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okay I'm back with all my stuff I have so far for craft shows so okay I made some snowman soup and these are envelopes that you can print out there's hot cocoa inside and it says and this is also a printable contents may melt your heart add mix to hot water stir with a candy cane now the only thing I don't have yet is the candy cane and I need them by unless I use plastic ones that I bought from the Dollar Tree but I need them by Saturday because I'm gonna put a like a little pull up in the corner here and tie the candy canes to it so that is [Music] the one thing that I had made so I had let's see I have one two three four [Music]


I just repackaged my little stockings there are little ornaments that you can put candy in or candy canes that I'm I'm selling I'm a con made to order so these are the only ones I have right now and you get two for a dollar I'm doing the next thing I've made is snowman poop so a little tag here this is a tiny you see the tiny Tic Tacs that you can buy these in threes at the dollar store that's Dollar Tree so I got those and I made a bunch of them I think there's nine yes nice so these I will sell for a dollar next this is only some of it some I've already packed up so then I made these candy canes that are primitive or country and I have more that I was going to make but I want to see how these so before I make more so they have ones that are single which so like if you buy just the one I'm selling it for fifty cents if you buy the three it's a dollar fifty so you know you can just buy - and spend a dollar buy three for a dollar fifty but these are the ones that I have made these pine cones are real they came from my pine tree out in front of my yard and what you do is you soak them then you dry them and if you want to dry and quick you can dry them in the microwave for and you soak them in like bleach water is what you should soak them in but I just soaked them in hot water with some dish soap and then I rinse them really well then they stuck them on a paper plate put them in the microwave and dried them ah for about a minute then I would check to see if they were dry and I would roll them over and then dry again for a minute and then I added glitter to him like glitter glue so that they would they would put them on then I had gotten a template for box and it prints out the paper it's different colors and I put this tag on this is vanilla though they've tea light there's three in there three for a dollar that one's vanilla this one is pine okay this I glued on so you can't really there's three in there this one is cinnamon then there's Pyne in cinnamon this one's just cinnamon so I made several of those I have one more I'm gonna make so that's why I have that box that I did because I repackaged from last year I had them in a box like this and this one's pumpkin spice and nobody was looking at them or buying them so I thought how could I make them so that somebody would want them and so I came up with trying to figure that out and I found I looked it up on on Pinterest so I found all of these I also have linen and vanilla pine send them in there's a pan berry somewhere I have vanilla this one is linen pine and cinnamon this one's no pumpkin so I made a lot of these because I repackaged what I had from last year's hoping that these are the linen ones that though these are the cranberry if you can see that and this one's apple so that is what I've done with those you can find the free printables but when you do that you need to make sure like when I post how much they are at my craft show and what who what they are you have to say who where you got the idea because it's for personal use and if you sell the product that somebody else had made without giving them the credit you can get in a lot of trouble for it so you always make sure you let whoever know that you just print it out the boxes and added the product to the inside and this looks like really Christmassy snowy to me and so then you don't get in trouble that way so then I repackaged all of my pencil paths because I didn't like the way they were packaged and I gotta tell you I got the idea originally the idea came from Lehrer clever that's where I found I got the idea but there's it they're around they're all over if you're looking for ideas so I just made this little box and it's not really a box it's just I don't know if you can see that I punched the hole there and I slid the penny pencils in so there's Halloween ones there's teacher this one says be creative teacher kind of ones there are more Halloween future Christmas and these are a skinnier box because this was my prototype so yeah and you can tell the difference this was like the first box that I had me and I thought you know what I'm gonna change it but these were packaged okay and I didn't mind them the others I did wasn't I didn't like the way they were packaged and I want to display them at my booth is it just didn't look nice so I tried to read visit what I've already done and we make them or do something to make them better and I think I accomplished that with these also I have made these I made these myself I actually cut them no small feat either let me just tell you I can get the belly band off I'll show you well let's see this one okay so I took a

legal pad and I cut it on my guillotine well my guillotines wasn't cutting it right so and it was one from staples it just wasn't working correct and so then I had to go from that to using my craft knife and a straightedge but I did make several of these that you know you can

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