Minecraft HermitCraft S6 | Ep 24: Boutique Infestation

by: impulseSV

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[Music] what's going on everyone this is impulse and welcome back to her Becraft season 6 extreme close-ups happening today as you saw guys the farm is working the automatic tree farm with their powered automatic tree farm it is working it is working very well and I've done some work here I've modified to the design my from my buddy could steal this from the Zumba games and it's working great I did a few other modifications here and there and remove some bedrock and all sorts of craziness so I've been Casey singing glass we are collecting the wood now you can see that's coming in nice and the reason why I broke some bedrock was because I wanted to be able to push the logs over into him so they could fall down onto the hoppers and I had to break some bedrock to be able to get the Pistons in place because I had some some of these guys just kind of in the way but anyway bedrock is actually easy to break now I saw Wells he was breaking it the easy way I had great works send me a design his name let me see if I can find it it was from new cake so I had to tap out to look in my another window on my computer here a new cake has designed to break bedrock pretty easily it's a little I don't know hit or miss as far as like just directionally based and stuff but yeah it doesn't require a lot I'll put a link in the description in case you guys are curious on how I did that but I broke a lot of bedrock just to get down to the area I needed to clear out and so that is done as you can see we have a little bit of lost still on the saplings and stuff and that's because I'm not actually fully done implementing casillases design here we need to put some glass around the thing cover up as many holes as we can which would create some item elevators and then we can collect some more saplings in that way and then they won't be spraying out everywhere here so at the moment it's I don't think I'm getting back the amount of saplings that I'm using maybe ya know it's pretty close even with the saplings shooting everywhere but that needs to be done also I'm getting the extremely sick of running back and forth so I want to fix up this hallway to travel a little bit faster and what else we gonna do today yeah let me show you this let me show you this is really cool anyway so you have a dropper here that's gonna shoot saplings into your hand as you go so you can see here once I plant it turns to the dispenser on as you would expect with the bone mill in it we plant and then you're gonna see I get a new sapling dispensed to me so I plant one and I get one back which is really really cool also there's a big storage for bone mill back here so you see I loaded it up there's a hopper chain I got bones waiting to put even more in and what else is is different obviously I showed you guys the double piston extender and how it's kind of working off of the powered rails here and yeah it's really great it's really fast design as you can see in the the intro there how fast it was working I changed where the snow balls we're at instead of on the side here being triggered by a what's it called observer there it is words words are good to find where am I going okay I wanted to show you how this works now basically what I'm doing is I'm taking the same signal that is pushing the logs up and then I'm running them into this block and here is the actual dispenser so now that I've broken all this bedrock as you can see up here which I don't really have a good way to get through there right now I can put a whole bunch of storage on top of this thing and if we can fill that up with snowballs all day long we can have enough that we won't have to worry about it so what we can and should do today maybe is get an infinite snowball machine going I think you guys probably seen those before in the past but one of those going I probably can just do it at my base because it's kind of in like a extreme hills area so yeah I may do that as well so that's a plan to get this thing kind of wrapped up and fully functional to where we're not losing saplings make it so that we can travel back and forth easier and we have a big stock of snowballs thanks to our infinite snow machine that we're gonna make and I think that we can call this place good at that point I can actually like afk and get tons of logs so all right let's get to it all right before we get too into the projects today let me make sure I take care of this I am Cait overnight is promised as you see I got four hundred forty two levels from it but I also got all this beautiful gold so we are gonna do this how much my charge it now I forget eight blocks for a diamond so we need to do this split it up like that that'll do alright go like that and we'll just fill up this whole chest here and we'll see if we can get some sales I know I probably need a hit up is skull because he was looking for it it's just gonna work can I do this oh nice okay I didn't know that was a thing alright so yeah I'm gonna finish filling this up let's see actually did we get any sales yet no I probably should prob maybe tell the hermit's that we're selling golden carats I forgot to do that anyway yeah let me get all these filled up I'll just go ahead and get all the gold out of my pockets and then like I said we'll get back into I messed that up today's video well while I'm in the area I think I'll stop my