there okay I'm actually completely backwards I thought I was over here I want the mail but at the same time I've I'm not sure if I should do this or not because these early game UFOs are a little bit want to trick see them before it seems like they've got three pods now like I found a part of for a part of four and then a part of three and then the outsider so that's more than before it used to be like three three and one meaning I'm not sure if it's really worth it to take the risk here but at the same time if we do take the risk and we spot stuff we can always double move so here we go

prefer to move away from the UFO over there to the Secretary's I think I heard over here gilli yes nothing but easy easy games in this channel that are bug free no nothing but speaking of I've I've played how many hours of battle brothers now like a hundred and fifty or some such I don't think I've encountered a single crash or a single bug I don't think not even one something to doubt that there's guys over there now so let's set up at this tree I really really really really do not want to come over here and pull all three pods and the outsider at the same time with a handful of rookies no grenade spam whatsoever I might have to give up the mail to play a little bit more a defensive here and wait for an opportunity

what am I gonna play kingmaker that's the Pathfinder game maybe this week actually I don't know it's gonna do a lot more stuff this week so we got meld over here we got guys over there but I'm pretty sure we've got the entire UFO over there so let's go you had that one battle crash once oh I think I vaguely remember that it's it's tough to remember because there's so many battles that I force close with my alt f4 XCOM profile professional gamers have game specific profiles on their mouse

let's do this I hate how much time we've wasted running around here but I need to overwatch Charles and I do want to get the melt here but if we oh there's another one this is this is the ultimate wolf eyes this chat is amazing thank you Dust Bowl for the 1,050 bits that's a lot basketball by the way I think that's a reference to before I don't even understand how that situation came to be but thank you very much for the thousand 50 bits they don't really sound like bits when there's a thousand of them though

also those bolts the cheerleader now you Lincoln the throne from fury away

I am really really torn on this all right let's start moving oh god oh god please don't activate outsider maybe this might be good then I played this mission this morning and I was able to kill one paw and far away and then I went to the UFO and there was eight four it was like yeah it almost ate sectoid and the outsider and that's after I killed the pod so I'm just really terrified right now that I might find three drones eight sac toads and the outsider with a bunch of rookies 35:35 this is our lot my friends 35s four days

to that location we actually have no means to deal with these guys whatsoever so I think this is where we're gonna use our first smoke hey Sam you

yeah apparently the chats so amazing vows bolt just like hangs out and then randomly like three days after scream he's like no now's a good time to so

yeah streaming on youtubes weird it's just a really weird experience to be honest very very very strange experience I actually want to alt-tab right now to go see if the last battle brother stream process from two weeks ago 43 but that's Swede who was that that was sweet Wow nice hitting there friend I will absolutely take that 53 over here Eric there we go - no toggle doesn't this feel so much better than it used to bunch of guys with cutter buying shooting drones four one one one it used to be zero zero zero this is much better than it used to be we have a 35 over here with buttery but I'm actually thinking of not taking it and saving the ammo 26% what we also have running guns remain well I like staying in the smoke so we're gonna just take a random 26% and I'm gonna conserve ammo and buttery I don't think I'm even gonna or wash to be honest I don't think it's worth the shot because if the outsider does show up and another pod activates animal management will be very difficult

look at that 64 in the smoke now it's gonna be an 84 for this guy oh no nevermind he's gonna repair and no activation sectoid is up here yes there is the activation all right now now now now we've got a beautiful Isabelle also many things to do 65% right hold the phone friends let's think this through I think think think he's right here we come over here we get a step out it's a really far shot though but it's definitely a shot can everyone else kill the drones yes they can all land one one one one however then we have no flashbang over there I really want this to work in our favor oh boy however we could kill a drone flashbang the guy and then deal with it next turn it also rum over here how many tiles away we're talking like one two three four we go all the way in there if we wanted to be super crazy which might make more sense most combat specialist we'd have to run we confirm so one two three four we could move here but that's only gonna give us probably five damage times two on average minus whatever damage reduction he has which is one and a half so we're looking at like three three that's not gonna work we might be able to finish him off I'm gonna go for it all right buttery 65 percent 65 crit firm eleve actually not form elevation all right well that's unfortunate now we've had to kill the drones and someone's gotta come all I want to suppress with Erick but it's not really worth it because he's gonna make a run for it anyway

