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SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub www.facebook.com/BabelSub Oh My Emperor Season 01 Subbers: Alina, Katherine, Sophia Episode 20

It's battle of two troops. If anyone gets hurt and I can't be there in time, they might get sequelae!


That must be handsome!

Ambush them in the bush!

Minister Su. Such a good mood.

You listened for a long time. Minister Fang must have a good mood. The song is over, so is the conversation. Let's fight then. Fine.

Be careful. It's a battle! You two still flirting here. Is that appropriate?

Lord Tang. I'm sorry.

Someone must have got killed. They definitely did, definitely.

Dragon-egg. Let me go. I won't let you go there. It's dangerous.

You took Xie Yanran's place this time. If that gets out, they would get punished, you know?

I'll protect you. I'll take the military power back.

Minister Zhang. Minister Mei. What're you calculating here? Listen, I've done the divination. His majesty will win! You're not Lord Chen, you can't predict. How could you know that? Don't believe me? How about we make a bet?

Okay, bet on what? Bet on what? If you lose, send me hot spring eggs for a month! How is that? Okay, you're gonna lose!

Minister Zhang only has a glib tongue. If you're that good, defeat me, weed me out. Minister Mei, take this. Su Xunxian is a scheming man, this must be his trap. Fang Jian suspects a lot. He will be panic. If I go directly, I might be walking into his trap.

Minister Su. Where're your soldiers?

They are all here. Here, and here. Minister Fang, can't you see them?

Even you're a martial artist, you won't walk out today.

I should not act rashly, just wait and watch carefully.

No matter how will you act, there's no way back for you today.

Minister Fang. How about I play another song for you?

Zhengzheng, look. When is this gonna end?

Minister Mei, Be serious, okay? What're you talking about? I'm serious! Please hang in there, okay? Annoying. If you go on like this, I'll walk you out. Are you threatening me?

Dali, go for it!

Dali, you're the best!

Stand up, all of you!

Stand up, up! Up, you! stand up. And you, up!

Dali, are you tired? Wow! You end them all? General Chu, awesome.

Did you get hurt? I'll check it for you. Go away, my belly hurts. Feeling sick.

Sick? What about you? I'll check it for you. This is not serious. I'm already dead.

Why're you running? Get up and fight! Don't be afraid, beat her! Beat her, all of you. What're you talking about, Luo Feifei.

Why did you poke me? Feifei. You're dead. Dead? Where? Where? You tell me. If you got a mark, you lose. I told you, I can't see it.

The competition has begun. Now is our chance!

Set out!

Zhang Tianzheng, how dare you sneak attack me?

What's going on? They're not my soldiers! Not yours? Then whose men are they?

Report! Your majesty. Lord Chen's men use real weapons in the battle. Our side has been injured.

Report! My lord. Something went wrong. Don't know who blended in our side. They're using real weapons. His majesty's side has been injured. So there're moles in our troop? Yes, I don't know the details, either. Now his majesty's side has been irritated. Beitang Moran!

Minister! Minister! Minister! We've been surrounded. We're badly injured. What did you say?

Su Xunxian! How could you do this?

How could I do that? We agreed this won't be a real fight. Then we'll definitely hurt anyone. My lord. Seems these people are clouded in mind. Not like our people. Like psychos broke out from the prison. Maniacs? Wait, let me come with you. No need, you go protect his majesty. The rest, follow me!

Protect his majesty!

Report. Your majesty, my lord. Bad news. The maniacs disappeared before now came out again. They're in the competition area.

I'm willing to give up and to fight along with uncle against enemies.

Your majesty. This token belongs to you. Uncle, you...

This is the military token. Your majesty have passed my tests. This time is testing your judgment before the real enemies.

Back then the late emperor was assassinated, you took the throne. And he gave me the military power. To act as regent to inspect. But now, I think you've passed all the tests. So I can unload the burden now.

Your majesty, as from today. I'll return the military power. Give it back to your majesty.

Lord Tang. It's a battle between women. We stay out of it. Master Bai. How could you say that? Changed your side at the last minute. But I can understand. Besides, does Dali count for a woman? Right. Does she count for a woman? Hit me.

Luo Feifei! Chu Shengnan.

Luo Feifei. Sis Feifei.

Soldiers hear my command. Yes!

Dragon-egg! Brother!

Assassin! Get him!

Stop there! Stop running.

Stop there! Stop running.

Let's go.

Why is she here?

Brother, are you okay?

Brother. Is he okay? Save him, save him.

Father and mother have left me behind. - If he also left me... - Shut up! He won't. Brother.

Brother, are you okay?

Soldiers hear my command. Yes!

Go on executing command of his majesty.

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