Henry Mare's Leg (Because Even Gay Bears Can Be Dicks)

by: TheYankeeMarshal

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I have a grown-ass man

if you're a regular viewer of my channel you probably know that I was born in West Virginia and raised in West Virginia I now live in the Pacific Northwest and one of the places I love to vacation is Alaska because of this I've done a lot of camping in my life and I occasionally still do some camping now now granted getting old and lazy like I have to me roughing it is meaning that the ice machine is more than twenty yards from my hotel door but you know I still at least once or twice a year like get out and rough it a little bit now one thing people ask you a lot what I know you to occasionally camp and you live in the areas I've lived in or visit the areas I visit is how do you protect yourself against large predators and when they say large predators they usually mean bears well not that kind of bear that kind of bear is easy to defend against you just say aid you got a few minutes of like cocky about Jesus and they will leave you alone just like most people will so we're not talking about that kind of bear not talking about gay bears we're talking about this kind of banger oh oh okay I guess sexual preference aside we're talking about the kind of bear that is four legged huge and will kill you and eat you in the woods now I got said before your chances of getting harmed by a bear even if there's one right by you is slim they don't usually attack humans it's very rare that they attack humans but occasionally you ran into a bear that's just well a dick and you don't want to run into a bad acidic and not be prepared to deal with him if you absolutely have to so when people ask me how do I actually prepare myself to deal with the occasional dick bear that I might run into the first thing they always ask is what firearm do you choose to carry now I've got lots of options so people usually like to ask me that question because I know there's several guns I have that I could choose from do I go with one of my 4 inch 357 magnum revolver 's nope I don't I don't really choose a 357 Magnum if I know I'm going to be around large predators do I go with my 44 Magnum a nice 4-inch 44 Magnum nope that's a really good choice but still it's not what I go with if I'm going to be out camping or hiking and I know I might be around large predators do I go with my 460 460 that's a pretty potent round but nope number 460 how about my 500 now that's a big gun but no still my 500 is not the gun I choose when I go around bears so do I go to a long gun do I take a shotgun nope I don't take a shotgun either shotguns are great but they're a little cumbersome I like to hike and stuff and these make hiking hard if you're carrying one of these around with you what I end up carrying and you might think this is an odd choice is one of these now this is a henry's 44 magnum Mayor's leg now i've grown up with these around it's kind of good not this particular model but guns of this type mare's leg rifles lever actions these are great guns for defense against large gain for what they're easy to hold you use both hands so they're nice and stable when you fire off around from this you get a good aim on it you get a good steady hold in the gun because you're using both hands and you're using spread apart on the gun it's also it's got a 13 inch barrel when you're pushing out a hard cast 44 magnum bullet a hot round of a 13 inch barrel you're talking some major penetration I much prefer this over even a shotgun slug I'm not kidding when I say this gun will take down any four-legged animal you are ever going to run into this thing will take down pretty much anything especially in North America now if you're gonna go hunting elephants this might not be my first choice but if you're gonna be in North America you're gonna be facing moose and bear that's about as big as it's going to get this will take care of them with no problem whatsoever and it'll give you a good steady shot and plus it's easy to carry I mean it's not bulky it's not unwieldy it's not all that heavy it's no heavier than a lot of big super big revolvers it's a little heavier than them but it's not as heavy as like a shotgun so I like the carry and I have a little bandolier holster that I keep strapped to my backpack I just keep it right here and you can get along with this pretty easy you can march with it you can climb with it whatever you need to do it's easy there and when you need it you just reach back and there it is really easy to carry really competent gun I only holds five rounds but that's what most high caliber revolvers carry too so if you ask me if you're going to be out in the woods and you're gonna be around large predators and you want something that's easy to carry easy to use but still powerful you really can't beat a good 44 Magnum Mayer's leg

you ain't even my real dad


this is a Henry mare's leg 44 Mac is klinke 32 so if we're went out in the wood that was like squeak you're pushing some real super heavy-duty penetration I choose this over a shotgun I didn't say shot yet I forgot the safe

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