twitch chat is definitely more legendary thing with YouTube is it just never worked Nick there's so many freaking issues so many I still potentially want to run over hitter and take that actually I should probably save the run and gun and much as it pains me leavin exposed outside or sitting there I think it's the smart move so Tremaine could probably run over here or maybe kill one of these drones still have us to ammo be close enough to go run and gun that guy next turn and then maybe Swede throws the flashbang over here to help reduce him to some extent no point in suppressing em he's gonna run anyway it'll take a terrible carbine shot that does nothing so instead 93-91 well 93 it is Xander oh there's the legendary hits for one they still exists they're just less common now is is this all in smoke not even close 86 84 this is why I probably shouldn't have taken my 65% there we're definitely gonna have to use the flashbang over here with Swede hopefully we can connect for one more damage and then have Germain kill the other one but I don't know where he's gonna be able to go to pull that off he can't make it all the way there and I don't want to use my running gun let's see eighty three eighty one key all-star MVP landfill so I can move here and that's dicey is this cover vs No

74 from here we need to take to ship we need to be so much closer this is so terrible we can just run and gun up here and kill the troll he does you know what we could leave the drone but then I have to blow the running gun though I don't like it I don't like anything about this scenario I wonder if the drone would shoot remain in the back I doubt it he might though Niki is more likely to go for johnny-five butter butter Reed rather because he's Hollow teller did I could just dash up here with Tremaine and be ready for next turn I'm gonna do it

scrolling the me up he took did go first buttery it's growing the middle mouse zooms I didn't know that it's good to know I just used the ctrl + oh no yep this is exactly what I didn't want to have happen so now now we're fighting 7 sectoid x' the outsider is got covering fire opportunist on overwatch close combat specialist we're in a weird little cubby over here the Mel's about the Toutle in one turn we do have suppression but covering fire but smoke note we can't even get the smoke off covering fire better ik 84 Oh Erik could you yes yes you could all right that's one thing I want to be able to grab the mill now I'm gonna have to play very defensively for quite some time and get in position to grab the meld as well so the plan is Erik disables the outsider the overwatch rather probably buttery falls back he kills the drone we deploy a smoke theater where we are perfectly fine and dandy place and then charmagne dashes over to the meld so we can link it getting him sort of relatively close to some oh god this is really bad 7 out sec toys and an outsider nothing I can do about it though we move over here without pulling the overwatch yes if I did this would be still be able to flashbang this guy that's the thing actually I'm not a hundred percent sure I know we can now moving up should make it still completely viable this wanted to be in the high cover there it is

well I don't know how I'm gonna get the other meld although then just kill all the guys but if they start if they like panicked remain or pretty much screwed where can we deploy our smoke now literally where we are and that's about it let's throw it as far over to the right as possible so we can get butter eat the move as little as possible this by the way is why I didn't take that shot a long time ago because I didn't yeah I'm gonna use one ammo here to take this guy down or are we maybe since these guys can't do very much else we use them to take down the drone I think so sweet 85 91 Xander beautiful good what a cool camera angle and now butter he's just hanging out up here we could drop down into the smoke and overwatch make sure we got line-of-sight we do beautiful or maybe I should have moved up and from like right here mm-hmm maybe I should still do that actually so we can get in there for the flank next turn this will break lunch should break line of sight yep so he's sort of safe the problem is this guy of course not flashbang could do whatever he wants which is total of course

I have arrived still is that you metric install like a business name yeah look at all these right there in the corner look at that little dope of all the places to go he chose there here's the beautiful thing we can get an awesome flank with buttery that's not gonna pull any well we might be if he's on overwatch which I presume that he is once we shoot will pull the covering fire and that's gonna hit like a truck

but we're not gonna kill him is the thing and it's really not worth it how the heck do I play this seven sectoid the second we engage with them the second they can see us like the reason they didn't do anything just then is because the outside our own is first move broke line-of-sight the sect eyes didn't know where we were so they just danced around

