Scrap Mechanic ➤ T-Rex, UFO, Turret Trebuchet, & Football and Giant Boot! [Scrap Mechanic Gameplay]

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what's going on guys welcome back to scrap mechanic to another communities showcase what welcome back to community showcase video series this today we're looking at some really cool stuff we are looking at a giant t-rex a turret catapult whatever that is a giant football boot and football boot and ball and a UFO okay and so this these creations are made by Royce Richards and I'm really excited to check this out guys if you don't have the community to showcase series this this is this series where we'd get to show off some cool stuff that you guys have made for the community and you can send me and those creations intact at Bizness at please make sure their series builds attached look at that thing out there attach an email maybe even a video a description of what it does and yeah so Royce Richard says hey in tech I've been watching for a while and I'm trying to start a YouTube channel you can see that in the description below he said I'm trying to start a YouTube channel you have any advice man looks like you can make some really cool builds you've got a couple of things that you sent me I would I would just keep making the bills be consistent and I think you'll find people really enjoy watching consistent channels especially with cool builds like this you can post on Reddit and stuff like that don't you know obviously don't spam your dos family crazy but just post cool creations and stuff so anyway let's go ahead and check this out so we've got a t-rex our turret is this is this the turret catapult this must be the turret catapult the bike thing the boot and then is this the UFO right here is this the UFO what the heck or is this oh is this that oh I think this must be the the ball for the turret I'm assuming and you get sitting the tube alright so here's the t-rex it's not it's on wheels now it must walk it has to walk okay he says what the t-rex has a toilet climb inside jump from one seat to the nest to get to the where it can be driven mouth and arms move okay so let's see is this ah oh look at that dude yeah that's his that's his private area folding out there I'm sure that that was by just that was not that that was purposeful you know I can't see good eye come on oh look at that okay oh very nice okay how do we close up that area down there dude that's pretty cool if the mouth opens like that freakin t-rex oh it doesn't move it doesn't actually walk it ok whatever that's fine it's still a freakin t-rex cooler than I could go you just oh look he's got wheels on the tail that's freaking awesome that's so cool and then when we do w-wait so all that second how do we get out of this thing I can't even okay do i I probably have to close this thing up when I get up here huh I can't even how are you how are you supposed to go up there easily I can't get dude enough just let me up seriously man all right there we go okay so I'm assuming there we go I like that this is like a ho ho what being I'm not being closed in on huh it was huh oh okay I got it I got it guys we got this now oh okay there we go that's a little tricky but we got it dude I just like them the mouth is pretty cool yeah yeah now round now okay you do all four at the same time holy crap I like to do I like that you can move it any direction that's kind of cool all right let's see if we do a block here and then let's do like a engine and then let's get rid of that block okay let's see what this does all right ready here we go ready Julie holy smokes dude 304 turns it whoa that's sweet so we just have that three of the same holy crap we're tipping over all right we gotta see what we can launch them what what we can launch the farthest all right so let's see let's go up here and let's see what we can do we gotta be able to launch okay so we just did it we just did an engine the crap crap how do you get have it okay so let's do maybe a car seat next hey aren't there new seats where are they here we go let's do this thing yeah it's a little saddle seat thing Oh perfect perfect ready here we go gonna move it here we go ready 1 2 3 ha ha ha ha that's awesome tonight wait I can't probably hit the buttons from here can i back here okay so that didn't go as far so let's try well can we try maybe a glass block I haven't even like done anything with their glass oops here we go gotta see how far this thing can get flung flung the flung I did flung did flung heed there yeah hungered okay one two three holy smokes that's gone wow that was awesome do it so far this is a pretty cool build he's gotta have this the proportion on the bottom so the thing doesn't go flying so it so the whole thing doesn't go flying let's try a music box thingy majiggy how heavy are those Hey oh it's going that one pretty far okay we're gonna do one thing let's do like a box something really light something really light here I a medium weight heavy light weight here we go I know those are heavy that's interesting alright here we go ready three two one it went pretty far okay the glass black one furthest what if we do one single solitary glass block let's try it just one block one glass block that's all we need okay last one I swear alright let's see how far he goes three two one holy smokes here we go so you got one two three four five so what do we need to do just hit one

I'm not very good at these things yeah why missing one I'm missing one trying to get all my fingers on this

all crap we're going so far away oh crap I'm so far I'm so screwed a out far away you took me it's so far away oh okay let me back we're back over here okay okay what the heck what is this

what the heck is this it's almost like we're not even moving

hey what the heck is this thing what are we creation okay let's check it out here we go all right so here's the deal all right so here's the football over here and what we need to do is we need to put this thing in wait how do I sister put this in Smiley's arms so I'm assuming almost I'm assuming we need to do whoa did I just screw it up man I might have I think I just wrecked the thing hold on let me reset it no this thing is massive did I just ruin the thing

okay Oh were these holding it in place I probably just wrecked the thing no I me all right let's hope it's okay I've got a feeling it's not but we'll see all right so we need to put this in mr. smileys arms like so all right there you go and then what we do is we load it up by hitting the button that'll load it okay from there get in the get in the booth wait you can get in the boot what the heck what you can actually kick it with the boot all right press 4 and then 3 to kick it

the heck to get it in the boot and thrust back with four

okay so what we need to do is I need to obviously get it no I need to obviously get it out for this thing it's not it was not staying it won't stay all right there we go all right we got it we got it I see what you have to do now okay this is a really clever contraption so four and then three there that's so cool what the heck okay so maybe maybe it'll do better if we take it and we hit two because I think that keeps it on the ground better oops try this again alright so let's try this again hit the button it loads up not gonna stay cuz it's off center there we go alright so here we go open it up one two for that and then four oh we it just

we just missed it well one more try it one more try Hey he's moving off the cliffside you got a stop it how I see why those things were in place but say the boys attire what are you doing with the tire it's going back stay right there all right we're getting it what's good enough we gotta turn that thing off dang it whoo whoo all right try this again now the things Oh a lopsided and crooked we're gonna mess up the ball all right balls up all right there we go okay here we go all right so we need to hit two four go for it hit three Oh guys thank you so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed this episode if you did click that thumbs up button below feel free to subscribe if you're new and remember to send me you epic stop we're gonna do this thing one more time because this is so derpy oh look at my body whoa alright alright thank you guys so much watching hope you guys

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