Tekken 7 Tournament - HelstNYC xx Next Level Monthly #1 (TIMESTAMPS)

by: Team Spooky

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but he's not like bad bad yeah clubs is here he's all yes right yeah just said you just smiling yeah blobs smiling I don't know the guy next up love is it's all you've been or not over there I'm sorry I thought you man man I cannot find these guys names even told me his name and good luck finding there's so many people that I just love such as never see no flops it just happy to be here that's all flops are just happy to be here that he should smiling mister flubs this year the NYC Eliza tell them Bo says I know I cannot find these guys alright guys I'll be right back in just a minute too many people uh most aside

bolos our love's just freaked out and I said you were in the chat book this is in the check tell him bow says Howard

the top Oh a sleeper is like a dark horse it's somebody that you wouldn't know unless you were like like deep in the scene all right all right hold that versus zenyk I couldn't find it cause he's supposed to send equal to Z - I see in general has a couple of sleepers all that came vs. Caza all right so let's go first month we had DLC characters let's go besides right now I have hold that as armor King I don't know if that's I'll ask the character plays though I guess we'll find out till you guys start encounters I support is a dropkick technically a combo not a good one okay this motherfucker in the head Oh cuz you're coming back stop sit down tell sweets get off the ground okay hold that and tell you to hold that hold that oh I've kicked at the start no combo that was just a warning shot be ready for it to come out again Oh bond sweep regular punish regular spray zenyk is sleeping right now it means the wake up this is all I want to start the tournament Oh beats out the power cut how you can tell you that Oh pattern down for two we got combos set a wall Oh break break it off my stage Oh spring big old train trade nice ba14 start drop kick all time always hold you got stuck at the rage drive hold that is a really New York name the head he's been around forever he used to be ICF all the time playing third strike oh oh all I need is another due to enter as brick and then like a third guys OD

oh okay hold copy again is this the first of all don't hit him over another Con Ed godfist

everyone was like making noise and being a bunch of goons then the match is over everyone was being angry to finding zero oh that's cool that's the sound that he has on two places yes - it's two is two is two oh that's the UH that's the 20th anniversary theme oh is that what it does it has like old sound effects okay I know there's a ps1 theme I just heard like ps1 sounds I was like what has happened you don't have a ps1 Oh subsidy all right so that was our first mesh are you guys entertained I am I am most definitely hey Jim arrow Queen was in check I think this team is like maybe like three or four bucks on the theists on the PlayStation Store if you want that in a soldier but I don't dude I don't know what match is they're gonna call up I don't know what order it's gonna be I might have to go back and forth just the whole speeded up because otherwise are we waiting for a while I was just about to say that I was like is that the stream setup it's setup number one the stream setup I don't think yeah hold that just hold Zeneca hold it Jumeirah Queen says what's up what's up Mac Panther back panel representing the Atlanta crew and so they said still that trick is on stream number one so I don't think that's the stream setup I heard little mind versus somebody you know some ninjas we're gonna come out to one of these dude I need to see you again in person it's been too long all right guys so say go for the next match that sounds like it's a flip-flop 93 versus lethal mind it's round 2 of the winner's bracket in the meantime thanks to all the match we don't contribute you guys are really killing it so far we've only one match in and we have $178 contribute the code is hell's 2-1 by the way to run a $0.50 for free you can also check out the clique sponsors or you can buy products in the store and also donate directly and thanks very much everybody that's your concern we do appreciate you guys next match coming up flip-flop 93 vs lethal mind lethal mine is a Neena player so apparently you had this the next part of that sentence lock Shay is not here unfortunately I heard that he had to work today so the one person we do evidence bracket is eternal Kiki second stream monster forever ochio Oreo is here the first time he's come to a New York local since I've known him it's living like five six years forever guru is here in the building

we got lethal mind with the classic New York Yankee fitted doesn't got Tim's on though okay you know at Sam's loan that's all right though should be I appreciate that but she disappointed Jodi who's Pharaoh he's been a Sorry mate though she's been a stream monster and online player for years I've known him I've seen him in stream chats my stream for a long time at tag two days dance and abacus grunting like he's an old man's guys from Brooklyn and he's never come out to an event before the Nina player is on the right the leaf layer is on the left so flip flop is Nina is that right the flip flop is that we got it thank you all right [Music]

full of money diversity combined this is winners bracket round two good luck everyone yeah both these guys are not too bad don't have a lot of experience in like the high high level though so they might nerves might be a factor here oh yeah nerves affected me over time so I know he thought it's not real or really somebody else that's in this bracket right now I'm just talking about the people that I have been seeing in this building that I've never seen in person before in my life I knew the eggs I thought they were BOTS I thought they were twitch bus I didn't know they had physical bodies we got Nina versus Lee pretty rare characters in this game

[Music] storm ducks the last bit nice nice knowledge tries to go for multiple flapping butterflies messes up a second all up kick finds its mark oh finish the combo that's done alright flip ball takes the first round alright gets the camo these combos are like super hard to get just and you got to be a super nerd alright little Jeff punished on the misstep three four get up no he doesn't get up this wall pressure from Venus is scary it's not new players Ricky it's just players that have been online and decided now its new year new me that's what the resolution is right now okay drops the combo well a little bit too far to punish they trade on hits now not for something rage blocking my kicks bottom yeah blocks the low doesn't block the mid and foot fuck yells with salt peanuts also even when he wins too salty oh god that's not a good trick everyone's like I didn't win well enough Messer NYC that's why that's why that NYC bad mentality dude I didn't enjoy I didn't perfect you six times man fucking just on trash you didn't get double got matched garbage does think that it gets you get the ender down the fat so pretty much do not I've known Sean I know shop for like luck in 14 years now it's like I know how it feels that's how you get better until Oh until you get a perfect every single round on somebody there's ways to improve

I'll get stuck suicide shouts the MK 11 yeah bring slide down back three so tense one combo can take it forward that way for three in two for three the plastic frame shop is salty salty me he salty he's looking at the crowd with full salt nothing and now he's dancing

dude like GM do show up do like 10 to 15 people called out of this and we still got 73 people in this bracket dude I'm gonna get so drunk by the end this turn I want to turn into Majin Obama I ain't got no lotion on my feet no lotion if dancer win this tournament I'll show my feet on stream and I'll be out the door what if anyone's feet I'm gone they're gonna throw me out of next level wake up flip-flop I got those hairy greek feet too high i might as well be a hobbit no comment no shoes no service that's what it sounds like our IR L Street man football's getting hit with everything right now if Maury since this tournament follow me on Twitter on TV slash blood hawk I'm gonna be IRL streaming my feet yeah yeah cuz I don't want to get sake bands y'all do it wipe the floor and a nut Shack after that let's go nope it is

hi is she is Stefan I know he didn't get he got slaw oh man salty oh yeah alright dude flip-flop he's on his turn he's gotta win three in a row just to stay alive right now oh yeah but it stops up my Jam's money

though slightingly is no bueno Lu power crush you don't mind doing he's been doing a pretty good job other rounds a pretty decent wall beautiful with punished drops drops the flap and butterflies though the warm up

nice traveling from one flip-flop put up a good fight though but man uses bracket you can come back yes like this the second round but man it's a big turn so my people still woman we're gonna do work and losses bracket to come back right but that's alright though he can come back alright alright guys always sell for this next matches when I wall what happened man the donations are coming in you guys all so he'll is putting in $210 I was supposed to hundred out of pop one he's putting $110 well thank you host very generous of you only gin put in his winnings from the last event that was that I fixed machine Thank You ownage in for contributing and thanks art as well for hooking it up at rock on Kyrie also holding on two-thirds power fifty bucks thank you ask you ride 25 bucks and Miyoshi on rules also your into chat chillin with us 10 bucks to change thank you all very much guys man that is an immense thank you all for the support that is a nice little prize opponent so far barely been an hour into the term and you guys have already raised almost $3.00 for us we greatly appreciate it yep thank you all for paying GM's right appreciate you guys most of you guys are loving the street please miss mr. Spivey toss twitch to amazon.com for says play us a lot of it I'm going on back it was going on Twitter Amazon non compos ash prime guys you can link your Amazon Prime and you can subscribe to us completely free gives us money in Equestria every lot looks like we might have a Allen versus New York match coming up on stream and whatever you want Boyd is about there it doesn't matter all right we're gonna have New York's evac versus somebody left their phone I'll take your purse all right whoever the last match was that had to be a lethal mind I think on that side it was heckle mine oh hell yeah we got jokes everybody else can't save us I'll take a sponsor yeah jokes but it's all in good fun yeah if you get offended it's like dude just don't hurt yourselves have some fun but we're not even throwing around any slurs we're not even throwing around any bad mannered jokes we're just having fun here until I get maybe five beers in and then I'm gonna get off the mic cuz I don't need to implicate myself in anything and back versus Danny B has the next match up guys yeah I'm in tournament I'm in a tournament mr. will be set up a thing I'm a friend of dude you should be offended oh you're gonna get offended by this layout play later dude it's gonna really offend your sensibilities so evac versus damn VP you got away from the baby's lying cock popping off yeah this is the first intruder of Danny B right now from Rhode Island mishima player [Music] right now she's fine check I don't know it's a big bar blade fine GM is here tonight it's from a brewery that is about a mile away called the other half we have a couple of things that you could take out GM is here Oh any chance here to loaf will be a nice one yeah we went there and there was way too many white people for my sensibilities slide is going to be in and be out like evac comes through these a lot I meet him at the last one we had yeah and I fix but yet I'm still quite monster I don't know if this is his first game but it's his first game that he's been trying to get good at in Tekken I've been playing Lara's most of he's also got a a cardio so what's going on Joe I got it I got it for the game decided to stay home and watch the Royal Rumble so you know he's a big WWE fan so I know you want to stay although you a you so you know he's got bad to this huge WWE monster my favorite commentator blood Hawk is a racist I never knew that's gonna be on Kotaku that's okay they love me there so it works on game number one fellas Danny bearish feedback actually no support so far we're at $399 holy crap we'll be reading off that donation after this match all right we got the round going on here hey Hachi versus lars we're gonna pay the electric bill right now give them that big-ass knee

okay Lars all right you back breaking that floor what's the end are gonna be here missus lasted without a hit but he and do anything with that I played an EP when we went up to Rhode Island in the summertime that one tournament that Jimmy Tran was at you put up a good I beat him buddy put up a big fight against me this guy's no joke and now he's got less that's season - hey Hachi even cheaper that big mean three four four two four four two again I feel it I don't know what kind I don't know what punish Lars gets on that he fought for two if he gets anything broken - I get out of only I never wanted to have you as a son it was just a girl I had a fling with in Sweden that's all cuz when we came back for you I bet you back we lost two rounds pretty fast Oh

now I got exalted next to like he's like he didn't need to do that omen if he wanted to kill he needed to do that omen if he just did the lazy stop it wasn't gonna kill that omen come on even all right we got Danny Pete Danny be the invader I want to see I want to see I want to see Boston going I want to kill them all by my own hand I got no lotion on these hands either you gotta get these ashy ass fist in your face all right let's see if you can sign this around

one so well wave away boys oh you know you got it I'm a real mature player when they don't I know this guy in from my scene and I'm still getting right all right you can't be doing that the old show them out choke them out fuck you dad I don't want to clean my room battleship you two let's go all right 1 1 in the second game I'm getting to turn I'm not gonna have energy by the end of this nice punish 1 1 so again oh hey buddy you're gonna clean this room I told you oh I think he begs problem is that Danny Danny B is so comfortable playing a hot she has a mission he's playing this fast speed and he back doesn't have any time to get comfortable

