I Overcame Depression and Lost 100 lbs with Water Fasting

by: A Healthy Alternative

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James and you're watching the healthy alternative today we're going to be doing what you guys been asking for like a year now and we're going to be interviewing a lady who's been in the group for quite some time now has seen some amazing success and we're gonna kind of break down you know where she started what she went through what she did to get to where she is today and where she's gonna be in the future so stay tuned for our lovely interview with Terrence a piece of a puzzle you start getting healthy and you just become a better person and start focusing more on the end of business let's get right into this so what was some of the the major outlining issues that you were dealing with like let's kind of rewind back to before you start at your health journey what was kind of inspiring you to get started and what were some of the issues you were dealing with yes so I was having issues so I came to even just going up and down the stairs because of how swollen like my legs and my feet were really bad allergies and every day with so much mucus on my chest and I just thought my allergies were getting worse and worse and then for years I've had a really big issue with depression and for the last couple years I even started smoking cigarettes I started drinking and everything just kind of spiraled down because of everything that was going through I guess I guess you kind of felt like at some point you you you kind of hit rock bottom there's somebody that was like a friend or family member that kind of pointed it out to you or did you just kind of catch us up while you were falling I kind of caught myself but at the same time it was paddling on the depression and I mean I literally prayed about it I was like if this is not for me let it not be for me and within a month I got let go from my job and that was praying because I'm a single mother and like when it comes to me I've always been strong but when you're a mom it's just a little more King I take care of him hunter so I kind of spaz out when I think about not being able to contribute towards my child because I'm the only one who's there for him so then I was in a relationship with a very close friend and it just got really really bad he started being very verbally abusive especially when it came to my weight because he's no mean for the last about 13 years and I mean has seen we kind of go downhill just because of personal issues and just led in depression consuming but what got me started was pretty much that I felt like I was a rock bottom I didn't know what else to do and then I always felt like I couldn't be myself because I didn't feel like myself I didn't grow up overweight I've always been in shape I'm naturally really really athletic so pretty much


which was 282 with my always so it's kind of weird you look a plane about my weight but you're taking me out yeah that's pretty much what got me started okay that's that's interesting the dynamics of that relationship where you have somebody who was verbally you know they were very vocal about your weight but then weren't really doing the things necessary to support you in becoming healthier because honestly that that's what it's all about is it's really just being healthy I think that your weight was very close to Siobhan's my sister's weight and you guys are around the same height too so I can I can actually kind of picture she might she might have been she might have been bigger than you but I can kind of picture you know where you were at because that's that's about where she was so have you have you ever been diagnosed with anything you know officially or do you do you think would you attribute this more to just poor eating habits yeah and he always had high blood pressure so because it wasn't that extra fat I can say that I think it was the way that my family you know just the way that we ate oh it runs in the family and I think that's what it is it is the nutrition so everybody is high blood pressure because you know it just keeps going down the line right that's such a that's such a good point because you know a lot a lot of times we're told that things are genetic and it's it's Plata's passed down through our genes but in reality it's environmental so if if mom cooks a certain way chitlins and dumplings and I don't know I don't know what y'all be eating down there in the south then you know that that died those dietary habits are passed on and so then of course the diseases that come along with the dietary habits are passed on and that's important to understand because you know when you're when you're trying to get healthy and you don't fully understand what's causing the problems it's it's really hard to come up with a solution so okay so you hit rock bottom you're dealing with a little bit of depression you're dealing with being overweight you dealing with not feeling like yourself you said you're naturally athletic and so I can imagine someone who's naturally athletic not being able to move around like they used to how that would feel so what did you start with how did you kind of start killing so I remember I went through a really great IT program and one of the focuses was always looking at motivational videos and so know that some type of presentation they're like oh my god why do we have to do this I'm really great their presentation so then I really kind of grew to love it so I made these presentations and it's kind of like you always have to watch these videos but then I kind of really just took it on and I just started watching them for myself like okay maybe I just need some type of push to keep going because but literally the depression it was really crippled but it wasn't like depression it's been years and years and years and I was like I feel like I'm just doing this to myself and you just feel so stuck no one and I think people just don't understand when somebody's depressed they don't want to be negative they don't want to go down but it's a really crippling experience so I knew it was something that only I could control and something that always get myself out of so I just started looking at videos so the first thing was motivation and I looked up Mel Robbins and she speaks about the five-second rule so basically you have five seconds to truly make a decision I'm chunky of early bird but with my depressive behavior I noticed I don't like getting up in the morning I would lay in bed so I was like if only I could give it up no I tried to do everything except maybe I can't be positive today but at least I can get up and at first like it wouldn't really work because you don't really do it but then follow me one day I'm like five four three two one I would set up sounds like whenever you get you have five push-ups don't you wake up so so it is little by little I just started trying to make the losing team because I'm a very big feature to have it and that's how pretty much I think depression and anything start everything they have it any of the twos didn't have a that you have so that's