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I am going to Italy today I just state my first flight from Orlando now I'm in Chicago going to catch a plane to Germany and then Italy I can't believe it I have to find my gate now though I'm a little nervous about being at the airport in Germany because I don't speak German so obviously how it goes this is so exciting I have veggie masala and red

and best of all we have some salted caramel gelato yummy

[Music] Germany right now I can't believe it I'm in Frankfurt Germany I need to wait for my flight to Florence I'm super tired so I don't know if I'm making any sense right now but I basically got no sleep on the flight due to excitement and noise and they kept feeding us so much they gave us dinner and breakfast which I loved I thought that was so fun cuz they never had like an actual meal on a flight before and this Airport is so beautiful and it's so crazy hearing German on the overhead speaker instead of English or Spanish Oh crazy everything is so high-tech here it's crazy [Music] if they didn't make an announcement go down here and board your plate they were just like chillin there and I'm used to business did it but then we took a class and then we just like oh you've gotta go second and climbed

glad we decided recently she hands Quebec the here once it into a little bit special to have it Tasha simply vital information which will be closely shot [Music]

[Music] well here I am guys I am in Florence Italy I can not believe it it is just such a dream come true in this place is unbelievable it looks like I'm just in a movie or a fairy tale book it is just so beautiful and it's rainy here which is just super romantic and lovely so I'm just out exploiting my friend Madison it's just relaxing right knowledge is gonna come and [Music] probably speech [Music] you [Music] good morning it is Sunday morning and we are going to kick it to a bright and early bright and early it's like 7:00 a.m. where you're going to the Train my first time riding the train besides at Disney World [Music]

Paget document this moment because this is the most unreal place I have ever been and we have our Rose a look at the field [Music] my goodness

[Music] [Applause] [Music] good morning happy Monday and Florence I can't believe tied and slide by so fast I still have quite a bit of time here though it is all good so Gingka Terry was in a runnable yesterday I'm sure you saw some video cuts and it was just insane by the way if you're watching this video and you're gonna see more pictures make sure you check out my Instagram because I posted tons of iNSYS stories and then also pictures as well on it soon so check me out there but I'm really excited because today I am headed to breakfast it's already like 11 o'clock I slept in so much I was such a sleepy girl the time change is kind of crazy I felt I feel fine it's just like I didn't know when I woke up this morning so I'm going to get some coffee and a little pastry for breakfast and then I am going to probably go to the UBC and get some harsh pizza later I'm hoping the rain kind of holds off because I'd love to get a photograph with heart-shaped pizza be so fun and then see what else the day brings so excited the Italians are definitely not super into breakfast but I mean their breakfast is just coffee and pastries which is basically my ideal breakfast so I'm not complaining so let's have good day [Music] it's Tuesday morning and the sun is shining here in Florence I can't believe it I am headed to get some morning coffee and then we are taking of us over to San Gennaro so we like that we are going to have a beautiful day and hopefully the Sun will keep shining I even see a blue sky which is so exciting so we'll see

[Music] best gelato in the world we're coming for it later who everything up [Music]


okay we are in San Gimignano and there's a minumum san gimignano I have good there's two places that say they're the best water in the world so naturally we have to try both of them into sidebar soft first up is gelateria Don Dolan it really rolls off my tongue no ice cream we have gelato noise you're the owner right you own it you are you're the king of gelato

[Music] yep I got that right in the middle [Music] my last full day until he yesterday was so much fun going to San Gimignano and thought I was so good we ended up just going to that one gelato place because that guy who was out front was just so precious and that was like so legit best gelato place so we went there I knew this super delicious and I am just headed to a cafe I'm going to go to bu feet see today because on Monday it was closed so I'm in his apartments hands I have a good day [Music]

[Music] those covers are amazing

yeah he's such a good day so far the sun is shining which I'm soaping all about because this morning it started hailing when I was in the coffee shops and so I think what sunny now and headed into the UVC now to look at some beautiful artwork [Music] out here you know pizza with a view [Music]


and so touched by the beauty of this place I'm at possum Michelangelo and it's so stunning and I'm just so thankful to be here right now the birds are chirping and I just hear you get the chance to travel save up all your money come here it is magic and I just was something for right now I'm right [Music] here [Music]


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