a really clean

you should see the store when you first got up and he wasn't sure it was - oh he had a look of death on his face he's rude pretty clean to zero from you know everyone thinks the Northeast is just New York we got Rhode Island we got Boston maybe we'll say I'll go thank you please listen well thank you once again to its subscribers guys Drakon kai rios mr. Seto there was one Magnus I need the rims thank you all very much mr. Sparkman guys we appreciate you idea he's getting sold out of here so am I just sitting here you got you play you plant story about this I got this you do what you gotta do don't get DQ'd that would suck professor I get you nice we want you to get top eight body everybody let's go all right some JD why aren't you here you're doing that semi-pro shit he's doing with these guys right guys come here and take some heads dude yo what's good all right high kick is has to play a match right now but right now I got my boy the exalted the BA D balling and dangerous bagels and doughnuts of 9th place no 13th place Aki T I'm no ill 13 listen we all know that you dropped the match on purpose because you had to catch your flight this dude can't do a tournament with a Sunday place that's like that no confidence I know no no no usually Tekken is like the first game it was the last game that day I didn't know I didn't know I didn't know but yeah we in this now oh we got all these all-stars in this cream what's good we got a lot of people a lot of people that should be in this tournament right now pepper beef too spicy violin JD where you at as the other match me nose pop you guys you guys have to hike all right so we got professor Hyde kick up against MTS mad I had to

you had one do you want it hat just happen I'm gonna try that Dean I'm my mom goes I'm gonna go lay see what I can okay good luck brother at night and Exodus mom if I was here I probably would enter at this time I just gotta make sure not trouble yeah but eventually I will be so drunk that this commentary is gonna ban me from doing fucking Worldport names from commentary no no Tekken world tour is gonna hear this commentary and ban me next next season professor Hika Carboni said the n-word on machine was or what was I supposed to do - hey hey sidekick you can see listen her skin complexion and mine are very different are they up all right that's that's how you like to be can't stop you all right we got professor high kick versus mad dude we're gonna Dean we're gonna be here like 6 hours you still have time to get here there's 70 people here it's gonna be a long tournament in it this is only round two of the winners bracket whit oh we got a marvelous training I'm just mad yes guy on Twitter beside Arbor king and now we see a martyr you carry on over here I don't talk this weekend on a regular I'm used to yeah well we have the same mom it old man stuff what's the thing that's happened on tinder no not to me Grindr no you know what I'm talking about the app that you for gamers and stuff like that discord discord yeah we got the same that and I'm not him everyone knows this

course you knew what I met all right Matt up two rounds of zero and professor high kick no key allowed I'm just being a force that is like y'all don't use nothing new y'all saw an AOL messenger do they still heavy well I probably would be under there but I am what they told me you're mitigating but I look like I can't use the n-word so I'm not gonna use them that's a killer all right prevents a high kick stake in this round all right we have two rounds to one and this first match do I still listen to music on wind-up nothing has replaced win that for me as being as usable as possible oh nice broke the tackle follow-up I got pay attention this match kick again counter hit doesn't break the that's a to throw Oh Oh with like that counter it comebacks cutbacks that's not punishable little baby

professor high kicks let's go that's what happens with Yuki charge don't pop off till it's over oh dude that power crush is so good it's really good it's like 14 brain this is real bad no the frames he's not working like Oh like you could punish her for doing that and should just do it again no you know yeah me pins it up not even evens it up but it's one that's been letting Rome in even mob put his hand his head like man that shouldn't work it was like I didn't mean to do that she's not she hung in it oh she's doing well yeah that is state of course I mean like this is a new character not a lot of people really play this character yeah that is a new string that bit fish string I want to say it's minus 4 it's it is minus 14 it is a really good string go it's great string it's minus 14 it does in jail but the gap is so small that you can't really do anything in between you should it's not worth it but it's really weird because those guys there's not too many moves in Tekken that have a a gap like that where you can't even reversal right it's like maybe like a 1 or 2 frame gap I think Yoshi probably can fly in between I think so I don't know okay nice yes it's rough she's playing ELISA professor high kick but then Marduk is definitely an under play character compared to armor King okay $5 new to said no Yoshi can't that's exhausting saying wrong stuff again like I was saying there are so many armor Kings online compared to marlax that it's really hard to get experience against this character oh by the way we've already cleared five hundred and fifteen dollars on Matt two hundred have you guys are gonna get GM a new pair of custom tins or something he's got eased out of you getting something to be when this is over come on stop don't worry scream I'm one stop you guys stop come on stop you might not even play him I'm one stop what if GM loses to little rodent something happen at that bad I hope you laughed at the tim spahr not me saying i want to stop home I just heard hahaha that's where your money is going to stream GM is gonna buy some more Funko pop figure yeah yeah I like those I think they're cool some of them are cool some of them are super wack because it's so in them are cool I will not defend Funko pop figures do Funko pop Jase to mine sculpt drop it that one is Falcao all right you said Jace the Mind school so I got to be with you on that if there's one thing I watch this movie scream its magic I'm just there in the background

come come on high kick that was a good match that you got chainsaw it up professor high kick professor chainsaws [Music] my boy Steve had a little too much to drink obviously I don't know your talk we're having fun everything's all good here by the way speaking of Matsuri no you guys are really really killing it our original goal for it's not what's 500 bucks I'm on the back of the light fix about it keep up your command when you want to go to mouth from the command throw it's either cleric or forward one plus three or of course before a tuples for you plus one plus two him in them while you're doing it okay I got you thank you and thank you guys by the way for contributing house once a quote there's still some 50 cent quotes left Ziggy pics there gave one hundred and eleven dollars chums Nightblade also gave 110 bucks Thank You chubs Nightblade us about health NYC Furby silver dragon Cairo stuck on Carlos Thank You Katherine hi girls appreciate you all me somebody she played in before how many marks have you played before not many yeah that's it you played a lot more armor Kings in my yes yes your son's play mark online I'm playing all these armor kings and they disconnect on me like I'm the one with the problem playing Mario I'm the I'm the asshole [Music] but it's all good it's all good it's all good yeah you definitely could have one I'll excuse my next match for solidarity just so I could stay with you on the money we're gonna stop through this together next match coming up shortly guys thanks everybody that's still here we got all these do I see em I see a open set up over here I see another one back there dude I'll go out them in a minute uh we don't get a match I gotta crack the whip on selves oh I expect out it'll have to Sado these guys these guys are freakin high tonight there's way too much energy in this this guy way too I'm just coming up Oh mr. devil himself upgrade that's way less society no no no I thought I thought it was mr. flogs and said it's devil himself that's way less hive I'm sorry mm servers upgrade it's still round two in the winner's bracket this bracket is humongous by the way holy cool what's the URL for the bracket spooky Oh somebody put in the bed my hair yeah exclamation point back in the chat if you guys dear fellows this map is the legendary Kazuya Playa is right he is here tonight double go wait is there Lord I don't know about upgrade yes upgrade is outbreak came to one on the local but he is very good on lines no.0 stuff good time - I'll be down one time okay cuz I've never heard of but I've heard a lot of people going upgrade very good cause boy you are yes but devil himself has been around as long as I have no devil himself is a devil willing okay and did not sleep one devil is the Crimea stacking player that I know in New York City he will come you out himself and gosh let's remember people still people are still woman up just got devil himself played neither and Tekken 5.0 and he played an ax and B are hey you put a 96 and then [Music] Yoshiki he played Yoshi and jinpachi and Yoshi and Meena and you know a combination of those three characters and then this game when Tekken said a minute tekken 7 came out and dave and buster's in new york this guy played ling this 27.0 Ling hoodie on I don't know what you're talking might be kind of scared it's all rolled into it into a technic trying with a friend's movie on this thing gives no fucks friends doki that's really his hoodie who do you think his favorite characters Algie little friends Karen it's for your friend's car he's a Chandler you think he's a Julia like dude I'm not showing you like Monica Rachel or Phoebe I'm guessing monocot or do it started out there yo where's my Phoebe's in the chat right now fuckin fucks with Phoebe alright that was ballsy was Ross fans you color code your underwear I don't thought you [Music] devil himself up against upgrade guys still round two winners we got a huge huge round two of winners to get through before we even start talking about round three let's do this yes so many white people who is your favorite friends character that's why I mess with Phoebe she was like the weird white one so she's like the least white you know Phoebe didn't play taxes no no no

Payet axis when since thanks went to jail papa nice man I want to see what great can do because like I said devil himself is a scumbag we knows we got real freaks nice pickup alright so when you when you eat that when you when Ling does that you know that throw where she runs up and kicks you the bag right you got three weeks to get out of it you could break it right away and you tap forward you turn around you rolled down you can fall to the floor if you don't do any of that she gets a free lunch off that throw the forward turning forward is a really hard option but it's a better option because she was getting guaranteed if you go further down tech she still could either get a OTE or she-go threat mixup on you yeah holding forward is the real G that holding down is the easy mode you still get like I get the second one the link in it already nah what oh the electret Oh Janet we got a Janus fan from friends in the chat thanks Bob Oh double doing the gimmick sorry nice copy our age nice block pixel help we got him don't won the one thing upgrade has to learn this matchup is you can't train no matter how many times you punish devil he's not gonna change always wants to get his due yes oh come on really bad game one all right yeah oh

this might be pregnant it's been actually was really annoying for Kazi in general he doesn't have a lot of reliable options to hit a ope think deep - four four four hits all right double tail yeah nice beef in small players just gonna help ya come on save money and I to punish something I mean like it's really scary because like anything that's like even slightly negative Devils gonna go into AOP right like autopilot car kind of hit low again no so we'll I'm not gonna be like spaghetti or if it's not el Diablo brutal it is just El Diablo we got like 70 people in this local that's not my upset weight it's all good that's all right I'm faced thinking I don't know where all there's no playing where do these people come from and why let me thought we love that yes we love that new year new me prize pool tonight is over $1000 combined with battery no and the triple entrance there's a lot of money we got 70 people and we're still missing heavy hitters where the hell is pepper beef too spicy where the hell is my seat bad where the hell is liquid my boy Gary where the hell is shape where is shape okay lock your punished come on - shit boy that's okay he's nervous I know that this looks to me like a kasi at that practice a lot of player one side you may not oh yeah he's right smokey is very right oh nice power you oh man shall I roll from wing it's only minus 11 you got to go for some jab string that's where you can't go for a bit like that okay you want but are most not guaranteed so swings autopilot the punch of the parry and that's like a one frame Harry from back turn that was a season that was a technic 7 buffer Ling they made that back term Perry come out in one frame I believe cross uh-oh it's a follow-up but still that cross what makes you scale what squat okay do it for Chandler yes oh my god how does she not get hit by the power crow this character is okay that's funny nice again stay on earth Oh upgrade also ready please technology what's up sour piggy hey stop piggy yeah what is it Julia anyway when is comply Perry actually the most nice no Peter yeah

she's so small my comp Oh what's up hard I hope you're doing well

it's not enough match point upgrade needs the windows to stay alive too much mix apply make is just coming out everything now spinning rims the devil gets his due welcome y'all to NL BC Tekken monthly number one it's the first one we got we got 70 here I don't know where they came from I thought all these you were a BOTS on Twitch haha I thought you were a bot I thought you were but I don't even know who you are thanks for coming out I don't know where all these people came from Oh like I said it's like I said if somebody beats fighting GM in this tournament I'll show my feet I'll make it IRL twin so and I'll show you that beat fights I'll still show my feet okay so hit me I'll show my feet the only money on the floor that I want yeah you're upset so showing your feet bro what a shot imagine a lot okay we got exhausted get accompanying now

