Finger Bones • Naming my Artwork • Watercolor Speedpaint

by: Danica Sills

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[Music] hi guys and welcome back to another video so today I am working in watercolor again after a very small break from it and I actually want to talk today about naming your pieces and the benefits that I have gotten from it and my history in doing so and this is actually something that I have a lot of fun with so I'm excited to talk a bit more about it but I do want to give a quick thank you to Squarespace as they are sponsoring this video and Squarespace is a place you can go to build your own websites online and it is incredibly intuitive I am slowly working on mine and getting mine revamped but it is really a great process of creating my portfolio as well as a store online so it is a great place to go if you need to create any sort of online presence for yourself that really creates a cornerstone for yourself so it will actually have a link in the description where you can get 10% off your first purchase with them to go ahead and go build your portfolio you can get yourself out there but moving on with this piece a little bit and what I wanted to talk about so this one in particular is called finger bones and it's actually a name that's been floating in my head for a while now and I found that most the time I will usually name a piece afterwards since it it needs a name at that point but this one I was actually the reverse where I wanted to create a piece that suited the name first and I actually found that to be really inspiring and exciting to be able to work off of that kind of a that kind of an inspiration so the small side note is I think I'd like to try doing that in the future a little bit more I have a small list of title names that I have four pieces and it gives me a new challenge of imagining what a piece would be that would suit that name and different ways I can represent that so I've been feeling a little uninspired with my ideas I know I've talked about that a bit but I think this will help me reconnect with the types of things that I'm most interested in by giving myself a route for inspiration I I love it when pieces have a really interesting name to it that adds more to the story or or just gives more to it than that so I would like to be able to do that create these titles that I'm beginning to work off of but I really just would like to talk about name your pieces in general and how incredibly beneficial it is I in my history in my past I remember in high school I chose to submit some of my work for a contest and you had to name your pieces and at that point it was such a foreign concept to me because I just always created artwork and it didn't have a name and I felt so shy about it because words were just not something that I was confident expressing I was confident in showing my artwork and creating artwork but anything else those creative I felt really really shy about because I didn't want people to judge something that I didn't feel like I had a complete understanding of so I didn't want people to look at a title that I made for a piece and and feel like I did a terrible job doing or they would make fun of me where there were all these fears that were going through my head one it came time for that which at this point it seems really overblown but those were things that I was worried about I cared about at that point but but after a while I began naming my pieces and it wasn't really until actually I started YouTube that I consistently named my pieces since I wanted each each video that I had I wanted that piece to have a corresponding name for it and once I started selling pieces they also needed to have names associated to it and once that became a requirement it became a lot more habitual to think about it that way and it was really normal now to think of names and it gave me so much more joy in a piece giving it a name and finishing it off I found that I was creating more of a story in my head even if it was after the fact when I was looking at a finished piece and trying to decide what the title should be for it and let me think more about it and what could be happening in this universe or to that character and it provided me more of a connection with the piece and I ever had before or when I'm working on a piece and I'm trying to think of the name as I'm working on it I Phi that I begin to think more about ways that I can tie that into the piece how can I have different connecting threads throughout it and it has seriously improved like I said my my connection with the pieces with the way that I feel about them and with with the quality that I have of the stories inside them and I just want to really express that is been a wonderful experience for me I would really recommend you start titling your pieces if you haven't already it it makes them feel more legitimate for one thing I found that when I create pieces and they have a name it just feels like they're complete and they are a piece of artwork and they were made to be viewed and they were something special and I find that that gives me a lot more confidence maybe in the pieces in their existence and showing people and knowing that they have a name I I just find having these second level of creativity that goes into a piece to be really interesting for me this wordplay or or words that invoke a certain idea or a feeling I certainly have a long way to go before I feel really confident and nailed down and the pieces and their names and them providing the most amount of story and interest to them I'd actually really like to revamp the way that I think about my titles and and give them a little bit more thought and more story to them but I would I would love to be able to get into more of a rhythm of it being more synergistic between the two of it being more connected with me with the piece with the story but but yeah I think overall it's just it's a very positive experience that has given me a lot more enjoyment that I ever thought I would especially breaking out of my shell of being afraid of words and afraid of putting myself out there in that way and this one specifically since I was working off a title from the very beginning it really helped me to get into the mindset of the muda that I wanted for this one so creating pieces that have a little bit more of a darker side to it and a little bit creepier I love pieces like that those are my favorite ones I have created in the past they always stand out to me is the ones that stay near and dear to my heart and I really want to create more with that that mood in mind and that aesthetic but I find that I I oftentimes get a little bit lost in in what I want to portray in my pieces from the very beginning so at least in this specific one where I had this title already it really helped me to remember that that was a priority to me and to stay focused on that I think that I'm definitely gonna use this technique in the future even if it's just working with a a temporary title or even a few mood words to help me remember what I want to achieve in that piece I I know that that's something that's really I've been lacking in in my pieces is being able to have the mood that I want and to continue that until I'm completed with it and to feel really connected with it so I think even when it's just not a title even but just words that would help ground me and that idea will help me I I really do think that being able to infuse a different type of creative element into the process and a different way to express these ideas is going to help me really build up on those ideas so working in tandem with words and with art I think will improve them quite a bit but we can talk a little bit about the actual execution of this piece so for the branch specifically I really like the effect that it had after finishing it though and I find that sometimes it just it takes hindsight to see some of the best ways that you could have finished a piece but I would have liked I think to have more of a glowing effect on the branch I think I ended up playing with a few different ideas of how dark I wanted the branch to be or what the actual effect would be but once I finish it off with a really pale white where it was a very strong contrast I wish that I had made it again glowing I needed to implement that from the very beginning from the back from the wash in the background that is to painting his hoodie everything I wouldn't need to pay attention to that so that I could have this halo around it which again I didn't really think about till it was too late but that's one of the things that's it just goes to show that planning out your piece is extremely important for being able to get the most out of it and to portray our idea is the best but but I will learn my lesson from that but I also I inked it a little bit differently so I did originally inked it but I knew that I was going to paint over it with an opaque color at some point I couldn't decide if it was going to be gold or white like this where I would paint it in with gouache at the very beginning I didn't know but anyways I ended up painting it with gouache and I tried to eat away at most of the liner I let some of it peeks through a little bit but some of the areas it was getting lost in his skin since they're similar values so I went back in with a lighter micron though and what I used for most of the painting and I just did the underside of the branch and I really liked that effect it created a little bit of a drop shadow around it in a way without it being heavily aligned and feeling too artificial so it still gave it this lightness and a glowing almost effect but it also how to reinforce some of the areas that I need it to be a little bit more distinct and I think that's something that I'd like to do more of is be a little bit more light handed with the way that I'm doing the lineart and find ways to really emphasize what needs to happen like this branch where it did not need to be nor did I want it to be completely outlined any more and I want to give one quick thank you again to Squarespace again they're a great place to put together a very professional portfolio of your work it's really intuitive and easy to make it look good I am definitely enjoying that part of it as I struggle with graphic design it really does help you make it the way you want it to be so again if you want a really professional portfolio or you want an online store to be able to put up your own work this is a great place I do have again a link that will take you 10% off of your first purchase and that is just slash Danika and I'll have a little link down in the description that will take you over there to try it out and that is that for today I do have the original painting of this available as well as prints of him over at my art shop there's a link down in the description that'll take you over there there's also a link to all of the tools that I used to create this painting down in the description as well but yeah that is it thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys at my next video which will be next Wednesday so I will see you then



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