wells Knights glass shop because we are gonna need a bit of red glass today and stocked up what is the prices here anyway so regular glass one diamond per stack stained glass - diamonds per stack okay let's see we probably need about let's say just five stacks two three four five and we'll give him ten diamonds that's right yep there we go okay that hopefully will be enough if not we might may be coming back and giving Wells a little more business so the first thing we're gonna do today is I'm gonna install an ice path that we can use a boat on to get to the tree farm much quicker and yeah well I do that because I'm gonna have to dig all this out a little bit more and lay a bunch of ice and I'm using these red glass panes just because yeah the nether is mostly red so I thought it would blend well but anyway while I do this I'm gonna go ahead and run a clip for you guys so Tango's bits have been dug and let's see who was it me Biff Wells azuma we all were playing a part of that and so we got together to find out who actually dug the most bits and who would get the grand prize so let's check it out right bit diggers here we are this is the big moment Oh already we are missing Biffle bifid I think bifid did dig one bit himself but he could not make it here unfortunately but I think it's safe to say he was not the winner okay so sweet he only got one bit well I think so maybe maybe want to tell not sure so what we're gonna do here is reveal one at a time you guys take your books and just kind of toss them my way and let me know what your count is yeah I have quite the prize here ready we already know who's won no no no it's totally a mystery mmm we have our suspicions all right I have eight bits okay I have I have four and one bits for some reason they don't stack together but five four and one who tried to make a cheat II bit probably yeah dump truck coming in or I do I do I've got okay eighteen oh so now I'm curious okay I think there were 33 total there were and I've got 31 here counting you're cheating bit if that is a bit I'm not sure so maybe they forgot to I'm not sure but Wells congratulations my friend

price is though tango runner-up prizes

all right well you've heard you've heard about the glorious grand prize right I have all the poppies I could ever want exactly unlimited poppies all right well we're gonna get started here we go

sorry creepin they try to steal it phase one of the prize some of that and some of that oh my god this phases to this price there's multiple phases this prize is so good Shanker boxes of rockets - shocker box is full of rockets yes okay now you also know that the grand prize came with unlimited purely ethical iron right and poppies and poppies yes so here I give this to you this is just just a sample just a sample you mind to make all of them well I know that was and you build in a puppy farm at the same disclaimer or made any profit you ruin them earlier when you put it in the book so alright here you go sir very nice thank you holding that globe looks familiar [Laughter] yeah that's enough to make a full-size beacon or I fall sighs be the bee here itself the amazing Trident which I think I might have screwed up the enchants I think I forgot which ones were exclusively rip tired of channeling or loyalty or something like that sigh yeah rip type doesn't mix of loyalty and channeling okay I thought it was Riptide and channeling that didn't but you can put loyalty and channeling on the same yes and I think I put loyalty on it so it looks like you're okay link so sorry that's fine that's actually what I wanted okay perfect and we also got a free Riptide enchanter I through it just in case alright guys I gotta say this was I was blown away at how fast the bits were dug is very cool we tore it mainly it was a very clever way to get other people to work as fun and and I can't say any of you even even the runners-up I feel we're probably rewarded with the bitchy found I would say yeah awesome thank you thank you alright so not bad I came in second place definitely could have done worse and I got some good stuff out of it too I'll show you that in a little bit but as you can see I have finished the ice way you can see I put it on redstone to stop spawning so Pigman can't spawn because I used to compact ice instead of regular ice which is a mistake I always make but I figured you know it's another if there's lava nearby regular ice would disappear on me so when would the packed ice and just cover it with redstone to keep spawning then you could see the glass panes on the side kind of fit the boat in there and some steps just for decoration and we made it back really fast now so I can go back and forth a lot faster which is good because I've done so many supply runs just cuz I'm always unprepared for builds that he was chewing up a lot of my time so no more cheese that's loud okay moving on the next thing I wanted to accomplish today was to tackle that problem with the saplings going everywhere so basically what I'm gonna do now is just take a look at the design because Hilda sent me see where you know all the glass and in extra hoppers and all that kind of stuff goes and we'll see if we can collect all the different saplings that will beginning and make sure that there's enough so that we can you know afk safe and sound but before I head off and do that let's take a look at what we actually got out of the dig my bits contest here I think let's see don't do I just have