- it's not just gonna be Marduk is it be loyal to flail Kazumi depends in the matter all right the exalted purse is still electric oh dude this is a match is this like second round or this is still this is don't let you of windows Boston's devil gym player and we got my boy exalted lit finally brought his boy back Lane in September he told me though he told me that if he's if he gets washed three rounds straight he might switch Nina again okay I'll get all those pads out of there that's a lot of patents hope nobody's been any sticky pads today that's what we've learned this is a ps2 theme and you can buy on the PlayStation Store I think it's pretty dope that's right once again we're checking our tech and cross next level here at beautiful Nexus I was right this I'm getting there I'm enjoying myself today I needed to get out of the house that winter depression was hitting me pretty hard hey same for me brother I'm right there with tiny I need to be around my boy see stride right there what's up my brother ninja Dawes Yukio and his first local this dude went to a major before he went to a local who kill went to a major before he came to a local my boy Pablo fucking dancer I got all my boys around me and now I got two of my other boys on the stage I got still electric versus dude my second best friend exalted my first best friend is liquify he's not here so my big is my first best friend now you know what TV show was exhausted on I can't remember the name of it oh boiling point there you go there you go he was godlike they got him up he won on boiling point they tried making his ready whoa he was a true winner feels like this feels like a Chinatown fair tournament right now the energy in the air right now all right so I'm got double gin versus lay these guys have been playing since Tekken 6 I mean like if the real lore is that exalted trained off in bed okay who helped revitalize the Boston scene entirely so you can say it's not a bitch there recently by the way they are killing exalted is responsible for the fact that Boston has a Tekken scene now because they train off in bed who ended up organizing everybody else in that scene so exalted has like a really big like trophy on you he made a scene happen that was not even in his own state Oh other try because Leigh wasn't in the game okay don't take the first round really fast hello alright breaks the regular to throw that bag - Leigh brutally strong in this game like goes under so many moves what a snake bites oh all right sweet breaks the floor going for that he'll sweep for is really good on the stage because it breaks the floor nice blocking punish his compeers combo range on how super sweaty dirt also compared to the previous version so getting that guarantee combo it's gonna break it floor there we go okay I like what I see bottles already Lauren nice pickup sweep down three vicodin dave has okay he lost the wall business cool good for good patience all right all right that's one of still lucky it's still electrics biggest strength and biggest weakness when you pressure him he loves to go for that GG oh yeah that's not one he gets that third round

all right back for one next we blow good option we go again for that up for still Electrical loves that up for from double James Charlie hey that's why we'd be sick everything no they changed the health so you can season to you don't get the full combo but that's another still less potentially let's go got dudes in the background gonna fuck the right this is the Yankees Red Sox who you support chat and baseball with this - watch it don't count do not do not

what's on so everybody here in the chat by the way blog do not count so electric out though that's because he's like that was a close first game alright beating rush box it down back to doesn't punish so electric punishes that's think for though wasn't the dragon counter it doesn't confirm wants to get paid he's gonna arrange right now

that's the second time he's done that backswing blow to get a dragon the dragon pressure big life sleep for exalted right now but still extra guys wall position back before all else we buy the smart he spent it early not a big combo though while sang three doesn't kill okay

okay Zach for little with punished back for all of our is the back to rarely see that yeah you call it answered and in season two but he couldn't say buddy couldn't laugh still I shake hanging in there sorry Peggy New York plays a lot we just can't really come out on weekdays yeah so we really want to support these mother your complain but nobody sees us

nice alright wait all right let's all to learn from the first game you didn't hold back that time house a 400 all right yeah just like the second that just like the first game it's fine around to be so much

it showed his own up for up for he did up for three counter it yeah even if he wasn't dead there was like at least another 40 percent of that combat the karate game brain kick right there like down no song all right I got a plan tournament other back side of it so I wish I'll be back as well good luck guys

alright guys so next Matt's coming up in just a minute thanks everyone that's been contributing to matram you know we appreciate you guys on the new goal for tonight is 700 bucks in which you'll go was 500 bucks but you got smashed within like three matches or something thank you very much everyone thanks of course to our biggest donators so far we have Ziggy big stone chumps Nightblade Houston YC + YC Furby and dragged on Kyrie oh thank you all very much for contributing guys much love everybody joining us here in the poop is gonna be exalted yo what's good for you good bro what's up exhausted how are you brother I'm trying man thanks man thanks guys so next back just caught up in just a minute mm-hmm oh man my heart is beatin yeah that was a good match man they were going at it oh you were going at I should say you were one of the people in the match good stuff exalted thanks you're welcome man don't get too fancy on Danny who's I know he kills fanciness Wow you'll be got more feet and we'll Bo Derek and willin you'll pepper beef you probably don't remember me but shoutouts to you dude [Music] next box coming up huh what is its GM versus if it seems match then I will find out his match was good ninjas oh this is awesome this is a fighting game for these guys mine it's I was saving up for three look you're gonna make him blush too much guys come on you're gonna embarrass him on stream come on guys all right everybody's in the screen time man I'll see you Sawa pijl they got time in time yo we gots our piggy hell yeah yeah that's awesome I eat bamboo shut up - I eat bamboo sort of think y'all know who I am my scrubs the universe I just wanna come here like a few I came here like a year ago this is my first time back I was looking for more tech and stuff and now I'm here doing commentaries my food exulted yeah man yeah man so you played your first match I played my first manage to do nah I want to well I was playing up against wolves he's a lucky Chloe player oh good a little he's low pair to me four times in a row as I kept going for down for four with Lee one of the guys who told me he's in his chapter illest always and whenever someone for berries you know fires you so much realize that you're doing something wrong oh yeah something that you need you need the change so what I did what is that good I just ran it at his hop kick oh that's all I had that's all you have all I gotta do is hop kick cool alright so I'm excited to see some Lee on screen so excited that fighting gym decided to start playing Lee again fighting GM back to leave mm-hmm has the game real his game Willy is really good yeah the execution is there absolutely but lead to mine also his first game on stream who did really well me and a player I need oh it's a battle of who's the highest execution that's it harder to play no I am harder this is round P of the winner's bracket fellows awesome right [Applause] fighting GM also awaiting a winner's round three flubs made it out Danny beam Redeemer as in our winners unexcited doing really well tonight MAV dancer only Jin a lot of killers stole the winner's bracket devil himself as well alright is facing Game one mmm-hmm so far lethal mine is trying to get in with Nina yep I'm a bit of a Nina player so I know it's a little bit difficult beginning with Nina she has a lot of options to get in but they're a little high risk yes but once she's in and you're at the wall on she this is her game is her it's 100% I definitely think it ring 0 Nina is a better character oh but he gets the forward forward for pickup and I should get the wall he called wall finishes her off first round 2 g-m second round let's see lethal mine can do some I'm trying to get out again just trying to get in oh my god nice

you know I didn't find leave that intimidating mm-hmm I'm trying so at the way Jam plays it's just because of the execution yeah a lot of things Leal in theory it's good but no one can really do that too much yes you know it's like I'd like to see I know people I know he knows like a rush down kind of character I'd like to see him be a bit more patient figure out what pokes PM's gonna do the problem is when you when you take your plate to patients again GM Jim is gonna kill you for that yes so at a certain level you kind of have to just roll the dice and see what you get mm-hmm but at the same time Lee is like a Turkey's can kind of rush in but his Russian is very risky so I feel like it's a kind of a trade-off but I know he's supposed to I didn't dealt with a guy who when him rushes in and give something he's gonna kill him mm-hm so that's kind of that is the scary there's Nina as well but I don't know if we could mind has the execution to do that as well as Jim can cause he hasn't been able to get his rocks off because I'm gonna get any like high execution meaning things going not yet this promise but you've really hit just down for it one can there we go good round Phillipe the backcourt course with the forward one great first round on the board 14 frames high but a great move plus one on block now he's trying to rush down with these down threes mm-hmm oh don't stand on haha you don't stand up off that you will get launched for free all day look slide and look on my peered yep it's a rat first game to GM but a lot of information in that first map yes sleep in mine did went around he saw what he needed to win around down for ones using his spacing with the quarters before one let's see how you adapt absolutely let's see how he does James straightening out that cap to see everywhere any hat besides that or the PlayStation symbol few hats yeah yeah all the tournaments he's one he should have a few hat and I said I've only ever seen him wear that horizontal stripe hoodie yeah I've never seen him is really lazy [Laughter] alright Game two and as winners around 300 good good punish one that hit man 2 that is negative 13 anime through mine did punish it with a 13-3 who misses it but still got it okey yeah up a little on that off for 4 and that's super dangerous about Lee you go in and get counter hit and you get launched no I'm saying you play a little late ah Lee is my main s term a is my main alright so you know exactly what's going on oh yeah I know I know what he's going for with late night 3 just poking good just overextend a little bit ok so I was talking to Geum before this started I'm cool with a lot of his buffs but that 444 is stupid he did not get a combo on regular hit 444 I mean I have problems reacting to what a normal hit to get the combo I usually just go for the blazing kick honestly with unnormal hit see this is what I mean he hurts but he's got like so you always get that combi and it's not fair it's just not fair Lee is top tier if you're gotta like good news I step right yep is her weak side yep right combo for that good quick - oh for GM shoutouts to lethal mind though you did not look like he was out of that match at all oh no I mean it was he had his moment it's just you know James experience yep and stupid character he never got his like he'd never got to enforce his game playing yeah in that match you know and that's that's just you know checking levels when at a certain level you can make someone play how you want them to play and when you get experience you learn how to ship that basically so how you want play but it's it's not something that a lot of newer players or starting players will have right at the beginning okay plus game is definitely one of the favorites to take this whole thing oh yes absolutely he's one of the favorites to get some of this money over 1200 dollars in the prize pool to make sure you know thank you very much guys we appreciate a little chord oh your bag that's it yep no problem get back in cool gonna hop back on a commentary yep well thanks for joining us brother appreciate you anyway guys Matt germino still available for you guys thanks everyone that's been contributing it's very nice of you all and yet Helston one is the code for free 50 cent donations you guys have really been killing it already five hundred and thirty seven dollars in change the first goal was smashed completely our new goal for tonight seven hundred bucks we'll see if we can make it Wow yep also thank you very much to all our subscribers we appreciate you guys twitch to amazon.com for size prime you have Amazon Prime you can subscribe completely free check us out thanks everyone get all those cool badges yeah thank you thank you thank you this man how many people enter the store 73 elope this rise utterly ridiculous and as beautiful as beautifully ridiculous so many people out today welcome back thank you thank you yo James you'll get that exhausted sponsorship I'll put you on the buzz what you wanna make a bus honey let me tell you right now your beads the BEA ad I eat bamboo I put you on a bake a mega buzz you got housing you are my cell phone you pay it meant many a tournament legend has taken a mega bus to their tournament where their win Hey I'm alright all right good luck exalted alright so we got our next second match I recognize this cat that's about to play because there you go he comes to everything any time to detect in a local event it don't matter if it's a lot of people there or there's like five people there he always calls hey-ya Bob smile Redeemer okay I'm gonna remember his name Redeemer we done did it now we got lion lion lion Alex well guys listen to it so good so when I say start playing again you know it's gonna take far to get back to get back to normal but hey it's alright though it's like riding a bike hey I got a comment area in LBC I'm yeah I lost my first match to been okay it's good this commit the best I'm still up so any feelings I hadn't played been and I played him right before we played on Friday we played like a first two Denton and he was pushing my my poop right in like it was Professor high-kick do you know what cock to Redeemer plays please wish for you Steve okay so he's on a play a two side thank you very much Steven Paul no wait wait wait wait stop stop stop

