Minecraft Daycare - THE CHRISTMAS KISS !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

by: Ryguyrocky

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hey guys check out this awesome t-shirt we made it's only available for a limited time so make sure you order very soon you can find the shirt by clicking the link in the description down below or by typing the link you see on your screen right now now without further ado let's get into the video well

do it again was another day unicorn huh two things one you don't film daycare well yeah I was just in - why are you doing my outro what no that's my outro no it's my otro well that I mean that's everyone's our channel but you don't film daycare so it's what you're out it's literally everyone's but yours yeah well what if I was doing a secret episode that you didn't know about you're not you'll know that because

Erland I want to do one now just fight you yeah well you know what I'm gonna block in all countries but Switzerland so enjoy it Switzerland people yeah well you know what I bet Switzerland what people would enjoy it and they're yeah they're lucky to have it uh-huh yeah I bet they are hey Ryan hey what why are you both can you believe did you see what he just did I know back here tea powers activate where'd he go where'd he go Tina where'd he go where right here right you gotta come back here he's not here I think he went to his lab he family went to his life but he's not there if you sit here maybe you could see him no he's not there I didn't see him anyway this is really really really important guys unicorn man is trying to film a video in the daycare without I can see no color here you know Cameahwait come back get over here you you can't escape me oh that's right get back here wait you think climbing the Christmas tree gets you out of this trouble huh yes no I don't Oh what the heck Oh two can play that game huh uh-huh that's right you have foiled me or did you help me catch him no tell him to come back you're doing this backwards get down from there uh-uh get down from there uh-uh do it Oh get down from there yeah I'm trying you know we're trying to get him down I don't care about toes that are missiles huh we get back here but record surrender now or pay the price that's right meow Oh only half it closes get over here no I don't either this is more important than your toes and her missiles I have you surrounded you Nicole I'm changing you're not changing I'm looking right at you really stop shutting the door hey guys look I'm dancing you are dancing Koren surrender Goldie stop holding the fugitive back that's what I thought don't mess with me again I know what's up wait you weren't talking about your toes being missiles that's done I don't want that my date here see I'm not kissing you I don't know what you're talking about you know kiss you know yeah Tina I'm all set thanks we have okay select odd squad mission is accomplished we have successfully defeated unicorn man in filming we've broken oh it's only equipment with snow oh oh my film a equipment I've been turned into snow balls exactly here's your feeling equipment back oh I had a warranty on it but I can't kick cleaver [Music] what no I'm not I'm over here no but I'm on her right now Tina no Tina no I'm a tree get off the tree I break the tree

[Music] safe in here okay I see the cherry trees and the apple trees it's off to my hideout for now day one living in the living in the Snowman it's a cold existence but one that I one that I enjoy it's just very cold where's this can be my lookout I see unicornia didn't get off my snowman wait what why would I do that

okay we'll hide at the front entrance of the daycare she'll never find me over here I just sit tight right here buried in the snow the best hiding place is the one you least expect and in this case this is the one that's least expected I think

let me see you where are you here where's right here right here I don't even see you right what Oh what what do you think I should go in for Christmas I don't care get away from me what what Tina no I don't owe you anything okay if we hiding the hiding boys within the art gallery wait what the heck's in here I forgot about all this all of Tina's french fries gotta get rid of these can't let her keep french fries gate I bet there's not an unicorn man's basement cuz she doesn't go down there fuckin on there we stay from these stupid toes and our missiles stupid stairs they're very tired


hmm hey right here my lifesaver

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Applause]


there's one by time where they're tangled up with lights together of Tina in Christmas costume yeah all right yeah we're gonna bring you back to your cheery Glee scheduled program yeah bye Roadrunner what is the most on wait Tina would never expect me to be in a room cuz place is right covered in those things that's what I'm going oh see right bye oh you ran upstairs hey Tina what are you doing why do you chase it Ryan around yeah okay whatever okay where do I hide there's almost nowhere without mistletoes at this point everything literally is mistletoes where do I go is there any place left in this place without mistletoes any place left at all not even the cafeteria the bathrooms not even the bathrooms where can I go wait the most anti mistletoe place on earth Goldie's room this has got to be the safest place in all day care Tina would never want to come in here cuz it's Goldie's so I'll just stay in here where I'm nice and safe and oh let's go ahead and you know I was just give me a second I got this don't worry okay we're gonna come through there we go okay okay there you go Thanks what you doing hiding from Tina why jeez putting down mistletoes why I don't know oh why we why are we in Goldie's room

Bren are you okay did you see Tina walk in yeah she came in she uttered a sigh of disgust and left at you or me I think the room oh you mean here I don't think so oh okay Inez ison here I like the room pretty okay anyway look I really really really really really need your help okay how can I get you to leave me alone uh he asked her no we tried going up to her and saying that that you disliked what she's doing I thought signs of agony and pain would be enough no no Tina is one of those people where you really just got to say to her face okay I'll just so you know if you do do that there's a 50% chance you might get murdery no no no no you're trying to force something on me that I don't want that's why because you didn't ask me Danelle my mistletoes if you wish for the day that's your choice what if you don't want I Christmas wish oh she Christmas wish for Christmas kiss hey uh-huh I need you to stand right here okay good thank you fine but just just this once

and that wasn't a game [Music]


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