what I did motivations five four three two one get up next day try to be more positive today and then noticing that you can say you want to be positive but how are you going to be positive it was every time I have a negative thought push that thought out and you have to think something positive so I have two ugly in fact you know what you're beautiful you look great you can do it and it's just changing your mindset and it's really programming your brain all over again to try to be positive and so then I kind of got in a more positive state and so then I told myself the problem is that's you're overweight that's what you think it is at least right now so how can we leave late so the next step for me was what's the best way to lose weight and I come from a Christian background and so fasting kind of came to mind but not quite in a spiritual way I don't know let me go on YouTube and I saw fasting but then I came across one video that let me video right before I let me see yours those about a spiritual fast and then I was like well you know what I probably need some rejuvenating weight loss because really I have to change my brain if I don't change my brain nothing else is gonna fall in mine and so the end I saw that video and it kind of led me to you and you were the only channel that really made me feel comfortable about this because everyone else would talk about it but now that no more about fasting I can see they were just inexperienced they don't understand detox symptoms you know so for them I really loved your channel and I just got started I started watching your YouTube videos and I continued to watch them during my whole bags and it's kept going wow that's amazing you said a lot of really good stuff that five-second rule that's so powerful it's funny John John told me you you all have spoken a few times and John like Gila he likes that that five-second rule and he reads he reads he tends to find a lot of little tricks like that which is really like you said it's just reprogramming your brain but also I really liked how you talked about how when you have a negative thought come in your mind you attack it right it's like it's a it's an active thing you win cuz you know you have you have your subconscious mind it's kind of talks about stuff although the lights are bright the you know the cars driving but then you have your active thoughts and when you have those active thoughts you look at yourself in the mirror and you don't like what you see you can't feed into that you have to act that you like no this is not me you know I mean I'm I'm whatever it is that you want whether it whether it's you want clearer skin you want weight loss you want to look younger you know whatever you see that you don't like you speak what it is that you want as if you already have it it's funny because it like when I when I very first started with a healthy alternative I created these business cards just so I could pass them out to people and you know invite them to watch the channel on the on the card you know how people they put their name and then their title I didn't know what to call myself because I'm just a youtuber but I didn't wanna you know call myself a youtuber especially early because I wanted people to take me seriously so I put wellness coach on there and it was like super uncomfortable for me because I was like I'm not a wellness coach like I'm not a wellness coach I'm this youtuber but it's so funny because time and time again people asked me well what do you do what do you do and I'm like what I'm electrician but I'm also a wellness coach and eventually it's so crazy it got to the point where I literally did start you know becoming what I was saying I was and it was so unintentional you know I literally just wanted to help people I just wanted to give people information things I felt like they needed to have and now all of a sudden because I kept calling myself what miss Coates I've literally become that so it works in all aspects of life like it's powerful now I forgot to ask you this earlier I wanted to ask you because it's like my big thing at the beginning of the videos everybody was your starting weight and what is your weight let's talk about healthy alternative group and so I lasted 15 days and congratulations that is not a small feat we'll get more into that lid okay during the past my first my dry fast surprised me so okay I got my cycle so for my body it can even add extra 10 pounds and that's why I've learned about myself so if I'm on my cycle it could look like I have 10 extra pounds on me and then so I went to weigh myself again this month and I've been filming really moody I pretty much start watching TV and I started watching movies and I'm telling you I'm crying on every single move and like I'm so sensitive and I was so emotional sigh I don't understand it and then all of a sudden I have another cycle for this month or no I easily that was weird so I received two cycles the second one was only three days the first one was longer and I was like that's really weird easily for me it's like clockwork and so for it to come twice a month that's very unheard of for me so I was like I don't want to look because he's going through any more pleasing and I think as you know females were frustrating but I would look at my body I'm like well where's the way to I don't see it I don't see it I don't understand it so I just didn't want to be frustrated but I will check again before I start my next extended fast but I was at 188 when I last checked okay well shoot that's I mean that's a hundred pounds you know to me forget to forget the bloating and forget the you know because like I've spoke about on many videos our bodies are super dynamic so you know in the in the course of a couple of days you can gain or lose 10 pounds it's very very easy especially when you understand that the body does manufacture different fluids and liquids people don't understand that they think all the body you know whatever you put in is you know it is what it is but the you can be eating absolutely nothing and gain weight the body can absorb moisture through the skin there's all sorts of amazing things the body can do so but that's I mean that's a hundred pounds that's that's huge so what will definitely show you know before and after picture see you guys can see that and later or and I think we're gonna get more into what are the what have been the benefits for you but let's kind of flush out this this cuz I you know like when I talk to a woman about this cycles it's always like it's always hit or miss some women are like yeah Chris you're not a woman don't talk to me wrong my cycle women are like hey I'm all ears you've been right about other stuff what what can it hurt let's just give it a listen actually I was talking about sister last night and we were talking about you know just just in general being a woman and and the differences of men and women and how she was like Chris I'm not gonna listen to anything you have to say about anything that pertains school woman and I'm like you know what that's fair because we've been we've been trained to kind of feel like