I'll be right back I'll be right back wish me good luck Oh real all's in here okay like a placemat so he is very long here is real long guys behind a real law hey kids do you like violence that's always my intro forever and ever alright I hope you guys are having a great time here a couple great matches I see pepper stream up every 4th Street and we're missing a Dean and sour piggie we're missing you as well sir I was just talking to your brother about uh you know top two your techid I remember Jamie what's up ie baboons John what's up as well a lot of my friends on stream and I'm glad a lot of people have turned into this is a pretty big monthly bow missing you as well sir a lot of my boys are in here a lot of a lot of clock like a lot of Maya you know I fix me oh I fix machine of course said who started who started the monthlies by the way back from the app from the CF days and shut us to my boy Chris alright let's go alright so Ridhima Brooklyn of course not so no but known in New York scene because he's always a rep that Steve he's always wrapped it he complained about it the same time but he's always wrapped it so it's uh you know la that's Louisiana sweetie it says la but appreciate the acronym from Florida State is Louisiana maybe I'm wrong maybe might be in LA but if if they do it at la monthly they might as well this close you know Cali or SoCal monthly that's how about TV one job one they're good I think I might have this place soon you got a place soon or what you did you just play all right all right so we're gonna have to see me company I'm gonna jump in here probably depending on get out of here already one go play we'll see you in a minute brother all right so why is gonna come back in a bit the meantime Redeemer looking really good that's why I thought it said LA he said Louisiana hey man that's the only one weekly though what did they need more I'm just playing don't listen to me I'm gonna get what confuse LA Auto trying to make a comeback happen oh you could have got more rounds already

[Music] welcome back

nice dog hello fairy it's gonna get a little no all right it's not dead yet he's got one this chance oh that was a chance one all right looks like they announced Dragon Ball season two for all the guys I want to know what's what's in it apparently jiren fidel fidel SS GS Gogeta okay prolly and those those I guess there's more those are the ones that I see them eating so there you go those are some of the announcements fellas beep Adele yeah like everything else makes sense but except for doing the della della way I guess people wanted her there you go

nice nice though not always

okay so what Redeemers slow and steady taking these rounds

back one full combo up top John dropped up yeah nice like whoa it's a snake edge

yeah and other Redeemer doesn't really come around anymore are we deeper will advance good stuff to her sitting on in that whirlpool winners Rockies actually in a good place in the winner's bracket now riding redeemer he'll be around for winners he has to face the winner of Danny B and uh real also playing as match I will find out there's a good chance that I'll be facing off against rural law soon your next match Connie this whole tournament is hi I'm so happy

all right we got my boy Gavin coming up from Mirat Rhode Island and onii-chan it's been a lot of a 2-d player but always mess with Tekken on the side place Steven a Hachi we'll see which one he brings up here or if he's got a new pair that I don't know about but only Jin been a New York staple since the second six days moved here from Canada usually as that Kazuya on deck but I'll see as a pocket geese what match is coming up guys now we got only chin up against Gavino 238 this is round three of the winner's bracket I trying to tell me something thank you yeah gun Gavin lost a lot of weight he's looking really good only playing games that he likes my third strike and Tekken guys I might be bringing this up a little late but that middle finger down put up earlier to lion cocks oh no it's all a good fun he still deserved it damn boney she cares about his stick look at that he got the mat no dust no sliding it's more for the sliding honks get in the front no no sliding though for real now he pulled out of like a I can be pulled out of a pail acute case bulletproof yeah yeah the story that stick was gifted to him by Holman and rain oh if you know this if you remember those players then you are a older second player that he deserved to be whole man and rain gifted him that stick yeah I remember red is a great artist that is a green arts that's a green arcade Korean lever rain was on that famous team it was him who dons I figure who else is on that cool 201 was about that team got that video Scott line yeah that stick is worth more than your maybe your mortgage this is to some people to some people

why--what rolling death cradle why did they gift it to them because when they came to New York sumit Onision took care of that we took care of them for like two weeks legs basically showed them around you know place to stay like combo didn't let the hey anything no no that was that was the carried out the countenance yeah he wanted the wall there Oh a double load I was so smart he deftly tried to stand up to block mid after the health sweet but there was no big there and sumit Suman until maybe like a year and change ago was a bad player he's always been seriously playing stick recently know what is me a perfect no no no look at lectures that you can electric after second helps me if second he'll sweep it's by itself

I'm blockable yeah you learn something every day in this game that's right yeah sooo minutes late assume it might be the favorite here but Gavin is no slouch unblockable again he's really go with the extended duck setups all right two two one Gavin he's playing on a really high tempo own engine inside has to adjust he's the one making all the decisions and he's forcing origin to react yeah only minus 12 I believe hey he's got the carry all day I'll carry to the wall don't run into the back one that's why only kids playing a little bit far back yeah there's the back one threatening with it I mean a lot of good hi crush moves to make Steve hesitate all right hello sweet no skipping no freer now back to one little hit away oh you like dashed off into the down back for oh yeah the clothes are only Jin's one of the kasnia carts on the East Coast right now man nice piece Lee yeah he's been playing this game he's been playing Tekken longer than me but he's only been playing stick for about a year seriously oh no Steve doesn't really get a big punish all that's right that's a shame he doesn't have a fast enough launcher whoa all right one zero Peroni Jim but he had to work for her yeah but the he could get he could get a better punish but the damage difference is not in super senior

he finished the string there in most cases like like 4 1 + 2 2 is a good punish but all since I'm Alana Steve wants to keep you standing he wants you to swing into a counter hit there's a couple of dozen there's like there's a still lecture case here from Boston you place that would you write this all dad right now counter hit once you want still select equal cat Rick good job

he's now sick I like what Gavin's doing do I sub threatening mid after the extended almost of the wall burning one super super super would have definitely killed there he ain't wanna wait no he didn't need one win nothing all right gather looking pretty good right now Alecto con Edison came to play but drops the combo alright are clean round [Applause]

[Applause] sweet man when you get hit with the hell sweep when you try to check up it's the worst feeling I mean I I was I missed like two or three games but I don't think I don't think it's the first one but there's been a lot of thoughts tonight so this is the first one I'm comedy gonna switch the keys I don't this character wise you know it's not like this air like please does super well again Steve but Gavin might not know how to deal with geese that might be the problem here one one Oh see how this goes he's only got one one shot with this geese unless he gets a quick you'll see otherwise you get two quick trips the most record yeah the geese is lease all right he only changed the sky in the season two was he builds meet her a little slower 15% slower and you're really 50% doesn't sound like a lot but you do notice it not a lot of situations especially in that first Francis were like this Matt this first round has lasted a long time and only Jim just got his first bar still needs like one or two more guesses I don't know what he did but he got hit with that one two three

Hut stand shit that Rekha makes up the the sweep is way slower than the mid so all you do is trying to look for the just stay standing and look for the low

[Music] punishable

stuffs it out but oh you got another bar ready to go to the wall yeah just do something here better is read straight [Music] back three two takes it yeah it's like compared to when he was fighting the kasnian you could really see like this kind of hesitation against the east he was like scared to like kind of go in on the geese and that was kind of his undoing yeah you get scared and then all of a sudden like you're looking for fit you're looking for you don't want to get with certain hit with certain things so instead you get here with other things so play it was like way different than against Acacio dancer coming up Oney Jim moves on that was winners round three back three two so whack what's the pearlite this is our January Technic seven monthly in NYC I don't know where the hell these guys all came from but we got 73 people here thank you all for watching at home check out Oh Chet ITL second house student so yeah flip-flop coming up no no that's not football that's somebody else that's yeah that's mad not know himself a Stuka player dancer GM is here tonight get GM is here he hasn't played on stream yet okay phone yo what's up go saying so round three winners bracket [Music]

Oh Jim a place for him like as well as off oh yeah he did but he say what they say he won three Wow okay I believe

it's that boy bad yeah I went up against Matt earlier that Oscar versus Marduk technically intact - this was like an even matchup but I think mark is a little bit worse and Oscar's a a bit better he did play blowhole did play he didn't play on street guy played off stream I won my first match sorry Maurice but let's go Alex see ya I knew he was one today the good thing about mark in this matchup is that he has a lot of knees elbows and head butts to get around Pat you sniff out a pair you have a lot of options to just like blow right through it so we'll see if you still got playing a match up correctly you'll see a mob gut has the experience

oh and and runs in the first back three that's the first that's the first game calm feeling Alaska can you deal with back three that's the first day don't break either there's a couple of gates and you gotta plow through the fight Oscar correctly you gotta can you feel it back three can you deal with reversal can you deal can cake Hicks then then we're allowed to play second dance is ready all right they didn't punish without the four to you get a launch on it even Marta gets a launch on that counter hits the floor breaks the wall well what is this freestyling no oldest a break the seat throws a perfect seven going let alone

I guess map it's been waiting so many so much you know we got that now you can't afford to take it you see this shit step 4 1 okay what kind of common we're gonna get here baby come over H baby combo Oh breaks loose roads all right yeah that would have been dead into the knee alright mob on the on the board here sorry 1 3 Oh another back 3 tried to running and throw their 141 there's so much damage in alright I'm out trying to fight off I'm back or it takes it off deploy this is the most authorized I've ever seen have you seen my dude eat she Rondo right it's the most Oscar there are too many people and only one stream John that you know dance party party never seen see he picks Brian yeah Jay George's likes there's a close contender in terms of the most Oscar Oscar day George and each year on

Iran is his commanders commander is the least Oscar Oscar you might still be playing a different character oh man yeah now all these guys are good though each you're on Jay George you're all good I'm not trying to be disrespectful when I say they're the most gospel

that the second match mob swisherd the brian i'm guessing this is who he played before Marmot came out yep breaks it almost to throw this is the wall position Oh three down four three one all right dancer just hold them back block it all back the red again you think I'm gonna stop Oh Vicki kick him while he's down listen I got you just kick him out of the house you'll pay rent alright gets that Wallace lat Oh Oh easy 50% easy told Kayson dancer answered back no combo Oh easy does it break the to throw again Holbrook at that time oh nice punish - 13 with 100 is that back three again you're not dealing with this so why do I gotta stop looking handsome just knocked out of it love this fat for mob bring clean to zero from dancer easy day easy day

alright dancer moves on that was winners round and revelry now in a loser's bracket yeah yep that wasn't do you win this round three is real life real us sitting down because you gotta play Danny beat Danny B is walking up okay law versus Danny B that's correct as around also round three of winners guys I don't want to say once again thanks everybody's been contributing to the match on stream Thank You Joel a contributor Ziggy pick stir chums Nightblade Helston YC n YC Furby and dragon Kyrie oh so chums at the 110 thanks brother yeah man just a lot of money these guys we looked it up five dollars will put Yukio on stream people calling real lord and shit oh man you'll sup to the channel we'll put you on stream we all wish that sug let me see that sub you get all these emotes right here thank you very much for your support by the way guys have you gonna fix that out we love all y'all we love all y'all they don't serve thank you you're gonna be don't sub we love y'all for watching right now yep

[Music] now I real love anybody's gonna beat real law in this matchup it's real long if he doesn't execute and he starts getting in his own head it's gonna be over after you guys are gonna see the salt well you might not see the soil you might hear it but you might not see that you may not see Hey

