Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 vs MI A2 Detailed Camera Comparison

by: TecworkZ

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"Music'" Hey guys its Sagar from Tecworkz. And in this video I am going to compare the camera on the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 with the cameras on the Mi A2. Before the Zenfone Max Pro M2 and Redmi Note 6 Pro came along, Mi A2 was the go to smartphone for anyone who had a budget of under Rs.20,000, and wanted a great set of cameras. But after the launch of Zenfone Max Pro M2, things have got a bit confusing. Both these phones are running on the same Snapdragon 660 Processor, and after the recent price cuts by Xiaomi, Mi A2 is now priced very close to the Max Pro M2. This has many of you guys confused as to which one will be right for you. In this video let's try and find out which one is better in terms of camera performance. We have lot of image and video samples to go through, so in an attempt to keep this video short, let’s get right to the samples and I will let you know about their camera specs as we go along. Before we go any further, if you are new to this channel, please make sure to hit the subscribe button. You can also hit the bell icon next to the subscribe button, that way you wont miss out on any of the amazing videos coming up on this channel. Starting with the daylight images. Both the phones have the exact same 12 megapixel primary sensor at the back, so both of them capture similar amounts of details. This Sony IMX486 sensor on the Max Pro M2 got has F/1.8 aperture, while on the Mi A2 it gets F/1.75 aperture. And each individual pixel has a size of 1.25micron on both. There is no difference in the amount of details being captured, but there is a slight difference in the way both of them process these images. Mi A2 adds a bit of warmer tones to its images and they also have slight more contrast in them. While those from the Max Pro M2 are slightly on the cooler side, and they appear a bit flat when it compared against the images from the Mi A2. Colour is a personal choice, so which one you like depends on your preferences. Here are couple of images with the HDR mode turned off. we can clearly see that the Mi A2 shows a much better dynamic range by default. The building on the right side is clearly visible in A2’s image, while it is completely over exposed by the Max Pro M2. And now here are the same images with HDR turned on. There is not much difference in the image from the Mi A2, as it was showing better dynamic range by default. But look at the image from the Max Pro M2. Not only did it bring up details from the shadows, but look at amount of details being preserved in the highlights. Here’s another set of images first without and then with the HDR mode turned on. We can again see the Mi A2 showing better dynamic range of the two, but at the same time, it is impressive to see the Max Pro M2 bringing back lot of details from the shadows while preserving the highlights. We have couple of more examples with the HDR mode on. Max Pro M2 does well with HDR turned on, but it also captures much more noise in the shadows. So I prefer the HDR shots from the Mi A2. Both phones are quick at switching the focus from far to near objects, and there is not a lot of focus hunting while switching the focus. This quick and accurate focusing plays a big part while clicking close up and macro shots like these. As you can see in all of these shots, the subject you are trying to capture is in perfect sharp focus from both the phones. And thanks to the wide aperture background is blurred out nice and evenly. Images from Mi A2 are slightly brighter, because its aperture is a hair wider than the Max Pro M2. Coming to the portrait shots. Both phones try very hard to accurately detect the edges, and separate the subject from the background. Max Pro M2 uses the 5 megapixel secondary camera to capture the depth information, while the Mi A2 is assisted by its 20 Megapixel secondary camera. They are not perfect at doing so, but the Mi A2 does a better job compared to the Max Pro M2, which blurs the parts of hair and ear on more occasion. But in the portrait shots, Max Pro M2 captures much better colours than the Mi A2. On the Max Pro M2, you get the option to adjust the amount of blur while you are composing the shot. In low light, A2 does better, while the Max Pro M2 captures lot of noise. As I said both are not perfect with portrait shots, and they can definitely use some refinements with software updates. Both can take portrait shots of objects, and both do a good job of detecting the edges of complex objects and separating them from the background. Again the Mi A2 does a better job of detecting the edges than the Max Pro M2. Colours from both are good while taking these portrait shots of objects. Now let us check out indoor and lower lighting images. Both phones have same sensor but the aperture on the Mi A2 is a hair wider. That combined with Xiaomi’s image processing result in slightly detailed and sharper images from the Mi A2 in artificial and lower light. You can see a bit more noise in certain parts of the images from the Max Pro M2. And the Mi A2 is also better at handling the exposure from bright lights in these lower lighting conditions. A2 also allows you to switch to the secondary 20 Megapixel camera from the manual mode, which helps it capture even sharper and detailed images in lower light. It good to have this option, as most of the budget smartphones don’t allow you to switch between the lenses while taking images. On the Max Pro M2, you also don’t get the exposure adjustment slider in the auto mode, so its a bit difficult to get the focus and exposure right, while clicking these images. So in low light again the Mi A2 comes on top. That brings us to the front facing cameras. Mi A2 has a 20 Megapixel selfie camera with F/2.2 aperture. And the Max pro M2 comes with a 13 Megapixel selfie camera with F/2.0 aperture. And both of them also get a LED flash for low light selfies. Despite of the difference between the megapixel count, you wont notice a big difference in the amount of details that both these front facing cameras capture. Colours are also almost similar from both, and the skin tones are also pretty accurately represented. Both can take portrait selfies, and again there is barely any difference in their images. Both are doing a good job of separating the subject. If you take a lot of selfies, you can choose either one of these and you will be happy with the results. Here is a video from the front facing camera of the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 and the Mi A2. You can see how both these phones are handling the overall colours of the scene, exposure of the background, and the stabilisation when I am walking around with them. Max Pro M2 has EIS for the front camera, so its frame is a bit cropped in compared to the Mi A2. Both can shoot 4k 30fps videos and don’t offer stabilisation at this resolution. Max Pro M2 saturates the colours while capturing 4K video. 1080p 30fps video are electronically stabilised on both. A2 can shoot time-lapse and slow motion videos, both these options are missing on the Max pro M2. So after looking at all these images, it is clear that the Mi A2 takes better images in almost all conditions. But that doesn’t mean the Max Pro M2 is not good. It is just a step behind the A2, and if you look at these images separately, you may not even be able to tell the difference. Mi A2 is the winner for me, and the Max Pro M2 is at a very close second place when it comes to the camera performance. But when we look at the overall package, I feel that the Max Pro M2, with its better design, 3.5mm headphone jack, dedicated microSD card Slot, and much bigger battery, seems like a better option. And gives you the most value for your money. These are just my views, and you may not feel the same, which is completely alright. Which one of these 2 phones will you choose based on their camera performance, let me know in the comments. And if you are still confused, or if you don’t agree with my views about these images. I suggest you guys go back, mute the video, watch it in the highest resolution that your device supports, and then draw your own conclusions that way. If you want to support the channel, you can do that by purchasing these phones from the affiliate links in the description section. It helps the channel a lot, at no extra cost to you. That is it for for this video guys. Please hit the like button if you enjoyed this video, and subscribe to the channel for more quality tech videos like this. You can also check out some of the other videos from this channel. This has been Sagar, and I’ll catch you guys in the next video.

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This a detailed comparison between the dual cameras on the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 and the Mi A2. Both the phones have a very good set of cameras, and they are priced very close to each other. Both the Mi A2 and Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 start at under Rs.15,000

, and many of you are confused as which is right for you based on the camera performance. So in this video, I have included lot of image and video samples from both the phones. Make sure to watch the complete video to see which one comes on top, Mi A2 or the Max Pro M2! Buy MI A2:

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