Case Cracked: The Murder of Trent DiGiuro

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[Music] hey everybody it's me John Lordan welcome to another episode of brain scratch case cracked for today September 19th 2017 hope you're having a nice week so far before I get started I have to give a special thank you to brain scratcher Richard who helped research and co-write today's segment so thank you so much for your help Richard well that's being said today we are looking into the case of the murder of trent digiuro Lexington Kentucky July 17 1994 University of Kentucky offensive lineman trent digiuro was enjoying his summer break before his final year at UK where he would finally be a starter on the football team Trent was known as a good guy who would frequently stand up for his friends and he liked meeting people from many different social groups and walks of life he even decided against joining any particular fraternity so he wouldn't be keyed into a specific social circle he was living in a house that he had rented on Woodland Avenue with three of his teammates and they were having a party for his upcoming 21st birthday at one point a truck full of male students pulled up and started hooting at the girls at the party Trent's friends told the guys that it was a private party and to get lost the men left around 2:30 the party was winding down and Trent was sitting in a chair on the porch talking to a few friends when he was shot by a single bullet through his left ear killing him instantly partygoers knew nothing only hearing a single gunshot police arrived and investigators started their work Trent's father Mike received the phone call before 5:00 a.m. that no parent ever wants to get the investigators initially assumed that it might be someone who was attending the party so they performed gunshot residue tests or GSRs on everyone and theorized that the person likely walked up the side of the house shot Trent from the side of the porch and then made their way back away from the front heading towards the back yard they also heard about the truck full of males and decided to look further into that thinking it might be a possible motive but that lead didn't pan out they would also later find out that their initial theory was not holding up when the GSRs showed no one at the party had fired the shot and ballistics tests on the bullet fragments showed that it was a copper jacketed round and that it came from a high-powered 243 rifle investigators revised their theory and began looking for areas that would have given someone a clean shot of Brent on his porch they discovered less than a hundred yards away a tree with some shrubs below it in a neighbor's yard that could provide good coverage and a solid vantage point to make the shot on the ground beneath the tree they found divots indicating that the shooter set up the 243 rifle on a bipod positioned the sights on the left side of Trent's head likely when his head was turned to speak to someone and pulled the trigger police had no clue who the assassin was or why Trent was murdered the case would eventually go cold coverage of the case on America's Most Wanted would give the police a potential lead based on a tip that was called in they found someone who appeared to be obsessed with the case and he also owned a 243 rifle however their experts said it was not the same rifle that was used to kill Trent another lead would come in early 2000 when Amy Lloyd an ex-girlfriend of a man named Shane Ragland contacted a Lexington Kentucky attorney who in turn contacted the authorities and kept Amy's identity anonymous she had recently seen some news coverage about the anguish that Trent's family was still going through and she decided to pass on some critical information that Shane Ragland had confessed to her that he had killed Trent Ragland was also a student at UK and lived only a few doors down from at the time of his murder Ami's fear of Ragland was immense and she initially refused to get involved however eventually she agreed to a very specific plan she agreed to rekindle her contact with Ragland whom she had not seen since the end of college by sending him an email he replied and eventually they got to speaking about meeting up in person she told him that she was now living in a different area but was planning on flying through and could arrange a layover at Blue Grass Airport they met up in a lounge had some drinks and talked about the past what Raglan didn't know was that she was wearing a wire the lounge was under surveillance and he was literally surrounded by undercover agents in the conversation she guided him to speaking about Trent's murder and he stated he has regrets for what happened but there was nothing that he could do towards the end of the conversation Raglan became suspicious specifically asking her you're not setting me up are you she held it together to finish the conversation and got on her plane but once again was in fear for her own safety the motive to this case is nearly unbelievable Ragland had told Trent and another friend of Trent's that he had slept with a fraternity presidents girlfriend a fraternity that Raglan would frequent since he had many friends that went there the president heard about the accusation and confronted Ragland and barred him from coming to the frat house Ragland initially blamed Trent's friend and when Trent caught wind he stepped up as he was known to do to defend his friend he told Raglan that he was the one who told the fraternity president about Raglan's comment and if Raglan had any issue with that he should direct it at Trent it appears that Raglan would take this issue to the extreme in how he handled it he was probably too afraid to face the 245 pounds to face Shane Ragland would be arrested on July 14th of the year 2000 