that like if he's a guy he can't understand my pain he can't understand my body because he's got a different body but even from woman to woman you have different bodies everybody's got a different body you know the way your body reacts to certain things is different from another woman so it's you know I have good advice about overall health and the dynamics of the body in general and what I learned about the cycles is that you know it's it's a cleansing process which has a woman you guys probably know that but as a man I had to kind of study and learn because I don't get cycles right yeah I mean when you fast the reason why people see so like they'll see weird stuff happen on their fast as it pertains to their cycle because the body is going through a process that it's probably never gone through before it's a it's an irregular process for you as an individual and so it kind of throws that that clock off and things like that but it's not a bad thing because everything will regulate everything will will you know work itself out hormones go out of whack chemicals go out of whack I mean blood pressure all these different levels they go all crazy and then they just kind of you know I mean they level out it's it happens every time so I just want to encourage you I'm sure you I know you know you're not worried about it I know you probably understand it you're going through a process the other thing too about the scale is you can you can actually not be losing weight but see inches come on yeah so I mean it's always good to tape yourself in addition to using the scale but um um that I mean you've already lost 100 pounds off the scale so everything else is just like toning like how do you look how do you feel I think that's what's more important anyway I do I am NOT where I want to be so again what I thought was like when I said like oh what you need to do is lose weight to be happy that's what I was telling myself originally and I think when you get in the worst place or a different case where you came from people say you romanticize everything because I remember when I was younger I was do I was fit you couldn't and like I loved it was so sweet I had other people who really looked up to me but even at that point I wasn't completely happy with myself and that's something I had to remember no matter what people told me like people I would love to have your body I want another body so I might literally be unhappy even that for me that was my best and like I was still unhappy because that where I wanted to be so I even had them start reprogramming myself like you're not going to be happier because you're losing Lee so for me 188 I remember 168 in college that was my lowest and so I'm kind of thinking about it in a different way I like what somebody said it's like I want to drop as much fat as I can and it's going to be fine although I have to rebuild myself because you know us okay I'm trying to be pick thank you I was like I don't want to be like I want to be slim thick you know I won't want to build up and make myself healthy again so it's okay if I go back to me I'm skinny because we're on up I was a little stick so I'm like you know what go back to the basics lose that weight and everything I've built is going to muscle I know everything in my body is about to be healthy and so I really just have to reprogram my brain you're not going to be happy it doesn't matter I think we all have little subconscious thoughts about ourselves some like happiness is not how you look and I really value my mom because I was raised to be a great person so above anything I don't judge people from their looks if you're ugly on the inside I'm not gonna deal with people I like so what I try to do is really I want to make myself a better person so that's what's been building me up how can I be greater as a person so changing even eating habits for me because eventually I know we spoke about this before but I truly want to go full-on vegan and it may not be the super ethical vegan to begin with it's because I want to heal myself selfish reasons but I love animals too and seeing them makes me cry so it's kind of like I watched those videos I'm purposely influenced in myself and I see day after day like Heath is literally making me sick I can't eat dairy anymore and like I told you when I had the real horrible sinus issues I noticed once I cut out the dairy it starts going away I don't really have allergy issues anymore and so my next thing that I want to do is to cut out my asthma and just get rid of all that mucus because I know I can't control it and I can heal myself absolutely [Music] abso-freakin'-lutely you always say a lot of really good stuff I'm so down for people people I think especially in America this is probably like like really really bad in America because we're so image focused people are like well I don't want to lose all my curves or guys be like well I don't want to be skinny I don't want to look scrawny I don't want to look sick and and people people very few people tell me they'll be like I'll Chris you look kind of you look kind of sick like I had a couple people tell me all you look sick most people tell me wow Chris you're glowing your skin looks amazing energy levels are amazing you know I mean I am extremely like on the low end of my weight spectrum right now and I feel amazing right I feel amazing I don't feel uncomfortable in my body my face is not sunken in I don't look sickly despite with what a few people have tried to say to discourage me I don't look sickly I don't feel sickly one guy he made me laugh and said he's starting get that doctor save me body type and I was like yeah yeah you right you're right about that I am but that's not what's important to me because the focus is on my health so I know that if I get rid of all of this fat like you said get rid of all of the fat now you can rebuild on an owner on a clean slate and you know exactly what your body is made out of because you you've put the right things in it and you've hit the gym and you look amazing and you feel amazing and one bonus is when you build a foundation that's so strong and healthy you don't have to worry about it's so hard to maintain the body when you're when you're doing these unnatural things but when you build it on on a healthy platform it's really easy to maintain like one of the things that I've noticed is my strength gains as slim as I am now are the same as they were when I was 50 pounds heavier like I I've lost what you would consider muscle mass so I don't look as big I don't look as thick but as far as the strength goes it's still there which is blowing me away like it's so exciting so I want to get into some of the benefits well before we get into the benefits let's get let's talk about your fasting regimen what you were eating because I know a lot of people are gonna want to know people always want to know well what did she eat to lose 100 pounds what did she do it's like I didn't eat that was the goal like I did but what it walk us through what you did okay so the first thing I did was my 25 days fast and that was just water and you know before I really got