reload Eric without moving up as much as we have this beautiful shot I think what's gonna happen is we pull a covering fire shot and then get hit for like six and then the Sektor it's literally just killed buttery and we only have zero extra ships right now so that's not acceptable this isn't even elevation it's only two tiles up so we're probably better off just hanging out in the smoke I may as well reload cuz we're probably gonna need to eventually the real question is do we move out with buttery and if so to where and to overwatch cuz once they see him they're all gonna move up and start hacking away at him so probably not probably our best bet is to move Tremaine like right over here where we can go in on either direction to do whatever we need to do or yeah and then break line of sight however so dicey in so many ways right now but the thing is if we move up here and the outsider comes out in some direction we're like completely screwed so I think we're just gonna hunker and reload alright all we did was everyone reloaded used to install them as a job install what metrics

what's the matter is that like Australian for window or something well here they come I guess we have no flash bangs no grenades no smokes seven sec though it's one outsider this is a nightmare right now an actual literal nightmare yeah the outsider I think is still camping that corner and we have one too there's actually four guys right there want to buy five if you count this guy once you buy grenade so badly and they all have like well they not all have them have I cover but that one has high cover 43:23 so we can just sit here spamming fifty five forty three shots at them praying for luck as soon as I move out with buttery he's just gonna get melted but we could move up like right here and get a close proximity shot on that guy the real question is how do we deal with this this is I wonder if running away is a good idea I swear to God I played this mission earlier today in a test thing I did it in about five minutes and it was super easy the big difference of course is that not everything was in the UFO this time literally all three pods would spawn in the UFO by the way when did it happen that you have so small you've always had three pods so it used to be just two of eight guys now it's like even on day one you've got UFOs with 13 enemies on them I don't know her that being in the patch notes but maybe I misread it it's a router brand better hmm I had no idea that's weird do you think I would know that we're doing Australia which I think it's bugged by the way oh if we move over to heated with Jermaine we're gonna get flanked right in the back so that's not him they now know where we are they're gonna come out here and it's assassinate Jermaine one way or another he could move up to the high cover and hunker but then he's putting himself at risk for sectoid slaughter another option is we fall back for a climate squaw we can't even break - ight we could fall back though cuz I hate that tile right there like I really hate this sectoid at that high covered tile if we fall back the only thing they can do is take lo cover and run out like Dobies so that's actually what I'm gonna do we got one tile here one tile there and then unfortunately landfill is gonna have to - order be useless oh no he can go back there alright wait oh I thought there was a line of sight indicator yeah but there's not so he doesn't have line of sight that all right well still I still like this plan better than anything else really hope we can kill this guy we're also gonna to maintain our ammo because Edric only has three on the carbine for suppression the one downside of this speck until I get will to survive we have to bring an alien trophy which means we can't bring the hi Kat mags which means we can only ever do one suppression like every other turn however 43% sweet help help us okay yes exactly Xander you're the one oh wait I thought he had line of sight that I could have sworn that he did apparently he didn't I guess we'll just - over here with landfill then everyone can take one shot I suppose 53 better you very much appreciate although I need more than that to be honest because now they know where we are I guess sander overwatch is really don't know what to do with buttery the thing is they don't here's the thing they've whoops they've got just this tile to shoot us from they could not even move out here they could move to this spot and that would be very dangerous gonna hunker down out there in case the outsider comes out and pulls off like a miraculous 30% shot I suppose buttery overwatch is here until this is better if we move out we're gonna get melted so we just wait play it safe whoo drew thank you for the sub thank you guys pretty much up to 90 subscribers and only three days on to it it's awesome this chats amazing it still seed us both spits that's amazing 65% down sweet resist okay well so that our plan is to outplay us at our own game by spamming us to death with mine phrase will be take really bad shots at them all day until until I think I need to sit here and take this we're gonna lose that Mel just sit here and take these shots thin them out until we get a couple guys dead 55 Zander to be really difficult Ashley if they spam my merch it's gonna be a losing game for us never you mind friends lame full to the rescue now we even reload on Eric overwatch there's no real point in over watching over here then again what is it eight tiles so one two three four five six seven if they did run out here we could be on overwatch there's no place that well they could go over there and then shoot us through the high cover so hunkers probably better sweet hold down the fort all right one less sectoid give you 50 more turns I have to make an application to the Better Business Bureau I think Oh No yes buttery he's so slippery they can't hit him that's the best name ever by the way for a shiv it makes perfect sense here's the thing retaliation he Hal 46 that's not what I want one shot here that's it we got one shot at that corner what about up here no here no here yes yes theater yes yes okay question is can we get there without pulling the overwatch well we know there's a sec towed inside but he won't see us we know there's another sector out here but he's not on overwatch that's one two three we know that one corner is clear as we can see that is someone here though on overwatch because we'd run up there and pull an overwatch shot plus then remember gonna be spotted and the outsider can easily come out here and do bad things to us that will not be fun times or we try to run away with buttery

