ZATARAIN'S Jambalaya Dinner New Orleans Style Quick & Easy

by: Glenda Sully

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hi guys welcome back to my channel and Glenda Merle is in the kitchen this evening and we're going to make us some jambalaya and today I'm going to be using the SATA Rance jambalaya rice dinner mix and this was sent to me a few months ago by a young man by the name of Bryant his youtube name is Jay is M I and it has some numbers behind it but I'm sorry I don't remember I love it Bryant so if you want to say hi to us in the comments then then we can all thank you for this but um I'm not gonna make it from scratch this time but it's going to be just as good because Saturn's is a great product so it says - um it says that Creole jambalaya was born in New Orleans in the 18th century when Spanish settlers tried to recreate their beloved paella using Louisiana ingredients today is a local staple coming from music festivals from Mardi Gras parties to quiet weeknight me meals okay for the stovetop directions it says I'll pick a protein so you can pick on smoked sausage you could chicken ham or shrimp so I'm going to use your tongue kill shot farm pulse go kielbasa sausage and I already have it cut into little slices and I like even though it's cooked I'm still going to brown it a little bit because that's how I like my sausage so I have some oil in my skillet and let me get it hot okay so after our brand visit says to mix two and a half cups of water the rice mix which is in this package this will are olive oil already have that in there and a 3 quart saucepan until well blended bring to a boil reduce heat to low and then cover simmer 25 minutes or until rice is tender now Brian lives a mile bachelor really Louisiana so he's very familiar with that Aaron's products so um we're gonna get this meat round I'm trying a different angle with my tripod so boom my cheeks look awfully pink got on too much makeup today so I go from no makeup and and on one video to too much makeup but it's okay we'll survive it won't we but anyways other bands um it was started by Emil satyr and senior and he was a Spanish of the basket descent in Spanish and he settled in Louisiana and he started a company does a trans company making root beer and so he opened up a plan and was making the root beer and then he bought a horse and a buggy and he started making home deliveries and selling his root beer and then he went into selling just the root beer extract and then to that he added the spices and um email in his life had five sons and after they finished school they all went into the business but over the years of veterans has been sold to different corporations and most recently it was so - mcCormick and we all know who McCormick is for a hundred and eighty million dollars so Lula Emil he died in 1956 at the age of on I believe he was around 94 years old so he lived a very long life so I'm going to cheat you down so you can see me brown this sausage okay so let's get this stuff on skillet

so even though I was raised in southern Louisiana y'all I oh I mean the Southern Mississippi I have a lot of southern Louisiana roots in me so I do still make a lot of Cajun and Creole dishes and I love them we do live in New Orleans about five years and then we moved north of Lake Pontchartrain to Covington Louisiana and that's where Jeremy and Jill were both born and um all my children considered of Louisiana their home even though Jason was born in Gulfport Mississippi we we had a lot of fun in our home there in Covington and actually it's up for sale now and if I can I'll print a picture out of it and show it to y'all if I had the money I would fire and I'll move back to Covington in the heartbeat even though it would mean having to to leave on Jill and little baby each day in baby Issa that on with New Orleans International Airport I could be up here in about four or five hours so that would not be a problem so let's get your sausage nice and brown

so when we lived in Covington um I I had a really good pediatrician his name was dr. William Terrell and he's probably still practicing there I'll have to google him and see but his father was a pediatrician also and when John was working at equitable shipyards equitable lost their contract so they didn't have any more contract you know they didn't have a contract to build anymore so John got laid off and on in fact all the workers that s what it was shipyards in Madison bills were laid off and I remember um Jeremy had gotten sick and I had taken him to dr. Gerald and on stopped me telling you you know that John Walker equitable so he asked me he said on did your husband get my dogs and I said yes and he said well there'll be no choice for today's visit thought after John did get laid off that was when I started doing the babysitting and um I started babysitting dr. Jerrold son I remember one day his wife brought the baby to me and um they had just bought a brand new Range Rover and I guess she wasn't used to it yet but she got out and she went around to the other side of the car to get the baby out of the car seat and the Range Rover was still running but it was lost oh she was she was just in hysterics out the police out there and they used a little stick thing that they use and unlocked it him and got the baby out but you know it was hot that was a summer day and it was hot but thank goodness she had left the engine on and the air conditioner was running the next time that I had to take one of the kids into dr. Cheryl it was so embarrassed I just felt I did feel bad for him and his wife did that happen okay so I think my sausage is brown enough so y'all take a look at it and see

you know you really don't even have to do this if you if you coming in from work and you're tired and you're hungry and all your kids are hungry you know just throw this already put sausage in there and um and then add all the other ingredients so okay so it says to add to this two and a half cups of water well y'all know I love to cook with chicken broth so I'm gonna put on oh I'll do one cup of one cup of chicken broth because I I know this has the spices in it and I don't want it to be too salty so so that would be warm and then I'm gonna use the coke and the handle water

so I just want to UM to let y'all know I'm going to be finishing up with my um living in a drug recovery home series pretty soon and several of you have asked me how did I get on the drugs well that's kind of a long story so I'm just going to make a separate video and tell y'all how I became addicted and don't believe me I thought that I would never ever take drugs because my mother was a drug addict and um you know I didn't want to be anything like doors but um you know you you take one or two and and if you have that addictive gene in you then before you know it you're a full-blown drug addict and that's what happened to me so now it says to um let me cover this oh it says to go ahead and add in the rice mix okay so we'll do that so I got my two and a half cups up off one cup of chicken broth and then a cup and a half of water mmm oh lordy that smells good so here's here's so right to me channel so let's add all of this to him

and Brian I would love to meet you the next time I come home I'll be flying into New Orleans and don't that's Andrew she's not that forward go Tigers so maybe we can on a meet and we'll go get us some bored crawl fishing and suck the heads I'm not gonna tell y'all what that is if you don't know you can google it yes we are we eat those little chrome finish and then we suck that juice right out of the hands i'm lord have mercy it is delicious okay y'all know that I don't cook without using my own being parents Worcestershire sauce this is my secret ingredient so I'm going to add a few little dashes of that and I believe that's all to bring to a boil reduce heat to low cover and simmer for 25 minutes until rises tender so I'll be back in 25 minutes so the veterans jambalaya is ready so let's take a look at it and I did cook it for 25 minutes and it said to turn to remove it from the heat and then to fluff it with a fork oh don't it look good job look it with a fork and then eat it I am starving so I'm glad it only took me 25 minutes to to cook it

I should have made me a big old skillet of Cumbre or what I didn't it's okay it's still going to be good I'm gonna cut me up some raw onion and sprinkle it on the top how many y'all cut your vegetables up in your hanging like I do sometimes it's just too much trouble to have to get dirty up a cutting board isn't it so let me pretty it up a little bit with some greenery then let's have a taste I'll make sure I get some sausage on my fork I need a big old spoon I probably should be eating it with that big old spoon that I dipped it out with uh-oh it's hot


y'all go to your store now buy you some Saturn's jambalaya dinner mix and a pound of own sausage or some coot already cooked chicken or some shrimp now the shrimp you put in I think the last five minutes oh lordy this is a delicious nutritious and easy to prepare dinner and y'all just keep on coming

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