Stranded: Sea-Doo Jet Ski Fail!

by: 3ftDeep

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so we were wondering what we could do differently today we thought how about something ridiculous and stupid we said yeah

try a little shortcut to avoid we made it almost all the way I've got a little too shallow seas to get foot off the throttle jammed in the ground that was only about 12 inches deep

well I got me floating I go to abandon this go get Chris Wow well we're hooped we're stuck we are stuck if you find our bodies later on the year this is what happened and now I just keeps going out and out and we're gonna give it one more shot I'm going to start it up see if we can get out of here oh yeah he's sometimes video log we're out of beers have no more food run out of small talk could be my last video log we're still stranded it's the solitude that's the killer it used to be that the water is on the other side of that stick now on this side of that stick that means the tides coming in we're almost floating the water is advanced we're underwater alright at least we're on water oh we're floating alright we're floating time to get that hell out of here


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We chose the name of our channel "3ftDeep" out of respect for the minimum water depth required for Sea-Dooing. Unfortunately, we tempted fate and took a shortcut with our boats when the tide was relatively low and going out. The result: stranded for 6 hours with our 2012 GTR 215 and 20005 GTX 185 jet skis! Get 3ftDeep stuff:

Personal Water Craft: 2012 Sea-Doo musclecraft GTR 215, and 2005 Sea-Doo GTX 185. Filmed in the Pacific Northwest with GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and Hero 3+ Black Edition cameras. Music: Roots, by Jingle Punks
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