I really don't like this

we're not - and Tremaine over there into five SEC toys and an outsider on overwatch what's Better Business Bureau that's where you I don't know if you open a business right because I always say we're in business so if we're gonna be in business we'd like go there and set up an account right

I don't know it actually works I've used it before I don't know if it's a scam so if we move up we might be able to kill one sectoid but the more exposed ourselves to a lot of enemies who are going to spam us if we can kill one sectoid is that enough to turn the table we'll have 5 SEC toads of the map and an outsider I really don't think it is however if we stay here water he's gonna get chipped away at repeatedly all right I think we gotta we gotta go for it we also can't really really move the overwatch here 14% on Swede because he's still hallucinating Swede run away it's not safe for you we can't just let buttery sit that are getting shot at or can we can we actually I think we can buttery 46% OTO G please oh well hey maybe next turn meanwhile the rest of everyone else just hangs out here on overwatch except for or no I think even Hedrick on overwatch

nice they don't know what to do there it is Xander 68 now I straight the dogged seem to thin them out a little bit more before we can bring in our charge return fire 24 beautiful Xander see Bravo wolves get into the thick of things here I don't like that 71 at all on buttery but I mean it had to be done now we got many options by which I mean oh there goes my porter Mel's anyway buttery 46 second times a try now can be fitted even further and then the charge can commence very likely Xander 55 yes what even is this game god I forgot that you cross only makes easy games I just completely forgot this is what he does for a sec towards one outsider I don't know if I want to move sweet up for the overwatch necessarily cuz he could yeah he'll be alright even if he gets wounded the extra shots probably worth it and I really like the honking over here I'm a Tremaine come on friends there's a tile right there please go take it 79% panic on Xander yeah they know who'd it's our good I'm winning with skill

all right what do we got here so still for a sec - its what are you freaking turns have I've been playing who knows we can see one here one they are still and he's my merging another one over there so I think they're all in that corner I actually don't mind this too much the panic the problem is we need more shots and we don't really have them unless I want to move up I suppose there's no reason not to move up at this point here should see absolutely no other spot yeah including right over there which is great now that opens up to step out here with Eric so we have one two shots once we shoot with Eric then we can then move over here with Swede and take a third shot so pray for luck friends 52% lethal Eric's 53 bit of the old Swede 39 hmm we're gonna reload on buttery I think we're better off just eating the mine merge or whatever and hanging out here with Germain it's so weird doing nothing with my best guy but I can't jeopardize him getting wounded or attacked by that outsider and then not being able to kill him in like one shot when I want to however if the outsider comes right there that would be bad fortunately they're just being full you know what I should just do is over well if I overwatch I don't you guys do it's too unlike ring around the state to know anything but this do something else 60% Smith Wow alright that would have worked great until it stopped working so now it's time for some aggression the problem is we can't flank with buttery by one frigging tile we could move over here with Germaine but that is a very dangerous game because we're gonna get Flint actually there's no place they can go to flank is up all the way back there however the sectoid shouldn't be an over launch so this should work I'm very apprehensive about doing it but I think now is the time to get rid of the outsider we can actually kill him almost assuredly between buttery and Germaine it's gonna open us up to four SEC tides but whatever then we'll kill them one two three four we need to be here I suppose as close as we could get without pulling the close combat specialist no SEC toys on overwatch well there's the first one there's another one 67 buttery

