Car Feature: 1962 Plymouth Fury

by: YourTV Halton

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I'm like boys I'm from Georgetown in Halton Hills and I'm the order of a 1962 Plymouth Fury about the fury in May of 1970 and I bought it for a winter car you know what it's a it's a special car it was it was special when it was made and and for the lady that bought the car anew and at the time when I bought it there was just another old car but after we got into it to restore it turns out it's a very rare car when he was the two of them built so it's nice to have a car that nobody else has

I bought it for $150 and I thought you know what this cars pretty we not too not too bad I think I'm gonna race this car but I needed some work so I I painted it and did some work on the drive line of the car and we started to race it that Golden Horseshoe driveway was fortunate to be the first car in the gate so they gave me a lifetime pass to Golden Horseshoe drag way and that allowed me to race the car on Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday whenever there was racist going on

it was an oddball car so let me say it's a oddball is because nobody really knew much about it so whenever I was drag racing it I guess another car they hate they knew very little about the car turns out it was quicker than they thought it was going to be and I'll ended up winning most of the most of the match races that I did with it so I made a lot of money with it and a lot of people were very surprised when they didn't beat me so I turned out to be a great car for that and it was a big surprise to a lot of people after they raced against it well you know what I take care of it so I don't I don't abuse it anymore when I first bought it now you've used it quite a bit what racing it but I don't race it anymore [Music] and it was a fast car so you know what we I bought it and first thing I wanted to do was make it faster so this 62 plymouth has a golden commando engine in it which was a 361 cubic inches 305 horsepower that's four-barrel dual exhaust and it came with a push-button automatic transmission up until a year ago I had that motor in the car and then we had a coolant problem coolant leak and the motor finally cracked and we had to give up the motor so the motor can note and in its place his 413 it was out of a 6161 Chrysler so it's fit right in the car that bolted right up to the push-button automatic so now it's got a 413 390 horsepower motor in it so it's even quicker and then it used to be [Music] I painted a black when I first met my wife and was black for our wedding then when we've decided to restore it we restored it back to the original color at the factory ahead which was read by the white stripe in a white interior so it's now a red white the same way it was when it was built no it's you know it's it's pretty much restored completely now do you always looking for some special part board maybe but no it's uh it's gonna stay in the family forever my son sir he will get it and he likes it now I had one time he thought it was just another old car but now he appreciates this board [Music] but you know every spring when you pull it down to the garage your letters over it's a special car again thanks to be able to keep a crucial car but it's all subjective attitude

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