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you're not seriously blaming all Muslims for what happened on September the 11th no but I don't need to why do we need them I mean look at the San Bernardino shooters let me just stop you there it's Pierce here we have clashed before people may be unsurprised to here let me say why do we need them right are you talking about all Muslim people there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world when you say why do I need them what do you mean no I mean why does our country need them the point is America is not a battered woman's shelter immigration policy as I described in the book it ought to be designed to make to make the lives of Americans better including immigrants to America that is even before they start shooting what was the point of of Syed Farook spare ins his father was a truck driver what there are no Americans who will drive a truck mother said that the father was you know mentally ill he was drunk he beat the mother we have our own problems we have our own poor people we have our own criminals I guess let me jump in right the the two worst mass shootings in modern American history were at Sandy Hook the school were twenty children and six adults were killed and at Aurora in Colorado where a guy shot 70 people as they watched a movie in both cases these shooters were white Christian Americans I don't remember you or Donald Trump or any Republican jumping up saying hey this is terrible we now have to ban all white Christians from the United States why just because it's two Muslims who commit a mass shooting in a year when there have been more mass shootings than there are days in the year in America why suddenly do all Muslims have to be banned when in fact the number of mass shootings and the number of crimes they commit in America are minuscule compared to every other part of this society well two things first of all your facts are wrong the bigger mass shooting in America was by an immigrant at Virginia Tech a few years ago that guy Cho the point is we don't have we can't I'd love to deport Americans who are who are mentally ill or might might commit crimes or do commit crimes but we can't afford Americans who are criminals again we have our own criminals we have to take care of why would we bring criminals in why would we bring the mentally ill in so when I say why do we need them I'm saying why does our country need them it's one thing if we're bringing in you know loose Muslim you know nuclear scientists or or nuclear cell biologists that's not what we're getting the refugees for example 90% of them are on welfare more than our Native Americans fear is for me jump in okay so how far do you take this you want to ban all Muslims from other countries coming in one but do you now want to get rid of the three to four million Muslim United States citizens currently living in the country why should they be by your rationale any safer than the ones you're trying to ban from coming in from overseas countries well there might be something we can we can do about that I mean one thing that I think would you deport every Muslim currently living as a United States citizen of which there are three to four million would you literally deport them seriously contemplating deporting three to four would have a delay I'm trying to decide which angles to take on this the point is one of the mass shooters at san burning Bernardino justjust last week was technically a United States citizen now he flew and he went to Yemen and found himself as fiance he was coming back with there are laws that that could have prevented him from bringing that fiance back there are laws that could have prevented I'm not only Moussa what would you do please answer this question because it's very worrying for any Muslim in America who is a United States citizen when they hear a guy who may be President Donald Trump say I want to ban all Muslims and he hasn't really clarified exactly what he means yet you have you said you said you want to stop all Muslims coming in but what about then just answer the question what do you want to do about the three to four million existing Muslim American citizens who by your logic should comprise the same threat as Muslims living outside the country coming Western I got the question the answer is whether they're Muslim or not anyone who goes to certain countries North Korea for example engages in transactions with North Korea Cuba drug cartels in Latin America we already have laws on the books that if you do that you will be subject to up to 30 years in prison millions of dollars in fines we could just extend that and I don't really care if they're Muslims or not if you go over to Syria yeah I think we ought to look at them before they come back right now there are a thousand open investigations Isis investigations of individuals in the United States some of them may be homegrown after running into some of these you know productive immigrants we bring in but why should Americans taxpayers be spending money on these investigations yeah if you go to Syria of course we should look at those people and see whether they should come back in and if they come back in whether maybe they should end up in jail but there are laws that can be done for things like that but just to say oh he's a citizen therefore he's okay one of the San Bernardino Dino's shoots it at just one question maybe it might be slightly more helpful to the American people if we deported you Ann Coulter from American is that your argument that's a that's a goodbye talk to you soon Ann Coulter you


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