Barnaby sectoid 94% buttery big damage not big but not small I will take it and this guy is about to fall as they say he old a running gun make sure no Columbus post combat specialist yep we'll be short a smidge II make sure we got line of sight we do I cover check everything's good to remain proverbial biscuit risking as they say and Tootles friend seal it

absolutely perfect he had three hit points left to be hit for three now we've got four sectoid so we're gonna retaliate but how are they going to retaliate that one's gonna run let's move up with length Oh wish I had one more flashbang 32 52 52 alright I might want to just over watch with as many people as possible let's move up here to a Swede to get out of the way for Eric to maybe take nope he can't get anywhere move here let's charge up with Eric into the high cover for next turn for more utility Swede get closer since you got no shot over there Blaine fell probably the best move is over launched to hold them in place as much as possible

noodles soupy 40% bloody hell that's terrible especially if this guy oh what the oh why did he just go there in the first place that's what I was worried about 77% mine Freight why mine phrase 65 tree bait in the high cover my knee but Tremaine does barrel rolls for days easing game which one of you little boys wants to be murdered fool sure Tremaine can get a kill but in so doing is gonna expose himself to bad times if we're flanking all of them will they move or will they try to kill Germain I really don't want to find out the hard way we could suppress dopey guy over here can we take a random shots from on high 52 sure we can lane thil all you nice this is a surprisingly difficult first view of 24% Swede good god - man you got to get out of there why are you even going in there with two hit points I know it's not a force it's a tree you doofus Xander you've got no ammo and you're a rookie so you can't use a pistol this is working great 75 okay we're gonna take a shot here or without a carbine gunner tank Eric 75 bloody hell nothing about this is good let's get as much range as possible and move over here to flank every one of these guys with buttery will take down one of them I suppose I'm less than thrilled about this circumstance but there we go I'm just I want to go hide for a little bit since we have the mine free up oh of course see 50% richer main look at this guy I really didn't think he'd be that aggressive

I mean now he's dead you know I suppose I was thinking of running over here which remain but then I thought no he'll definitely come over here and flank that door but if I come over here there's no way he's gonna run towards us to flank but you know sectoid they just go full and progression modes sometimes boots and thank you for this up whoo 10 ale that what that says thank you very much for the breads although breads have cards in them wouldn't suggest eating the carbs but I do love the bread oh my god pieces will literally just eat like entire loaves of cinnamon bread and that'd be it I would literally be it go to the store buying a loaf of bread like delicious eat it hundred percent Xander yeah alright so this is what happened there Xander went really pro hit a bunch of things we got a ton of wounds I kind of mess up to the end Tremaine it's gonna be wounded now by ridiculously aggressive sectoid that was a super difficult mission in terms of eleven enemies on the first UFO and every single one of them is literally on top of themselves with an outsider as well and we also just had like a bunch of rookies basically however we did it no real losses we are gonna have at least two wounds and buttery didn't get wounded which is important now we got to decide on this weird thing this is so strange to me I wonder if they can just include in this line of text since it clearly has a variable for what you're gonna spend like what you would get so it could say like would you like to dispatch additional salvage team 207 million credits potentially secured like eight alloys and 27 I mean I don't know I don't know what this like what does this mean you know who blind night thank you for the sub friend 91 subs salvage team I like the sound of that feature yeah the real question I think I could put you into negative credits if you do it I think we do want to do it cuz this yes because we'll get money at the end of the month but we won't get that whoo so many so thank you excellent we're gonna do this I don't know what we gonna get for it it's expensive but having early resources is important it's not three alidium I honestly don't know how much it is though

hey it doesn't tell you even if you do it it just shows you the thing being

bred is only bad if you buy it you're making your own yeah Chris I used to be really ins of insult like having Christine make bread that's really into it which I mean I feel like wow that was a good two seconds of eating bread for the nine hours it took you to make it I think we had some kind of weird bread maker once but I think it just literally took too much time even with whatever it was but we got it because she can't eat gluten so she would make this weird bread and it was always terrible like non gluten bread is just the absolute worst any who's Eric will to survive boy that mission though 26 days and Tremaine could be worse 24 days on Swede could be worse sweet has terrible aim really high hitpoints I was hoping he would get a gunner tank he's not so we're gonna go Scout my scouts are gonna be utility this time I don't care about mobility they're gonna be like grenade tossing ooh this is what I wanted Xander with eight hit points is gonna become a gunner tank seventy aim you can theoretically do rockets but yeah what's the point and then we got Lane phille who was assigned to support which is actually not great because for my support ooh all mutters hey friend thank you for this up let's see goal birds in a while I don't think I used to like saying gull Murs I think I started saying like David didn't I I don't know why

