KSIOlajidebt Plays | The Impossible Quiz Book (Part 4)

by: KSIOlajidebtHD

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- our last car let me do it Oscar carefully clean is with too fancy a femur East what's illegal age in pink one two three four five six some do not do this that's how we go huh mm-hmm yeah yeah you've got that thing uh-huh and man we got all goose appearing with some goose all right complex you know I do come on yeah clip okay clock wait nice yeah uh uh question let's see what the apt in mmm maybe make that bitch lick it make that bitch lick a good licking good you bowl nice all right you know what to do with that AHA boom okay to live up deliver deliver the law

fucking really would take a you sure yeah since what's not for God so I want to know what to do cut damage this doesn't make bitch come on this is the impossible quiz when did it ever make sense hurry up a lot pick when you're fucking sick outage okay that's not cool okay it's a you just want to slash it now all right stop it enough I complex what

but put the fuck holy shit I get that deliver deliver your shit oh so you take out his body yeah i impress the bladder then you put it back it won't be like spoil oh my god I hate this game it doesn't make any sense and it's just loan and to go all the way back to do all of them again presently after Alto all these fucking games that he's made you little boy he would have made a checkpoint ah boom

I didn't either what did I do what let's just take a see what is this crazy pink stuff I ran to Nepal walk Danka are yo Claire so we just say Oakland

save me from this fucking game 100 pennies in a plunge but waste ninjas 100 pennies on the pot assignment question good alright can i fire you yes yes nice seen Teresa swimming reserves in the world why wouldn't you mean you do this bitch no you know what hard workers every minute every minute twice enemy fuck it yolo swagg something but they don't give me that look it would mean wow what you went to the last second to click one thing we had four lives and you realize and when you stop waiting on nobody else always three lives when we get to it getting up for God's sake Rob you know are we really gonna get you again can we can we display chapter two I don't even want to play chapter 2 but I'm sure chapter 2 ZZ no Omega this guy got so much internet pussy but more than nerds like you oh I told you guys what you did at that altar workers Christian X is endless okay I'm almost swine flu but someone farts I'm done I'm darling that's it Oh Johnson was years there was my years yeah I could have click years yeah okay okay this is the last time we're trying this cuz I can't be asked to do all the fucking thing anymore person yes yes yes yes I could use I don't know no no fifty aggression so you let to play games okay this sounds fun yeah decide to go on a kiss I don't know I'm

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