into your channel so it was spring water house sipping on that spring water for 25 days because you know it's funny and I even take it back it's before I grew enough to really trust you so I would my father not like yo so I want to do this extended fast he's like he needs your minerals make sure you got your minerals you gotta check that spring water that I almost did the skill he's like come on distilled it's the worst water for you okay so that's what made me go to spring water but regardless 25 days I lost 45 pounds is that 45 yes Wow whammy yes huge so everything happened to me in five months but what I want to tell people is it wasn't easy for me just because it happened in five months for me like I said I started listening to a whole bunch of different motivations and regardless it's kind of like I listen to Tony Robbins and it's like you have to make a decision and making a decision isn't just telling yourself oh hey I want to do this clearly know this is all I'm going to do and I commit to this 100% but but I also wanted to be with experiment when it came to fasting so I wanted to go vegan but I wanted to know how different kind of foods affected me and so on my fast I was with I have two best friends are forever talk about them ever feel this from a Memphis friend so he was having a baby and the baby shower was coming up soon and I was making a few designs for them and we got pizza okay it's been a minute let me you know enjoy something I mean like I was four months pregnant I was almost crying oh wait if this pizza just ruined everything for me it was horrible and it was like hours in that bathroom my body did not want it Wow aim out and I went back there like wow that's crazy because I naturally cut out bread there's also cheese's like apparently this is not the thing to do alright different things but I could eat a meat and the kind of backtrack okay so for my first fast what I gained was like I understand what people said it was the clarity I was like these people just be making stuff no everybody kept talking about this clarity but then I was like it is the best thing in the world that I'm trying to get back and it was so weird like my fila best friend she came and she was like you were so different because we haven't seen each other in a little bit just because our schedules she's like you're so happy now again like you're just normal you know such a good thing I'm like nothing could upset and it's kind of like an outer-body experience for me personally like you just can't get mad I couldn't get mad and I'm usually naturally like that but it's like even more it's just this natural high on life you just see the positive and everything and the solution and everything and I loved it and so I rant base for the longest and then I was like okay let me start experimenting and I started putting food back in my diet and nothing excuse me I started putting meat back in my diet and what I started to notice was if I'm so happy Lord the clarity it was kind of like my body was trying to fight off my past it was hard it's really hard to explain even though I wasn't depressed I started doing the press of behaviors in you okay so to go back so I spoke like half so horrible so yes guys I smoked cigarettes wasn't even the weed which is so weird because I would never will get there I'm not a smoker so anyway to come back I smoked like half the fast backflip but I had a co-worker who weed off at the same time and that's when the habit started coming back into it and you can let other people's habits become your habits again I quit smoking up quit drinking but this is what my other co-worker did after work so that just started to become my normal again and it was I felt so tormented it's like your purest self being trapped inside of stupidity and I really can't explain it it was horrible so like all these years I felt depressed I felt like my body was fighting for me and even though I couldn't mentally think about being a depressed my habits right it got worse everything was super super intensified for the longest time and I just couldn't get back on track like the month of August to about a month and no two months I quit my first pass around July 1st I think that was the end of much we 5 days so really it took two and a half months for me mono because I was still kind of healthy play at least a good month and a half to get back to where I wanted to do another fast so the first fast was ok let's lose some weight let's in some depression but this fast I was like okay you need to get rid of your unhealthy habits because for me if I smoked that day I felt the video and I feel like well you're making your body impure anyway so you might as well go have a dream but you know if you have a drink you might as well eat because you broke your fast I'm very strict on myself I believe in a pure water fast so I'm not purely doing water I broke my house I ruined everything and that's a habit I had to change but I just had to quit so then I went on to my second fast and from there I was like you know what I'm going to cure myself from these habits because this taught me and I had all my friends and like literally they're scratching their heads like you don't do this I don't understand why like I'm telling you I was the purity police growing up okay why are you drinking you curse so much that was me so baffling oh my god tearing that's you you're doing this he had just turned into a completely different person and that's when I first started to experiment with dry fasting and so it was about mid-september and I was like okay you know what I might mean extreme because I can't see in the clinic eating or drinking so let me cut off everything cut off everything and I didn't do it the healthiest way the first time so I did about a nine-day dry fast and so for two days I wouldn't eat a drink but then it was horrible I broke my fast chicken Frank water every time so the first okay two days I did that then I did it again and I did it again but then the last time I know my family had this wonderful barbecue and I just threw up the food it came to get through it up and it was horrible food and I was like I don't really like meat anymore I think that's when I really put it in my head you do you're forcing yourself to eat this it's really weird food is an addiction so I became like really addicted to chicken again somehow and maybe it was just my body kind of being scared because I wanted to go back plant-based I vomited it up but I did played a dry fast and so that kind of made me more comfortable and then I wanted to move on to a more extended fast from the cancer a dry fast but like I told you October is my birthday month and then also it's my girl best friend's birthday month and since we were 17 the month is ours so I took a break well you know you said a lot of good stuff again it's I think it's I think it's good to highlight that you you had a really good experience with fasting your first your first fast and then you kind of you kind of slipped out of it because it hadn't really become a habit it hadn't become a lifestyle especially when you go into fasting for losing