the one box somewhere from the dig my bits let's see what did I do with it do I leave it there it is okay good this is me in the middle of projects just getting everything just messy and then I will never clean up okay so first of all that we got all this wool we got some enchanted gear I think you guys actually saw me get that one on camera we got another one with just other random iron I chanted stuff kind of yeah I probably won't ever use that but anyway it's cool and then I got this other one here we got ourselves the do-it-yourself iron farm with the player head the villager head and the six doors we got some wood which probably don't need it anymore and also got some leather and some TNT the in duh stroll accident starter kit actually I used quite a bit of this when I was breaking the bedrocks so that I came in handy but that's all we got plus the 8 bits that you saw me give to tango as the you know vouchers for doing this and yeah I think we came in what I say second place right wells was just what do you have a teen that was insane so anyway alright I'm gonna start filling in some holes and blasts and hoppers and all that and stuff and I'll be right back there we go got this thing all buttoned up and I also wanted to show you that it does actually work with birch as well as oak pretty much any other type so it doesn't really work with but I mainly want this for the wood just for crafting things more than decorations so that's okay although we could of course use oak and perch for decorations as well if we want but yeah this thing is working well now the sapling return is decent it should be good enough yet we're getting more than we put in so yeah we should be collecting enough saplings to keep this thing going even if I was to afk and so I started thinking about that you know long AFK sessions do I really want to have to worry about snowballs and how many we have and even if I filled up a big giant storage of snowballs I don't want to have to worry about it by the way I changed up the piston pushing a little bit to there was just some timing issues and it was causing some problems if I would go you know if saplings would just generate quickly basically because if we stand here and hold right-click it could end up happening pretty quick as you saw there and so that the Pistons set up that I had just wasn't firing fast enough so I did change it around just a little bit to keep up and we should be good now so let's take a look at all sorts of crazy movement of blocks happening but it's all happening pretty quickly now and I don't have to worry about it this is one thing I do want to solve you know basically what's gonna happen is next time these grow there's a potential that these will get pushed off but I found that I am still collecting a lot of blocks on might change how this works a little bit I'm not sure we'll take a look at it but I am getting quite a bit of wood in here now we're just starting to get the the birch in and like I said I didn't want to have to worry about the snowballs being an issue as far as like running out of and I don't know if I can really get up here to show you what I've done why let me see let me see if I can at least peek my hat up here and show you what kind of changes I made maybe we can see it a little bit so what I did instead of shooting snowballs which we used to have a drop or a dispenser right here instead now I actually have a piston you can see it right through that crack there a piston that pushes a block down and then this push piston pushes the block into the Withers head which causes damage and then before he can explode this piston retracts this piston pulls the block back up so that it won't actually destroy the block that we used to hurt him and so now we're not using any kind of material at all to hurt the wither this is something I saw array works use and seems pretty reliable even when the trees grow really fast and he's exploding one after another it seems to not hurt that block so if you listen closely as we start planting you'll hear him explode as soon as that goes off step away there you go you heard that you heard him explode and all the blocks so yeah it is definitely still hurting him the blocks being pushed in will definitely keep our eye on and if I ever come and find that the the blocks have kind of pushed past the wither then I know that maybe something happened to the block up there but I think it should be good I've done quite a bit as you saw all the wood I've done quite a bit of testing on this to make sure that it's gonna stand up the test of time and yeah my only thing left to kind of fix here is to make sure that I'm not getting wood collected on here which I can't even pick up at the moment because you know we're working on a project my inventory is full of course I was at Vettori management problems you guys know me but anyway I think that's enough for this project today it is working really well and if I want to like an afk here and get all the wood I need and it'll be good to go I think it's time to go have some fun last episode I showed you that I have a new pet in my base and I think it's time to give that pet something to do so this place might look familiar to some of you Biff is book boutique yeah kind of right underneath I trade and pretty much sawing the same type of things I am right except through villager trading of course on my end but he's doing these enchanted books through dirty afk fishing right he's