Machining 28 pieces at a time

by: Joe Pieczynski

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hey guys Joe Pye here at advanced innovations welcome or the other day if you watch my and saw a video on how to cut off multiple pieces you saw me sawed up a bunch of these little guys right here now when I said I had a life to do I meant not just dozens hundreds and when it comes to a job like that you have to think smart if you want to make any money on it or not lose your mind and get bored while you're doing it so you have to weigh out the variables of is it quicker to just attack it and get it done and move it through the shop or should I build a fixture and do it in a fraction of the time it would have taken you know what's the total time spent on the job both ways well the both ways mentality is is it coming back because if you struggle through it the first time just to get it out and it comes back well then you got to struggle through it a second time as well and I call that the next time scenario if you're working for someone it's like oh no I quoted this at this much time you got to get it out the door no time to make the fixture but next time around there's going to be no time to make the fixture either so for this time around I decide you know I'm going to invest some time and I'm going to make some tooling for it and if this little piece looks like it should be a lathe job it absolutely should be a lathe job this is something ideally suited for a CNC lathe except for the fact that some of these parts have multiple holes in the end and they're not concentric so when you start getting into that type of component you need a very special CNC lathe with what's called live tooling so you can put a bolt pattern or a non concentric hole in the end of the part so let me show you how I did this one and we'll talk a little bit more about the fixture this is the tooling that I built for it it is a 28 station aluminum fixture banks off the left side and this single little counterbore in the center

is the fixture home position let me shake up the world for you here a little bit now when I set this fixture back in the machine all I need to do is indicate that center hole and I'm off and running so long as the Machine knows where that center hole is the program contains the information for all 28 pockets now if you're looking at and going well you know that's a nice fixture at all but it's going to take you 19 minutes to load and unload well you know what that's why you build - and here's the other one right here sitting in the ready they are exactly the same and the beauty of that is while ones running the other one can be on the bench making you know the changeover to the next part and if you have any time in between loads now I mean by all means go run another machine or do something else there and money while you're CNC is running unattended one of the things that you do need to consider if you make multiple fixtures is that you make the fixtures at the same time and they always go back in the machine the same way I'm going to push the Go button here we're going to take a look at how this works and I'm going to unlock the camera and hand hold that for that operation and let's just take a look this particular operation is going to deck the parts off fly cut the parts chamfer all the edges drill and tap a hole in each one of these things and hopefully everything goes as planned I'm going to keep the door closed initially for this guy right here this is not something that you want throwing chips at you or to be anywhere close to nor the fly cutter but let's see what happened

get behind the glass for this

[Music] leaving about $10 worth of material on the end it's gonna change direction for the backside and it's gonna throw the chips at me so now when I should close the door you [Music] fly cutter coming up for the finish line

and the cosmetics this is going to put a real nice finish on the end of these [Music]

[Music] okay we do have some burrs on the edges so the next tool is going to take care of that times 28 pieces



[Music] you guys real-time eight minutes you got to drill and tap every one of those and this is where it gets wet

you [Music]

real time without a minute and a half

now it's time to drill 28 holes 1 inch deep we go

[Applause] get the idea we're going to come back when the cap is in and give you a total program time that works out guys I thought it would be a good idea to mention that this particular drilling operation on this brass knob right here since the diameter the drill is only about 150 we're going over an inch deep with it it's a really good idea to retract the drill completely out of the hole so that any chips that may bind up in the flutes of the drill can spin off and the drill can get real ooh brocaded in the hole can get flushed out this is called a deep hole drilling operation and it's one of several canned drilling operations that are in the controller here on the dock you have Peck you have spot you have deep hole countersink counterbore and this particular operation I thought because of the depth of the hole that a deep hole would be good you can set how far it goes per plunge what the feed rate is what the total depth is rpm it's a very controllable feature based on the material so what works for brass may not work for stainless or aluminum so we'll pick it up and find out so deep hole drilling this is how we're doing it and it's working out very well a couple more pieces to go we'll get the tap in there and show you how that's working tapping operation is about to initiate and the one thing you do not want in a drilled hole when our rigid tap comes down chest

this is a 1024 high spiral tab 350 rpm



alright guys 28 pieces 21 minutes 51 seconds so let's do a little bit of math here for a second 21 times 60 times 60 that works better divided by 28 all right based chamfered centered drilled drilled and tapped 28 pieces 21 minutes 51 seconds which is good because you can go do something else for that 21 minutes that's 45 seconds apiece and one of the beauties of doing this in a mill and not in a lathe these pieces are very cosmetic and the customer does not want dents in them so in a lathe if you part it off and it flies around the inside of the machine chances are it's going to leave a little bug around the edge and that's not a good thing so we got a nice rack of clean pieces it's going to be about a two-minute door-open time which is not bad for a 22 minute cycle time I'm okay with that and that is strictly just blowing all the chips out of the way so hope you like what you saw and it was about time I threw some real production on the screen for you that's it joepie advanced innovations Austin Texas I'm out



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