and I really like goal MERS a fun name to say buttery toast oh my god I did get a key for kimchi I tried it once but I didn't get too far into it there's really nothing better than buttery sentiment oh so it's so frigging good supposedly Australia is one hit point one aim to will but I'm pretty sure it's two hit points I think it might be backwards guys you're going crazy on the subs that's like five subs in five minutes it's like it's coordinated hate butter icing thank you for the sub might be +1 health instead of +2 though you know what it might I wonder if it's actually +2 will maybe it's +2 health instead of +2 will either away I think it's a little too strong

yeah I tried I tried to announce it as many places as possible that I was gonna stream on Twitch but you know it's hard to get everyone to see all the things because youtube doesn't share everything with everyone but Roman cetera a Brian ski that's just now it's just called them Lang 'fl cetera Brian ski it's a cool name anywho is what I really want for my engineers is aim and what I really want for my medics is mobility we have an either aim normally we have hit points so I don't know what to do here 12:00 aim or 12:00 mobility would be I want to say awful for shotguns spec but not necessarily because I think you can get let's go see if we have a medic someplace I think you can get extra cons mobility relatively early because it was added in so maybe I'll go medic fires serial X wins butter hammer excellence nation action Wow very low I think you're starting to enjoy to which a little too much it's like you're Tooting the most nonsensical thing I've ever seen thank you for the 500 Pitts though 7 sank to it so Wow 21 a liter him in 42 alloys I did this earlier now there's a lot of variants to this but I did it earlier and I think I got something like 13 or 14 a leaner iam and like 32 alloys so I think we've just paid 271 credits or like ten alloys and like maybe eight illyrian if that's the case was it worth it normally probably not but in this instance I think so giving these things early means we can do early rewards for council missions as well as build early laser guns and do all kinds of fun time things so 271 s a walk the other thing I'm wondering is can it actually make you negative because I had seen that pop up earlier and it only charged me $87 so maybe it can't make you negative and it just gives you a smaller thing so actually spending your money before a UFO might be an idea I'm not sure though 15 meld for three engineers well 15 meld is now worth $75 so maybe we do have the drone Rex to do this so let's do it alien alloys for two scientists 9 will do that 12 illyrian for two scientists this is questionable at best but I think I'm gonna do it for an early jump in science tech so basically I just spent like two hundred seventy-one dollars to fulfill those two missions what I have done that for those early scientists yes absolutely 15 ml for three engineers is it worth it that's $75 worth of melt it probably is plus we get some anti-panic on China a little bit

finally the salvage teams can cost like over tens of thousands of credits but I don't know much about it we get an attack computer really I didn't even see that

I don't know if you can increase this computer is the selvedge rewards I would be really weird I think I am gonna do this 300 years is so much this early but then again 75 dollars is also so much but that's an expensive request I think that's the most that can even ask for is 15 meld this early that's cool that we just did all four of those we have established yet why computer early a super good honor ng that means we can do alien comps and go straight to go leus 22 sectoid it's one drone we still have nine elite or iam 33 alloys that's good we can put like three laser weapons with that maybe four let's check the adder game situation six days six days 12 days they should all be ready for the next one thanks for introducing me to battle brothers I've been playing it all week yeah sorry to consume your entire week it's really fun though I'm gonna play it all week too I think oh all this coming week I'm not gonna do weapon fragments like ever because I still well you can get more weapon fragments in two ways number one you cross increase the amount that you get for each mission to account for the fact that there's less enemies on abductions the second thing what was the second thing there's some other thing that increases the amount of weapon fragments you get I forget what it is exactly still though 15 is really dead last campaign I was unbelievably short on these and if I don't do them ever I might be able to build the super unbelievably expensive Sentinel drone project I don't have anywhere near as much fun when I play battle brothers like when I'm not streaming it though six drones six drones for 200 meters that's that's a lot new battle brothers content is that a question content patch or DLC in the works that a question or statement I don't understand

