HOPE BC Drive Through- Small town Charm

by: Mike Martins

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hey youtubers like Lauren's here with the Blake Martin's Channel I'm heading to hope right now and it's gonna pass through a hole real quick here maybe do a hope video for you guys check out with their stretch my legs a bit check out the Real Estate's and call my wife you know let her know I'm safe

alright let's head off the hall for a bit it's still very earlier than still 11 o'clock well no it's ten o'clock still so super early

slow down here a bit

lots of houses to the right by the river there

that's subdivision stuff to a oh I'm seeing a pile of subdivision stuff here in this town whoa there's the 900 hotel

I'm just being sarcastic but it is a nice view like for a motel like that to have a nice view like that of the river that's actually a bargain man this town's a lot busier than I remember it - Coquihalla hotel

to get a slowed down a bit here I think I'm speeding Italian restaurant liquor store when working in that a sport there's a save on foods right there McDonald's you know you get a little bit of when you see a make tunnels and a gas station you know you're in a bit of civilization right


another tip horn is little left here

another gas station

it's all highways here

I'm just gonna pull a quick UE here and go back this way I don't know what this is shirt I'm not sure if this underpass where this goes I'll goes to a park or something I know one way no I'm not - there's dimensions from there all right I'm just gonna turn the car around here look there's like a national park or something so you gotta be careful those those roads take you back on highways eh so be careful if you're driving through hope and you want to do a quick drive through to check it out

okay it's texting somebody on the van there alright let's go back here I didn't see much like in the city itself like a couple of gas stations a food store I mean I think merits bigger than this I mean maybe the population is bigger and hope ok but for some bizarro reason it just town centre left ok nevermind never mind should have read that sign alright let's go to downtown there we go there you go that's bigger than merica there we go there we go

I always look for trains man I don't trust those stupid stops okay there we go get the sideways parking in the downtown

it looks like there's a church here at there yeah that's a big church to the right

now that trucks weight parked out I have to kind of go around them in the other Lane but that's okay don't know what this is don't know what this is it's all training centers here employment centers

it's this Ministry of children there's like no really anything here okay here we go is this I think this is the downtown strip here we're gonna drop her yeah we're gonna go right and they come back left so I could show you guys a little bit better yeah yeah we're gonna go right there but back we're gonna come back around because it ends over here so we're gonna so this is downtown hope it's a bit bigger it so that's actually way bigger than Merritt downtown

don't airs okay there's food here banks up ahead cinema okay they got a cinema they got lego movie showing

a lot of community services here like lots there's dollar store to the right tattoo parlor pizza place no town is any town without a tattoo parlor you gotta have a tattoo parlor I don't know if there's even went in Maranello think there is

I guess I'm making Ewing here go back to back up the other silly other way

yeah there's a lot more like commercially type stuff here just gonna I was gonna begin you go there's a lot more commercially type go ahead commercially type stuff here I'm gonna go right here actually that guy just blew through the stop sign he doesn't want to wait for me to wait for this lady just blew right through Wow yeah there's a lot more action here in hope guys when it comes to like buildings and stuff and and the downtown it's not booming or anything but there's this there's a bike shop here a lot of cool stuff here actually to be really frank with you guys neat little places to check out you know if you got a whole day in your hands to burn this might be the industrial yeah it is it's got like machinery for rentals and garages and auto body and what else auto body well public library to my left curling club

it was like a fire department it's not too bad

not bad at all actually

yeah a little tour a little spin around the town there for you guys that my friends is the City of Hope gonna drive up this way bolt-hole Princeton way here they've got a booster juice now open so there's a little bit of business as either the right there a Booster Juice now open the Starbucks beside it so I mean there is like things here more a lot more than merit for sure a way lot more than merit so there we go I'm out

there we go police station to the right


okay gonna have to looks like I'm gonna have to pull over here

now the engine sounded a bit funny there for a second it's okay the transmission sounded like it was sticky but that's okay thanks for watching guys let me

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