15 mins working in Flylady Zone 1! (Entryway/porch, hall, dining room)

by: Diane in Denmark

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so and in Denmark here is Monday morning but but chilly Monday mornings I've got my mic on as you know Monday means that we are moving on to a new fly ladies on and fly ladies I'm just gonna phone phones and I'm starting out here the zone for this week is zone 1 which is the porch if you had happen to have one of those you know the entrance to your house wherever you come into your house and this is the entrance to our house know a few things at the door and perhaps you come into your house by the garage maybe you want to work on that this week it's also in the hallway you know wherever you take off your coat hang up your coat and take off your shoes and you know that goes in a basket we're going to be working on the hall and also the dining room if you have a separate dining room from the kitchen you know some kind of dining area that's what we're gonna be working on this week as well no remember you don't need to be doing 15 minutes every single day what I normally do and I'm gonna start the timer now is spend another spend 15 minutes usually on a Monday sometimes I'll do it on a Sunday and I do you know 15 solid minutes and then the rest of the week I spend five or ten minutes you know when I'm in the area and I can just do a little bit more and it all adds up the main thing is that you don't have this mindset of oh I must be doing 15 minutes every day or it's not going to work anything will work if you just get off your your boo who can get started so in alpha I get off my good Nikki in any minute and as usual I am going by the the detailed cleaning lists I've got mine printed out and in my control journal and these ones I like these because I can add my warden notes to wherever it is whether it's the porch or a dining room and I don't do all of these things every month but I do a couple of things and then get them processed off and then the next time we're back in the zone you can do a little bit more okay I remember it babies work it's it's an additional thing to our weekly home blessing of which is what keeps the main areas of the house looking good on a regular basis so anyway I'm gonna start what I want to do out here is do the front door and what else is gonna see okay last look like never made it started and as I was make sure you've done your routines you your morning routine or your evening routine before you do any of these extra zone things remember you're your morning routine your evening routine those are the things which are going to build you up make sure that you've got energy make sure you're getting enough sleep and drinking water and all of those things which will give you the energy to go on and do weekly on placing our so in cleaning you know the daily focus so make sure you've done your morning routine first and let me just turn you in because I'm going to start as I said I want to do the front door and the other thing is remember the other day I was talking about that I'm not really a big autumn fan no I'm changing my mindset I'm getting into a tumor and I bought a few we pumpkins at the end of last week and some Heather's in pots so actually I think more kind of embracing ottoman and I was thinking I've got some yellow candles I think in my box from Easter from these sturdy accretions so I'm going to get those on a little pretty girls out here because if I kind of yellow or orange that would be great because we're coming up for Halloween so I'm doing a wee bit of decorating outside here in the go and it let's turn around and the timer is going just work along with me do whatever you like and I'm gonna start with the front door okay I'm just giving it a we screw shoosh with some cleaning product and I've got a damp with my lady cloth and I just want to get any kind of dust and grain that's on there so let me get started


so far so good

okay that's the mean dirt off of it and I'm just gonna turn round my rag so I can finish it off remember don't get too perfectionist about this and spend you know three hours dinged in the fender just get-get then let's get the job done

there we go and I was thinking you know this might be the time if you buy a wreath or something like that you may want to get a nice release for your door you know for autumn I'm just going to do the surroundings of the door

oh yeah you're done okay let's go inside I don't want to do something in the hole oh it's nice to get back indoors and my fingers rig a bit chilly the last thing I'm going to do with the front door is actually to clean the glass on the other side and then I can clean the glass on the inside as I usually do just with magic that's cleaner so let's get going with bats right just a tiny screws for that one right on the other side and when I've got my glass cleaner nights I'll just do this

[Music] and I'm also going to the top of the lamp here I'm a picture cuz I can get Makdessi to know and we are in the hole and you may want to think about you know do you have a shoes line and all our shoes for little baskets underneath the bangs and then so that's okay [Music] it's also where I keep my scarves you know for when I'm going outside and what I'm going to probably do this week is have a look and see which one of these spots I can do it right now for example this one and the colors are really good you know they're type 1 colors and racing through through boots but the fabrication though it looks as though it's you know it's a solution so that one can be put away and the other ones I'm still and this one as well actually that's too kind of it's not heavy enough for the way they're just there so that one can possible and what I think I'll do is I'll actually and throw those in the washer I'm just going through the bottle there it's going downstairs to the washing machine and the other is I shall keep just no and then next month my were in this sort I'll have a check again and then we'll probably only really begin to know the real wool scarves that we'll be using