the point yes we're rushing mechs not like super super rush but very early so first I'm gonna go for lasers that the early game lasers then I'm gonna go for armor and then I'm gonna go probably for sectoid interrogation and then max 15 meld is temporary and three engineers are eternal unless you do a base defense and they all get killed and $75 in the early game is a lot not to be scoffed at whatsoever but beam lasers is five days so they're gonna do materials which we need for Amex anyway then I'm gonna take a little detour and do the first two your armor for fallon's which we don't need to do for max after that we're gonna go for or buy all no computers no biology first to get the building we need to build the containment facility followed by neurology which we don't need for max but if we capture a sectoid it gives us a credit for a max was basically like one free technology so we may as well do that before we do the max this technology has a number of potential and then we go on to Goliath Argentina really that's the best possible results who the heck cares all right toodles Argentina I don't think anyone's crying for you for sectoid down that's the sort of mission I want to see for sectoid x' for two Sciences the exalt DLC for battle well the qualities of orders cuz I drop the bitrate there used to be nine megabits a second now it's six as you - that's the one thing they do have is infinite technical like bandwidth supply or as twitch I don't think it's as good request from Brazil twelve alloys 31 out however you guys probably shouldn't even build a notice it honestly just check your check your quality settings this is I'm actually gonna do sort of maybe this I'm not sure thing is we need money hmm Brazil's gonna toodle so I don't really care it means obviously they're gonna - it'll now that Argentina's gone weird me the alloys for the laser guns but we also need money for the laser guns so money we're gonna get in 12 days alloys I don't know we should get another UFO soon guess we'll be able to find out right now

what did I say I was gonna do biology no it's gonna go to materials first to get armor but that's ten days plus probably another ten days or you go to biology and try to get the captures almost immediately I haven't set in so I was actually really struggling trying to decide on this this morning like what's the better thing to do as if we get the sectoid interrogation we also get tack rigging and then we get the credit for cybernetics so as tack rigging better than getting the early armor what is the early armored give you it's like half a damage reduction so it's the same five hit points it gives you half a damage reduction in one mobility so one mobility is good and all you know what I might actually go for the captures problem is we're gonna even be able to afford the capture we do have some space for it I have to dig some stuff to actually know I could put it right here so worried about it too much all right they want to divert my plan then and we're gonna go instead directly to capture no I shut off saying begin allocating resources to the project immediately I don't think he's the best character Oh whoops what am I doing here I needed to uh needed to build the guns so this is why I wanted to sell all that Mel did not give it away because we need money Laser shatter raised oh that's not it what is the scatter laser why can't it just say laser scatterer so actually they're all elves right what the heck like laser heater anyway this is $50 and a Talos I want to build probably two and I want to build some carbines as well I would like to build two of those eight neh makes sixteen yeah so we can afford all of that we need one hundred and thirty one dollars in the gray market this is where boy I wish I had my mouth you don't have a hundred and thirty one dollars not even close I could dip in and sell a few of these and we'll build just one 17 days in 12 days we're receiving a transmission from the council coming on screen I forgot about council missions Lance Corporal weapons and panic reduction in Brazil we received an interesting report that a politician from Brazil oh no well there's gonna be rigging thinman every weight are they're thin men in the first cut now there are do they drop in at the end right the first one the first council mission of every campaign has three thin men that drop in and then immediately on the second mission there's seven if I remember correctly it's kind of cool it's in Brazil because if we do reduce the panic here and we know they're gonna target that area it's the highest panic first of all so they don't want to target it for that reason and secondly I think they have an AI prioritization to go after to like whole continents but I'm not a hundred percent sure about that I think they do it might just be automatic though like that's something they do naturally because the panic goes up by continents normally either way though this makes me a lot more too likely to do this alien alloy thing here however them are completely out of alloys but then we get enough money I really have three alloys left we have enough money to do nothing because all our allies would be gone I don't like doing Zang mission I did the Zang mission a million billion trillion times in the past like that's why I built my entire I literally built my entire long war strategy around Zang mission and so I did it like dozens of times don't build laser carbines they do plenty of damage what are you talking about

three or four two thin men only yeah so the main mission is gonna be a bunch of sectoid and then like one drone and then we're gonna have three drop ins those three droppings are gonna be all over the place though so I'm really worried about this mission and they're all gonna be in the roof which means we can't use our Johnny very well so I'm not sure if I should do this mission to help increase the panic resistance in Brazil and also simultaneously give us some money not really because I'd rather have I think I'd rather have two more guns let's just go through this mission first regardless

