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[Music] hello hey what's up it's one out street battles fucking time of my fucking life everybody [Applause]

it's going yeah yeah our sponsors fucking bang house rip them dangerous global and I motherfucker go yo I just want to say a quick rest and peace to a logic motherfucker went out like a g-man to make some noise crazy crazy motherfuckers alright well we're getting exciting thing to happen to one out like never never gonna get better than this almost best Lynch's book again laughs we got [Applause] - all the way from Los Angeles thank you for having me man shouts out to my boy b-boy tattoo who just had a baby rest in peace - my boy Dallas man we doing this shit [Applause]

[Applause] Oh


she'll know I'm there welcome to New Zealanders I don't know what they love dead but I still can't believe the shit makes for something that's not fresh enough there's too much too much oh yeah how did you even find the file to step in listen tomorrow your favorite holiday 9/11 [Applause] Wow I thought for the next three days you'll be watching the fall of the towers on replay fucking throw a party invite your squad over and hire a DJ yeah he's a cannibal some shit like that [Applause] hey you and your fam have plans to take pics for the gram of your dad's wedding be Nick sure if they say sons of Taliban oh I know a laser day behind because of the time zones you plays a departure to us and your flight home before you decided to go so like the towers each flight lands on 9/11 twice on the road ha ha ha ha that's some next-level racial shit would you expect that from an Arab you would actually be glad when I see their I pray your plane crashes on the way back I claim you Ukraine that you were telling us they stay strapped with Saddam Hussein stats but the only shots I've seen you pop off or those little gauge slaps you gave man [Applause] try that shit tonight and like Mike Tyson you might leave with a face stack deep are you laying flat with the same jab that mr. sick games ace [Applause] you sucker-punch Mac when before the battle there was no bad blood now you don't have to be a mathematician to know that that don't add up look straight up out of fear you shoot him mad love that's how bad you in math once then you gave him the right answer before he had a chance to put a hand up hey okay I guess it's okay for you to think that you're a bad time because we all saw that they're Thetas that didn't have

[Applause] now how do you know arrives with he's no bully alright one more time boys you so you know what rhymes with he's no bully me well fully oh that's I'm putting him in a body bag today that's all black life support Oh black [Applause] what kind of homies do I chill back home


[Music] good evening how are you feeling good oh I only came down here for two reasons hey to get a free paid vacation in New Zealand - and - to get a free paid vacation - [Applause] no they got me in front of this huge Korean Buddhist vegan I don't know what I'm told me I was gonna get a fight they told me I was getting a fight so if he's not Bruce leaving who's heathen I am a scholar a ninja of new serum [Applause] oh no you look like mr. Miyagi if you found a bow in her youth and wished back is 16 year old body oh my god he looks like a photocopy of kobayashi looking like Oroku Saki this is a result of what a bunch of cultures crossbreed he's a genetic Porter potties morphed in a bunch of Asians throw some Mongolian on a and that's how you clone a scholar properly I don't even think he knows what he wants to be he just knows what he wants to be absent so what the fuck are you he said Samoans probably I came I came all the way out here to crush me a kiwi not this pudgy tub of low-budget sashimi from the Republic of Fiji [Applause] all the way out here from bumfuck Tahiti beach and constructed his teepee made out of mango leaves and clusters of seaweed he belongs for the long last tribe of the buttfucking [Applause]

yeah [Applause] the maze in Asia his eyebrow is so eyebrow raising that cockiness that he had was a crow Qaeda he got that from nearly dying in a fight when and they just started raised you almost got me fucking got him style fuck about Dundee you thinkin about cuz of my background being Arab that I don't play rugby bitch I'm worried I'll bury you are my rugby

[Music] crazy New Zealand and a way you can stop me I'm in the cage going ate shit like Harambee underground after booty like oh and you [Applause] underground up up do you like moving now there Oh Moo in hockey seem to call me Islamic names like Mahatma Gandhi but you an Islander that thinks he's a mainlander just a whitewashed pussy fuck boy Barney [Applause] yo man you gotta let me get my shit with us they don't show me hey you bet on you're gonna back off you fucking jacket you want to call me mr. Miyagi than your eyebrows are getting waxed [Applause] hey fuck ya do you remember that movie The Mummy oh yeah looks like the bad guy's body double I must see the same ol Scorpion King they made his pooja be uncle's army crumble did you buy all the Cologne in Egypt the smell is filling up the fucking room what the fuck you trying to do mr. Richter knocks on a moon you ugly cunt but you know the sky offered to battle a chick if he could give them a stick after straight up don't ever honest to God that was three years ago we still haven't seen a bitch battle disaster [Applause] even even if you offer them a dowry of a thousand cows and sheep no woman wants to sleep or someone who keeps his eyebrows on fleek [Applause] the only way you get pussy is when you fuckin spiked the drink of a minor you never get inbred was like your intros are like I'm in your vagina [Applause]

