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so over the weekend I met with a bunch of people and I got a lot of questions and those questions mostly where how can I get my business started what do you think about this business idea what do you think about that business idea I just got out of business school this is what I have what should I do now and this is a very exciting time for everyone and I think this is the best time ever to be alive especially to investing things because there's so much there's so much information floating out there right now and today what I want to show you is how to invest $1,000 successfully and I'm doing this for my young entrepreneurs the ones that are just getting into it or someone that's been mainly looking to get into a business this is going to be how you're going to get into that space okay in mind you the thousand dollars is relative if you don't have a thousand dollars to put into this because it's a risk don't do it these thousand dollars should be a thousand dollars you can live without if you lose it okay you have to go about it that way with that mentality and just know that and why it doesn't know because it's a very attainable goal it's a very it's a very good number to get started it lets you buy a lot of stuff it lets you investing a bunch of or you can just one or many things so let's get started normally when you open a business the biggest thing that you have to realize is if you're not even dispensable for that business if you're not the most necessary part of that business you're just floating around that idea and that business is happening all around you and you are not involved in it whatsoever the right business just come about at the right time for everyone and I want to start by giving you guys some examples so back in a day with Rodrigo I started a sport social network a website if you will so we were doing an app the website everything and I want to tell you all the that we did so that you realize where I'm going with this the frisbee what we did was we need a cool name for it let's figure out a name so after a month we came up with a name boom great name we got if we love it now what's next brand identity let's pay a bunch of designers and people that do this for a living to create a brand identity for ourselves so they gave us a very nice logo and very beautiful designs to go around it now is that feel right maybe we were going in the right direction and then after that we were like you know what we're ready to build this website here's a million dollars let's build the website and we went on we built the website and then we started to try to people in there and we've figured the best marketing strategy is going to be put a soccer game together in Mexico City to launch the website so we did that we put the soccer game together we did it all and we failed miserably miserably all my money is gone all the idea is gone we there there was nothing can you pinpoint where we failed and right now leave it in the comments down below because I want to know where you think we bailed let me tell you the truth the reason why we failed is simple we came to this without being essential in this business all we were doing was creating something without a purpose we just had this idea that there was a space that was not being served properly which was a place where you can get all of your sports in one place along with social networking and put it together the concept was right the execution was awful because what we should have done was let me start a Facebook page with my Facebook page let me see how many people I can get talking about sports what sports going to be the number one thought that people want to talk about now now I have a community here what are they sharing the most so I'm not understanding I'm not developing the business I'm just building a business ahead which is a huge mistake and this is something they teach you in school so here what I want to do is I want to save you a hundred thousand dollars from school and I want you to realize that there's value in investing in you and now I'm not telling you enough to go to school or anything with what's about to come but just listen to what I'm saying okay because I'm not pushing you in any direction what I'm getting at is here you have a thousand dollars so your own money that you earn by hard-working because someone gave it to you because it's a loan from someone whatever you have a thousand dollars here and you're going to build your business and what this is going to teach you with that even if it's not your ideal business that you want to start a spaceship program this is going to show you the essentials the things that you don't understand about business that are going to help you fill out the gaps once you're ready to get to that next step which is building your rocket so that's what you want that's what I want to get you at because no one no one and I'm telling you out of a hundred people that are going to do this maybe one or two will do it properly and I guarantee you but failing in here is the success let me give you a few examples let's put and I had a thousand dollars right now to invest number one let's go into stocks I know what I'm doing I think I know the market investing stocks do it but make a plan say I'm going to buy this stock because I think it's going to go like this in this amount of time and I'm going to be able to get out in this amount of time obviously do it short term so that you can see where you're right and where you're wrong quicker than playing a long term investment right now so right now I need you to be ahead of the curve and I need you to be thinking immediate right now because you need to learn what's going to happen so by the time you're done trading all of your stock you're going to realize that there's fees there's penalties you needed to pay to get into a platform you needed to get someone to help you with it you needed to be on the news all day and then that opens your eyes to all there's way more than just an intention let me go with the second business say you want to start selling t-shirts you're going to order 10 t-shirts and you're going to put a logo on them right now you mean for the most part that's mostly what happens when people want to start a clothing company so you threw your t-shirts you get 10 t-shirts and you get them ready and now you're branding yourself and at that point some of you're going to be like no one's buying my t-shirt why one because you like marketing two because there's not a place where you have thought about listing them you don't have an eStore yet there's nothing online where people can get it right so that's going to start opening a bunch of doors and a bunch of things for you guys that you're going to notice and realize and learn that you won't up next time because you'll learn from your mistakes that's what I'm hoping for at least or the third one will be a service saying that you want invest in yourself providing a service because you know how to detail cars really well you're gonna graft a thousand dollars and spend it however you think with that now the most valuable thing here is time so you want to make sure that you go for the shortest time possible so for example if some people have the ability to say I know everything about watches I know what the markets like go by and watch for like five hundred dollars we try to sell it for more i watch that obviously you see value that you're saying digits under price let me show you why and how and then put it up for sale because this might do is going to help you the most in the world there's something like real-world experience a lot of my friends come out of school and you're thinking that school is going to have all the answers but then you come out and you have all these fears and you have the ABCDE of how everything is going to go and then once you put it out in the real world you realize quickly that is not anything like that that you did not see ahead that you were missing looking at so now let me bring you back with the example that I was telling you about the website and where that went so with the experience that we acquire from it we realized that hiring a development company was absolutely and they were overcharging the out of us and he was not worth that the guys were not with us they were just doing it on his own on their own to make money which is completely understandable but if all of the parts are not working in the same team not going to make sense so we decided to open a development company because we know how to run a company so we open a development company and we hire our own developers we started creating our own stuff from there the salamandra thing came about then we said let's make a website see how that goes and see if people want to come and just check out the video there we did that worked you know what let's socialize this bitch so we refresh that website and we made it a social experience for you guys so now you can go on the website chat with others meet other people discover new things and then he's growing a family now without spending a million dollars look what I'm doing I'm getting viewers like I never imagined on the other website on mine on my personal website for nothing other than sharing a passion and a thought and an idea with you guys so and I'm not spending all these money developing I'm not spending all these crazy amount of time developing this because it has to make sense I'm not going to go and create the most the flashiest platform in the world because it would not make sense right now I need to get by right and then if it makes sense if the traffic is high enough then I'm going to go into you know what I'm gonna invest in like really creating my own systems and not driving third-party applications for it let me do it myself this is why it's so important to me that you guys fail right now that you guys have a thousand dollars to use and realize that you need marketing that you need all the stuff that you're going to need in the real world and the more you do this which is the cycle of business the more of a chance you'll have at success no one no one no one hits it out of the park of the first on the second from the third on the fourth he takes a lot of time a lot of repetitions a lot of being in the right time at the right place if I wouldn't be here if I didn't create the brand 700 if I didn't put myself out there with cars if I didn't create that if I didn't know about developing a website if I didn't know about marketing if I didn't know about social media if I didn't know about business I wouldn't be here so I needed all those things to click and put them together in one spot and that's what I'm looking for with you guys that's what I want you guys to do I want you to put all those pieces together at some point and really like this is the right time this is the right moment and this is the right product because I want you to be successful as such so I can borrow some money from you guys that's what I still owe my friend anyways guys please leave in the comments down below what a good idea for a thousand dollar business is or please go do it and let me know in the comments down below how that went because I am dying to know and again thank you so very much for watching I'm not going to put an ad on this video because selling piece has helped us way more than a so the video that gets a just a few thousand views so thank you very much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed it I'm 100 I always approve these messages take care and be smart see you later [Music] you [Music] you

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