Interesting rainbow swipe!

by: Mixed Media Girl

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hey guys so today we're gonna do a rainbow swipe and I'm going to do it on this slightly larger canvas I think I've only ever done swipes on the smaller canvases um this one's a 12 by 24 and I'm gonna be using this this is my 15-inch it's like a paint scraper tool I got from Home Depot for literally like a dollar 20 or something so I am going to be using white because I want to help blend the colors start with white tip and I feel like there's probably different thoughts on what order the rainbow goes in and that's okay red and that overlap the red with some yellow

metal overlap that with blue

and I'm going to go back to some read so we can get some purple down here and then I'm going to go back to white right and as anyone should know the rainbow is made up of the primary colors

so before I swipe I am going to move this around just a little bit

and these are artists life flow acrylics there's no silicone in these there is flow trawl which is a paint conditioner and then a little bit of water okay you want to make sure that things mostly covered I'm going to add a little bit more here a little bit more yellow and a little bit more red one second it's nothing worse than doing a swipe and missing a part of the canvas that's tiny bit more white at the edge here just make sure it cover this edge okay and he would my start over on the side and I'm not gonna hold it down I'm just gonna lightly drag across and the hope that it pulls everything pretty evenly

today I think that was a pretty darn frickin perfect swipe cool now we get to watch the magic begin as all the colors pop up I could swipe back this way just to get rid of a little bit more white but I'm gonna just let it be because I really like I think this came out quite perfectly and I don't wanna mess it up [Music] and this is going to go fine by itself but just to help it along a little bit especially down here in the white area I am gonna torch this a little bit and this is a mini butane torch it you can get for just a few bucks on like Amazon you get a Walmart etcetera I say this in several of my videos now just because so many people have asked so I'm trying to maybe get a few last questions repetitive questions I guess but that's fine I do not mind any questions whatsoever I will always do my best to answer them and here is on the torch because anyone wants to see it my friend bought me this one at Home Depot alright so as usual we're gonna let this kind of do its thing and then we'll come back in a little bit and see how it looks okay so as you can see lots more sales that popped up I'm not really happy with the edges though is the only thing I'm not really happy with so I am going to try to gently I'm going to move this a little bit try to do it without distorting the cells I think I can I think I can I think I can

so far so good

don't bring it back this way a little bit

and then we've got a lot of tiny cells so I also really don't mind stretching them out a little bit I'm hoping it will produce a pretty cool effect then I may even like it better or I'll say oh I shouldn't have played with it but so far I think we're good

a little bit this way to get rid of some of that white at the end

okay I don't know about you but I definitely like that better personally some of you may have liked it a lot more before and that's okay too everyone has completely different personal tastes in art so you are allowed to like it or not

okay good order I'm happy with it I didn't get so much purple like the red and blue just kind of her together they're down here I really got a rainbow of all the colors got some green coming in here definitely got orange I kind of like that the red and white down here didn't mix and make pink it's red and white and then the blue got this really cool lacing through it so we'll go ahead and let me Center this again okay we'll go ahead and we'll go in for a close-up all right there's our red portion over here lots of red I should have added a bit more yellow I believe because the yellow is kind of just snuck in there dad definitely mix and make the orange and the green but not a lot and the blue dominated which I have noticed in my paintings that blue and red tend to really dominate so I should really think with that and add more yellow and we did get some purple down here which is cool but once again mostly red and um very rainbow rainbow down there sorry for turning the camera for a second there so overall I definitely think it was a success I am happy with it I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you have learned by now that you can use a lot of different tools for swiping so thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe

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materials used: artist's loft flow acrylics (1/3) floetrol (2/3) water
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