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obviously some of these downspouts go into the weeping tile around your home if they go to the city sewer system which a lot of the old weeping tiles do this one here's a PVC pipe so it's we run kind of a newer subdivision here but if you're in an old subdivision these could be old clay tile pipes as well important to measure the width this one here is three inches wide by two two inches on the width so 2 by 3 down pipe is a very standard size because there's all sorts of different size down pipes there's 2 by 3 inches there's a two and a half by two and a half there's three inch by four inch there's three by three inch so those are the main sizes that you need to find out what size you have so then you can go source the right materials now also if you're going to go pick up some elbows you're going to have to know if the pipe is rectangular you're going to have what's called an A elbow and a B elbow a elbows are flat they run it would be if you're extending it straight a from the house so this is only in regards to rectangular down pipe but this would be the elbow that shoots it this way and this year will be called a B elbow so when you put it on you can shoot it that way so if your pipes rectangular you'll need to know whether you need a elbows or B elbows so we just take a pencil and mark it we're going to cut the pipe with a hacksaw that's probably one of the easier things that most homeowners might have around so I'll use a hacksaw to cut it and keep a good grip on the down pipe because there's a good chance that if you push this around too hard at the bottom some of the straps make them off the wall because on these old down pipes sometimes the straps weren't done very good in the first place so just be careful you keep a good grip on it that way the pipe won't fall off the wall one yeah so

that's pretty much cut rate sure we'll just try cutting a little further with it

another important thing too is to make sure that you don't cut it right through and then the pipe falls down inside the sorrel the the drain tile okay so we got that piece removed now what you need is a pair of crimpers these are going to crimp the bottoms of the pipe now you can buy these at like the Home Depot or Lowe's or any of those places usually have what's called pipe crimpers they're probably about $30 and they make this very easy they're going to crimp this into a small end so that'll actually fit inside the elbow okay so we crimp all four corners if you don't have these you can try and use like pliers or try and just gently squeeze it in a bit to make it small but the crimpers make it much easier we have a pipe crimped we're going to take our B elbow in this case snap it over the pipe you want to put a few screws in this bottom elbow you usually put the four screws in it to make sure it's solid because you don't want these elbows falling off because it will allow a lot of water to drain alongside your home okay so that's secure now we got about a three-foot extension piece here that we're going to slide on to the elbow so this is going to take the water away from the home and because the ground slopes away from the house here pretty quickly three-foot extension is Lots so then a couple of screws hold the extension on so it once again it doesn't fall off

and that's now going to take the water instead of going down underground into the city system which is overloaded and can't handle all the roof water that's coming down it's going to put it safely onto the earth and often it's good for watering your yard or it's just better to have your water draining on your own property now another thing is this is four-inch PVC pipe is the general size that you'll find if you see this white PVC normally it's four inches wide so once again you can also measure this stuff it could be three-inch but this stuff is four and once again at your hardware stores these are ready readily available they're a cap that just fits right over that so set that on to is that that we didn't cover is that you're going to need to know what color is so if you're not sure what color is you can often take a little piece of the pipe or the downpipe strap to the hardware store and see if they have the color that you need and also don't forget to take the measurements as well because of all the different sizes another key thing to when you're doing this is make sure that all your over your overlaps that they go inside each other so everything overlaps in a fashion so that nothing can drip out so each seam we have a seam here the pipe coming down fits inside it and same here so at the water and back out of these joints if you do it the opposite way then there will be water running out of all these you have an old clay tile drain instead of the PVC you might need to you know make a have someone make a cover for it we have aluminum covers that we make to fit on top because it's not easy to find covers for those old fashioned clay tile pipes so we fabricate our own covers for them but also you could check hardware store and

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We put this together for those who are handy and can disconnect their downpipes from the Toronto sewer system. Link to our blog for more helpful info on disconnecting your pipes and some helpful links:

We do not usually come to homes for services this small in nature but want to be of service via a video. This is because we can see the city wide benefits in water quality if we all disconnect our downpipes. If we all make a few small changes it can add up to some big results. If you would like a free estimate on replacing your eavestrough system and optimizing so that maximum water is contained on your property call us, North Shore Eavestroughing at 416 615 0443.
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