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oh hi you guys welcome back to my channel in Finnish tenure is my beautiful girlfriend - okay first I want to start off by saying I do own other shirts I realize that I'm wearing the exact same shirt as I bring in the other vlogs and bothering me now a little bit I don't know if I was wearing the strip yeah we do we do change our clothes occasionally but I have it for you in the future but basically it is Friday the 21st Cyprus and now that I work in retail as you guys may or may not know and we both happen to get Friday night and Sunday off which never happens because our manager yet Americans always has intend to give us all of the schedules of the head of sucks Cuban active today offshore just those three lines and so it's 4:30 now and we are heading up competitive on it she was nice enough to let us say therefore we go so super cool it's going to be just us and we're very excited very very excited oh yeah but it's kind of like Spencer showering a little bit I mean why slight rain right now but it's just another charm but it was so popular today that it just hold it was crazy human and so now is all constraining but yes we're getting spicata and I'm so excited to bring you guys along the coffee yeah it's so fun real human dissection be on by winter cottage around photos like one and it was like super much fun and this time we have marshmallows we have being and marshmallows to let you know what this trip is all about basically


[Music] we lower not here but we're at the Maxie's right nearby we have to do Samarco she shopping we got site is most lighting situations not working and yeah we didn't actually bring any food with us because dad's usually like goes to the maxi that's right here and we do all that grocery shoppings in you guys can we just talk about how they charge cards spoiling us of dollars see they used to enter into the cart a minute you can use it so we reduce through that's it literally everything our bags right here by the proposal Silas you didn't do it or anything are you gonna walk making more Lizzy I'll be mom I'm going to help is really difficult we've made it okay so before I show you guys what this place looks like and what we're up to I thought I would show you guys what we bought at Maxie's and you would think we're here for like a week the amount of stuff we bought but I'm assured so we have the essentials you know ship more chips and pretzels then we have our romaine like what it was called apparently romaine hearts I've no I don't know they were called that but those croutons and these are dark chocolates for s'mores for me and then we have Jazz's chocolate it's just like the Hershey hole all in one and then in here we have potatoes on my mom made if you guys have seen the camping videos like the camping vlog that went up a little while ago you would know that my mom makes the best potatoes and she made us some potatoes for that trip and then she made of potatoes for this trip and I'm so excited to eat them we have graham crackers jazz is pasta we have my pasta in a separate thing pasta make me feel sleepy so I try to find hold on account with one so this is quinoa pasta red and white quinoa pasta never tried it before we're going to make it now and see how it that is then we have the tomato sauce that we both like which is just tomato and basil we have Jax's milk my milk and pretzels bananas I'm really hoping miraculously ripened by tomorrow orange juice my salad dressing jazz is salad dressing so I brought the blender because I have a serious addiction to smoothies before here to the blender and one are you kidding me oh wow they had a blender well I brought my own because I am scared of being without my blender for a couple of days honestly and then we got these things blueberry turnovers which happened to be vegan time so pegs and little gue berries then we got real blueberries corn because you know me then another version of corn because me frozen berries for our smoothies in the morning and then what else is there cucumbers and yeah okay the best part of all of our foods and what this trip is basically about is these marshmallows these um they're vegan marshmallows the brand is dandies I think I've mentioned it before in other videos but basically we couldn't find them in time for our camping trip that I've walked about the like the you know you know the one I'll put a card here um please didn't find them in time and I was really really sad they don't sell them anywhere in Montreal but we have found at least and so we had to order them online and say god they came in time because this trip I mean I would have to cancel it if we didn't get them in time you know what's the trip without marshmallows and it's so excited so we're going to make s'mores and these if you guys don't know or if you're a non vegan viewer than normal marshmallows have gelatin in them which is what again an animal and we'll bowler on old fat I think I think is a little bold brewed up until I guess do I know it looks like we're here for about a month so I promise or just here for three days I mean I'd forgot to show you guys the junk through the judge ads really excited about do you want to show them or are you so now you have an army I'm not that excited about it okay like it's just like you're not excited about the junk foods no no it's just like a treat yo'self listen so she got Swiss rolls then well her favorite thing is cosmic brownies but I don't know we don't go on a trip without cause my Brown beautiful um I've got the Swiss rules because on our camping trip Nitti pried them out of my hand to the grocery had like so many junk food things and I was like Biggs like you're not gonna eat all that stuff we're not going to that long issue I know but I was like choose to anyway so now she got a third one which is flaky stuff I don't remember I don't think I like this when I was a giant oh yeah they're just I mean kidding yeah they're fitting because they're super flaky and I don't like that it's like you just make a mess while eating [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