[Music] extra things we need you in Denmark and you know reflectors when we're on my extra bike lights you know we we always have so many bike plates because you know even now it's like really really dark by 7:30 in the evening and you know by next month we will probably be dark there but five o'clock and afternoon your whole company to hear the part where it's stirring something and I'm just gonna start behind you so I'm coming out to the front single stick watch out and I'm just starting a useless reason go around clockwise [Music]

probably do similar is only to the same thing but up from the first floor landing and extend this even more


and I'm just going to make it a bit shorter again and I'm going to do the top of the baseboards or the skirting boards all right I'm dead I get a lot of questions but when do I exposure is going to I'm asking the whole series I get questions about you know when do I prefer stairs you know but the stairs the cups on the first floor and then we've also got stairs that go down to the basement just behind me and Jamie speaking I do this this part and I just even half way up the stairs when I'm doing my weekly when placing up when I when I've got the vacuum out I plug in there and I can do the kitchen the little bathroom there and the whole and Jamie this week and I just get to try and get as high as I can and with really with a vacuum and then the next week when I'm doing weekly on glassing Eric I'll do the top landing and the stairs there are you know the ones down to the basement so it's kind of like one one will pack the stairs each week and that keeps us running along quite nicely so let me see how much time ago okay I'm just going to give this a quick should go outside if you can hear the birds

hey already for loose and it used just sort of take you into the dining room and just lights to a few minutes from the dining room and then you can see all the areas that we'll be looking at this week okay so here we're in the dining room and it seems like just yesterday we were in this room you know this one's coming in so quickly I'm just going to do the top of the table I didn't be you know the table legs and everything last last time we're in this doing something and we haven't been using this thing in tea buffet after we normally in the kitchen so I'm going to do that and I'll do the flat surfaces in here so you know feel free to join [Music]

all right let's see I'm just going to go around and do the rest of my favourite and knickknacks you know we don't have a lot of knickknacks but anything that we do have is probably something belonged family and or made by one of the kids and this is something that my son meet I can't remember how old he was but it's just a funny little old man and I thought was an old man I was actually meant to be a man winning a Barry but it's kind of mil today I mean I love that so we don't keep a lot of knickknacks but what we do is you know something

[Music] my desk in here I keep his things private give me clean up this is a carving which was made by my dearly departed Danish father-in-law now you've seen other things that he's made and this is one of the family's favorite objects think he imagined how much time it took for him to sit and carve it and then sand it's and it's and it really is a fantastic piece of work so and we try to try and get rid of any clutter that you have in these rooms because really the things that we have on display are you know things that means something to us you know don't you don't have to hold on to things that other people have given you or I showed you that with the decanters that we had in this room we weren't using them we didn't like them so we passed them on to something else so anyway I'm going to put the elephant back on my desk [Music] moving around a bit please let me see okay one last thing I'm going to do windows in here and then I'll be finished filming for today just hold on alright here we go speaking of my dearly departed danish fan well that's the cabinet that he made over there and I'm just going to do the [Music]


and the last thing that probably to do today is give a really good vacuum of the stadium of the of the hall and everybody seems to be wants you to clean windows right next I've had enough of the questions does it leave streaks you know when you're using microfiber clothes no microfiber cloths are the base things and sliced brace and just you know I do that according to a cleaner to just be careful if you use anything that's highly perfumed and for you know allergies for the kids and especially your cats watch out for those essential oils but I you some room is environmentally friendly and as you can see just a quick Skoosh Skoosh with that and I use one of the my ladies silver rags but you know just any kind of microfiber cloth and you know honestly it takes no time at all and if you're consistent with that it really doesn't take much time


[Music] so as I said I'm going to give her a vacuum a really good vacuum in here or take me about five minutes to the detail vacuum and I will be calling in a day for for working here and as I said the next couple of days if and then the whole cupboard or if I am putting away your shoes in the hall I just think you know is there something that I can it to clutter or can it go into storage until next season so just I just a few minutes here and there please don't get perfectionist about it so hey I just want to see and I rather go us Monday morning home a new week and I'm gonna get these into the wash along with I've also got some mascara to fit on the other thing is I'm going to tick the whole rugs you know those rubber and matte drugs that we have and those are going to get me wash as well today too so any that's a very em day just to be by a mundane mixing I'll live long and prosper me they're Danish she'll give you with you and I shall see you very soon have a fantastic day okay

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