[Music] yo yo you need a lay off the crack come go on holiday wrap it up you're already sweating like your cardiac stats are acting up hey you can keep straining and acting tough I'll remain relaxed as fuck this is the land of the long white cloud have a puff [Applause] Oh [Applause] kick your feet up I guarantee after hit ahead of newsy tarifa you're transformed from fucking disaster - this Khalifa listen here Aladdin [Applause] you'll never kill us and bigger your lying bastard the last time you caught a body was when you saved Jasmine on your flying car [Applause]

hey the fact that you act like a soldier just makes me wanna smack you over yeah I hate your battle red persona as bad as your Arabic aroma it Snowmageddon homicide but the one thing I will never ever forgive you for this is that you are the sole reason if original exists [Applause]

yoyoyo yellows the guys leaving in the II just mentioned yo-yo since I've been here people been talking about this for gional guy who the fuck I'll never know who he is so much and I don't even fucking know he exists oh shit by this guy I need to know what the fuck is wrong with this dude if someone would have called the SWAT team and said there's a terrorist here there was a came here and thought it was you go after that first round he will never obviously see me I mean this is gonna be a body easy yo his nameis coloring the day but at night he rocks the wig and walks the street by the name of fuck afine [Applause]

oh my god yo-yo yeah yeah but maybe I should be a little bit more calm and relaxed like you guys cuz this is New Zealand it's peaceful I know what that shit is like I'm own fucking crazy ass battle like me go gather national hype for Christ's sakes I'm the first disaster you guys ever have in your life and I feel your pain being a minority having to adapt to the whites I understand what it's like when your family doesn't have any rights but after but after tonight but after tonight you go get your ass beat so fucking bad you're gonna feel like someone stowed away from you twice [Applause]

Loen right how is he Samoan look at his attributes yo if that is true then there's one question left to be asking you where the fuck is the other half of you Samoans are massive Giants I feel like I'm being overshadowed by Andrew Bynum when I'm standing by not this fucking half-ass Tech my in Vanuatu island fuck and half I can't describe him he's not most a woman he's not so snow Samoan he's just an average ass Hawaiian no you know he's confused what he is I mean obviously it's clear so I told him this time you got to tell me and you've got to be sincere he picked up a globe like this and pointed out the southern hemisphere right over Micronesia and said somewhere over here yeah yeah you're still Samoan I bet if I cut you your body bleeds papaya seeds no I mean you're from a paradise it's amazing that shit is an exotic retreat you know you tell girls that you enjoy long walks on the beach not because you're warm-hearted and sweep up if where you're from that's considered crossing the street [Applause] family roots are tough waters run deep like literally into his backyard because it's part of the sea where he sits on a rap and watches dolphins and whales fuck all day because they don't got no TV you're such an island do your parents have an apartment in the waterfall on top of a creek where the carpet a wall in the laps underneath and that's where all of you sleep I asked him why did you not get up like a frog when you speak he told me simple you are what you eat

[Applause] [Music] I knew that he would come with Sanborn jokes that are generic I'm a South Auckland Salman we don't suffer from obesity this is exactly what I expected from round one two three burn your fucking all black references and cheap jokes versus my Arab an Iron Sheik quote okay yeah it was a mistake for you to spit fries and sleep on me though I'm a bit of nails so from head to tail your egos about to bleed slow okay you're from crack city mm-hmm forget that so now you can get jabbed and die in Auckland this is New Zealand's biggest myth flair hey there's no way you can convince me that you're actually gene we don't give in to the images they capture on screen of us animals handling gaps with attachments and magazines London Arab I knew was captain of the badminton team this country where you're refugees happily flea they're happy and free on Queen Street you'll probably get a kebab and taxi for free [Applause] oh come with you man be around here your people like discrimination against your people doesn't happen that much we house clothes and feed you Arab container you're welcome to the fucker hey this is a holiday for you and so that actually won't affect your pain but you're just shooting a slept on the psalm one raised in the days of the door rage we sleep with one eye staring at the light in the hallway here in case they will stay the standard signs of busting through the door the bone raids are like Queen Streets our fault lane every night G before they start clubbing police require our visa and ID I'm an over stay around known to play fucking I would overstay no player radio sorry yep influenced by cube in 92 run into Oakland Raiders no past dark is Darth Vader would have broken saber neva I'm from sorrow

you and the broken home of no fibers disconnected from the world like phones with no daughter oh well so no don't don't feel out of place just because your arabian paula bin arrives you motherfuckers they don't treat us like illegal aliens motherfucker [Applause] lovie nigga yeah now since we have to start around I got it miss color honestly fuck with you but you're all you're the only guy in here wearing glasses at night and it's kind of making me but I'm just trying to humor you since you came already dressed up for your funeral I'm bout to pull is you yo card yeah yeah I don't give a fuck who you are you know what you look like without those glasses on every single sushi bar security guard fuck yo car right there you think I give a fuck as you and your uncle your uncle used to fuckin spar Kareem abdul-jabbar yeah I know I know your boys a gangster but you mean to tell me this dude is hard okay maybe you do drive-bys but I don't think you let your Ruger spark what I think you do is drive by in your supercharged uber car then you lower the window throwing shahrukh and stars can you imagine what it smells like inside his kitchen fright my sleep is tri-tip pigeon spicy chicken right brian Griffin

no yeah you think I only got stereotypical shit and I don't know the culture here go ahead faggot sue me the fuck you gonna do pull out a Glock and shoot me Bible Department it totally stop talking shit shut the fuck up you ain't gonna pop the Uzi or let the techspray you get their motto see [Applause] reason one reason why you ain't got better cuz you develop slow you never change that stay my style and that metronome but I'm gonna let you know let you know you're lame said it you let his own head at home with a letter soon to get head like a rather you need a letter L it's already it's already set in stone versed a stone set up get up and go get it get shredded from head to toe burn a beretta blow you lose your header row cuz your head to go bang like a lesbo ho wait that's Ellen DeGeneres bro ain't nobody you can fuck with me I came here to make a family suffer running your fucking pad while they have and supper slamm your uncle to the cabinet cupboard saran wrap your granddad with plastic covers and stab them in the fucking back with a half row plucker a fucking sock then slap your mother than drag her by her face with a bathroom plunger [Applause] sorry my bad people thought that oh come on yeah

thank you for having me that's it man you're right [Applause]

no July night

[Applause] okay


[Applause] [Music]


[Applause] never Oh you


man right here boy yeah

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