in in business that is are you in business

what are you doing with your time right now laser carbines do a lot more to damage now that damage reduction was nerfed they're almost always doing one so I'm basically building half my squad with carbines my Gunners are using carbines my Scouts are likely gonna use carbines they may use SMGs every once in a while depending on their mobility and stats but probably carbines by engineers are using carbines my medics are using shotguns my assaults are using shotguns in my infantry are gonna use garter mine so the whole frigging rosters using carbines

this mission 24 hours and Johnny five buttery you're up just in time I really SuperDuper wish romaine didn't get wounded so we had running gun on this alas he did that would be the best way to deal with these bin men Scouts aren't gonna do is very much use Gunners suppressions will be helpful I suppose so we can bring Enric as sort of a backup tank on the roof since the Finn men aren't gonna be able to shoot pottery very likely this mission is gonna be pretty potentially yeah I think it's gonna be pretty difficult it depends really on where they drop

jaunty pong haz14 mobility with 70 aim he would he would actually make a great sniper but I'll see the point I suppose we're gonna drink alive I was actually considering also making my snipers carbine DC sent me a message talking about snipers with carbine but I think was using an old patch as he talked about getting a ranger you can't really do it here anymore and then the problem is squad sights of wasted perk as his precision shot but it's kind of interesting because they can shoot every time with incredible aim and have good mobility you know what I was really thinking of doing with the snipers is using SMG an SMG build on a 14 mobility sniper would give them +2 mobility they have 40% to crit when they get a flank they get another 40% to crit then they use the TAC module alex is an +1 damage on a crit and 10 more crit and then they have lone wolf which gives them a hundred percent crit against everything that's they're flanking a hundred percent of the time with 16 mobility the only problem is they don't have base damage that's really the only problem you could do the same sort of thing with Scouts though with hit-and-run and Ranger I think an SMG hitting one Ranger Scout could be a lot of fun with lightning reflexes but at the same time why not just use a shotgun right I don't know we finally getting grenadiers infantry nope we try that once our turbines best gun we are bringing a sniper to Bad Mad Hatter's not here to see it though a Duke I like sulukim can we make a Sorokin email that real good

what are we doing here so clients coming along donors saying we need some way to deal with these guys when they show up we're gonna bring Oleg cuz I'm not really comfortable bringing anyone to Train on this mission not really sure we well the double tap on engineers could be very used well we don't have double tap on any engineer so never minds we only have heat which is not useful landfill could be like the worst shotgun medic of all time or he could be a mediocre and I still don't know what to do with him

twenty-four-hour maybe I'll bring to SHIVs no that's a terrible idea it would be nice to have a medic in general since this is a council mission with at least three thin men gonna make lane pull a medic with 12 yes I do I have decided

maybe maybe for this mission we'll make him an SMG medic I don't know why I would do that we're only gonna hit for like three it's not gonna work very well Oh like thank you for the 33 pits that's a new one now they're gonna go shotgun still we need the trophies we're gonna probably need a million flashbangs we need grenades like

we don't know we still need to cook I don't even know what to do here where are we gonna fit grenades I suppose I suppose Oleg with 49 will doesn't need a trophy I guess he can take a grenade he's got 10 in points that it doesn't get wounded so there's at least one grenade 5 of course is not using the dumb gun we only use the smart gun around here smokes probably good for him he'll be way out in the back and I guess we bring Trog order mate Mason's got 10 frigging hit points Fred's however Trog with 14 mobility might be better on this particular mission so let's bring him carbines for life 50 will that's fantastic this is where we're gonna pick up flashbang grenades so we get to AP grenades for flashbangs one smoke this should be good I don't need to take med kits we get free med kits on lethal one too well you mean on the rest of the squad no I don't think so I mean there's only three at the very end so actually that's not true we can get one at the very very start also fire is the ugly German sniper Association says thank you I give it a 200 fits like leader but we do it bead have a sniper I don't know if there's a sniper association technically in my in my ex-con worlds because I mean can associations that I think you need more than one member right to be an association otherwise you're just a doofus there's only ever one sniper in the world at any of my XCOM games so I don't know how they'd form an association exactly I don't know if I want to bring meds normally I would but there's only three thin men I'm gonna lose just hunker through it and we can heal a little bit hopefully we can just smash the first one out of existence more of flashbangs will control their spits than anything so let's roll twitch censor Association really I don't think it was twitch I think it was scream labs if that's the case you're in a one-member association than you the president of that Association Brazilian authorities have requested our help

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