- Stage 51 Walkthrough Hints Pencilkids

by: Monkey GO Happy

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hello and welcome to monkey head comm stage 51 let's man keep it calm page 51 go ahead pick up these moon rocks 1 2 3 4 little push mudra and here this puzzle I'll show you how to do that later first we go to the next screen the duty 120 moon rocks notice also this planet here and how many rings they've got to pick one small one in the middle one exciting companies to later just pick up the road here in the middle and here we got 9 look so far and we need 10 rocks now we need something for this and coming for this so let's go inside and pick up the dial here and here we've got the planet to that showed you earlier so we could become the ring and we know that the big one has gone the middle one has three and the small on has to so the small one two limited one is free and the big one has one okay so it's two free one tails and get up and get so clear space bone and just do you want something so we'll do it later but first they'll look at this here which is the star and as you can see you can hear the yellow corner and that's according to this this is how you place them into the little lower puzzle so the first one goes here this is the bottom of this thing this is the top right this is the bottom left and this is the top left cool ok and then we go inside and we pick up more minerals get the soul solar panel and here we've got puzzles to do and that's different something are given the space ball now this will doggy and they'll go outside and here we've got their little puzzle which is go to little Y shape a little triangle bit and why so let's put that in there and go bake and the diagnose line okay I got this now we've gotta a key but we'll use the down first and turn it to 1 and then we go inside here and pick up the rock from number 1 and to get to we just turn it to 2 and go back in and the capital from 3 okay and the key be used get on the same value and we'll use the wheel on here run it and we use the solar fan on here so that gives us 20 moon rocks and we'll give it to this little dude here and evoke so and we can get this straight down and we can use it on the little area there you go guys that's how you finish month we have a stage 51 let's monkey epical calm state system are I hope you enjoy this thank you very much guys for playing and I'll see you

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