weight purely for like losing for weight loss and a lot of people struggle with that so I wanted to kind of highlight that a little bit just to just to say that you know some of the things you can do to not get in that situation is always when you when you're looking to start your fasting journey look at it as a lifestyle change and look at it from the perspective that your goal is to get healthy you may have sub goals or milestones along the way losing X amount of weight healing this issue having better eating habits and things like that but your overall your overall outlook should just always be my goal is to be a healthier individual and then when that's your your-your-your focus all the other things will fall into place and I think that it will help a little bit with kind of falling off the wagon if you will getting getting back on the wagon is the key when you do when you do fall off and I think maybe you kind of mentioned being a little bit more forgiving when you when you're doing your fasts a lot of people are very purist when it comes to fasting which is good if you're able to follow through that if you're not able to follow through with being a purist and you and you end up quitting or kind of spiraling because you're like well like I had this I had a piece of gum by accident I had a piece of it's like the UH the book when I was a kid it's called if you give a mouse a cookie there's one of my favorite childhood books if you think master cookie nut milk if you give him a milk he's gonna want a napkin because he's got a milk mustache now so he's got to wipe the napkin and it just goes on all you know and that's kind of what you reminded me of when you said that it's like well I had a little bit of this so I might as well have a little bit of that so it be forgiving to yourself and remember that it's a journey and it's not you know marathon or I'm up so it's not a sprint we're not running a sprint here there's going to be ups and downs sometimes it's easier to just to do a lesser fast so like juice fasting juice fasting is a great alternative it's still very effective you're still moving towards that goal of healthier juice fasting also has benefits that you know maybe aren't always highlighted like it really helps with digestive issues especially if you're if you're deal if you're looking to heal your guts you've got gut issues you may not be able to drink like the really sweet juices but maybe you you know you might be a little bit better with with you know just kind of like celery juice and and cucumber juice or something like that you know you can do anything but those are really good for digestive issues and since I mentioned that I'm just gonna say it's very easy to figure out what you can drink and what's what's gonna sit sit well with you juice one item at a time don't mix a whole bunch of stuff and then just drink it and see how it makes you feel okay you know you can drink that so that's just kind of my overview of that we can move on now let's move on let's get the party and just keep the party going but so I'm happy that she's sat back and I think that's what I really started to notice that was not a race for me as a journey because for me I just had this deadline I said on myself and I started feeling kind of really disappointed because really I wanted everything within three months my initial thought was this should just be a three month process Jones kind of rushing it and so I think I'll just put too much on myself at the time I'm pretty sure I could have accomplished it but apparently or something my body kind of rejected it but I'm happy because I did purposely kind of want to make it that experiment so now I know what happened on my first verse now I even did a second fast and it wasn't the right way so this last time I went to the no food November but I started two days before and so I wanted to do a seven-day fast initially dry fast and then I remember you did your video and like you wanted to push yourself for ten days like when I first did my fast I remember so many people tried to hold me back because of the limits of their imagination and when I said oh I wants to a 30-day fast because for me I even feel a little short of my goal I wanted to do 30 days I only made it 25 but one of my closest friends well I could offer you five days of fasting it's very much like you know what so you know what you probably aren't gonna be able to go that long I should go get some water with some salt in it and then she recommended propel water and I'm like if my water has to have a label on it I don't think that's right right and it wasn't just that they even had from my own mom and like you know when people see you kind of just going through your detox symptoms because you're starting yourself you need to quit so people don't mean to be negative and it may come from a loving and caring place but I kind of really like what she said you wanted to push yourself more and I was like that's originally how I started don't let me start letting other people's limits become my own but I was a little ambitious I want to do 14 days

once I started going through it it was really weird I love my drive fast and also it's so much to explain during fast but energy levels so compared to my first fast I started reading my journal again so it certainly it's a day 16 to get energy and even on the second fast I did in September I think because you know I kept eating chicken maybe if I would have just drink water I would have been okay but this last fast I have complete energy it was really weird and day nine Wow like I just had to go to the gym some told me you want to go and like I understand cuz for me I don't think like we just get week it's just those moments and usually when I come off the fast like the stress kind of comes back dogs at the gym I can't quite lift these little weight so I have one notch one notch and I got so thirsty will tell people your body may be ambitious but she gonna get thirsty I was like oh my god I've never been so thirsty in my life I felt like I was in the desert but I did the ten days and I turned that into a five day water fast but I remember always one in detox symptoms because for me I was like I think people exaggerate that it's never that bad cuz for me oh another thing to kind of bring it back I struggled with constant nausea for some reason I was always nauseous I was constantly nauseous all the time so during my first fast I think that's why I being nauseous didn't affect me that much because I was used to it it was the day-to-day thing for me nauseous and that I can deal with but on the dry fast it was something else that came over ten ten days I couldn't stand up it was really weird it was beyond dizziness it's a feeling I can't explain because I pride myself on being strong yeah I couldn't even stand up and I felt crazy because like you know it's such a prideful thing I just wanted to curl up into a ball and public and the first time that it happened to me I kind of pushed through that day and like once I sat down and I could meet to work my down the train I was okay but then the second day I just balled up on