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do this fact you already had three pieces that's our piece sad or getting you I bought I paid for it no we had dibs on that one we're gonna split it do but there's only one way you're selling that's right Zack there is only one way to settle this with an ultimate nerf challenge I'm Charles Chandler and today were one nation under nerd [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back to naff top shots where contestants are gathered at the modulus table to build out their mediators from their base state contestants you have 20 seconds to go at it and make something that will really be revolutionary are you ready yeah all right three two one - [Music] this one's going for the long shot Dominique what are you constructing the mediator is my foundation and then add the attachments honor that a foundation of classic attachments I love it Kirsten what on earth extravagant boom that is extravagant what about you Benjamin a buffer distance any stupid sail no doubt the long shot will put them down Zach king what are you up to over here well Jamie I've got the support as for this just in the final countdown don't let the time distract you five four three two one that's it let's see whether at for this first match each team's mission is to be the first to bring down all their teams cups [Music] yes cups let's talk to contestants and see who bring their teams ten points first Kirsten Benjamin do you have any questions or concerns before we stop around here we go time starting now three two looks like blue is taking a lead she's gonna change up when she hits once he takes them all team might not know where to shoot looks like an excellent room and now let's give these teams the opportunity to call in some backup team all chanting - you help your teammates deliver some cups to the floor [Applause] so many cups so many missile going for the roots to bring down the tree it looks like our teams are down to a very bare minimum of cups God 3 left God Benjamin's home shops definitely coming into play we have a winner the teal team hits it up sportsmanship really wins the day though but the next challenge we're gonna bring it we're gonna bring it for this next match one team will be operating an in strike Terra Scout vicious fellow well the other team takes aim and tries to hit it as many times within 15 seconds not yet Terra not yet let's get started for this match the winner will come away with 20 points for their team score and since 2 you won the last rounds you'll be able to fire away first are you ready ready 5 4 3 2 auntie Luck's out with 10 blows against terror let's see what the orange team can deliver when you're ready 3 2 1 really taking a beating on this one doesn't like it gonna check it back and forth Oh God he doesn't get shot over right the prick we're gonna go with the thigh

nice ending and it looks like horns team takes it all the way with the Lemonheads well done I'm sorry Terra as the team's prepped for their last and final round let's get a recap at where we're at with points teal had a lovely ten on their first match only to be taken by orange with 20 all is not done because the third round has a nice 30 points to be given so either team could take it home let's see where this swing takes me [Music]


to many shops can you believe it's one lift per team Oh God look at lasting holes in there only the experts can get as close as this ready to shoot through the hoop Zach gets on the ground for a moment one might say this team claims it incredible work today but arms brings it home ring deed any final words we're so excited I'm sure you'll tell everyone at home until Jean yeah yeah good yeah we got back to the winners Tara do you have a prize Oh sick leprosy certainly does lots of money in here and I'm going to personally count it for you Tara let's go count the money shall we attagirl congratulations seems super sketch


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