I've seen one when he plays it his best and this guy is an amazing player but that happened only at those they have one losses so definitely loses a wand yeah but it only like when ones that his best he's amazing Tommy happens like ten percent of the time are you up there guys don't do this I wish polkas it was it I'm here traveling eight states over so I saw okay I'm ugly no matter fact give him sponsor to be here okay we got all he's gone with regular Djinn instead of the hey Hachi against law

all right gets a was 4 4 3 no combo though our sin Harry's are you from the jump

all right checks the board three into transition-- port for in the transition dragon slide all marries the dragon hammer Oh dr. Perry I'm sorry

it sound like Ryan Hunter I'm white I'm also white so it's a it's pretty a friend presentation and see the Ryan hunter or sage an we don't know it's already salty you guys can see this but he's already gone forward for counter head he's gonna get the wall right here yeah breaks it with an electric double electric alright interrupts right there

[Music] uh-uh he tell sweep all right electric glad Komsomol behind all our fresh eats through the dss transition actually a smart decision from Danny I want to count the down wanna count the times that long it's all fake look at this face once into the lecture all right now for two first really big thing of the the set right now all right it's the cool combo okay baby steps go run a throw does he get broken baby steps that group Tom sinister you totally weren't here when I was talking about how I would show my feet on stream if you're talking if you're saying I look I sound like riding with her all right come on HBO will be here for you all right

all right counter again three little comma here is gonna hit the wall yep savage sore paw paw okay all right trying to get some space here blonde all these areas still coming out oh no he's my boss Oh do Rach shut up grave site don't be afraid oh I wasn't expecting that

guys what is going on the chair toxic check they're just joking around don't don't pay them any mind Matt got really pissed and like threw a bottle at his sink and it broke Wow okay yeah it was like a glass bottle at his porcelain sink and it just went right through Wow is this cause the second cause that I don't know that was gonna take it but I sure am putting the video up on a Twitter you know what yeah I'm at no magnificent I'm never sick I wasn't mad I was opening a box he was opening the bottle he broke the sink you gotta learn your own straight right I think you maybe was trying to do that thing where you try to open a bottle ago like a beer bottle or something honestly like like that oh yeah like spooky set y'all know strength I guess not it's okay magnificent is gonna make it up and all that free chick-fil-a he's gonna get pretty here relog is taking the first game in the first round the second game and I see you caught on Shaq yeah what's up what's up to Neil it stuffs out the power crush just do the stupid history shot dude there feels so much you so good now both are raised now but in the fourth quarter he'll kick back for

how sweet he's so scared oh we almost have okay alright to eat daddy part right here snow so madam how sweet Oh combo here

this freestyle now that makes sense hey sunshine baby combo it doesn't matter even at that full combo hit it was a baby combo yes he may end up was hitting the slide again alright wake up what's in it for duck chef not a lot of high you set it Danny here Zen for sweet floater here

the wardens beat himself up might not have face he just made but let's why did I tell you at the beginning check bond is the one that beats one that face email mine yes cut all my but Danny moves on good stuff him he really any what the comments face ever he really is so when you really use that gym area to keep the DSS stuff in check and honestly one never adjusted that was the big thing he never had ducked like where he would go into the SS that he has an area so he should have done the throw he should have gonna be SS low but never really changed that punish assured though yes all right we got we got the lost son Manny pigs coming up on the string Manny I like that shirt last time I saw this guy he was like 50 to 100 pounds lighter still can't do a pull-up he's getting close he getting close follow this guy on twitch manny bigz he makes a lot of instructional beginner content going through characters movesets Scott spends 3-4 hours trying to figure out a feat every single move a character has he's coming out though finally to the local they brought his boy Marduk back now he's another old-school market player yeah okay this manny bigz vs. scrub theist in the universe yes grubs in the universe though he played Paul when the game first came out and then he eventually switched over to leave started luckily we'll see what comes out here name should probably switch spooky yep I got him thank you to Heather there we go [Music]

still round cleared the winner's bracket damn we have a lot of players this round three is omega long over $1,200 in total in the prize pool 71 entrance plus 550 Otto's featured in matches we know thank you all very much everyone along no fab is not here tonight he was just in check this ain't gonna last all let's see let's say this goes Scorpius this kind of does this thing anyway mega big historically has had a had a hard time on people that kind of you know don't play like quote-unquote proper tech in the crazy people Oh we'll see how he's got his monocle says it alright low doesn't ring the bell easy combo boom down back to and there was still more to come there size up to bar knock this scored pretty popping you share a lot of tech in there I haven't actually checked it in a while cord is not popping I mean you have that a character for like eight years now so it's like we've had Bartok for like two months one month

all right punishes on the hop kick breaks the oneplus to throw this time don't write Martinez throws for every break those so you gotta learn how to break throws against this character yeah Oh silver tail countering what is that stuff some at a race track though ranked 2 3 y'all break down stones these monitors shit mash back

[Music] all right baby combo

all people talk about Kingdom Hearts 3 in the in the chat I'm ready for Kingdom Hearts 3 - I'm not I'm not wanting that in places we're gonna go we're gonna meet up a combo brick cuddle piggy we're gonna meet up by combo breaker we gonna talk about Pina Bausch 3 all right Manny playing the save ok all right take Sal with it down for 14 frame 14 frame unbearable load

all right nope no staged slur okay going stage leg again okay it's not on stage but scrub use was there was some erotic lick lip and lip licking going on right there he was like he was trying to seduce me I think for a second oh he made eye contact but you didn't fall for it no I'm taking oh okay see okay with the team oh let's see you got Kay let me know I see we talked about Silent Hill in the chat yes oh the best kind well you gonna have to let me know about it Kay

[Applause] all right second game on Twilight conflict these guys this checking each other with jabs you could get you could get more wall carry than that lockable cancel that's nice the two and two videos one down was - OH flip Jake what is what is he well he could have died right there if scrubby is was ready to whip unashamed again up kick and nothing from scrubby thank you for the clip vicious arriving many may explain this pretty well overall he's trying not to rush runs in that hop kick though drops the combo drops the 4/4 elope dinner American resets all loader right here [Music]

Oh lazing we yutz okay the heart combo [Music] lead shaolong and second 7g @ phe to play this character alright this prick tackle it was like perfect damage right there - doesn't break the ones to throw which come is gonna go for all right oh

well for three gets blocked back three google counter hits him with the back four breaks the floor here what's he gonna do yeah alright gets that running through forest bison down it's a obvious laughs like a madman yes like us complete madman is he telling manny bigz I got this now with that what now without authority not alright to try stop on he doesn't move you move or try to get up kick that jumping stop will cross you up whoa drops up there try to go for reset oh this might be bad this might yeah I think this is done Oh there are many big nice to-20 and watches it out in the second game scrub yes I got questions about this Popoff but good shit the man he begs with the 2-0 hell yeah he moves on good stuff man those PlayStation sounds are killing me man they should music I can't take what the next match is for you guys I loved em some Hulk Hogan if not 10

beep my back gonna put my ps4 just for ps2 sounds it's like it's like four dollars in the as a team on the ps4 so it's pretty good it's up to oh we got running back Eddie on the stream right now what's up Joe I miss the 9600 don't start 96 please sir let me tell you something about these bees I'm Atlanta zoo when it nice to columns in our chance I like so shit not shit cuz we don't play like this I mean I'm glad I don't play like them because I win and I'd only go like you really don't see the look on blowholes face when I say that like so there's only three good people in Atlanta can we name them you got hole you guys speed kicks mr. Steve in the genius oh I'm not gonna go impartial can you think of anybody else in Atlanta anybody that I pick up they're just gonna laugh like I could be like oh yo big G or something where everybody's pretty good I'm not gonna lie that is kind of like a rip though because that is the only people from ATO that let's all fight no not me by the way okay I love everybody in ATL but I'm just gonna say in Tekken 6 during mo G we had a team tournament and a ATL had two teams and a team and a B team and I OC beat that B team with mokujin in a team tournament damn that's not good hell is well I know who Jerry is but Jerry does even leave his house these guys are about to play at 96 everybody says that's until they come to final round man make final round a good tournament to come to again and I'll come out I just I feel so lonely right now do you guys know either at the gentlemen that are playing this is a right back Eddie oh thank you that's all I need thank you one is enough thanks guys

portal instinct has a point where everything I say is in good fun I love the ATL guys all saying is that if I was gonna play anybody but the top three in tournament I know I have a decent shot of winning I know if I play Anakin poach up or speedy I'm going to get mobbed up everybody else I'm like I could probably win this is Eddie water on our scrubs give people problems I just shot a Joann selfish the night he says you say that whoa yeah boost up the ladder bro I love it no Eddie's already perfect we got the strength oh no whoa

whoa Wow just do it ball combos old Joe Manganiello gets block think about Eddie Eddie don't pick any Wilson for anything LSU he definitely is just throwing out things right now power cross wait wait no all right you know what you're right you're right click a piece you can't sleep on clay make is pretty good you can't sleep I forget that Quinn is alive sometimes I live is not like Tekken 7 punch away no I did not see dream catgut came back injury man the life that Clint leaves I just assumed he got he gets shot down somewhere I saw this man pull a gun out of his trunk once ok leave some way is that I can't live nobody's sleeping on Mike or big boy but I don't know man plays I'm sorry magistrate clean so school yeah class all I heard stories about clay ok so no we must meet you sleep

this commentary sucks you come do it then if any of yours come back out now you know what fine I'll bust anybody's at the ATM that was kind of free will see a portal entity can make it a fine this is winners round three did nothing wrong keeping that thing on you that was Omega free no we're not talking about like a pistol we're talking about leg and automatic

I guess your combo now cool that's new all of that Hey but you couldn't pull it out yeah yeah Eddie's face okay hi thank you very much ninja for your subscription appreciate it home better start thinking about what he's doing

whoa Wow he rang that dudes neck a little too much now a Jessie Mentalist knows anybody watching this match now it's pretty much running party Oh somebody broke stick it so empty - pika - it's of the street hey you can't stop hope everything's working yeah basically let me go strings nice dough he's feeling himself you have a stove moto instinct only he's just one round oh you could have kept if you kept ducking there yes plus well I mean the backlash is really good especially when he gets plus for that little bit first and I gather the launcher yeah down here yep that's the auto side stub another what a size my spray days well one yo what is thank you brought it back man that face is getting depth right now

no I don't know he just put a key not gonna not even be so who know it's good just me putting stick now that was real law that was real he would just slamming things all around me meanwhile world meeting I'm not gonna lie wasn't really giving him truth in this first game but now that we can get all there was a large plasma played all over the place at you yeah yeah he's got a high power quest that safe on block and he's got a mid power course only around minus 12 they're both very good and you can cancel it - yes he's been do above them to be honest he makes a mother that being said water instinct it's looking good I like the doubt back threes especially one go away if you want those power pressures that Eddie is to go for that down back three a lot is Brian you can still open it up blow that's all break okay he's not even trying to pray he's just not expecting it yeah nice stuff okay let's go huh this is good damage Oh chopped it good cancel Oh Manny loves out of sight any block plus doc that was a good choice stay your wait a minute well maybe run around sometimes you got to do it when you get the person on tilts throw it damage what do I don't know what's going on anymore right back Eddie's in trouble good interrupt that partying a lot how come on man avoiding that's working as throws every time hey you can still come up in loses no I don't feel bad don't feel bad see completion stress and over in Jesus like your water's very high right now if I might eat a snake edge the beginning of the game do I see floods coming up oh all right is this GM versus slopes I don't know if lumps let's go sit down I was excited here oh this is GM versus the gut vs. definitely oh it's off it chocolate chips a bath why you getting tricked you just see people standing around like you're back on back on the six versus exalted so probably yeah round four winners are you all set out before around four of the winners bracket thank you all very much I'll bet you guys have been having a good time tonight we do still have a beautiful Matt Torino available for everyone I'll help us out if you guys can five hundred and fifty four dollars have been added to the prize pool by all of you at home by either contributing money directly using those treatment brake lines host one is the coat donate fifty cents refer you might be out of college by now I'm not even sure thank you all once again this is that tekken cross next i'll run by the holy host thank you hope for putting it together thanks for watching the stream tonight next to me talking good what's your name oh yeah what's up oh hey black hawk for real thrill I think I'm done I'm out Benny man been very good and I love the 96 exhausting I'll show you David the eleventeen right that's how he goes by