the bus and I'm like well yeah I'm not to see me looking crazy can't stand up I couldn't move I turned into a five day water fast and so now I think a little more prepared like this is how you can feel but I'm excited I love fasting and like my water fast I think it was despite the negative I think I've always been taught to see the positive no looking at my journal entry it's kind of funny I feel like it's like a cabinet when you pushing that thing out it does not feel good you're so unhappy for Ian it's like oh my god I'd do it again it was so beautiful yeah before you go into your your some of the benefits and things that you've seen I wanted to touch on the drive fasting because we both did we both did well that was my first long drive fast was at the beginning of no food November and I think you and you are a couple of days ahead of me or whatever because you had started so we were both kind of like shooting for that ten day mark and I didn't make it I made it six days fasting is definitely a personal experience because my fasts are always extremely difficult I mean I've never had like a eat just all the whole past was just easy-peasy I'll have moments where it's easy you know I talked about the Goldilocks zone where you feel good you feel energized your mental clarity is through the roof you feel like you want to go to the gym and then there's other moments where I feel like crap what I've noticed is if you if you consistently like if you're really adapted to fasting and you consistently feel well on your fasts it's probably safe to go to the gym it's probably safe to exert yourself but if you're not at that point which which don't confuse it it's not something that's going to happen soon it's not gonna happen early you know this is somebody who's probably been fasting for a couple years where they feel like oh you know it's just every day that's my thing that's what I do but if you're new if you're still detoxing if you still have a lot of toxicity in the body it's really better it really is better just to rest take it II um what I noticed was with my dry fast what made me well fasting in general when I feel really sick it's from standing up and the reason why is because the your your intestine and your your digestive system it's able to kind of use that downward force to get stuff moving like if I'm laying down I'm horizontal it's very stagnant it's not moving but if I'm standing up or if I'm walking around it's moving and it makes me feel really sick because that stuff that that toxicity is kind of releasing itself and it's sitting there and it's ready to come out know what you really need to do is have you need to have a bowel movement like that's that's what I have been finding every time I feel really really sick like that I'm listening my stomach's kind of moving it's bubbling and then later on that day I have a bowel movement and so and I feel 100% better after I have a bowel movement so I don't know if that's exactly what was going on with you but it's something made me to look out for in the future as we learn more about this process I feel like we can become more comfortable and we don't have to fear anything like um you did you did ten days of dry fasting that's incredible you should be dead by all stretches of the imagination but you're not dead and you're better for doing it you know so you gotta be careful when you drive fast you got to make sure you come off your drug that's right you want to make sure you're sipping water slowly throughout the entire day somebody said what do you eat when you come off your drive bags nothing you do not eat at the most you drink water or juice at the most juice but you definitely don't eat you know so let's get into some of the benefits that you've seen you've touched on a few things but let's kind of rundown all of the things we know you've lost a lot of weight what else you got yes so you are right and to come back you know what you just remind me of more and more things but I told you I used to be constantly nauseous yeah what's constipation so I think that's so true because of fasting like my digestive system is working but so I'm not nauseous anymore so that's one of my benefit I'm not nauseous every day since I was 15 I would I went to the doctor once and they said I had an ovarian cyst and then I know when I went to be you're going to the doctor again on my rare occasions and they said it was gone but it's I noticed it's something that really comes and goes and it's very annoying I can't explain it but it's like this pain but I think I can relate that to I think it was the constipation to be honest so for me because I noticed if I don't use the bathroom and then also when it comes to my cycles in our family we also we have blood clots so like it used to be very very quietly sometimes it was normal like not during the whole process you would see I'm sorry if it's TMI no hey you already know we get it in these last few months and so for me even like you can see like I ate something I wasn't supposed to

it was horrible but like what I do my fast like when I first come off them before I start eating people gave me compliments on my skin I was like that was amazing for me because I'm like now I always break out so then I started noticing you know what it's just your food and now I can easily tie my shoes

it's so crazy I feel like someone's like you know it really is just the little things that you notice even when it comes to my stomach I don't have any loose skin at all see that's what I'm talking about it's really weird I don't know it's no loose key my stomach is like I can barely pull the facts are so exciting for me in a can my digestive system is perfectly fine and I feel like energy and what I've really learned through it all is we teach ourselves to be negative and I have a negative person and being depressed in like just the last couple years you can just really I've just really seen myself and I've always thought about myself as a positive person I'm like that's not what she's been lately and like he said have other people seen it like when I told you once I started reading used to meet again it was really weird I was like my body was fighting against me but that's when I have people kind of coming to me it's like you don't see that share doing this and like no and like for the longest I feel like my mom the best mom in the world if I bump my wrists against this wall she'll look at me as soon as I come in the house and say what happens in here she's so into me kind of ignoring her I'm totally normal and like it was - like you're not my daughter