I'm not doing that again hello so we just finished dinner it was delicious thank you chef Sathya um let me enter this little town it shows you how risky it is I guess to have a fire it shows you like based on the heat and humidity if you should be having a fire or not so it's like a little sign that says like all those little dials and wherever the thing is that's you know that's how hot it is so today was on alias which in English is like pretty high so it was a little risky to start a fire also we got here a little late so we don't really have time for fire but I'm really excited about these marshmallows in case you guys couldn't tell from all the other marshmallow talk but not having a fire is not going to stop me from not having us more so we're going to take this stick and I'm going to roast a marshmallow on the stove so that I can have much more you think I'm ridiculous why are you laughing at me what do you think all right ok an order to put you guys though ok please throw the pasta a stay there ok move on the grass now I'm sitting I'm doing with stove excited [Music] you guys do you see this look at this okay how that look it I just I have a chef I'm chef no fires a problem so so well no I pinned it up not just Adina where's the other half right there gonna push down okay Oh there we made these fire lachemann here

um oh we're so sleepy he sees so it's all of us how to work today yeah what time is it who Honolulu's long time and so it's like probably - Rakesh and Carson or maybe 9:30 we're going to sit on the couch and hopefully stay awake and watch orange is the new black and yeah that's about it I'm going to bed because you're already falling asleep and I was chosen well yeah I thought maybe I'll end this here do you think we'll do anything else well you brush her teeth pretty happy I don't really know if there's anything else today to film so maybe I'll end this here but let's get set up a nice little fairy later I'm going to be known for voice yes so this is well in our tent we make campaign now here anyways we're going to have a little orange of the new black episode watching thing and I would see you guys tomorrow morning I mean in a coherent way slamming this is City two minutes oh my god wolf good morning I love you guys it is 9:30 just sleeping and I'm going to make myself a little something to eat or drink if I don't have like a smoothie in the morning or some variation of jive and I am NOT a productive human so I'm going to make myself a little loud to make while she's sleeping so I'm going to make just some tea today I'm making cinnamon riposte child [Music]



you [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] morning you wanna good morning morning well I just watched bridal wave I think it's called and dad's woke up halfway through finally you finally where'd it go so bored and then I filled her in on the rest of the movie and we watched the rest together and now we're having pretzels and I rewatched the next movie we should probably go outside at some point hopefully to get a super Gators oh not in focus that's cute okay so do you want to sell for the fat for you one oh did you yeah you can see the red free milk fat for me I chose the fat for your one good job okay so it's lunch time my other camera died so I'm going to film on this one now but this is my salad as usual the signature meat salad lettuce usually a spinach but we brought romaine because you don't eat spinach a so romaine and cucumbers corn and Asian sesame and you have romaine cucumbers croutons and keizerdental ha all right Tessa hello so what time is it - six is nine 26 and we're still in our pajamas so that's that hump you know we need these kind of days sometimes right yeah where you just like stay at home and do nothing so we're going to go outside to the beach and I'm going to test the with temperature well I wanted to test the temperature with you hello so I've been locked out um oh she can hear me hello stroke hope hope and rude so I came outside to check the temperature and I'm just locked outside but you know what it's fine actually last time I was here I got like crazy bit by fire ants so I'm really hoping with all the leg I'm showing that doesn't happen hey that's nice in the shade it's going to the Sun oh my god it burns it burns last time I was here I got crazy bit by a fire ant I'm never going to forget that because it hurts bad with what with your foot oh my god chocolate a side of the bug so I remember one worth of the same with me - really thank you there's a high-rent on your foot of Minerva there was a little chocolate stain on the bed sheet and we were trying to decipher if it was my smaller or her Swiss roll and I was like babe it's for sure your sister I was like no look there's no chocolate on me ever and like just like I told you did like a full body search because I am the messiest eater ever um and we missed a spot I guess because oh listen I literally did I feel sure what you know like I knew it was you okay after I was ready to let it go you know what now I think my foot is a little sticky in with a key I did this coffin hanbei well I guess I stayed with me I will admit - that is awesome making of the same let me go show them I washed it already but it's staying because it's chocolate right there look at that I didn't feel that like like now that unconscious of it it feels so gross but another dream so long my fingers better responding for the real world and it's 6:10 and we are officially out of the house so we're taking a little path to the beach I remember this one last time yeah all the way down there is the beach hey Oh a couple huh there has to be