there's what makes up a is that you just showed our stream match Arenal yes Matt Torino the sea shall we talk about it right just wait not so long ago on stream he'll probably be back up later hey ci wants to see a GM thank you vicious appreciate you devil himself marsupial said macho business 96 watch the whole posse come you want to see a play on stream he got to do good and make time pain like everybody else cream here that's true 96 all you told me like that the whole posse to come up here damn ball bounce can call me out alright

so we're going in here everyone's dancing around all these weird stances it's back up our defense yeah I was very difficult he has he has about to musa actually an AOP and she has no way to deal with his I forget the name of the special stance he has on knockdown she does not have very many good ways to deal with that there's a like Panther the one where he like holds his hands like how close something like that I don't know the efficient thing of it I just know that the low power the low parry from that's from the ground attached is like unbeatable third thing she actually cannot do very much the body unfamiliar with the lane matchup he's weird like I think Dean the other day nice pickup that's a 40 free starter for link like a mechanic 13 I forgot is stupid this matches nuts though oh nice combo let's go oh okay yeah okay he's digging himself right there he's like what happened I mean it worked but it was insulted

nice slow my get down back more for power crush no spa amazing movement front the exalted Wow three straight no round brown 300 salted take a swig I just wanted to say I thought you were looking at me some girls like I'm just going to see it I was talking about him man he's got the pot oh the truck in five stern the bear on his arms

no way really he goes apart okay man you didn't even want to try this I mean I gotta stand out this is a matchup like I said the Jaya's labeling matchup that matchup is not that fun for either guys so not surprised I he immediately chose to run to a more traditional style of character he plays a lot of light like he plays Nina he plays Anna yeah I've never seen a football a yelling in torreón but this is very uncharacteristic like I've never seen him play like a wave does it still be a Paki character fam just don't know about yet see what worries me a little about this pic is that Bob is really a character that rewards matchup experience the better you are in a matchup with Bob the better it goes to you I don't know how experienced this Bob could be against they belong right now he has a Fabray I would assume so yep okay nice that all we're not ready for the follow-up but we got a nice cross up that was guaranteed all right we need some pummels from you devil himself Lisa crumpled stat oh that's gonna happen going to the right all day I'll double rage again that double mid front the exhaust has been putting a lot of work maybe switching every stance yeah that one's always trying to create openings there's a good one no count here from the downpour too nice confirm

[Music] he needs to get out of there but bad yeah you sure absolutely yeah yeah I agree you should've stopped point well he's all in now oh thank god nice life yep hit him set for 20 pots oh my turn

so many fake outs I'll be honest I don't think either let's add another slip and go just looking good now oh nice block oh wait that low that's sweet this unseeable unreactive yeah yeah I noticed that when you planted jizz now it's so messed up Matan exalts it took that night cream old school so plugged in you like yeah I'm done and Dan all right well ghost up to him exalt it takes a key while they vats we're gonna continue on with the turn to Bob and tell you guys thanks everyone has been watching we gotta stick around fighting Jim is on stream now versus the X Yukio okay oh this would be a closer so you want to see you guys a part of the Yukio fan club if you place the oshi Andy plays Josie a ukyo's watch stream looking all pretty man geometry GM's always on the stream no hey I want to see some many people saying Bronx is spooky with the shape he's gonna tell people to take their time in their matches you know should have gone to three games thank you okay thank you monks representing round round Fork the winners bracket that losers bracket is a short pool here's the good babe by the way hold up man sighs yeah it's 6x look that's how we do 895 do you not do you not know the meaning of 895 by now summer hold on oh you think the word cold that's not just playing oh the last part no for hiding - shit works I just remember like the third strike one the co-op copies like right now all right so GM races yukio allow me to switch the sides for you guys at home ukyo is opting a goal with some Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi meat so Russ's leaves out yeah unfortunately uh you're not gonna get away with lack of experience against GM in this matchup because he has a legacy at my experience I guess Yoshi he's not have to work for it I feel like if ukyo parties hard and he's feeling himself it's gonna look good on his father like this like all this back turn stuff right he's got a boy than just party dog yeah because this was gonna happen he's gonna spread out what machine gun kicks into a recess set of five okay that was nice

oh thanks crash oh he was okay news okay either way still gotta try to finish your plate man don't leave don't leave those Wolcott was available Jim's Roca that second he'll find a way to get up sorta sorta not this he's trying to play his game you know what I mean this is what he wants he was she able to come to him it's working pretty well he's got the light blue and getting the light back with outstanding the nice oh that was a setup but he didn't get the combo no punish oh that's a Popoff alright stabbed himself yep solve it solve it it was spinning rims you can't track me if I'm out of range getting his life back every time yeah oh that was ridiculous I got a sword dog counter he's ready optical combo and oh yeah that was disgusting that killed fighting GM Charlie no Jim wasn't moved beyond owes it to nice instant slide okay through it just won his face


he does not leave life right now are you serious he's definitely testing his patience with that especially right there yo Thank You reckless wheezing for the gifts mo he did great that was three straight right yeah damn block oh I'm surprised the peace I don't know what you know apparently he's apparently he's just been trying to go back to leave he was a classic D player Oh piece is worse again pop extension oh that's beautiful Jim say planners leaders all sort of it before it I believe it

slide I'm a fan of the nose horse named Stan yes a lot better that law Qin was ready another problem is that yes those sorts stance while at the wall that's what you don't want [Music] it's this slide you spot and he keeps the rage when he gets all that he'll wait try combo the commentators are myself across the high kick and my Myka are you not spooky even the chest calling it out they're all like my dude you didn't have a sword oh oh yeah you can't finish it because otherwise okay hey just playing right now yep expected nice

the patient on gm4 not going in on that like him getting help

nice finish there Jim you cannot take anything he tried to win money for the waves the waves he's on the board finally got on the board yeah listen ukyo can actually say that sweep is getting real for a quien second here the street but he was not ready for the follow up automatic follow up every Power price he tried to punish I'm sorry I'm sorry it's okay ochio can take it if he clears this one out Jim Dee's this win just to make it Game three it is a best of three set he's trying to size up one plus two for that launch but he's a block it's hard man yeah I slowed him into antenna reset there

[Music] it's a suicide that have been so quick a chance to react you know I just came in here and I got a semi by viola JD New York jazz violin JD trash' century yeah I serve on JD Isis trot all right so now we got we got young stride you know what my stride young guy said to Tartarus loses round five you always actually Tartarus down here that's the mats care all right artists now has to show his feet how do you know the big toe ray I'm sorry in advance radical kings of against young mts stride stride is like he's grew he's amazing I'd invite people off sleepily oh she and the thing is too is like he's fucking 13 years old or 12 years old so he has a brain the boys 15 no way really each okay none of this none this matter he's a young blood but he's definitely has a bright future of tacking ahead of him usually plays Claudia all right yeah that's his man he also plays a side mission aside a tricky radical Kings is ready he hit me wins trying anyway like man I got region says that damn I was like damn man this is the first one he reversed she won for 13 to 12 13 all right stripe player one radical Kings player two both these guys are young uns actually so it should be a good match you know I don't know him that well but you know she looks really young to me he looks like he looks like you just just finish it's a very fun matchup audio versus King both guys will get to do what they can do in this matchup

wrong tank I'm mad quiet in here yeah

they're just billion chiller at Wow nice still three down low kind of linkers out there oh and I Spit I think he didn't break did not break he's got a tech this nice stock radical kings looking very strong right number two four strides he got a duck at the four to thirty nine to one rather you know astride is the kind of guy I'm not surprised he plays Claudio he's a kind of guy that uh it's not that he's not fast and he doesn't have reactions but it's usually not so keen tour game three wouldn't start to be acne to your habits usually the first game he kind of just plays it out he goes for the download ok nice tool a string there another good mood that's a new movie for Claudia yep that's back for one that leaves a notation very young hop here yep hi safe option the old back for two is now minus twelve double mid though right where Kings will good throw mix-up there earlier in the set it was giant swing looks like one plus two actually one break and that's you so Devon came out oh man he could have got back for went there instead of back for two I believe that's a wall sitting yeah that's Stephanie okay it did not press anything I wake up that's good still got a game man spent the starburst a rage drive might be good here there it is nice picked off can we end it Oh oh nice nice you can kill ya boy get them together on that one no good come back for sure

to his credit radical kings is mixing up his throws sometimes it's the Giant Swing sometimes it's the to break only series and hit him with muscle buster - definitely not doing the same throws over and over a nice break they're thinking what a special school he's taking a break guys take a break there was definitely a weakness scouted there by radical kings and it was in the throat defense of stride oh yeah for sure cuz with like King Jack dragon off yet a legit break real throws sure old-school Tech and style that's a real guess game there and you have to kind of with your opponent once as well

[Applause] there's a lot of movement inside the shroud have a lot of knowledge on um king the King matter I mean token from what I can tell having followed stride for a while his throat defense is one of his weaknesses it kind of always has been I've seen him have trouble with Jack you know jack also either too great only throw I've had seen him out so breaking that type of stuff as well throw breaking is a skill that takes a long time to get very good out you can't be competitive and not be a hundred percent you throw breaks and with a legacy knowledge especially against King thank you appreciate you guys yep let's try it's turning it back right now yeah he's got a healthy lead and starburst good break