once your daughter it's like you don't behave like this like what is wrong and so for me I feel like I'm really finding myself and when they say like oh you don't know yourself until after you're 25 that's when you really know what you want in life that was like that's so true I'm so happy to have found your page because I'm like I knew what I wanted to do but it's kind of expanding what I want to do and I've always wanted to help people but like you've seen the way you show me a way that I can help people because weight is an issue for everyone wait there's so many issues whether it's physical or mental that we can you and if I can just help more people heal themselves mentally physically that's something that really makes me happy now and it's I'm really big on the nutrition and like I want to go vegan so it's kind of like people look up to you so I want to be the standard people have always seen in me though it makes me want to live up and be a better person person too and it's just a greater push absolutely this is a great and what I want to do in life and now for indecisive me it's like how could happen everything I love together I wish I could just have some little fasting community but you know I mean honestly I've got so many goals for a healthy alternative that I mean the sky the sky isn't even in limit you know I mean we're only limited by our imagination so if the beautiful thing about the day the day and age that we live in is you can really you can make money and you can you can support your family and your dreams doing anything you know so if your goal is to to to do something similar to me which it sounds like which is to help people right like really really help people make a impactful change in their life then you you can definitely make that happen and I'm gonna do everything in my power to help support that because we have the same we have the same goal in mind so that's beautiful you you touched on the the the mental side of it a lot which i think is important I don't know that we've had anyone you know really talk about the depression and being a different person to the tune of your friends and family because that that's exactly what happened to me too I was I had a rain cloud over my head you know and it's like when you're in it you know you're in it but you don't know you're in it like you don't know how bad it is so so the fact that you have had the exact same kind of experience that I had it gives it kind of empowers me because it makes me feel like yeah this is duplicatable like people with depression anxiety issues social social awkwardness and you know yes all of these issues that we can't seem there's not a drug and there's no therapy there's nothing that's helping you're telling me that just by fasting by by by creating a healthy chemical balance and hormonal balance in your body all that stuff goes away that's powerful that's super super powerful I'm so important for people and I really do want them to understand that you can't change anything if you don't change your brain if you can't decide that you want to work out you would never gain those muscles no you're putting yourself in a box and I can't stress it enough like I'm not gonna practice I'm a crybaby my friend should be proud of me they like making fun of me it's been horrible and I learned that people tell me I kind of cover up things and I don't like to super express myself cuz I'll get emotional so but it's been really dark really dark and I'm like you can't count on other people and like you'll get so upset and you kind of hold people to a certain standard that even you can't maintain right all right you can't seek your happiness if anybody else you can't even seek your happiness in your physical self right so if you don't change your mind you can't change anything because you and I could be the same circumstance down there and you could be just the most happy magnificent person in the same exact situation this is how we think about it so you know yourself you can't do it like oh I can't do this fast I can't go for 25 days is literally what you believe is what you are mm-hmm here's whatever you set yourself to so if you believe you can do it you can do it in like that's what I loved about my first pass and I can't wait to do my next the water fast yeah I can't explain to you how much I love water it's not weird it's not it if you if you go through and I know you're probably saying you go through my water serious videos you see how I talk about water it's it makes a lot of sense actually we are water I mean you don't mean a properly hydrated person is probably close to 80 90 percent water like so our relationship with water is vitally important and it's been so amazing for me finding finding some water solar energized water because my connection is super rich and I'm spoiled I am very spoiled like if I'm not drinking some water I don't really want it I'll drink it because I'll be thirsty but I don't want it though huh I said but you're right and so I even started doing things when it came to my water and they said like even your thoughts are just I just would indeed I won't getting super into it too much frequencies like in all my water and like even before I drink it like I start just writing positive words I grab it to peace as I'm drinking the water that's all I'm thinking about yeah and it's really just a different feeling and it's such a calm I feel like it's change so just what you believe it's a hundred percent change look at you I mean it's obvious it's obvious you know but like you said it starts with the mind that's huge you know get your mind right first make that decision that you want to change keep from giving to yourself remember that it's a journey my mind one of my favorite quotes is happiness isn't situational it's a mindset and that's a little best a little Chris James quote for you but it's it's just it's true it's true I hold that to you know talk to your heart and your mind and you'll be alright so was there anything extra that you wanted to add I'm curious I mean I guess you've kind of talked about where you want to go like as far as your goal is to boom let's just get healthy we'll get we'll get as much weight off as it takes to be healthy and we'll kind of rebuild do you have your next long-term fast planned out I know you say you probably gonna do a water fast right mm-hmm no I do and then okay to wrap it up I don't crave them I hate them as much as I used to hate them absolute it's so weird that's a whole story that oughta talk to anybody personally about I won't air this but quit smoking cigarettes I hate it alcohol I hate the way it makes me feel it's really weird cuz like once you start fasting you see what it does to your body and it's kind of like I'm not depressed anymore so I don't want this numbness it numbs you I can't feel anything didn't want to feel and now it's kind of like it's suppressing who I really am so I guess it's really weird I hate it so I'm completely good when it comes to that and I told you the next thing I wanted to do is asthma and so I've been definitely just looking up the power of the brain and so I've been telling myself is your healing your assless fine so especially when I do drive fast I would have really intense you know asthma symptoms but I've been getting so much better I haven't used my dough yet so I've been telling myself you know what you're going to heal it's going to happen so for me you know what I'm going to be healing from my asthma these allergies gonna be the next thing to go and a lot of that fish is the dairy and what I'm consuming so want to be better I'm going to be vegan I don't like killing the little animals