so this is the view of the beach it's actually not as busy as we saw so that's really nice it's just like there's a couple of people anyways like one person in the water all right there and then there's a couple people over there waiting on the bench here I know everything's so far away but if you're bagging server dude we just have a nice snack so we just walked down from there and now we're like in one of the main road areas I guess I want to show you guys the sign I was telling you about for the marshmallows not confortable but for the fire hazards so this is like today's like fire danger that's the lowest that's the most extreme so like right in the middle still but that's okay we don't need to make fire because our stove system from our nose is working super well it is 7:55 right now we're back inside live for a little walk and we have dinner courtesy of Jadzia she made a delicious dinner it was the same thing as yesterday from outside in filming and now we are back in our pajamas - but we never left our pajamas on it thank you and we are watching orange is the new black again we're watching on the tiny tablet oh my god focus yeah and it's hooked up to the amps here so that we can hear over the fan so you can tell that we have mastered that we do what you guys do right you do what you gotta do I'm good morning everybody or actually like good good afternoon is good late morning and it is 11 o'clock I woke up at like 10 50 ish so pretty late balloon to bed kind of late yesterday so that's why I wasn't feeling too good and and so we went to bed really late after watching or in the new black plus I wasn't feeling well so it was just like not good but I cleaned up a little bit which is good to dishes blur and done now I thought I'd make a smoothie for breakfast today because yesterday we had tea and then after that like the rest of the Dana just kept eating like bored eating and I ate a lot of stuff I wasn't even hungry for like a lot of junk and this morning I woke up feeling not the best so I'm going to try get back on routine and how this movie and I think I showed you guys that we had bought bananas on our grocery trip and they were like super super yellow and not ripe but I really wanted to use them on this trip when I bought them for this this outing and so we put them in a black bag and then jazz put them in the pantry and they actually kind of ripened like I'm impressed I know people do that they put like their fruits in the dark so that they ripen faster but like I'm impressed I'm going to start doing that so I have this for my smoothie and then almond milk and some mixed berries and I brought my blender as I told you guys oh you know what these good I forgot my granola and I ate all the fresh fruit yesterday so the toppings I usually put or not here so I'm the chess today I'm going to [Music]

[Music] yeah it is 210 we've been watching oranges new black I'll take em we are usually very like outdoorsy people I feel like this whole time we've just been like sitting inside everyone small I need a weekend oh yeah you need just I don't realize how much we would need like this time in I really thought we were going to go out without I packed like 75 outfits yeah like Kaka whattaya fact a lot of quotes I thought you're going to hose the beach I remember the beach never gonna go for walks and all this stuff but you're gonna be beautiful for a while yeah we went for a single walk and a short Beach visit but it is fairly nice like cozy time in the cottage you know I think you need that Amana anyways I cleaned up as usual I love cleaning and jazz made lunch the same thing as yesterday my signature salad jazz is signature salad and we're going to continue watching orange with new Blackwell wheat oh you guys it's around like five o'clock on Sunday and we're heading home now so that's it for sure if I hope you guys enjoyed watching this don't forget to Like comment and subscribe I love hearing from you guys and I love reading your comments um and that's it right thanks oh okay I'll see you guys next week thank you for watching good bye baby you're so damn tired don't wanna know if I care about my heart don't I'm sipping when you like someone don't win it over I press over talking there I got pinched your bed in my pocket I traded my trousseau some buddies and he's playing your Batman buddies don't know how yes I got the Dracula 17 shots no 38

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