Trials Evolution | "FLAPPY BIRD" | E012 (Trials Funny Moments)

by: ZerkaaPlays

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this is flappy bird watchers but though well then oh I've got the hang of it uh ugh the cheat no I'm not yeah flappy bird wait you should go it's never tell you every time you hit the pot the green polo gets the start otherwise edition this is a flappy bird is like this is no flapping I'm not flapping about their lap in my ass is just on fire no I made it quite clearly had an extra Nando's and oh my god I after write a fucking mandos does this to you extra hot Nando Nando's makes one of those Naga chilli good Naga yeah why cause I'm gonna edit that so that it sounds good they are good Naga titties right no they're called African American chillies ha ha ha I can't do this for you Nate this game Wow still playing laughs flash we love but like a weed and I reckon there's a cheat yeah you just need to do it just be flat B flat Simon you're gonna wait hold on oh don't you oh shit oh right how did you do that um I don't want to do this race oh yes I love you mum what oh my god wait alright so you do oh no I got anyway that one yeah this is not working you the time this already yeo-hwa oh yeah I made a guy what I just fucking made it yeah guys get keeps getting stuck in the wood I just explode where's the wood keep going off to quick done it twice where's the wood going come back I need to crash onto your wood oh no honey look Oh mother why do I explode oh yeah and I think about plan I know judges on your plan though is it to just go onto the ground ladies flip it I've done it oh my god yep I blew the fuck up they working oh my yeah shit wait I'm just spazzing out in a fucking bar how did you do it attacks it works I always how tactics man they always work look at you flip in I did it no I just don't like this oh yeah and you get no that's not what I'm doing once I've landed that twice and I didn't finish yep you have to land you land they without touching the floor why am I the retard now cuz you waited I like this what the hell bank robbery gold I don't want to escape on give us a hook it's there differently if I lose I'm soaked you fucking arrested him dying prison and get bum is that it that you want him to die before he gets bummed or no I want him to Bob and dies they've done there's a bit mean but is that all frame rate hi this oh shit this place shooting why are not I'm not winning this one shit this is a sigma ugly shit that i like a little place of the drops on the season yeah it's a way of metal man that was a big thumbs up no whoever made this fence the checkpoint it does kill the frames though it is frames from what is raves where's life what is train is hey the bank a little flip oh no let me work ever works kind of I'll take that it's time wow I'm really far behind ow what the fuck the police car just comes a box you're sure than it looks like tackled by a police car so I was winning no no oh my god taken out by the police cause I oh shit what don't crash into me yo ever made this map is a Dom it's not fishy why does my bike keep wheel eing 501 away I'm actually gonna come along Josh isn't even gonna finish come on Chemical he's just gonna get them just gonna get them for the first time I'm gonna get the LSD that's not the first time I'm gonna claim that I wasn't playing no no you were right we can buy Express broken look broken no you fucking loud damn faggot don't get Maggie in the police don't go very well such a don't like it whoa is you sending the police yeah oh my god why you flipping off of it you yes yes yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes mm got a checkpoint

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