and eating them and like that's normal to you embrace how it is is okay to feel but don't feel so much that you cripple yourself and anything else just positive let me think did I steer away from your question because I'm a Rambler no you didn't you answered it flawlessly so it's it's it's been it's been really great talking to you I'm really glad we got to do this and the thing about your asthma and your your your allergies because John John had allergies really really bad like know like the word they were debilitating at times and his out his allergies are completely gone and so I know that the allergies and the asthma those those kind of along the same wavelength with with the asthma what's probably happening right now is your lungs need to heal because those steroids from the sprays and the chemicals you know all that stuff's gotta come out I imagine that's why you have a really bad flare-ups while you're doing your dry fasting because your body is pushing that stuff out so obviously I don't even to take I don't need to tell you to stay encouraged you're gonna it's going to happen there's a lot of things that happen over - over time and it's so important to journal because you you sometimes they'll slip between the cracks you forget like you know those those those those mental things I remember when I very first started fast and I'll spin up a lot of mucus and it was just such a regular thing for so long I just I became numb to it and then one day I ate an ice cream bar and I realized wow I've got mucus which that mean that the mucus that I was experiencing for all that time it went away I didn't even realize it so like nine times out of ten you know like two months from now he's gonna be breathing and you didn't like jeez anymore you know to me so spring by springtime if you keep if you keep on the path that you're on now consistent especially with you know going vegan also introducing more raw I will definitely encourage you to look into introducing I know it'll talk about raw dishes a lot but I'm actually a really big advocate of raw dishes the reason I don't talk about raw dishes is I don't I don't regularly eat them so and I like to be very genuine but I'm actually planning to transition some raw foods into my regular diet which I'm very excited about I bought a spiralizer and things like that so I've had some raw dish isn't they're really really good so and that that will help greatly with with the the asthma and the allergies as well so I really appreciate your time any final words I'm gonna sign off soon yes let me see I think I got a journal right here let me show what gently cuz you talk about a specific journal so let me know that's Dumbo I have my first I tried to make this calendar and it's like when I got home on it but it's so personal and fresh everything off and write down what happened what day in my journal like everything's in my journal and then I even made my little wait grid oh you got to wake break oh yeah fun video that shows what we should be doing yeah pages I got a cutified oh yeah keeps decreasing and I love it and I wrote out for the next year cuz I kind of technically started in May so I kinda want to see how far I can get I have my bows down and then um so I kind of use my calendar like an accomplishment like an example I'll just put like the little number of how many days I've actually gone in it towards the bottom and how much I go through and every day I write it and so what I started doing was I noticed on my first fast from the Levin's to like the 17th I kind of cut it all out so now as just a morning ritual whatever I fast I write in my journal I keep it right by my head as soon as I wake up I wrote down my dream yes and well I notices you can program yourself to remember dreams it used to be like I don't have to sit down and like just lay there with my eyes closed and think about it but you can literally train yourself to do anything so now I can be a per hour and like oh yeah this happened in my dream because I can remember it because I told myself I will remember my dreams uh-huh this so you can really program yourself to do anything so that's been my biggest thing is programming and training myself to truly be the person who I want to be today by day my last little titbits is just ask yourself how would the person who I want to be react to the situation what would they say right now right now how can I be greater because literally yeah you can't be unhappy if you're just happy all the time and everything is a thought anything that happens anything that ever was never will be is initially a thought it's spoken it's done so literally and it's easier said than done find what works for you whether it's five four three two one get it done now but you have to go now now now now it's a choice and little by little baby step by baby's that's how I did it it's not easy it's not the most fun thing to do but eventually you'll appreciate it and like I love it I can't wait for my next extended fast I can't wait to I can't wait to see your progress I love that I love to just give that year I love to be like you know I mean I can't wait to see where you are a year from now because it's just so night and day like you just I mean the progress you've had has been five months but imagine a year from when you very first started you're just your night and day so I love that that night and day comparison and I love what you said about dreams because I was able to start dreaming again when I started getting healthy I didn't I didn't even have dreams and now I dream every single night and I need to I need to work on writing my dreams down and get into that because I think that's pretty interesting I think that opens up a lot of as far as like being able to program your brain and stuff like that I think that's kind of a key so you know you're obviously look I'm gonna tell you right now I don't know I don't know how realistic it is for our first event but at least our second event I can definitely see me asking you to speak cuz yeah I'm just warning you now so you can start mentally preparing because it is gonna happen and because you know you you you've got you've got so much to offer this do you have so much knowledge to offer and your journey is is just it's it's so detailed and people need to hear it so just get ready for it I'll let you know when the first event is and we'll see but if not definitely the second event so okay alright so I hope you all enjoyed this video you've been begging me for these interviews and I've got I've got a couple more that are coming soon from women so we will have I think by the time I'm finished we'll have more interviews interviews with women that we've had with men so you know we're doing our best to give you guys what if you liked this video don't forget to hit the thumbs up button if you want to see more videos like this you got to subscribe hit the notification bell so you know when the videos are being released when might when we're doing the live streams and things of that nature and as always the application of knowledge is power

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