[Music] he needs to be aware of this range from radical kings yeah cuz Kings and Fe bring this back okay that's see no break this time I'll take nice nice cooperate that's good wait try spent those good patience on it too

for three another one kept this simple no starbursts there though here's our shoulder after that - right yeah but the shoulder enter the show to enter the frames for you suck raise the arm so 250 he'll want to end what back to me instead shoulder enters when you want to go for the kill that's a punish good break nice that get starburst now that was one of the bus for him is season soon

drive shot rage see through it nice safe again only minus 9 on not the break nice alright alright gives a really good for the counter hit more a tree that's this awesome dog nice back one Latrice fly that was clean nothing please you actually put a guy back to I cook them there but we'll take yeah yeah clean good for a nice spray I think now assumes on again that was a to break only toe that's right don't count radical Kings algae's yet oh nice big combo this is a lot of damage coming down yeah most of it nice punished oh great ouch now it hurts Wow bus right got the wrong option - 1209 forward to you this could be the final final round for Rattlehead vital pain yep nice blue not much damage for this that's a good one Reese ply enter he went for the clip Wow basketball you can sidestep that right but when your back is to the wall it's harder to get away okay empty strike matter will Kings won one now if I was radical Kings I wouldn't get too discouraged because one thing that uh that he really didn't get to do as much that game as a previous game as he didn't get to dig into his throat game as much never mind oh wait because I was saying he has he has the knowledge he plays with all those Li guys that I'm TS guy sure dude and they have stylus so this is this matchup this matchup is I guess even ish especially since you know all the teams that won not Miguel actually got a couple of really nice buffs a one thing that that's hard about this matchup is that a mid Gail point blank what everybody can't deal with it so stride is gonna have to try to play a distance game if he wants to take this down one savage stuff right yeah board one rather his now for one in general is just really back record oh close down for when it's 15 frames which is Omega slow for it down for at one and it really means that Miguel can track the ball he wants at close range [Music] nice dog okay

you definitely beautiful punished goodnight okay took the rage yes and he's just mess it hmm no Rachel maybe maybe in the end this pic was not a good for our cooking since he's yeah like this a 96 oh he should've stuck with okay for jobs

nice roll roll the trooper roll is pretty good here hi crush and low crush proper use does it get a load from counter to I don't think you get anything special for it I think it just knocks down or something like that now that moved me pike too good if you got a real combo from me I don't know what move that was I've never seen that before that body oh good I think that was it's been a while my slope minus 12 you did not celebrate smart stuff [Music] Thank You MCP in a chat by the way for performing that Mitch string from McGill you doing it at least a job punished it looks like appreciate that nice neat this is this is going good for straw it right stop on tape this this is this is what he has to be scared of this is the McGill ring yeah the throw that so so some things radical kings it looks like he's not used to the new back for - it's actually - 12 now some guys are not used to us I'm not surprised that he's also not used to it no punish go good luck no punish again alright alright hi go opposition agir he's gonna go for shoulder damage see that's a problem with shoulder is that when you go for it like that sometimes of course threw up and you lose your oke or any reverse list besides fried [Music] backward top that was a good stop the stride though I think he was going for twin Pistons for a moment there with that of work I mean the one the Claudio twisted things so slow probably not can hit him with the first hit so it doesn't work out normal oh you mean with down for once with down for once we got string right it's not like some other cops me confirming he has to go for it okay so there's no you know you can't see the downfall one hit and say okay I'm gonna finish it no you just got to go all in gaja block is now on stream with that big old course it's from some I don't even know what company is from somebody here Brooklyn does Coors Light it's not even Coors Light scores it scores I don't want the other half right nearby thank you all very much and be like crazy thank you all very much for the contributions guys we do appreciate you $565 have been added to the prize pool by you guys at home thank you Ziggy Pig stir chums knife-blade Helston YC n YC Furby and drunk on Chi Rios but yeah we still got many many many Tekken 7 matches left so yeah again $1200 plus in the prize pool tonight that's a good - almost Geico - yeah we guy go we doing good thank you guys here's your big toe request right here we got blood huh oh that's right it's blood ball he's gonna show his go up here on camera you get an we gotta go Nations I thought you said its feet I'm scared his toes his feet I don't know it's all related don't ask me I don't want to know about it I'll tell you why people are drinking beers at a Laker but some people got a drive back in an hour commute and they just don't want to like crash their car on the side of the highway so that's why we're not drinking like he's up you up against Kenny unexcited whoo oh we got one exciting watch on its side yeah double big bodies oh my thumb damn he did the with the Chong Li he pulled pointed him out and went to the finger point back [Music]

both sigh don't start is that what they're calling ticket they're calling of blood heart they're calling with toasty steam is that what say cold no you know he said it's a cuz I want to speak earlier when blah Walt said he was gonna show his blood hawk rissun excited it's gonna be a slobberknocker there's gonna be big bodies all around unless he just messes me up and he ends up late Leo instead yeah I don't know I think that Marduk versus gigas is like fun as a match up I guess I would be okay with that if I was totally - Tostitos yeah I really like toes don't they Oh piggies please come on man we're not trying to get banned here you know this is our first monthly in a while we don't want to like Ruiz we're already lost one beautiful store I'm so sorry I fix machine I shit cheers over here yeah I can't play Darius purse at the arcade anymore I gotta travel okay I see you on Darius first on on Steam and then you went to you with the Chicago recently anyway so I actually have the quote unquote it's not a real world record but I had the quote unquote world record for a darius person USA I got it right before frosted foul sticks on the cabinet I gotta go back to it okay the current record in USA supposedly according to this from what I've got the current record is about 216 million that's not a real world record the Japanese guys got like 270 million it's 180 million something like that but I've got you real close to a real way I remember watching what do you it looks sick like I have it the game is dope and the fact that you played on the Cavs Yes Doctor I love playing all right let's do this blood ball player one side Oh actually me okay interesting I think the reason why unexcited went with biggest cause place because he loves English I know he plays martyr but I think the rage drive is better what most of the time I expect to see kids from unexcited not that mark is not also a good character alright so game number one here we go guys on the unexcited versus blood hawk looks like Jamie's gonna come join us in a booth for a little bit he is unfortunately I don't mind nice power crush decided matchup is pretty hard for Higgins you know cuz I don't be see anything and the god of Josie and not around here we go before her man said the god of Jersey has arrived Oh God like sometimes a toy oh yeah and xbox bad boy hey xbox pad of course you wanna know why he missed that this xbox pad xbox bad boy goes down around down three Oh see ya oh stop the power crush Sundra deploy

yo-yo Oh sports bar boy with the rollout okay plus we got away what's the brick oh my good stuff to grab with one two three four three combo bumbaclot Oh jab jab jab up three three question one one spit step homing move Oh to being saved Sunday look the 1:0 in favor of blood OGG sorry I'm gonna give you one ghetto pass and then I'm just gonna go completely ape Shelby's worth today spook you can say whatever you want we're pleased high kick with the bands banding Mia time to be out on the street alcohol you shouldn't have is that a sport Tommy yeah I set up you got got some s I've been set to all the words come on Constantine for an hour or something like oh boy oh bum bum climb fire that bad month we know happy Xbox about that gun oh yeah all straight small body what is he gonna do that it's much my xbox pad for a put the stop hold that oh you can finish Xbox bad boy oh oh oh man this is looking real good for PUD walk now GM Iranian loser side listen I just want to say real quick I'm so happy for other people that be like yo you should have came come come come please come but this other one is two things tell them one or two things yeah that they really wanted a baby what I really wanted to see me a nobody see nobody wanted me the one yeah well why you think I'm here and if I do nothing down oh you bear me like ten time I got the strike list on I should have brought mine okay wait wait fuck you if you don't see her after tonight did not is nothing to do with me it has nothing to do with me if you see her chopped up in the latest Chinese store it has do it and she probably won't taste like some spicy chicken did you know black people about chicken oh my chicken Popeyes Chicken we're done lady came from she's like the pints or sister losses damn JD you sending back the world I'm just saying just ask a simple question

all right guys while we set up for this next match is getting on more they gotta turn the console back on because blood alternate all backs down no blood mark said yo this is like that was reversal tournament it was like you I'm turning up look at this xbox pad you know what I just turned it off you salty for him [Music] thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate you guys if you're interested in subscribing to us here at EMU key you happen to have Amazon Prime you can actually subscribe absolutely free just go to twitch on amazon.com forward slash prime or follow the moobot links you see in the chat they just a few account and then come back and subscribe to us we appreciate you guys we all saw a beautiful beautiful Matsuri know before you guys have been contributing we do really appreciate it thank you I thank you it's horse mane by the way or I is that I TS horse mane you I TS boy its horse mane Thank You horse man appreciate you all thanks for the subscription we also have a beautiful matching meal tonight five hundred and sixty-five dollars I've been contributed by you guys if viewers at home thank you all very much guys we do really appreciate you over 1200 dollars in the prize pool tonight 71 entrants plus five hundred and sixty bucks from you guys at home hell yeah thank you TK Mambo also appreciate you man thanks a lot brother anywhere on to the next match we go fellas panther salute my boy who is this into punisher sure i know you know him high kick oh no no I'm so bad that's flow we can find it from flood man to toe cuz he's getting big yo he literally has the ELISA shape up he literally has looking yeah we got the can't you see that you see that one coming out his head that's Alicia's garbage right yeah who's more of a devil in you white folks that was bad oh yeah I'm here all night they all spoke them I know how to do them I'm not either the computer stuff if you name it you know we needed you to stay home look I got eight messages I was gonna go home eat some chicken

now now you in my stream hey JD I love your playlist oh I love this song I love when you play I say you see huh you see this when I screenshot her I don't know baby pigs player 1 vs. mister flubs as Eliza a player 2 HT mister flubs let me put that in my bag

can you get the races off the mic he's mad knowing oh well nope you get what you pay for oh we got one girl first is Craig Margo growing up against a grown-ass man Oh fireball because 300 that's a bloat wow that's a combo you got them up the float oh that's tough oh you suck right do you saw the two one Jesus Christ look like a right now is coming but then Noah zone that has new character semantics [Music] now actually why I signed out for everything Harada said we will not pay for legacy characters well I'll tell you one thing you don't want Bruce I forget what JD says happen tom knows what makes him five please you don't want Bruce in this game he said when he came into the arcades with the poopoo jackets he said we ain't having no more of this you are not having anything moving on okay plus okay okay that one that's really what's French that kick annoyingly good good break on the one plus two at Jill's face it out space it out these are qualified even say ten against us but she gets the combo okay strains we got call-outs from and did not get up just throw a fireball is Tekken Oh drop it got in trouble

whoa I'm going to wrote route for the Tekken characters so no round rickety that's what that might would say oh no round brown but I always think of sorcery anyway just cuz you satanic and demonize in order to yeah but I say saucer okay okay you learned the word and you want to use it very nice I hope to god you fall in a ditch it's okay I hope to god clapping out no blacks Mexicans world is saying is there any way to MU his mic exactly freedom of speech is it's okay nobody would know

what's good where did you get a car from is it makes sense when you don't think fight to thank you bad mojo Gogol we shake your subscription homie as we jump into this game to go to the Metro Reno or past eka World Tour Finals on that night not yet 98 oh yeah we did see that from Walla to now long all the tens $42 oh okay that's great pressure bar many pigs staying in close that's how you want to beat Eliza hug neutral is not that good but gets the launch what happened to the compensator psycho JD is cancer oh that's dumb so if cancer won't just kill it and stop treatment round two ODP good this is disgusting I'm pretty sure you don't get jealous he was going straight up pants down he still is keeping the pressure monitor rage just do some DLC stuff but don't makes no sense yo ladies 1 1 unlock our flubs fluffs is activated gloves is activated oh my work The Satanic character all misses it a lot of chops today what's going on ps4 shenanigans anyways how's this into e.x meter because we always had that second oh no scaling the plugs is right bus might be ready but I like a lot of what man who picks has been trying to get a dime to combo for that tree oh oh good break DP just do it oh you already have to do tell spinning all lords messing it where he pees just doing the night decide 3-1 now it's one piece


I'm the Josie Africa right knows what time it is get away from me get away pain I'll be getting some Pablos wait wait wait good God oh my favorite stay on no this is see what as many pigs Oh this stage is so godlike who would what fool would not like the stage nothing loses three artists only three Oh though he's not losing for you when it's Mannie Fresh it's not okay Mannie Fresh he was raised on bread and baloney can't walk around here cuz you're phony yes that's always good like I used to think also in the South moving on oh not the best punish we're just moving on off this one too

because he knows if he misses he's done yeah jab in there is not necessarily good he also because he could just choose to finish the string there no duh oh no we got course up stop they try and guess what they ended up missing anyways table kick edition edition Oh laughs bus frames and I just took oh but the hip but guess what we're not Korean so we don't finish combos in about what go [Music] shut us to the games my man's from watching the Royal Rumble no black we going it [Music] nothing against us oh good stuff

