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that ripped his head clean off look at this Oh gross go back on their way back we're playin gone today we're looking at the gorni force mod it's a mug that I never really gave much of a go in the past and I thought it would be cool to check it out I've also gotten earth hammer here I've imbued earth onto this crazy-looking hammer thing let's see if we can smash some of these corners out of the park the reason why having a look at the force mod today is I want to see how it actually works with that time stopping mod I take that chip all right so if we can stop time for a minute all right you guys stop now if I try and use the force right I should be able to pick these gone is up and kind of move them however I like using my hands look at this oh it's kind of cool this is it those are very weird look we can shake him around so he's kind of dancing that's kind of creepy all right so if we get this earth hammer now and just give him one big slog right in the chest oh that's gonna hurt him out he takes an absolute beating this guy and look at that he's actually dropped his weapon so I might just take this weapon for a sec because this guy's going no way so let's pick this up let's grab this it looks like he's running doesn't he like he's running to the shops or something like that all right pick about all right you stay like that for a minute I'm just gonna whack your really hard right in the side there here you go oh man he's now bleeding Katy all right and again how many whacks does this dude take there goes he's like I think he's actually dead now I can't grab him anymore all right hang on let's let them move again once they die you can't use the force on them I don't know why I'm guessing maybe they don't have any force within them or something like that I don't know some kind of Star Wars rubbish who knows I'm picking up a rock at the moment oh here is all right dude I'm just gonna pop you just up there almost all right slow down slow down a minute this guy's got two swords and it's scaring the heck out of me I can't hang on you go over here right on the spike wall aha that's his head that ripped his head clean off look at this Oh gross go back on there let's put that back on there this guy show me is but for some reason I don't know get out of here with you but not you not that this guy well who's trying to whack me I think someone's trying to whack me so where's this throw them up and then freeze time and that guy's stuck right up in the air now if I just grab one of these Lance's for a minute can we make him fall down onto this Lance oh look how cool that is he's definitely stuck all right ready I'm just gonna put this like this and then I'm gonna resume time oh yeah the dirt is stuck on the Lance with these are like the wrong way oh I just ripped his arm off sorry cheap huh get over there his loads of fun picking these gone is up and just rolling around like they're rag dolls what are you doing go over that way you go over that way can I actually use the Force mod while I'm holding this fire time I don't know let's give it a try so pick this guy up right and then oh yeah you can't you can't so you can still throw fireballs all right get the hammer over there okay ready watch this I'm gonna I'm gonna lift this guy up off the ground and just throw fireballs at him yeah cool oh dude exploded now he's gone whoo I can't control him anymore thisis clean gone can I use telekinesis cuz this is what it is it's the force is telekinesis can I use it to stab these Cory's just straight-up cut them yeah can you get off my sword get get off it there's the hammer all right here's this thing stab this guy all that Cuddy's like yes that's pretty good I'm just slicing him up right now just slicing and dicing him it's like some kind of budget like home shopping knife oh he just stabbed him good and proper ready dude Oh picked him up I picked him up that's awesome oh no oh no this is like a whole bunch now all right over they you everything I'll what what is come on hit with an error Oh what you have to these ashes that guy's angry straight onto that wall oh god I'm scared guy worked me I forgot another rage mode on I died so the Gordy's are still in rage mode it's another mod that I've got where once the Gauri's hit me once right I'm trying to do the once with my hand like that okay once they hit me once then they get angry and they trying to hit me a second time to kill me but they go super crazy that second time so yeah it's pretty wild okay let's try and use some of these times to see if we can beat these guys because I need to beat what I think like three waves or like three levels and then we can we can fight the crab guy again pick that guy up let's just get him out of here you can destroy them out of the arena hmm all right that guy's gone who throw that guy out of the reader as well and oh this guy this guy's super angry No alright let's just explode him with the fireballs hooah all right that guy is out of here no no s ki s well that's it I just pick up an arm that guy's not hurting anyone right now that's good he's just handing out candy to all the all his friends who are okay that guy's dead and that guy's also dead that's the easy way getting rid of him why are these dudes so angry it's like they're already doing the the rage part that's not very nice explored him you could have a fireball dude oh oh have that have a fireball you have a fireball as well nice fireballs for everybody I got drilled can I just pick okay looks like I'm not picking this dude up yes what yeah oh god running really fast at me I think I got hard mode enabled so that the Gordy's are like super tough alright kid out here chant nailed em all right you can have a firewall crew and the head is he still he's still alive okay let's grab this the Asura lights okay watch this yes there goes his hand okay freeze time give myself a little bit of a breather for the moment okay let's pick this up through the guts I can't that guy's dead now things were getting a little bit difficult but I'm gonna make this guy straight-up eat this Lance I get that guys did hey we won finally great axe unlock i30 outlook that apparently not let's try something different this time so let's get where's lightning here it is okay so let's pick this threw it up and then yeah zapping while he's like stuck in midair that is really cool alright throw him up and then blast him with lightning cease go we just made it rain candy I get the rocks out of the way throw this guy up again and blast him that's cool man well that rock is gone whoa whoa whoa okay yep one less gorni that we have to worry about I feel like Thor alright pick him up where's all your teeth gone dude where's your teeth he's got none look at that zero teeth they've been like completely less recruited out of his face he's just got candy gums now alright we're gonna throw him up and zap him yes ah man all of these limbs exploded off his body now it's just a lumpy torso whoo go that way and you go over that way oh nice got him on the wall no no no zapped all the dudes