nearly six years to the day of the murder but Raglan was from a very wealthy and well-connected family his father posted the 1 million dollar bail and secured a top-notch defense team in 2002 however Raglan was still convicted of murder based in part on not only Amy's wire recordings but an appearance that she would make on the stand where she recalled the conversation of him initially admitting to the murder the high-powered legal team set about getting the verdicts overturned and in 2007 they were successful when an appellate court ruled that the prosecution's gun expert was proven incorrect making their testimony inadmissible as a plea agreement Raglan pled guilty to the weaker charge of manslaughter admitting that he did actually shoot Trent and received a sentence of time already served Raglan would walk free in 2007 doesn't really sound like justice was served in this case but sometimes justice comes in different varieties and as you'll see here with how Raglan's life continued I think he's definitely getting a good dose of it Trent's parents would sue Raglan in a wrongful death civil suit and win a verdict of 63.4 million dollars I saw an interview with Trent's father where he spoke about this and of course that doesn't bring his son back but he just wanted to be clear that Ragland wouldn't be living this kind of higher lifestyle buying nice cars for him himself and things like that so they essentially went after a large sum of money not long after Raglan would move from Kentucky to Pennsylvania where it's against the law to garnish income or assets for civil suit verdicts I'll have to look into that more that's the first time I've heard of that but of course this guy would find a loophole probably given to him from his father or his father's legal team however Raglan would continue to be in constant legal troubles that his father's money and legal experts couldn't always get him out of in 2009 he served a 90-day jail sentence for an October 2008 hit-and-run in Beaver County Pennsylvania during which when he was arrested his blood alcohol content was 0.25 - that's an amazingly high BAC in 2012 a single vehicle accident in which Ragland was driving left him paraplegic somehow Ragland had gotten florida-based charity the Darrell Gwynn foundation to donate to him a customized wheelchair at a public ceremony until community members and media raised their voices about his past convictions the charity said it was unaware of Raglan's past and immediately issued a public apology and rescinded the offer despite his paralysis Ragland had an emergency protective order or an EPO issued against him in 2013 for domestic violence against his girlfriend and her children his girlfriend's ex-husband stated that his children were coming home with bruises and finger marks on their arms and that his children told him of a specific incident where Raglan was hitting their mother and her son while the oldest daughter had to run and get police a judge would later change that EPO to a domestic violence order or a dbo the dbo would prevent Raglan from being around those children for a year during that time the girlfriend would once again file for a different EPO to protect herself despite Raglan supposedly beating her with a metal rod she would later petition the court to drop the order that she herself had requested so that he could move in with her quote we have a special relationship even though on paper it sounds horrible she told one judge Mike dejar Oh Trent's father said when he had finally learned of Shane's latest legal challenges quote it's a shame Shane hasn't learned anything in his past experience and I think he really sums it up it seems like this guy just won't learn yeah it's it's amazing to me that he will go from issue to issue like this you know his father helping to get him out of having to pay for things that he's done in the past doesn't seem to be guiding him towards any sort of wisdom about what he's doing in his present or with his future but I really wanted to point out that I think for this story in particular amy is really the hero but she's also the one that kind of gets ultimately burned the ex-girlfriend that's brave enough to step up to give authorities the final piece the major break in the case that's needed not only does she give them the information but then goes essentially undercover to get more information to get a recording of him talking about this murder then goes beyond that and actually winds up in court on a stand and to find out that only a few years later this guy is released his charges are reversed and he takes a lesser charge I don't know I don't know from what I've heard I watched one television special about this which I highly recommend it's called sins and secrets season 2 episode 1 is specifically all about this case I guess amy has since gone into hiding I've seen some other information Richard had sent me some information that makes it look like she might be in witness protection but the TV show wasn't very clear about that but in any case no one knows where Amy now is I just hope that she feels safe and comfortable with what she did trying to do the right thing and even though he only served us much smaller number of years than he should have hopefully she knows that he is receiving some justice from some very interesting directions and I don't think his life's gonna get much better if he just stays on this track but she's the hero in my book for this one thank you so much for spending some time with me on today's episode I appreciate each and every one of you out there that watches the show and helps support me keeps me here doing what I love take care have a great day and I'll see you back here too on the warden our Channel [Music]

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