Craig Marta oh that's a bad challenge bad challenge yes my friend to get away from welcome to it welcome to The Satanic realms okay good luck you needed it won't mess them up okay okay okay oh you plan almost broke her in half that's wrong in more ways than one one two Oh put the large loves yeah yeah I got this I don't need no Tekken characters raises few days you know I might spray hey oh no this shit Oh guess write a time oh that's a good bitch our rules coming I knew I was coming oh my the calendar ahead oh my god Carrie okay oh-ho-ho she's been alive for five thousand years she's known that couple oh is it the end okay is it the stage love soup he did get to whack stages in a row yeah blockable is in the corner a suit yo is it the stage it's gotta be the stage those last 16 is where

what's going on look at professor high-kick look guys the person that bands and times me out my mind no you called me we got snow we got busted in the building this man is a party animal look at him man you go in space dancing dancing on sidewalk you dancing on top builders dancing in the trains dancing on the palm trees I'm just stuck dancer just color stuff alright so what do we got still electric versus each neuron is actually the loser's bracket okay round six of pink so I that's what I have in the back I'm still left you receipt your honor so so we got still electrics the dance party animal versus I play do a yes that's each year on this is the man is the first man this is do a the man that plays do a watch him go behold he will go for holds in this game and I'm over here like where's the 34th Doubledays I'm getting hold on good help [Music] comics are you right now I don't care that's one and fifty people who love it round six nobodies bracket guys damn there's still a lot of players left useful day after bit nice boy I'm good sir blood so let's see still in the winner's bracket uh who Keo has to fight flubs radical Kings has to fight Danny b-but all classified answer and only Jin has to fight the exalted that's who's left and win aside for now the awesome matches from the losers bracket enjoy everyone oh if comando one go for broke I cannot wait to talk to Fred Fred took the biggest L of 2018 or was it 2019 when taxi straight up looked at him he was like Fred you are my stripper pole huh and he said I am Anna and that was one of the grossest things I've ever seen on my computer screen Freddy keep charging sense so you know all right so I have each year on player one is a suit guards dead or alive hits dead or alive unlockables dead or alive strings Oh dad pepper beef put a sophomore point oh good top 1/3 strength behold what I tell you it's the home okay

okay okay just do a neutral just do a non-movement just Jesus each Iran knows what he's gone don't know whatever price he had one day when he sold this all hey he just got to work and misses the combo though didn't sell it enough okay the steps boss still electric good rule but that's good why you made it amid I don't know okay you have to step step left for those walking out of my own power crush do they have that deal with good duck a43 you got health services deal way with over he helps me now one three good punished for poor good duck again one I forgot that down back to command down back fourth world duck oh my goodness okay I don't know what he wrote me for so well we could do a now actually has a black man again do our route for still of luxury was playing classic touch Oh mrs. death no break oh oh and the he poses for the deal way okay Kobe roundhouse good duck for for should be low she's got a start launching back that trick oh good break the to break

stuff he said on profit noida straight you wasn't even there for that oh I can't it's so bad I can't even say it on stream I have no filter but I can't say it but it had me dying all morning it's wrong zero let's see a comeback yeah let's see if he could find some more do a strat distract them with some TIG ol bitties okay opens up good house maybe starting to read as holes okay strings jumps down - down - Oh perfect strangers into power crush missus female body maybe the brake holds what game do you think you're playing okay good punish you know it's frame three that's the greatest nice kick them out of rays drive oh man okay so electric got the download this all around us right now who and is just electric see what I did okay good Oh doesn't extend the punish and gets punished for it Oh on the ground electric don't step down even though they tell you step left can't snapped it good patience but he gets the stop on them okay he'll sweep catches them with the last

even is he dead or love hey next round okay oh what a punch oh you said fire that fire that Perry okay straight round house the plot for

400 he's going wait but not open oh yeah he's trying to open up a can of dog okay roundhouse mask for oh did let it go oh that would have been filthy but electric came down he brought me to Boston be my cell that's right he brung the Boston beans so electrics gonna pay the bills hey that'll let you build this what's up what's up no okay electric one one two

okay okay it's your on enrage yeah oh this is the wrong game Oh could have finished last looks Oh when does the away come out baby he's just a cracker good match good match here on the god versus Boston zone still electric oh man what's what a great night well what was the key matchups that I missed when I was born yeah what was like good matches the most important one I guess that actually affects the tournament is Geum I lost 200 the bumbaclot yoshi god / almost Josie God yes indeed but he got to the zero so that's that's who do you Yoshi yes yep Yoshi God we are not worthy so this is now is this what this is oh man it's hot in here man we need to bring some white folk here man too much go away so much call the people hi what no what are you talking about man I'm trying to trying to get us all in trouble man yeah what she said no eastwards although will ukyo vs clubs this match every time I've seen plugs he pretty much had GM's number every time with the 2d shenanigans and then you hear every time I come to the stream he's just got that Yoshi shenanigans No oh that hurts my feelings okay

I'm glad how many people came today

okay okay I'm the first Negro to do it cause he's the first to do it okay good be video toes the low strength say no no he sitting with the range art he went with the flash and a great that's round [Music] basically that round he loves okay playing with his sword nice deep heads good unblockable all but he misses the combo you got to be careful with some of these combos Eliza is very small Oh got him into rage the P the P took me up no no no she said no our Kelly's in here okay okay just roll fireball just draw fireball yup oh but Yoshi with the shine yo yo yo C dumped back for good comeback finishes it off

yo I forgot that's up for one plus two I'm pretty sure it is but he drops the couple what's with the drops do you all want me to be the savior spook excuse me okay sorry so caliber yes we did okay good DV d Jason okay what else regaining health I like it and like to range okay okay where's the fuck she doesn't need a punishment yo he has to get the small body combos right now like yesterday you kills and rage right now he has a sword he has a sword he has a sword high kick okay so make sure okay DP into a combo what is this what is this take a revolution oh good whoa big with to the war okay mix up city nice jab strengths everybody pull whoa why do that miss Hirata please Hirata please bring nice deep what's their party stuff that this guy says weg I don't care okay okay Oh Oh the drops the drops the drops okay curtain up okay good interrupts wool balls been playing a little Street Fighter 5 huh I'm black hit the couple yes now for one a war that might kill ok UK looking so innocent but yet using a sword that's God like that's that's just so God he's too young kids or whatever they put in the water yeah they gonna look like this to like 50 whereas being you our face is falling off as we speak anyways sucking anyway JT 1 to 4 oh this is let's just do sweet water pot stuff okay jab inter up to the wall okay okay what okay what a pink huh no strings [Music]

okay strings he's remit banks everybody's getting hit by that kept slack watching a lot of Dave Chappelle oh my friend Augustus the other beautiful basicness from Yukio but gets close to the war divekick edition edition how is one that's cheap that's cheap [Music] okay okay three

105 up the wall to the wall Yoshi bring him to Lisa to the wild this might be his type boys in the head even stuff on your chest oh no he's a Squidward good one more never challenge ELISA when she has meeting at the started around okay - - oh but you get launched sir Kelly would be proud because his body still man but his mind and saying some other things

okay that was that was that was commerce always against the fight you GM and you said you went out with me today yo yo another suicide oh okay got some GC stream again exhaustion should be dancing as Sean of a few moves looking over deeper on the street yeah my big mouth ever deeper I got the hot sauce yo let me tell you some funny story about medieval right cuz the mo Charlo save you hope you in there right I have some Triple X by in hot sauce y'all know how I do right Redeemer was like oh that looks pretty good let me try that I looked at him and I was ready to kill him I was like you know what and yo this is what I knew wait this is one I thought Sparrow was like the strongest guy in the fgc I put that bottle and sparrow was like this is his business boys no I he said it Maslow oh no I'm not trying dad redeemer tried the hot sauce and he was crip walking all the way from the sessions to the store and after that he just presses nothing but buttons all day was he ever since he had console us yo sparrow I thought anybody who see Sparrow in person now I've been fighting a lot I see some big dude Sparrow was big with the way his eyes popped out of his skull you see listen when a ball punch lawn in the nuts and laws I was like that's how sparrow looked at me I'm like you he went from 250 to 175 and then the 25 he said oh no I'm not trying that just like like an old 1930s cartoon with no sell 1930s cards on watch after that I was like Sparrow man I got your number it says losers round seven so we got exalted let me tell you something where the hell is blood red yeah I'm starting at where's blood red all these laid players coming around and I don't see the legend let me tell you something about blood range when I started Tech I was 16 and I was like let me go to a tournament I saw one video of blood red ranting in the soup it took me ten years later to go into the toilet I said I'm not doing that oh wow it was intimidating back then I thought I was tough tough so that man so I got some info for you guys the winners top 8 is now decided winners semifinal one is buteo up against radical Kings man radical Kings made it that far props to him and other side of winners is butter off personage in so that's when the side loses me still gotta figure it out all right good duck laid boys exalted the legend I I cause I okiya yeah you're cool just go to the Apollo anyways yo exalted lookin real strong ps1 control the boys

[Music] good what was to break now this is actually a uphill battle for seat ma o chillen show the power rush no punish when he just stepped on his foot well Carly laying on the ground got some color people just blaze up well step on your stepping on your Jordans stop oh no Bronco old by work plus frames time to guess who you are not $40 that was old school life New York blinking out spring why not 49 they need to bring that back even if they charge it for $2 ring too old you are not good enough bad this corny-ass Americanized hollywood you're not good enough no why not funny not oh it's froggy but yeah she was oh she was that's another one I got a happy mom an exalted showing why he is the exact Leigh boys hate Irwin shenanigans Oh cheap Oh stars Oh cheap oh I'm tired so I won't say what's on my mind I'm exhausted that's not the point the point is I'm gonna be a lot louder no all right so going into match to my team is looking at the screen like oh my god I want to try this hot sauce exalted looking around very come on I'm scared to look I'm really scared to look why don't you go is bare what happened to the old Latham let's go believe me okay sweeps [Music]

oh you like to be peace huh ladies night

oh dear my guts up oh okay oh listen okay no duck oh good lon that's redeemer finally body's telling him yes our Kelly P okay to the wall next stage Oh 1.10 he bears the crab with a mixup City oh why

exalted is beginning to be my hero he just looks calm and collected he has one controller boys ok power crush Oh Harry nice parry hallo I want to try a cup are you

okay exalted thinking about it thinking about it yeah about he is a OG he gets the time one of these DMR looking hungry oh we got salt in the fact oh you know what time it is what is so blood Hawks talking you know that this is the only man that can get a corporate job with the same shirt

Wow all right let's go okay okay you went for it she watching the mix-up no he just jumps to the air they said well oh no he couldn't get comma yeah shadow walk cause the get that's not the right punish okay rage for Steve one of the best rays drives and hearts in the game oh boy yo he kicked yet defense though woman's off put a stud yo Houston post on wanna couldn't stop on those holes not at all look at plays speed Vicki K he wants to meet lucky Chloe a touch in it you don't care about his shoes oh what a sweet

well I'll shut off the pepper be the audience me oh that is so sweet okay but that whole school no wow hey John which one do I want to hit you with 1 4 2 7 setup or damage of the Waldo oh the interrupt [Music]

oh oh

final round he knows okay yeah that was so cool all night 49 that was a good ass match yeah that's some good-ass second so we deep that out take the trail in he played really well tonight and yet he was defeated - I'm plates damn that's so tough he was close he was almost to the topic I think good that's good sure what they were doing this page for this thing um exhaustive so I'm just having so much fun right now I'm sure I wish our drink what would it drink a little bit everything right a little bit of right yes JD whatever you say JD alright so

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