what what these dudes are getting close get out of the way I need to beat all these guys so I can get to the crab guy I haven't fought the crab guy in ages but I want to use my telekinesis on him to see if I could like to toss the crab around I thought that'd be awesome just to be able to pick up the entire crab and throw them through the sky Oh your hand dude you ain't got ripped off and whining yes suck it champ nice one ahh sword in the ice alright I'm gonna make some fire arrows see if this works alright yeah I'm ready okay so if we grab these arrows and then tap them like this ooh fly arrow alright so if we now shoot one of the Gordy's oh dude kill the guy straight away that's a serious arrow that is nice fly arrow right in the face they don't like fly arrows to the face that's their weakness I mean I know I could take a fire arrow to the face not these guys though this is straight-up dead okay give me this catch who went the wrong way you were this shield Hey look at it it's spinning what um whoops it was like that when I found it I'm sorry oh hey it's like a it's like a flying saucer isn't it it's like a UFO yeah that looks really cool what look look you gotta be careful with the corney's though they don't like it very much it cuts them up into little bits I think we just cut his head into tiny sections do you like this flying saucer thing how do you feel about it I don't think this guy likes it let's just try it out though no no he died as soon as it touched him it's like poison you guys go again I'm just gonna do this back and forth back and forth actually let's make it a fire one that that work no it doesn't work don't have to touch it myself I don't know hmm okay hang on freeze talk freeze time for a minute give me this cut this guy's head off Oh gross okay even get this one as well ow okay this thing is deadly I wonder if they actually increase the amount of damage on this shield thingy the shield frisbee because it's really hard to actually use it so that if you do actually manage to hit someone with it it does like it loads of damage and it makes it worthwhile oh nice cutting up all the dirts it's coming down turn it turn it turn it turn it it didn't it didn't get him hang on a sec and oh let's bring it down again oh well that made a mess of him do you like spinning wheels of death I don't think that this guy does he looks incredibly scared that is cool I like this weapon this is an awesome weapon is there anyone alive still yeah that guy over there I see is actually moving now okay let's pick this thing up can you walk properly place that is really off-putting all right it's just freaking me out don't walk into it it'll get ya you know these kids just kicking it it's fun Oh No it literally sliced these legs off sorry dude oh there goes your legs there goes the rest of your body you just carve him up Wow ah it's coming back it's coming back it's like a boomerang now it's the time this is it the ultimate crab battle ultimate crab battle and we've got these Lance's again I'm not gonna use them I'm gonna put them over there even okay over there but I'm pretty sure we could use oh yeah we can we can swing around hey that's kind of cool whoa oh no way I wanted to use those other weapons now I'm stuck with this one okay can we pick up the credit did it did it did it did it I don't think I can pick the crab up hey crab pick up the crab pick it's not working it's not working okay hang on better get some fire let's get some fire balls just stop it crab guy I'm trying to rip the little guy out of the chair it seems and I'm not actually picking out the crab okay maybe I can like explode the little guy off his barrel just keep throwing just a couple of fly balls at him until he comes off we need to separate the tiny human from the Kratt this is not working hang on he's off the crab is free look at him look how happy that crabby sees doing an actual happy dance I've heard about the room and happy dance and that's it that's exactly what it looks like oh there's a tiny human let's feed the tiny human to the crab get him yeah chomp him up it's actually chopping him with the claws that is so good yes get him you know how much you hate him you want to jump him up for being such a nasty owner oh no come on that's it crush him crush him in your claws is still alive somehow hey there we go he's dead he's now dead okay now oh no way the crab is actually coming for me now can I pick him up no you can't you can't even freeze time with the crab that just doesn't work it's not a thing what about lining give me this give me this lining no crap get back get back crap I'll burn your legs off don't make me explode your legs all this these underbelly in the face got him one lost fireball to end them all crook that was not it oh that actually killed him it was the second-last fireball all you need to do is get rid of the shell under here and then just like X you know just burn the candy Center and then he's dead yet again the crab guy has been defeated and the tiny little dude and we did it all without having to use weapons that was pretty awesome let me know if there's any other mods you'd like me to check out though but thank you very much for watching this video if you liked it give us one of these ones and I'll see you guys next time

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