Update: Victim's Families React to Jenkin's Competency

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not fit to face the death penalty our ruling today changes the next step in the case of convicted killer Nikko Jenkins the death penalty is not a sentencing option tonight for the man convicted of killing four people in Omaha good evening I'm Jennifer Griswald Craig is off tonight judge Peter Batallion ruled today Nikko Jenkins is not mentally competent to face death penalty sentencing the same judge found him competent to stand trial in February jenkins later pleaded no contest to four murder charges now the judge says jenkins deteriorating mental state and the seriousness of the death penalty justify declaring jenkins not competent to understand the death sentence process KMTV action 3 News reporter Lindsay theis is looking into what's next for the case and she has reaction from the families of Jenkins victims Lindsey gen judge battalion says because the death penalty phase is complex his concern and consideration is heightened in this life and death decision but this ruling delays closure for the people close to the victims Nikko Jenkins is known for outbursts like this and it's that behavior and deteriorating mental state that judge battalion cites for why Jenkins is not competent to face death penalty sentencing seven psychiatrists evaluated Jenkins competency specifically for the sentencing process five say Jenkins has a severe mental illness mostly diagnosed it as bipolar disorder while to say he's faking it so what does this mean now the judge will order them to be held and to receive mental health treatment psychiatric treatment and then what usually happens is every six months the case is called back up and from the judge Jenkins could go to the Lincoln Regional Center for treatment and then he'll face another competency hearing in February the judge found him competent to stand trial and Jenkins later pleaded no contest murdering Curtis Bradford orhei Ruiz Juan Pena and Andrea Kruger defense attorney Michael Fitzpatrick who is not involved in this case says it's unlikely the prior competency rulings would be overturned and if he was in fact competent to bake the plea that that plea more than likely would stand tonight I spoke with a lawyer representing the Krueger family in a civil lawsuit regarding the murder of Andrea Kruger he said that this ruling just shows more proof that jinkin shouldn't have been let out of prison in the first place I also spoke to the mother of Curtis Bradford she told me she has cried a lot today and just wants peace she hopes doctors can get Jenkins competent get moving forward and get this case done the judge will hold a hearing July 29th to determine how to proceed with the Jenkins sentencing reporting live Lindsay thieves KMTV action 3 News more now about that civil suit Lindsay mentioned the families of at least two of Jenkins victims are suing the state of Nebraska the families of Andrea Kruger and Curtis Bradford claimed prison officials could have done more to prevent the murders their deaths happened within weeks of Jenkins release

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A judge has ruled Nikko Jenkins is not competent for the death penalty phase of his case. The decision comes after at least two incidents of self-mutilation in the past two months.
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