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you say where the key lies the law no yes good morning god from Morocco case tough food given to a breakfast yes you can see it's a very traditional you got that Yoplait yogurt or whatever that it where you got that fresh oranges yes Mt you got some bread got a jams over here rocking rocking teens be back but I can see you okay I can see we have a pool right here just you know the vibes are just survived

[Music] alright John today we are starting J off with the city - as you get bigger in the heart of the city I think regardless yeah we're in the heart of Marrakech VIP cars going by it's hard drive huh you know we're about to do some historic stops bring you guys along and courtesy of nomads experience is going to be dope gonna be really really fun and I can't wait to see all the history and richness behind it all so let's go ahead [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we are at the famous Russian Palestine let me give you got some little bit of tourism side history lesson Citroen I think first of all it took 14 years to make this pouch just imagine that it took 14 years to make this College acres is it say got eight acres and you guys see this mosaics came right here they said each one we put please by piece by piece that's why it took so long and is just absolutely amazing the reason why it's called bacteria palaces because the Kings is one of his favorite wives was her name was Bahia so I should surely define yourself King on yourself enid of your coffee [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] don't [Music] leatherhead is trying to make the bread all right yeah so inhale even though people thought electric oven people want the bullet fired this is still the traditional values here if you guys could smell the bread it's amazing who's from shade out of a out of the oven breast homeboys telling us sustained development Oh

we are right now walking through the spooky see so many different different in so many spices almost checks out so much threat as we are walking I can notice the detail that people put in - there are like whether it's pottery whether it's red whether it's fabric whether it's like anything like this is just absolutely amazing as we are walking by the fruit and the restaurant everything smells so close it feels so good I want all of it [Music] now we are going into a mutt that services turned into a museum vanessa is like a school where they teach people how to read the quran recite the quran all that other stuff they turn it into museum this dates back to how old takes back to the 16th century


[Music] what you guys are seeing right now is the craftsmanship in Morocco people are making shoes like Brian catalysis but it's not like all machine and everything that people are Morocco work hard [Music]

[Music] but open for free if I find the key you'll find a secret vault exploitability

if I'm look now you'll find a lot in the middle corn wedgie whole thing open Leonardo DiCaprio bubbly and they done you know but it didn't know anything like wait what are you talking you try try try try come on he said where the key lies the law no yes that wouldn't play to the absolutely crazy it's crazy how the Dan and Leonardo DiCaprio went they in are DiCaprio broke this love fall button but thank you sir here in sent you one of the cap you maybe - I wish I tried it you never know about a god I don't you know I would have got if else pretty Dilton and Morocco got so much culture Rajee is all be the worst bargain I've ever seen in my whole entire life but we just put a hand got them clothes right well I got a shirt and pants for $10 we were making the whole negotiation they got like 200 I was like okay yeah 115 our budget pathology is so bad even hear about it I'll do 150 on welding no I'm only doing 100 and the guy came back after fastening is that was happening I got my price for both shirt and pants budgies didn't get the hundred for just a shirt in mine over two dollars much buying on my fingers like a bargain about way

[Music] our jaw so this is the main square of Marrakech I think it's called Jamar I think so something like that but its main square so little family at nighttime it's like crazy crazy this way guys we got the square again


[Music] [Applause] - watch out you say from out here policies like I love I love Moroccans I love the revival of the play so dope earlier we're talking about all we were sketched out but honestly that's just because what everybody was telling us but what we experienced firsthand beautiful lovely tomorrow actually is going to be a dope dope dope Tyler go into the desert and that's when we sticks with a bring you guys along with that broccoli with budget is absolutely with it is too hectic every five seconds he wants to you keep something let's get you locked let's get you locked I want to lock I want to lock like look I might get to you what no just get one of those gold shove your West back at it again right with the gelato you have to experience yeah you've had it gelato has not even Moroccan know something about the why you wanted oh here it experienced Lakers the world's always differently image of it what they meant don't be like this guy see periods are costing happiness nothing combat Mateusz it comes by experience okay I understand what you're going out of the way to keep bugging me about Jolanda I want gelato I want gelato on gelato I want a lot on he's gotta watch a lot of gelato I want a lot of yeah experience eating breaking gelato every two seconds on an experience whatever whatever whatever [Music]


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