still trying to sell down here and I think I think that uh yeah this is a good good place to maybe leave our pet you know to welcome his patrons that come in here and maybe just remind them in the process that I trade might be a better place to go as I came outside to go back and collect my pet I heard the all-too-familiar noise just so happens it's nighttime and I've got my own fans here that are coming after me uh I may not make it out of this one alive okay where we at where we at okay maybe we can just capture one of these guys and then I don't even have to take the pet from my base let's see come on down guy come on down let's see if we can lure him in to into the boutique shop come on are you the only one that followed me are you gonna come after me okay you were terrifying friend you were terrifying come on come on down let's go I'm right here you can come after me okay we gotta get odo we're in the wrong place oh this is impossible all right come on oh these things these things are impossible to tame aren't they okay yeah you come to me we're gonna go through here come on in come on let's go all right here before the Sun comes up oh okay this is a little more difficult than I thought it was gonna be is he gonna come after me here it comes here it comes there you go are you in no need to get in here buddy you need to get in here let's go Oh two of them now we could be in trouble alright oh jeez okay he's swooping up he's swooping down oh oh you're in okay he's in okay we need to block block let's let's make sure he stays inside first of all so we can lure him even deeper I think that this little crevice right here is gonna be an to keep him primarily in sight oh he's out of it he's out of the cobwebs that's good let's loot him hit the shop even further to make sure that he's gonna stay in here don't know you don't need to go that way buddy I want to lure him towards the back of the shop so he's definitely kind of like in here for good or even better let's see yeah I think these cobwebs actually gonna help out a little bit so look come on guy come over this way if we could just get him towards the back aisle that would be good it's gonna take him a while to obviously you can see they don't work their way around too easily this is nice because I can still keep the pet that's in my base I don't even have to use it that was a good catch okay let's go this way yes this way okay so now kind of in the middle area and before Headey spawns I'm gonna name them you guys already see what it says I trade has better deals come on listen daivam there we go oh okay that hurt a little bit but I'll be alright so yeah there we go now I trained as better deals is up in billa's boutique and I think this might be terrifying enough to you know maybe make the customers a biffle's boutique think twice about coming in here and buying some books from them okay yeah little further back there we go that's where I just stopped chasing me there that's good okay we'll leave them there that's exactly where we're gonna leave them way back there in the corner that's terrified for any customers I'm sure okay let's get out of here before he sees me and chases me out the door what close that and oh oh no I left my stuff in here I had him quick make a name tag once I heard the Phantom's outside he's not coming is he okay good we got old stuff yes okay close the close the doors like I said I think what's gonna happen is he'll try to fly out and he may get stuck like here so even if he does try to chase a customer out hopefully he'll still partially be in here boy yeah oh man so he's probably gonna freak out and kill him but oh well wasn't that hard to to lure him in that was oh another one here let's see we can uh oh I'm so bad at trying to shoot these things there we go I think it hit that one right no the leg I'll blame the lag on that oh geez I want one of those uh what did they call the phantom membranes I think they're only good for repairing Elijah's which a doll really need right or can you make conduits out of them I don't even know I have yet to try to do any of that stuff anyway okay there we go sorry Biff oh well no sorry not sorry that's what you get for trying to undercut my business my friend now you have a pet fit it's pretty loud in there a pet phantom just hang it out if it was a boot oh there he is Oh oh no he already he already came forward a bit ooh ooh I Wow he's already chased all the way to there no he's gonna come outside we got it okay we gotta lure him back in oh darn yeah I did not want him chase after me so much we probably need to get away even further maybe he's still stuck on me oh we have to do this again okay let me get him to the back of the shop all right there we go he's back in the corner we're gonna beeline it out of here and make our way as far away as possible since he's still tracking us and then hopefully that will do so the next customer that comes in will get a nice dose of phantom in their face reminding them they should probably be shopping at I trade instead so a lot of fun I'm glad we pulled that off and I didn't even lose my pet in the process so I got to keep him for other stuff but I think that's gonna do it for me today guys hopefully enjoy the video if you did please hit that like button if you're not subscribed subscribe before you go and with that said I'll see you guys again next time have a good one everyone [Music]


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